4 Levels of Breakfast Sandwiches: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

May 20, 2020
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We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Emily, home cook Lorenzo, and professional chef Frank from the Institute of Culinary Education - to wake up our taste buds with an egg breakfast sandwich. Once each of them had presented their creation, we asked food scientist Rose to weigh-in on their choices. Which one of these breakfast sandwiches are you going to recreate this weekend? After this episode of 4 Levels, you might make all three.

Check out the level 3 recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/sausage-breakfast-sandwich

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4 Levels of Breakfast Sandwiches: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Honestly lorenzos looked better than franks

    SlimePackSlimePack3 hours ago
  • anybody else that skips the whole science part?

    Safura ShahedSafura Shahed8 hours ago
  • Y'all I love these four, but don't sleep on Julie!

    Mike BellewMike Bellew12 hours ago
  • Someone needs to teach Emily Brad's bologna frying tip

    Mike BellewMike Bellew13 hours ago
  • Frank: "It don't necessarily have to be fancy, but they need to have someone that cares making them." Me : Spoken like a true chef

    GIMOGIMO22 hours ago
  • I found this by using the keywords, “it baffles me on how people burn their bread”

    CURIOUS, Lecheee!CURIOUS, Lecheee!Day ago
  • 5:25 is the public restroom.

    Jake RulesJake RulesDay ago
  • this combo of level 1-3 is just perfect, they're so entertaining. XD

    hazelnut93shazelnut93sDay ago

    weirdos creationweirdos creationDay ago
  • Lorenzo is a Filipino? No wonder why he laughs too much 😂😂😂

    Jeffrey TamayoJeffrey TamayoDay ago
  • 9:58 oop.

    Scottie's DiaryScottie's DiaryDay ago
  • Lorenzo is the purest human on earth, we need to protect him

    Robotmaker06Robotmaker06Day ago
  • if i had to choose i would take Lorenzos sandwiche. It looks sooo good.

    JockageJockageDay ago
  • The legendary four horsemen.

    ธัชธรรม ตลับนิลธัชธรรม ตลับนิล2 days ago
  • Emily, Lorenzo and Frank are like the Golden Trio from Harry Potter and Rose is like Dumbledore.

    itsjusttumiitsjusttumi2 days ago
  • I’m surprised to say that Frank didn’t make the most complicated dish this time.

    __custer____custer__2 days ago
  • People praising Emily, Lorenzo and Frank is a nice thing to see but can people stop complaining about the person or they cooking skills Emily cooking fits her personal taste bud so why bother commenting on it Lorenzo like to laugh, how Is that a problem Frank is a Chef, if he were cooking in a restaurant, this is what he would do. Don't complain about people cooking skill and preferences just because you don't like it

    Red AceRed Ace2 days ago

    Chicken Leg PieceChicken Leg Piece2 days ago
  • By the time a finish cooking Frank’s breakfast sandwich it’s gonna be afternoon 😒

    lol lollol lol2 days ago
  • Lorenzo is the best thing since sliced bread!!!

    Juan KerrJuan Kerr2 days ago
  • 5:24 What if they weren’t potatoes? But something else :o

    Jason FanJason Fan3 days ago
  • i know how to explain ketchup some men just want to watch the world burm

    tommy boiitommy boii3 days ago
  • I believe this solves the all time question “What came first the egg or the chicken?” It doesn’t matter, it’s what Frank decided to do first

    WhereistheteddyWhereistheteddy3 days ago
  • Hi I’m a level 1 chef: hi I’m a level 2 chef: hi I’m god and I’ve been a cooking god since the beginning of time and I created the apple that Adam and Eve consumed

    Smooth CluTchSmooth CluTch3 days ago
  • oh my god its ALL THREE OF THEM

    katspamzkatspamz3 days ago
  • Go check out Frank’s USkeys channel! ProtoCooks with Chef Frank You’re welcome.

    G UG U3 days ago
  • Bruh i could make a better sandwhich and im a lvl 0

    ARSOZARSOZ3 days ago
  • Lorenzos sandwich is the kind of sandwich, which you have to bite 3 times to taste everything but when you reach the 3rd bite it already fell apart completely. if your sandwich is impossible to bite through and easily falls apart, then your sandwich is crap :(

    Tom BlackTom Black4 days ago
  • Me who has anorexia who skips dineer n breakfast and eats 300 cals for lunch watching this vid like : 👁👄👁

    압니Avni압니Avni4 days ago
  • Lorenzo out here making breakfast lunch and dinner sandwich in one go

    PhoenixPhoenix4 days ago
  • The holy trinity🤩

    Luis NeyraLuis Neyra4 days ago
  • omg fatty acids OMG 😂😂😂😂😂

    Marianny GarcíaMarianny García4 days ago
  • Ok soooo lorenzo made what I would expect from a level three and frank from a level two

    T DT D4 days ago
    • T D You expect a level 2 to make his/her own bread and sausage, while you expect a level 3 to just stuff things between two pieces of bread?

      Panzerkampfwagen IVPanzerkampfwagen IV23 hours ago
  • I always like Lorenzo's food better. I so wanna try thay sandwich, but maybe a little less longaniza or cut it in half instead of putting the whole thing there

    Vicky AlvarezVicky Alvarez4 days ago
  • Bro breackfast i have 5 mins and he make a Christmas meal

    Skr SkrSkr Skr4 days ago
  • Frank will always be my favorite pro chef from this series

    Darth JalapeñoDarth Jalapeño4 days ago
  • i love emily and lorenzo. I love those jokes when they're not funny and lifts up the mood like a lot. big thumbs up

    R.C PlayerR.C Player4 days ago
  • 6:09 is that "kamote"

    Vann CarozaVann Caroza5 days ago
  • That crunch sound on the bite is gold.

    hades773hades7735 days ago

    EXENOXEXENOX5 days ago
  • Lorenzo is annoying..his laugh makes me cringe and everything he does just annoys me. Lorenzo if you're reading this, you're doing something right but you are annoying.

