Escaping The Oregon Wildfires! Fire within 100' of my house!!!

Sep 12, 2020
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You can help my elderly neighbors who lost everything here... This video is a timeline showing the explosion of a wildfire that traveled miles and burned well over 100,000 acres but stopped 100' short of my house!

  • Glad to see you safe. It goes to show u controlled burns, and clearing of brush is very important.

    Comingfor YaComingfor Ya6 hours ago
  • Such terrible loss. Your video conveyed such a realtime message, I could smell the smoke

    DaKatDaKat8 hours ago
  • i remember driving home from work, the whole store was buzzing after a co worker left cause she was in the red. I remember driving, the sky was clear and as i got closer it started turning grey and purple, then red. It was terrifying, like a large hand just about to come down on the land. Thankfully our street was spared.

    Judy SimonJudy Simon8 hours ago
  • I am so sorry for all your neighbors who lost their houses. This was a crazy two weeks. But this has been such a crazy year. And praise God that your house was saved. I hope and pray everything works out for you and your family.

    john phillipsjohn phillips15 hours ago
  • im so sorry for everyone who is hurting right now

    karina spaldingkarina spalding20 hours ago
  • A good respirator mask has to be worn to prevent lung damage later on in life. The smoke is toxic from everything burning including plastics.

    Joey BarrelwildeJoey BarrelwildeDay ago
  • Check this out if you don’t believe.

    Jon B.Jon B.Day ago
  • Hey I heard it poured in Oregon, how’s it been since

    RadiantRadiantDay ago
    • Northwest Sawyer that’s awesome, it made me so happy when I saw Oregon get rain and I don’t even live there

      RadiantRadiantDay ago
    • Thank you! Things are getting better day by day.

      Northwest SawyerNorthwest SawyerDay ago
    • Northwest Sawyer oh, sorry to hear man, stay safe plz, prayers from FL

      RadiantRadiantDay ago
    • It did rain but it’ll be a while before the weather has an effect on the fire. It’s supposed to get warm again this week which won’t help much.

      Northwest SawyerNorthwest SawyerDay ago
  • I shared on my fb. You really have talent making videos! Still praying for you guys! Your friend in Milwaukie, Trina

    Trina BrownTrina BrownDay ago
    • Thank you!

      Northwest SawyerNorthwest SawyerDay ago
  • I would put the hose on my roof

    Aiden DeeganAiden Deegan2 days ago
  • this is absolutly devastating. I am glad you guys are okay and your house is alright. Stay strong yall.

    Smol Wolfy412Smol Wolfy4122 days ago
  • WATCH RFB VIDEOS SHOWING DEW - DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS. Read AGENDA 21 - Sustainable Development. The U.S. of Terrorist America has one goal: DEPOPULATION. I live on the east coast, preparing for hurricanes, tornadoes - the deepest, darkest winter. I'm sure many will die. Terrorist America had planned 9-11 for decades, killed thousands, diseased thousands more from all the rubble it created to fulfill their goal of war. The Deep State (the dirty bloodlines: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Dupont, Clinton, Bush, Kissinger, etc) is fulfilling their goal again using bioengineering and DEW.

    dream3333333dream33333332 days ago
  • U must be a demoncrat to protect blm

    Dtom 1973Dtom 19732 days ago
  • direct energy weapons used on oregon

    ZunzillasZunzillas2 days ago
  • Sorry for your neighbors loss and your out buildings. God saved your home, Im glad you and your family are safe! Thanks for sharing, God bless

    zeke1eodzeke1eod2 days ago
  • Blessed to have a camper.

    ilona watsonilona watson3 days ago
  • Truly horrorific, I’m so sorry for you and your neighbours

    Pete DavisPete Davis3 days ago
  • Funny a forest fire that doesn't burn trees. Only peoples property??????

    James WheelerJames Wheeler3 days ago
    • Watch the second video.

      Northwest SawyerNorthwest Sawyer2 days ago
  • I don't see the logic of wearing a mask in the bush where any viruses would have been cooked. Mind control is very powerfull through television news. Did you notice houses and cars burn but not tree. Did you ever go online and check out military laser wespons? They can burn a house but miss trees.

