I Cut The Roof Off My Tesla!

Jun 29, 2020
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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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    Danny DuncanDanny DuncanMonth ago
    • 200K LIKES congrats

    • You are soooo funny I subd

      static scrimzstatic scrimz25 days ago
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    • Danny Duncan ur fucking awesome dude

      Hazen DedamHazen DedamMonth ago
    • I just bought some merch

      THINK JeltciTHINK JeltciMonth ago
  • Hope they are 18

    Almost FamousAlmost FamousDay ago
  • I hate you all

    Forrest SavoyForrest SavoyDay ago
  • Danny looks like Andy gibb

    Cheese BallsCheese BallsDay ago
  • I wonder what Danny’s body count is 🤔

    Preston RamosPreston RamosDay ago
  • abcd

    Gary KroezeGary KroezeDay ago
  • Hottest merch Evea

    Chris SanpedroChris Sanpedro2 days ago
  • That’s my older sister in the Tesla :(

    Josh PalmerJosh Palmer2 days ago
  • Rip 33K Tesla model 3

    Tristan NTristan N2 days ago
  • he is lika a crazy guy in A Clockwork Orange movie。。。🤔

    H V ReddyH V Reddy3 days ago
  • Danny should snorkel a four wheeler for a video

    Jaycob PierceJaycob Pierce3 days ago
  • Cadê os BR mano??

    W. Matheus SilvaW. Matheus Silva3 days ago
  • danny is the nicest most genuine asshole

    Cow117 YTCow117 YT3 days ago
  • Why would you ruin such a nice car for like no reason.

    JensonJenson3 days ago
    • Becuse he Will get the money back from this video

      Felix ArkängFelix Arkäng2 days ago
    • First time watching him, but for the video?

      Jeffry CaicedoJeffry Caicedo3 days ago
  • “jit get in the bucket” FLORIDA!!!

  • Bingo, 4 million views!

    fifilafilochefifilafiloche5 days ago
  • Gonna need a whistlindiesel colab destroying some trucks

    Noah ClearNoah Clear6 days ago
  • intro song?

    dankclip saturdaydankclip saturday6 days ago
  • How did the video go from Danny having a Tesla roof cut off to a fucking puzzle

    Broke gamer301Broke gamer3016 days ago
  • People aspire and save their hard earned money to own a car like this, and this self entitled idiot trashes it. 👎

    FutureSystem738FutureSystem7386 days ago
  • you know its a good vid by the intro

    NJ McLNJ McL6 days ago
  • “His moms a milf too “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Luis Herrera •Luis Herrera •6 days ago
  • This is what 2020 kids are influenced by people

    Black PoptartBlack Poptart7 days ago
  • He look like one of the guy from the bee gees

    Jasmine MariscalJasmine Mariscal7 days ago
  • 5:26 literally everyone in 2020 😐

    REAP3R X30REAP3R X307 days ago
  • Why’s he so american

    Dizzy HazzeDizzy Hazze8 days ago
  • Danny would be fun as fuck to hang with

    Luke GauthierLuke Gauthier8 days ago
  • 😀😃😄😁😆🥶🤮🤮💪⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🥎🎾🏐🏉🥏🎱🪀🏓⌚️📱📲💻⌨️🖥

    Bank RollBank Roll9 days ago
  • What clip was it

    Cory PerrinCory Perrin9 days ago
  • This is the american youth? What a shame on others...

    Edson CarvalhoEdson Carvalho9 days ago
    • Cope

      tj Gtj G6 days ago
  • You’re definitely douchebag!!! Your brain is smaller than hazelnut:))

    Turk Atak TimTurk Atak Tim9 days ago
  • can i use your clips for my meme page

    Grxphyn LxBGrxphyn LxB10 days ago
  • It's a roadster not a convertible

    Jacob LeechJacob Leech10 days ago
  • Uncle Jim wit the glizzy

    Meme GODDESSMeme GODDESS10 days ago
  • Spoiled rich kids. Yikes

    Jordi PJordi P10 days ago
  • Danny you should go on ridiculousness

    VIN3G4RVIN3G4R10 days ago
  • Lol. Wasteful. Go to China

    animefreak3939animefreak393910 days ago
  • to me there is nothing cool about this video , the girls are paid to be there and the car was for clickbait only now it just trash

    falcon7350falcon735010 days ago
  • So f. Funny

    Christian LewisChristian Lewis10 days ago
  • I fucking love justin bro I went to laurel Nokomis with him and shits just crazy

    Trinity FinleyTrinity Finley10 days ago
  • I swear Danny is good at every sport

    Si SidorSi Sidor10 days ago
  • Idiots..

    João PachecoJoão Pacheco11 days ago
  • Why dies josh always have an AK

    Jack DistefanoJack Distefano11 days ago
  • Elon musk watching this:👁👄👁 💧 💧

    RxistyRxisty11 days ago
  • “What’s so funny” whilst swinging a gun around 🤣🤣

    no moreno more11 days ago
  • Hi

    Alma SiljkovicAlma Siljkovic11 days ago
  • Making a car less safe isn't smart.

    Mark SchafferMark Schaffer12 days ago
  • 5:37 papa Jim simp?????

    Finley EllarFinley Ellar12 days ago
  • White people.....

