Jul 30, 2020
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My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....
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  • Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick www.colinfurzeshop.com

    colinfurzecolinfurze6 days ago
    • You are my backyard hero

      Thomas JeniferThomas JeniferDay ago
    • S bend as part of the filter?

      TeddlyTeddlyDay ago
    • Now make a lawnmower that runs on grass clippings.

      TeddlyTeddlyDay ago
    • 9:57. The face of a man who has just done it

      TeddlyTeddlyDay ago
    • What about adding a Turbocharger to it?

      youkofoxyyoukofoxyDay ago
  • Your the mechanical version of Bill Nye

    Mr. CloudsterMr. Cloudster53 minutes ago
  • collect and refine the wood gas with a separate machine

    Nathan EsterkynNathan Esterkyn58 minutes ago
  • still need gas to use the torch which ignites the wood

    DK2blueDK2blueHour ago
  • i know its asking a lot because of how quick grass burns but it would be even better if it was a grass clippings fire rather than wood fire

    french toastfrench toastHour ago
  • Ordered a mug 😁😁

    Hunter G. CarswellHunter G. CarswellHour ago
  • Nice

    Agastya caseAgastya case2 hours ago
  • Try a riding mower, move room for filters

    billy bobbilly bob2 hours ago
  • Hey, where do you buy all the sheet metal, tubes, etc that you use? Thanks.

    Kaiser Salty von SaltenburgKaiser Salty von Saltenburg2 hours ago
  • Can you condense the wood gas into a liquid fuel?

    Andre RobinsonAndre Robinson2 hours ago
  • Is it just me or does his lawnmower look like it belongs on a steampunk style movie set?

    Hamish CampbellHamish Campbell3 hours ago
  • Hello love from Indonesia

    Andika Tegar prakasaAndika Tegar prakasa3 hours ago
  • you could power a generator instead of a mower and use it to charge large batteries. Wood powered batteries.

    Dan MantylaDan Mantyla3 hours ago
  • If you are making that much tar, your gasifier is running too cold. Don't put it through the engine until you are well over 800°C. Also, consider putting some thermocouples in there to monitor the temperature of the gasifier.

    m_a_sm_a_s3 hours ago
  • Dude! You are friggin awesome! Coolest neighbor ever!

    tyler krugtyler krug3 hours ago
  • wood burning produces carbon. carbon greens the lawn. cut the lawn. dry and burn the clippings. boom: colin built a perpetual motion machine.

    LJ McCLJ McC4 hours ago
  • Should have just put a container full of wood gas on the mower. 2 part system but wouldnt have been so huge to mower with.

    Scott NevilScott Nevil4 hours ago
  • Noice

    Cristina PiantaCristina Pianta4 hours ago
  • Love the video Colin. The only problem is understanding how the process works for wood gasification. Its not the heating of the wood to produce the volatiles from it, its all about the conversion of those gases and more importantly the CO2 created in the hot 700-1000F burn space into CO+H2 in the charcoal below the burn zone. When the burn temps are controlled and kept at the best gas producing temperature, you will not have any of the tars and carbon smoke particles coming out. Please reference some of my wood gas stove studies at www.gospellearningcenter.com/resources/WoodGas/TincanStoves/default.html.

    Bob CurticeBob Curtice4 hours ago
  • Wood gasifiers were used across Britain during ww2 to run delivery trucks and even cars when there was a petrol shortage.

    Ben cowlesBen cowles5 hours ago
  • One of my favorites by far.

    Briar FoxBriar Fox6 hours ago

    monika laosimonika laosi6 hours ago
  • I would like to request a lawn moving service please.

    S DS D6 hours ago
  • He is an apocalips mad scientist(?

    Gonzalo CianciGonzalo Cianci7 hours ago
    • You should make a grass powered lawn mower 😂😂😂

      monika laosimonika laosi6 hours ago
  • so it's a steam engine that works in texas?