    John W RathwellJohn W Rathwell3 days ago
    • I didn’t go online and check into lasers. Because I’m not a gullible idiot.

      Northwest SawyerNorthwest Sawyer3 days ago
  • God.... Love and thoughts from the UK. I'm praying you get rain!

    TheRangeTheRange3 days ago
  • How terrifying. But seems the fire only took what you could spare.

    HunterShowsHunterShows3 days ago
  • Wet the mask, it cuts down on the smoke. See Cocoanut Grove fire.

    Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute bandWinds of March Journey/Perry tribute band3 days ago
  • So sad for your neighbor

    Purple MousePurple Mouse3 days ago
  • there sky looks like the sky from fortnite save the world

    TICKY 25TICKY 253 days ago
  • So sad.😢💔

    dawnandjilldawnandjill3 days ago
  • God blessed you

    Veliteki TuliakionoVeliteki Tuliakiono3 days ago
  • Atleast you and your family are safe for now, thank God, glad u guys made it out hopefully we will all continue to be safe

    hanz patinskihanz patinski4 days ago
  • Clearly tells that this world is not home. Home is heaven. And the Lord is coming again. Sad , the worst is yet to come, these are just labor pains. Give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved .He is coming

    Sapi Surprise LdwbSapi Surprise Ldwb4 days ago
  • my heart hurts for you and everyone in the paths of this nightmare! my MOMS home in Mill City survived too!!!! Praise GOD!!

    April MorrisonApril Morrison4 days ago
  • Stop lying sierra club this is your creation .you idiots

    Leslie CastleLeslie Castle4 days ago
  • Sirrra club we warned you 30 years ago that this would happen when you shut down the logging industry for your selfish gain. You didn't care

    Leslie CastleLeslie Castle4 days ago
  • My heart breaks for all of you dealing with this. My prayers continue for you all.

    tritter82tritter824 days ago
  • Rioters in Oregon burned a bunch of Bibles recently..very unwise.😐

    144,000 seconds til midnight144,000 seconds til midnight4 days ago
  • Pan Camera /[see I got a Lotta cool trucks & stuff]

    CAt From Outer SpaceCAt From Outer Space4 days ago
  • God is good! Now it’s time to help those who lost it all! With each other anything is possible. Stay fitting my friend

    Matthew RochaMatthew Rocha4 days ago
  • We were about 2 miles from the fires around Sweet Home, Oregon

    Amelia Sullens CT-1409Amelia Sullens CT-14094 days ago
  • Awww so sad what happened there. I am only a kid and I like playing with fire but not like what you got there. Will you watch and subscribe to my videos as well please. Here a link to of my videos

    Lukas FrederiksenLukas Frederiksen4 days ago
  • We As People Of The U,S.A Need To Start Thinking !!! Big As Our Military Is And All The Planes We Got Why Is One 747 Plane Putting Out This Wild Fire Alone ? Full Up All The Military Cargo Planes And Helicopter With Water From Anywhere And Fly In A Straight Line And Drop It Then Return To Do It Again Until The Fire Is Gone ... We Will Save A lot Of Human Life And Property ... (smile) ...

    Lee EppsLee Epps4 days ago
  • My friend I hope you and your family are well! God bless people who are losing everything due to the fires. Stay safe!

  • “Bahá'í Scriptures teach that, as trustees of the planet's vast resources and biological diversity, humanity must seek to protect the "heritage [of] future generations;" see in nature a reflection of the divine; approach the earth, the source of material bounties, with humility; temper its actions with moderation; and be guided by the fundamental spiritual truth of our age, the oneness of humanity. The speed and facility with which we establish a sustainable pattern of life will depend, in the final analysis, on the extent to which we are willing to be transformed, through the love of God and obedience to His Laws, into constructive forces in the process of creating an ever-advancing civilization” (The Baha'i International Community, 1995 Apr 06, Conservation and Sustainable)

    Faro ZarFaro Zar4 days ago
  • Like they say..., California is doomed

    milk yomilk yo5 days ago
  • tne police officer was shocked how does a walmart burn down concrete and steal DEW sorry for everybodies loss God Bless

    Phil LPhil L5 days ago
  • thank you for showing us. our fires inWA AUS were nothing like yours but i understand the fear and uncertainty. we had a few close ones with a fireman on 24hr watch every 6 blocks. we were safe. im glad you and yours are ok so far. stay safe💜

    annette popeannette pope5 days ago
  • Hi if you are a former/current flat earther and think that anti-fascists set these fires i just want to tell you thats amazing guys. Just amazing.