    Christopher WalkerChristopher Walker5 days ago
    • just like ur face

      MrDroneFighterMrDroneFighter4 days ago
  • Filipino what? Is my pinoy pride being summoned?

    Cres DcCres Dc5 days ago

    Alma De La TierraAlma De La Tierra5 days ago
  • The shade when she said "Frank's sandwich can actually fit in your mouth"

    J. HolmesJ. Holmes5 days ago
  • y’all hating on frank, all he wants to do is make a good tasting meal

    odinolafsonodinolafson5 days ago
  • I will never understand Americans and scones.

    J AdJ Ad5 days ago
  • Love Lorenzo’s and Frank’s breakfast sandwiches!!! Yummy😋

    旋律旋律5 days ago
  • Lorenzo mention about Philippines! Lezgo PH gang!!! Another recipe discovered ✨

    P.avillP.avill6 days ago
  • Frank: Alright, so I'd like to start by making my own eggs.

    Luis FernandezLuis Fernandez6 days ago
  • Lorenzo’s laugh makes me smile every time. 😆

    tw1liiiiighttw1liiiiight6 days ago
  • Frank: so I like a simple breakfast sandwich, what we need is black truffle shavings in the homemade bagel and we want the sausage with some Camembert (stinky cheese) Me: I don’t have an appetite anymore :|

    Kawaiicaretoutlet RBLXKawaiicaretoutlet RBLX6 days ago
  • i am i the only one that cant stand lorenzo :/ his voice, sense of humor, it just pisses me off. at least he cooks well.

    Jan DabaoJan Dabao6 days ago
    • emily is the best tho

      Jan DabaoJan Dabao6 days ago
  • I can barely function properly in the morning let alone cook these masterpieces

    Sir ÆsirSir Æsir6 days ago
  • Emily,Lorenzo and frank are the ones I always hope to see when I watch these

    My last 4 Brain cellsMy last 4 Brain cells6 days ago
  • The 3 musketeers

    Luke WLuke W6 days ago
  • If i start having Frank's breakfast i might have to quit my job

    Yogendra SinghYogendra Singh6 days ago
  • No one ever listens to what the women at the end says

    Konstantin WolfKonstantin Wolf6 days ago
  • I’m surprised frank didn’t make his own pepper jack

    CertiifiiedCertiifiied6 days ago
  • The level 1 chef isn't even a chef... Everything is store bought and needed next to no preparation.

    Valhalla KombiValhalla Kombi6 days ago
  • is Lorenzo a filipino? omg im a filipino too

    jendeuk kukujendeuk kuku6 days ago
  • Lorenzo's made mw really hungry

    DPS3688DPS36887 days ago
  • Lorenzo's sandwich looks good but looks like an overload

    Waldo DewireWaldo Dewire7 days ago
  • God I love Lorenzo XD this dude’s laugh makes me laugh too XD

    DIY thing JecciDIY thing Jecci7 days ago
  • Why is so nobody talking that this the perfect trio 🥺, Emily, Lorenzo and Frank

    Signs NoodlesSigns Noodles7 days ago
  • 🇺🇲: I love your accent! say sausage again... 🇵🇭: LoNgGaNiSaaaa... 🇺🇲: Ughhhhhh

    GcP̶a̶ i̶n̶ 666GcP̶a̶ i̶n̶ 6667 days ago
  • Who actually see’s the lady that explains the food

    Sad days Hurt like hellSad days Hurt like hell7 days ago
  • Is Lorenzo Filipino?

    Ingrid PenaIngrid Pena7 days ago
  • Frank, Makes his own sausage Makes his own bread Grates his own cheese Probably forged his own skillet

    PirateDood1738PirateDood17387 days ago
  • Lorenzo's sandwich looks tasty, but i would need hippo mouth to bite into it.

    Matej RajčanMatej Rajčan7 days ago
  • i just wanna be lorenzos friend

    Anna RabinowitzAnna Rabinowitz7 days ago
  • Emily: It’s a delicious monster. Lorenzo: Am I a joke to you?

    Br0genxs ‘Br0genxs ‘7 days ago
  • Fav trio🧡

    Devone InsDevone Ins7 days ago
  • No I don't like bologna, but I also don't like ketchup on my French toast, Emily!!! You monster, so yes I'm crazy lol.

    Rashawnn PopeRashawnn Pope7 days ago
  • 5:25 Lorenzo's potatoes look like my toilet at 9am the day after eating at an all you can eat restaurant for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    Alfie LineyAlfie Liney7 days ago
  • Everyone loves Frank, especially in the comment sections.

    Molly BlackMolly Black7 days ago
  • the perfect quadro 🥰

    allie-marieallie-marie7 days ago
  • Loved, loved-loved-loved Frank's sandwich. Nothing over the top, yet a notch elevated.

    Иван МедведевИван Медведев7 days ago
  • damn Frank went from level 3 all the way to level 5 in this video

    Mia zukiMia zuki8 days ago
  • OMG when Lorenzo mentioned Filipino things in his breakfast sandwich-- I admired him even more

    Kenzie YukihitoKenzie Yukihito8 days ago

    Kenzie YukihitoKenzie Yukihito8 days ago