May 21, 2020
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I spent the last 2 months remodeling my entire room and it's finally done!! I think this is one of the craziest rooms ever...
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If you're reading this that means you noticed I changed the last line of my description and I STILL LOVE YOU :)

  • WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW ROOM? Okay now time to move out :(

    FaZe RugFaZe RugMonth ago
    • Move to the faze house

      Ryker PalaciosRyker Palacios19 days ago
    • Are you still moving to the San Diego area or la

      Angelica MoranAngelica Moran20 days ago
    • Cool bed room😎😎😎😎👍👍👍

      cushla beavercushla beaver23 days ago
    • Lol

      Alcaeus gamingAlcaeus gamingMonth ago
    • Soooooo cool

      Kai HipkissKai HipkissMonth ago
  • No way faze rug used my friend Tilden Parcs music in his video 1:30 that’s lit 🔥

    Aeon FiddleAeon Fiddle7 hours ago
  • He just jumped in the pool like nothing. Lol I like this rug he's down for whatever he don't gad

    Lena GonzoLena Gonzo4 days ago
  • Faze clan

    Johan RiveraJohan Rivera5 days ago
  • It was really really funny 😂😂😂😂 Bro your dad it's so competitive, I love him :)

    Gheorghe Iulian IchimGheorghe Iulian Ichim6 days ago
  • yooooo what color paint did u get broo???

    CratikCratik7 days ago
  • My personal fav is the camera

    ll Rxsh llll Rxsh ll7 days ago
  • I liked the basketball and lambo

    star Armanstar Arman8 days ago
  • my fav one is bosley

    CloudCloud10 days ago
  • Gucci because you love Gucci

    blink GAMESblink GAMES11 days ago
  • Would’ve been cool if you put a sniper on the fanart

    PeachesPeaches11 days ago
  • Gucci your whole life LOL

    YoBoy CoolJayYoBoy CoolJay11 days ago
  • Its looks so much nicer but why would you change your room if you're moving out soon, that's sad.

    Cammie McAnenyCammie McAneny12 days ago
  • Lamborghini

    Rendon FamilyRendon Family12 days ago
  • 15 million subs life journey

    ManashulkManashulk13 days ago
  • “The next clip is gonna be like the room completely new” *after like 12 clips shows completely new room*

    Cainester 311Cainester 31113 days ago
  • I love your room

    Yaseen MelhemYaseen Melhem14 days ago
  • Because you rich

    s_ venoms_ venom14 days ago
  • The lambo

    Aden LeeAden Lee14 days ago
  • He should move to the faze house😎

    SZN_ FoolSZN_ Fool14 days ago
  • 2012 in the background of the picture because you started USkeys in 2012!!

    Maryoma MohamedMaryoma Mohamed15 days ago
  • Rug why are u moving out

    Arsenal RexArsenal Rex15 days ago
  • I was dying when he poured water on his dad's head😂

    Efrain QuintanillaEfrain Quintanilla15 days ago
  • Faze rug can u please tell me what kind of led lights you have because I want the best ones

    EfluidsEfluids15 days ago
  • The lambo

    CrackedNerd OPCrackedNerd OP16 days ago
  • 🏀

    Andres RodriguezAndres Rodriguez17 days ago
  • I haven’t watched you in a year and you have a new dog wut happens to cute pug

    LoserFlameLoserFlame17 days ago
  • Why is 2012 on there?

    Eddie HermosilloEddie Hermosillo17 days ago
  • Bruh 😂😂with 100,000$ he can buy a decent house 😔🙌🏽

    BUNK4 BRY4NBUNK4 BRY4N17 days ago
  • R u good at fortnite

    Aarya gopinathAarya gopinath19 days ago
  • When you dropped water on yours dads head I laughed so hard Funniest thing I’ve seen in 2020 XD

    。「【 Rile Dragox 】」。。「【 Rile Dragox 】」。19 days ago
  • Bozzzzleeeeeee ❤️ his ur lil doggy anddd the USkeys plack

    Toastybops_on_igToastybops_on_ig19 days ago
  • My fav is the camera because if u didn’t film then everyone would be sad and u make everyone have a good day

    Sophia ClarkSophia Clark20 days ago
  • I like 2012 because that’s when you started USkeys

    Ross SmithRoss Smith20 days ago
  • on the poster i love the chug rug

    Christina HolmesChristina Holmes20 days ago
  • Best part of this video is not watching it

    Dane WertherDane Werther20 days ago
  • whats the name of the pink statue

    cassie rigobertcassie rigobert21 day ago
  • The Lamborghini urus is spot on

    Stellth _Stellth _22 days ago
  • GG

    Veronica BakaVeronica Baka22 days ago
  • If you see this subscribe

    QsG DiscQsG Disc23 days ago
  • Cool bed room😎😎

    cushla beavercushla beaver23 days ago
  • i love ur room brian

    Thomas SileoThomas Sileo23 days ago
  • camera

    Thomas SileoThomas Sileo23 days ago
  • whyy replace that ceiling fan????whyy replace that ceiling fan????whyy replace that ceiling fan????