    Frijil3scon87Frijil3scon875 days ago
  • This breaks my heart, I am so sorry. I too live in Oregon and the flames were lapping at our door just a week or so ago. Thank GOD the fire fighters were able to stop the raging flames from enveloping Medford and spared our city. Truly Thank God!

    DianaVCreationsDianaVCreations5 days ago
  • How are you? It is 10 days later? I am in Eugene/Springfield, I understand the loss.

    RL BrownRL Brown5 days ago
  • On neither, times that you go back, to your home, you add water, to your yard, fence, home exterior, roof? Even if its hot, hot winds, would, this help cooling down the roof, watering the trees, yard?

    María Obdulia RobledoMaría Obdulia Robledo5 days ago
    • The power was cut. No power= no well= no water.

      Northwest SawyerNorthwest Sawyer5 days ago
  • Im so happy ur home is still intact can't say the same for ur neighbors

    GerardoGerardo5 days ago
  • Sorry for your losses.

    DavidDavid5 days ago
  • Wow, I hope you guys make it through this tough time.

    Ashley McLeodAshley McLeod5 days ago
  • Im sorry for how its going out there. Im in Az. I made a little video on wildfires

    Dream and BeDream and Be5 days ago
  • I don't know you but in the time that it took to watch this video I felt your pain. I was praying your house would be there and I was happy to see it standing. On the other hand I feel terrible for your neighbors that lost everything.

    JubeProductionsJubeProductions5 days ago
  • Climate change, Change No more playing down and be a orange face. I m a German and live in Germany. America is antiquities political system, with ZERO long term focus. 190,000 death, the highest rate!

    Norris FreundNorris Freund5 days ago
  • if you had animals i HOPE YOU LET THEM LOOSE. I also wonder why they don't make 2 lanes of traffic flowing out. very rarely does a vehicle need to be heading in towards fire, but if rescue had to get by just move over. People need to get our os there ASAP and that one lane isn't smart, If there were two lines heading out, you could always make room for emergency vehicles, god bless them.

    JubeProductionsJubeProductions5 days ago
    • We only have chickens and barn cats. I let the chickens out. They were waiting for me when I came home😬

      Northwest SawyerNorthwest Sawyer5 days ago
  • You reap what you sow

    rupert Iqbalrupert Iqbal5 days ago
  • This is so devastating glad you guys are safe I set and cried my eyes out

    Nancy Mccormick- jwNancy Mccormick- jw5 days ago
  • What Church was that? My Dad Pastors a church on Kliensmith and Kitzmiller rd called Dover Community, and I know that’s not it, but he knows most pastors out there.

    Josh DJosh D5 days ago
  • Bad news 🌏

    Enriqueta GalvezEnriqueta Galvez5 days ago
  • i Lost my house in CZU fire and my farm is within 2 miles of northern August fire, im ready to fight it though since i had a fire hit my property in 2015. Shout out to all the firemen , National Guard and Army engineer corps who are out here fighting the fires

    dfgsdwrwe adcfsdfgsdwrwe adcfs5 days ago
  • FYI ...Hope I have this correct the California fires are a annual past event 2019 (awareness) the 2020 West Coast California fires are on a accelerated level plus to 2019 annual ....further historical perspective the Tillamook fires 1933 annual ......Oregon and California have a tenuous relationship with the forest and topography which is and can be abused, ignored, neglected, indifference, and bad actors may participate. State(primarily) Federal, and individuals have gone unchecked for this catastrophe, event, issue. ..The Oregon state authorities (top down) Governor Brown , state fire marshal down to the local and individual citizens have reaped a whirlwind . California' pathetic and poor state leadership has crossed and jump state line just like the fire.

    mark smithmark smith5 days ago
  • turn on any sprinker/ water/ hose system if you can to water fields and grass fields

    Abel ChristianAbel Christian5 days ago
  • These buggers knew right where to set these fires. I wonder how...