    Robert the RobotRobert the Robot7 hours ago

    Brian PattonBrian Patton7 hours ago
  • Should’ve made a grass powered lawnmower.

    t St S7 hours ago
  • The wooden Flux compensator!

    Kim Fuck UKim Fuck U8 hours ago
  • how about using the wood to boil water like a steam turbine. Steam turbines should be better than using smoke.

    hehe8 hours ago
  • Can you try to make a jetpack? 🇸🇪❤️🇬🇧

    Volvo NeoVolvo Neo8 hours ago
  • My god what have you done to that poor brigs

    x X_Twisted_X xx X_Twisted_X x9 hours ago

    Riley AndrewsRiley Andrews9 hours ago
  • Take an iq test please

    homeless piece of breadhomeless piece of bread9 hours ago
  • Hillbillie gas if you go to Mexico and eat a lot of hot food to get gas

    Gregg KUZILAGregg KUZILA9 hours ago
  • Hi Colin i from Russian Go portal gun!

  • This man is becoming more a legend day after day. Applause!

    Cosmin SvnCosmin Svn9 hours ago
  • why don't you make a wood powered car?

    carmen raiacarmen raia9 hours ago
  • you wanna use a water chamber with the gas flowing through to separate water and tar, and a cooling tower that separates the co2, then it'd be perfect.

    Alfie GriffithsAlfie Griffiths10 hours ago
  • You should make a grass powered lawn mower 😂😂😂

    Mat3zyMat3zy10 hours ago
  • Alternatively, build a stationary gasification and cleanup plant, then run the mower on compressed tanks of the stuff. The mobile refinery is looking a tad top heavy!

    Gareth JGareth J10 hours ago
  • Steampunk Style- noice

    RowanArcticFoxRowanArcticFox10 hours ago
  • What about water cooling?????

    TerrorJacky TerrorJackyTerrorJacky TerrorJacky11 hours ago
  • Your amazing smart and funny at the same time it is a wonder how you haven’t been in a major disaster with your crazy experiments

    Bob KelsoBob Kelso11 hours ago
  • can you smoke that tar goo

    Tom ForgeryTom Forgery11 hours ago
  • is it just me or are his videos not coming into your subscription box

    Ashy_7861 MAshy_7861 M11 hours ago
  • I love this! I would ask you to do a waterpowered engine but last time someone did that and put it on youtube he got murdered. I need you alive for my entertainment hahaha

    VaktmejsterVaktmejster11 hours ago
  • Pls Colon Furze can you make a homemade train pls I have seen no youtuber really do this

    Road to HomeRoad to Home12 hours ago
  • i miss Furzes invention Show...

    bujimbujim12 hours ago
  • Needs ice around the cooling tubes so it condenses as much of the tar as possible

  • Lol fantastic

    Micks MowersMicks Mowers12 hours ago
  • Try to build a bigger version to run a car but make it also a grill to cook food

  • Wood gas drift trike?👀

    EllBillDaveHamEllBillDaveHam13 hours ago
  • You should try to build a hall thruster

    Remember To Log OutRemember To Log Out13 hours ago
  • 3:43 ah, the nightclub

    HateBullsh1tHateBullsh1t13 hours ago
  • Wonderful stuff Mr Furze. A staid Scotsman still likes your content and talent. P

    125spectrum125spectrum14 hours ago
  • can you made one machine in that video become really fly ,at less after many year some one really full fill they dream !!!!! = The First Flying Machines - Failures and Mishaps

    munmun1822munmun182214 hours ago
  • can u make grass powered lawn mower

    Mr LemiMr Lemi14 hours ago
  • you look tired, you ok?

    TewiTewi14 hours ago
  • As always entertaining, personable and educational. I like your videos 👍😁

    Claus DabbertClaus Dabbert15 hours ago
  • Are you on good terms with the neighbours? Your electricity bill must be astronomical. That’s unless you’ve Doctored the metre. Your amazing.

    Jayne EveryJayne Every15 hours ago