    R LR L12 days ago
  • People still listen to hiphop? Thats lane ...

    Steve RussSteve Russ13 days ago
  • Tesla make a convertible plz

    Devon HDevon H13 days ago
  • elon musk real quiet after this video

    DABING IS BAD 42DABING IS BAD 4213 days ago
  • Anyone know the song at 10:18

    LowFlyer101LowFlyer10113 days ago
  • wow...glad i found this channel....Life upgrade complete

    TeslaOwners SanJoaquinValleyTeslaOwners SanJoaquinValley13 days ago
  • He took the puzzle piece 🤣😅

    Danny ConlinDanny Conlin13 days ago
  • 0:59 song name?

    Oliver R HansenOliver R Hansen14 days ago
  • grandpa strapped 😯

    jx snjx sn14 days ago
  • where did you find the autistic kid thats wearing the army helmet

    TattedBoiTattedBoi14 days ago
  • (575)605-6205

    sakorqsakorq14 days ago
  • Can I borrow 2,000, I can pay back. In need

    Joshua GoodJoshua Good14 days ago
  • Jake Allen the king of Simi Valley

    luke kammererluke kammerer14 days ago
  • Love u ----

    RaGE ClanRaGE Clan15 days ago
  • You have that much money you can just do that to the Tesla ? That’s crazy man my family can barely once a day

    jasmin beganovicjasmin beganovic15 days ago
  • 10:40 song?

    Dclean-_-Dclean-_-15 days ago
  • Why is this guy popular? He is crazy. 👀 i don’t get it. Must mean I’m old. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    ana1ismana1ism15 days ago
  • 5:25 does papa jim not know about covid?!?!

    Miguel Angel EstrellaMiguel Angel Estrella16 days ago

    Daniel WeaverDaniel Weaver16 days ago
  • Virginity rocks 😍

    Giorgios ANTONOPOULOSGiorgios ANTONOPOULOS16 days ago
  • Thank you for stopping the mall-grabbing citizen, u have taught him to fish for life

    CatandthefunkCatandthefunk16 days ago

    Jake LagerJake Lager16 days ago
  • I'm finna buy some merch I just got a prepaid card cant get a credit card only 13

    Kameron MorrissetteKameron Morrissette16 days ago
  • Ridiculous should of at least invited you to the show

    Dusty BunsDusty Buns17 days ago
  • Sad

    dafunny chrdafunny chr17 days ago
  • when you were destroying the halfpipe it hurt me inside i would love that:( lol

    Landen HarrisLanden Harris17 days ago
  • what was the 2 song

    AdvancedbeanAdvancedbean18 days ago
  • song at 1:02

    Kirk LanglandsKirk Langlands18 days ago
  • I actually seen the Ridiculousness episode with your clip they made fun of you and I got kind of pissed me of

    Kota KitchenKota Kitchen18 days ago
  • This video is what I live for

    HV1_DarkAngelHV1_DarkAngel18 days ago
  • Now this is the type of content I like

    G&G ProductionsG&G Productions18 days ago
  • Danny: Yeah we can do that Ad pops up* Ad: bUt CaN yOuR sUnGlAsSeS dO tHiS No hate to the ad*

    James 1James 118 days ago
  • we love papa jim

    William ParsonsWilliam Parsons19 days ago
  • When papa Jim has that gun omg 😆😂😂😂 I know I ain’t gonna get any like but it’s funny

    Brw_sweatyBrw_sweaty19 days ago
  • How sick would it be to quit your job and work for this cat..

    Paul RuddyPaul Ruddy20 days ago
  • How sick would it be to quit your job and work for this cat..

    Paul RuddyPaul Ruddy20 days ago
  • How sick would it be to quit your job and work for this cat..

    Paul RuddyPaul Ruddy20 days ago
  • Your hair looks like there is a lot of weed in it😂😂😂

    Jim x nlJim x nl20 days ago
  • As soon as i started this video my phone was at 69%

    Gadge HackGadge Hack20 days ago
  • I feel bad when Elon musk watches dis 🤣

    Pedro CasasPedro Casas21 day ago
  • God damn I jus nutted

    MzyMzy21 day ago
  • Hahah Elon musk and Danny should be colabing rn

    Emilie SallisEmilie Sallis21 day ago
  • Everybody gangsta till the tesla deactivates

    Press_EPress_E21 day ago
  • Is this some sort of joke I'm too poor to understand?

    Press_EPress_E21 day ago
  • Uploaded PapaJims funniest moments check it out!

    ahclipzahclipz21 day ago
  • Don’t use the lords name in vain

    uhhh Nexiauhhh Nexia21 day ago
  • The new huge dude seems Awsome

    Gnat ReaperGnat Reaper21 day ago
  • The boys came for the girls... the men cane for the car

    Martin K.Martin K.22 days ago
  • Bro I swear that at 11:46 those guys doing a burnout is my cousin and his friend

    mystic mangomystic mango22 days ago
  • this guy is durdey

    Paul BocskaPaul Bocska22 days ago
  • Danny the only reason that roof shatters is because u bent the chassis when u lifted it with the forklift hahahah

    The BMX channelThe BMX channel22 days ago
  • This dude danny is such an ass he steals a puzzle peice.. thats cold

    sean .gottisean .gotti22 days ago