    Nunya Bizness #1Nunya Bizness #15 days ago
  • Oh my gosh. This is incredible. These fires are such a tragedy. I’m glad your house made it.

    BestanyBestany5 days ago
  • I am glad your house survived. I don't understand why there are fires like that there? It seems like the trees are so green.

    David TurnerDavid Turner5 days ago
    • The underbrush was all dry.

      Northwest SawyerNorthwest Sawyer5 days ago
  • My heart is heavy for you. We'll pray for you and your community that the rains come and stop the fires & cleanse the air.

    Harley DHarley D5 days ago
  • I lucked out being in West Linn. We were in faze 1 the entire time. Mainly had to deal with the shitty air quality.

    Mac RussellMac Russell5 days ago
  • I think owning an RV for situations like this is genius. Evacuated? No problem hook up the RV. House remodeling? No problem sleep in the RV. Visiting family out of town? No need for a hotel hook up the RV. Genius.

    Jackie LowreyJackie Lowrey5 days ago
  • I live in Oregon also I re injured my knee getting livestock the first night. It was different driving into the fires instead of away from them. Pretty sweat to see people come together from all over to help where they can

    Jared CubbageJared Cubbage5 days ago
  • Probably all those vehicles will need new air filters... just guessing. :-) Terrifying video, really nicely done too. Thanks for putting this together.

    Daria SDaria S5 days ago
  • So sad how part of the country is burning down while another part is flooding. I live in central Louisiana and got hit pretty hard by hurricane Laura. Trees down everywhere my power was out for 12 days in this high heat and humidity it was miserable to go outside and work for a while then come inside where it wasn't much cooler for 2 weeks I don't think I ever got to a comfortable temperature yet I think I would still chose to go through a hurricane like Laura than a fire

    Victoria CaddyVictoria Caddy6 days ago
  • I'm happy you guys are ok. We just went through the same thing....absolutely devastating experience

    LoverOfManyAdventuresLoverOfManyAdventures6 days ago
  • The timber industry I worked in for years had always said the woods were gonna burn if the two sides for and against couldn't come together for the betterment of our environment:( Welcome to the (Unnecessary) Mega Fire Generation! By Del Albright, Fire Chief (retired) 25-30 years ago, a 10,000 - 15,000-acre fire was a huge conflagration. Now we are experiencing 100,000 - 400,000-acre fires regularly. I would like to offer an explanation based on over 30 years of government service including 26 years with the fire service, as well as beginning my fire career with a Master’s Degree based on Prescribed Burning. NO! It is not just global warming (climate change). NO! It is not understaffed or ill-trained firefighters. NO! It is not Mamma Nature getting even with our urban sprawl. NO! It is not careless campers or hunters. NO! It is not kids with matches. (NO! It is not just arson committed by antifa and BLM arsonists)* YES! It is a combination of many things but more importantly, it is the LACK of forest/brushland/grassland management caused by wacko, radical enviro groups imposing excessive regulations, and restrictions on our ability to keep the west safe from wildfire. Here are the key takeaways from this article: · The lack of controlled burning/prescribed fire is directly responsible for the huge build-ups of flammable fuels. · The end of maintaining fire breaks (roads) in forested areas leaves firefighters with inadequate access. · The end of logging and good timber management as we used to know it is directly responsible for forests that are now tinderboxes. Let us take a deeper look at these reasons. CONTROLLED BURNS: Going back to Native Americans in America, controlled burning (later called Prescribed Fire) have saved the west from huge conflagrations. By burning large brush fields and using fire to thin brush in the forest, we kept the big boomers at bay. We had programs designed to reduce “chaparral” in the west, thus limiting the ability for fires to get ragingly out of control. In the early days of settling the west, ranchers regularly burned brush fields to make way for grazing and wildlife habitat. This entire program of controlled or prescribed fire is a near thing of the past. ROADS/FIRE BREAKS: When I started with the fire service in the 1970’s we had regularly scheduled building, repairing, cleaning, and maintaining fire breaks around rural housing areas and developments. We kept fire roads cleared and usable for large fire equipment. We had access to remote areas which allowed us to attack fires when they were small. Roads provided a place to start a safe backfire. Oh, backfires! Another art nearly lost today due to liability and excessive oversight by the media and radical enviro groups who have political power. LOGGING/TIMBER MANAGEMENT: If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you probably remember sawmills. They are all gone for the most part because the radical environmental rules have made logging a financial nightmare. You wonder why wood is so expensive these days? We cannot log; that’s why. Yes, there are still a few holdouts logging here and there. But the feds are hampered by so many regulations and restrictions that our timber stands either get bug infested or succumb to wildfires. We used to thin forest stands regularly - fire crews, inmate crews, machines that munch up underbrush, and yes, even pesticides to keep the forests healthy. Now, you can pick about any state in the west with timber and you see more bug-killed trees than live ones! In our western grasslands, the lack of proactive landscape management in desert states has resulted in vast acreages dominated by a fire cycle that is ruining wildlife habitat and causing bigger and more damaging conflagrations. This invasive species needs to be managed or these western deserts will never be the same - nor will our wildlife species. In timber areas, for the most part, we no longer control pests and bugs; we no longer do any substantial thinning of the underbrush; logging is kaput, and forest management is a façade. It is not the fault of our public land managers; it is the imposition of radical regulation. It is politics. SUMMARY: Public land management is no longer based on science but rather politics. The same goes for wildlife management. Radical enviro groups lobby politicians (and raise untold dollars in support) to STOP all the things that will make our forests, brushlands, and deserts safe and healthy. It is ironic (and pathetic) because for all their efforts to “save the world” they are destroying our world, piece by piece. To see fires in California reach half a million acres is beyond belief! What can we do? We must STOP the silliness and over-regulation and allow sound public land management, never forgetting that public lands are FOR the public. Help good politicians get elected and stay in office. Recall bad politicians. Do everything in your power to negate, refute, or STOP the radical movement that has stagnated management of our resources. * added by me to reflect existential reality. SOME were started by antifa and BLM anarchal arsonists.