    Ian AbelIan Abel24 days ago
  • whyy replace that ceiling fan????whyy replace that ceiling fan????whyy replace that ceiling fan????

    Ian AbelIan Abel24 days ago
  • whyy replace that ceiling fan????whyy replace that ceiling fan????whyy replace that ceiling fan????

    Ian AbelIan Abel24 days ago
  • whyy replace that ceiling fan????whyy replace that ceiling fan????whyy replace that ceiling fan????

    Ian AbelIan Abel24 days ago
  • whyy replace that ceiling fan????

    Ian AbelIan Abel24 days ago
  • whyy replace that ceiling fan????

    Ian AbelIan Abel24 days ago
  • whyy replace that ceiling fan????

    Ian AbelIan Abel24 days ago
  • You should put led lights in your room that will make it all out

    Destiny JohnsonDestiny Johnson24 days ago
  • Bruh ur flexing on the money u have

    ada cruzada cruz24 days ago
  • Rug should move into the faze house

    Liam 2208Liam 220825 days ago
  • 6:37 Welcome to magic mountain Reminds me of: Welcome to mobile legends

  • His mamma be balling

    Gamer BoyGamer Boy25 days ago
  • okay but where is the bed frame from??!! I must have it !

    Erika Selene Luna NavarroErika Selene Luna Navarro25 days ago
  • Loved the outtro

    Carlos VivesCarlos Vives25 days ago
  • Where can i get a bearbrick

    Lorraine JohnLorraine John25 days ago
  • He literally kiss Anthony’s head at the end 😂😂😂

    Arianni ZapataArianni Zapata26 days ago
  • Plz subscribe to me it would me my dream and make my year if I got 100 subs plz subscribe

    FaZe EvoidFaZe Evoid26 days ago
  • Bryan’s room is actually nice but was really nice is when he jumped in the pool with an NFL jacket on that had my favorite team on it which is the Seahawks

    SkinnyBoyGriffSkinnyBoyGriff26 days ago
  • Whats the song called 1:33

    KLYDKLYD27 days ago
    • Bro be quite

      KN TetoKN Teto27 days ago
  • I haven’t seen Bosley in a while

    shurikenzshurikenz27 days ago
  • 1:19 😂😂Look who's behind the door naked ..

    Rashil OfficialRashil Official27 days ago
  • y’all are living lavish.

    qt kellyqt kelly27 days ago
  • Your gwagon

    Akshat NandanavanamAkshat Nandanavanam27 days ago
  • I love the Lamborghini the best

    pika Igbinedionpika Igbinedion27 days ago

    McBoomerMcBoomer28 days ago
  • “The FaZe Rug neon sign” yea that’s not neon lmao

    McBoomerMcBoomer28 days ago
    • It is a neon sign....

    • The color itself is Neon pink

      CecoCeco20 days ago
    • He could’ve meant something else

      KxrbexzKxrbexz25 days ago
  • Nice room😁👍

    Jelly BeansJelly Beans28 days ago
  • Its been three years since he bought the crib??? woooow

    YoungSydeYoungSyde28 days ago
  • Why does on 11:29 Faze Rug hits and then it says he lost

    Ghost K3V1NGhost K3V1N28 days ago
  • Who remember when faze rug hit 1 million then 10

    Calvin Long jrCalvin Long jr28 days ago
  • I love your room keep up your good work

    Juanithe GodJuanithe God28 days ago
  • Didn’t u break ur 10mil plaque

    The SquadudesThe Squadudes29 days ago
  • what a waste. did you buy or rent this current house? I only ask because i feel like you guys never made it feel like "home." You just moved your old stuff from the other house into this one and didn't break it in.

    Jaii gogetitJaii gogetit29 days ago
  • Rip Kob

    Mason HendersonMason Henderson29 days ago
  • The Lamborghini

    Carl Ziggy PedersenCarl Ziggy PedersenMonth ago
  • I love the Lamboghini on the wall it symbolises when u got it

    Dylydonka BTWDylydonka BTWMonth ago
  • 2012 i think its a huge part of your life because it was when you started USkeys

    ThickyNickyThickyNickyMonth ago