    shawn corriganshawn corrigan6 days ago
  • Covid and pneumonia are going to be a much more serious problems for people with severely smoke damaged lungs. Being out in that smoke is at least as bad as chain smoking cigarettes all day.

    MrLoobuMrLoobu6 days ago
  • That cloth mask isnt doing anything to stop the smoke from getting into your lungs. Your probably doing the equivalent damage to your lungs as smoking dozens of packs of cigarettes just in your short time driving around in it.

    MrLoobuMrLoobu6 days ago
  • Decimated means 1/10th gone. Your neighbor's house has been annihilated.

    MrLoobuMrLoobu6 days ago
  • Repent for the kingdom of god is near. Jesus is coming guys believe me I’m 21 I used to take drugs and smoke I gave my life to Christ and he forgived me I quit smoking and read the bible everyday changed my lifestyle then 2 weeks later he complete cut out drinking smoking out my life it was hard to quit but anything is possible with god he is coming repent before you’re left behind

    LimitedtimeLimitedtime6 days ago
  • Over 20 antifa fucktards busted lighting most these fires. Then there's video of DEW weapon caught on sate.ite starting them too.

    Mendy RumpshakerMendy Rumpshaker6 days ago

    Victoria PapeshVictoria Papesh6 days ago
    • you must know this guy then?

      SeedPlanterSeedPlanter5 days ago
  • At 1:36 looks like lazer beam.

    DezlieDezlie6 days ago
  • So how do you feel about the Sierra Club and their attack on logging? Trees are a renewable recourse and logging is defensible space forrest management.

    Chuck AustinChuck Austin6 days ago
  • Man you were lucky. Someone was watching over you. I know several people from the santiam fire near me who lost it all. Finally with the rain we can breathe again. Our poor west coast 😩.

    _ Kass_ Kass6 days ago
  • Congrats on your house. Am so sorry for your neighbors loss and yours too. Aloha Mahalo 🌺

    Ocean MartinOcean Martin6 days ago
    • Aloha!

      Northwest SawyerNorthwest Sawyer6 days ago
  • Glad your house was still there but did you ever ask how a fire can be so discriminate? The trees look unscathed. How does this happen? Wouldn't it stand to reason the trees would have been basically consumed? That they would carry the fire to the structures? How does a fire just stop? I live in CA Northern Sierras and it is so smoky right now my stomach is sick. My throat is sore and my lungs feel congested. I am not close to any fires that I know of. The smoke just comes in and leaves. Sometimes you can see blue sky sometimes not. The lung damage alone will be devastating. I don't get how smokers can smoke with all the smoke in the air. smdh

    Debbie GladenDebbie Gladen6 days ago
    • @Northwest Sawyer Thank you for all you are doing. Many have needed answers to questions not addressed by main stream. God Bless you in all you do. Your mission is appreciated and I hope resolve and justice will come soon. So many lost so much. It makes me very sad.

      Debbie GladenDebbie Gladen4 days ago
    • The trees were devastated. They didn’t necessarily burn but the heat cooked the needles and now they’re brown and dripping like crazy. I’m working on a follow up video that will show how badly the trees were damaged.

      Northwest SawyerNorthwest Sawyer6 days ago
  • Dear God PLEASE STOP these wildfires NOW. LORD. STOP THEM NOW!

    A AA A6 days ago
  • Under severe and life threatening situations, open all lanes to escape. Squeeze together if safety vehicles need passage in the opposite direction.

    pc mpc m6 days ago
  • Wow. This makes me so sad.

    WOLF PAQ RADIO with HeracaneAnneWOLF PAQ RADIO with HeracaneAnne6 days ago
  • Looked like you were driving right into a mesocyclone.

    pc mpc m6 days ago
  • Honestly I was praying that your home was still there when driving up to it I'm so sorry.

    ny Laxtonny Laxton6 days ago
  • THE GREATEST MAN IN HISTORY Jesus had no servants, yet they called Him Master.Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher.Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer.He had no army, yet kings feared Him.He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today. I feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves us! If you believe in God and in Jesus Christ His Son, share this good news with all your family and friends. Who is Jesus? In chemistry, He turned water to wine. In biology, He was born without the normal conception; In physics, He disapproved the law of gravity when He ascended into heaven; In economics, He disapproved the law of diminishing return by feeding 5000 men with two fishes & 5 loaves of bread; In medicine, He cured the sick and the blind without administering a singledose of drugs; In history, He is the beginning and the end; In government, He said that he shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace; In religion, He said no one comes to the Father except through Him; So? Who is He? He is Jesus!

    BAC Soldiers wifeBAC Soldiers wife6 days ago
  • So AOC is threatening to have her Anarchists set more fires if conservatives don't give her what she wants. She warns us that we're playing with fire by disagreeing with her and her minions.

    Richards FamilyRichards Family6 days ago
  • Wow! I'm Sorry you have to go through that and for everyone out there going through these fires. Sending prayers and Love to all of you!! That is a beautiful place Oregon is and California and Washington. That is amazing how the fire will skip over places, there's a consciences there it seems an intelligence of some kind, strange to think like that but... How to explain it, I am Sorry Thankyou for sharing to let people know what your all going through. Stay Safe .Aloha

    pukasmompukasmom6 days ago
  • Praying for y’all....from Tennessee...I don’t have a job now or I would send help GOD BLESS

    Sandra GipsonSandra Gipson6 days ago
  • I'm live in Oregon

    Carmen ChavezCarmen Chavez6 days ago
  • They say many fires were deliberately set🤬 From Cali- Oregon- Washington State 🔥

    TuTu FoxTuTu Fox6 days ago
  • I been trying to get some cedar roof shakes from there. Im here in FL and will take hurricanes over this anyday.

    Robert BiondoRobert Biondo6 days ago
  • get your Trump 2020 Car Air Freshener @ Amazon

    M DemanchesM Demanches6 days ago
  • your neighbors PLACE is decimated but trees are in tact? as always

    Indy duncanIndy duncan6 days ago
  • Will the Government allow people to REBUILD or make new requirements so strict they want to leave the State forever??!! they did in California!!

    can thocan tho6 days ago
  • i guess the american military are too busy in patrolling south and east china sea and taiwan strait to protect Chinese people without too much military and public manpower back home to americans themselves to put off fire. well done by trump and pompeo

  • still very few trees burned... seems to be a theme. i went to paradise three weeks after, was exactly the same. good luck.

    Khemtrail Frank and the Climate ChangersKhemtrail Frank and the Climate Changers6 days ago