"Jokes About Deaf People" - Trevor Noah - (Nation Wild Comedy)

Sep 19, 2019
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    Trevor NoahTrevor Noah9 months ago
    • The last fellow you spoke with- priceless. Thanks for such insight. The first story left me unconvinced. A fraud for 5 yrs? With so many hearing signers (like kids for their parents, etc): Who discuss it afterwards... Was there no one picked that up-your point about timing made a good story. So what happened-no other signers who needed the wages? And no criminal consequences? I love your vast talent, Trevor. But I think either it was a shtick to pass the time... or maybe S. A. people lacked intelligence? I believed you 100% before, but not here. Sorry

      ruthfreedmanruthfreedmanDay ago
    • Trevor Noah I am a hearing impaired woman and I hate being hearing impaired. But today you made me laugh about it for the first time since I lost my hearing. I thank you. It made me feel better. You know how to make good jokes. There is a difference between making fun of someone and making jokes. You clearly know the difference between the two. You made me laugh I actually laughed so hard I couldn't breathe I am smiling as I send this keep making deaf jokes they made me feel better about myself

      Sade Hogue - ScottSade Hogue - Scott3 days ago
    • hi 😂😂😂😂😂

      Billy-paul MphelaBilly-paul Mphela18 days ago
    • Trevor, I believe my son would have said those words also...do the joke 😂! He would have felt as though all was inclusive. His humor that of a child, he was eight would have rolled on this one! That Trevor is one thing he has taught this old Mom. Keep doing the joke Trevor! ❤️

      Eileen Merry-SheaEileen Merry-SheaMonth ago
    • yes,i will!you are a great man

      小明暖暖小明暖暖Month ago
  • That was a killer 😂🤣😆... Just don't listen

    christopher morrischristopher morris5 hours ago
  • “just don’t listen” XD XD XD

    GruesomeToucanGruesomeToucan23 hours ago
  • He's talented and handsome as well!

    bernalou damondamonbernalou damondamonDay ago
  • Jajqjqjq mtf TP

    Diego LizarragaDiego LizarragaDay ago
  • I'm a Coda- both my parents are Deaf. Trevor's 'Deaf Voice' was spot on. Sounded just like my dad.

    Mae KellerMae KellerDay ago
  • this made me laugh out loud !!! and i don't laugh out loud

    OlineOline2 days ago
  • The best fake sign language interpreter in the entire world and he woulda gotten away with it if it wasn't for President Barack Obama 😂

    Kelechi Loves LifeKelechi Loves Life2 days ago
  • I j found this and I was so happy 😁! I have a deaf brother and have never seen jokes ab or relating to deaf ppl. Also, he handles it so well! Lol 😆 thnx again Trevor

    Izzy H-CIzzy H-C3 days ago
  • "I can't listen anymore' *closes eyes* im dying 😂😂😂😂😂

    Lungam BangyangLungam Bangyang3 days ago
  • Cant listen and he covered his eyes while impersonating a deaf person😅😂 this guy is just crazily funny

    Patrick JohnPatrick John4 days ago
  • As a South African I found this so funny 🤣🤣🤣

    Doom BaboonDoom Baboon4 days ago
  • Trevor bro, please do jokes about quarantine and lock down 😂😂😂

    Zoli MakZoli Mak4 days ago
  • Kkkkkk never laughed at first,until Chinese interpretation Appeared.....

    Soneka DanielSoneka Daniel4 days ago
  • I am legally deaf in both now. I have less than 1/4 hearing in my left ear, and less than 1/16th hearing in my right ear. I spent from my early years in grade school until my upper grade in grade school taking Speech Therapy. I took it for 6 to 6 1/2 hours a day every school day. I spent the same amount amount of time daily learning to lip read. I’ve worn hearing aids since I was 7 years old . At age 56 I had to get a new Audiologist/ENT as I had moved and needed new aids. My Audiologist still cannot believe that I can read lips at the level I do. She says that if it wasn’t for me being a patient of hers, and she just met me somewhere, she would never believe that I’m deaf. There was a period back in time when my dog chewed apart my very first hearing aid, and another where I was too embarrassed to wear them, so I struggled through. I’ve worked since I was 13 years old, and I also would just say that sorry I didn’t catch all of what you’ve said, rather than let someone know I was deaf. Kids and even adults can be so cruel. My next aids will be the Cochlear Implants. Due to the degree of my loss now, I need the extra strength. When my Audiologist told me this, I thought I was going to cry. I’m not vain about anything really, but the thought of having to go that route... I wasn’t ready for that! Then she showed me how they are nowadays, very similar to my Bluetooth Aids. I’m so looking forward to what I will hear in the future, that I never did. Trevor Noah, keep the deaf jokes coming!😁

    tkugodtkugod4 days ago
  • for a sec i really thought he was speaking portuguese

    Raf WarnerRaf Warner4 days ago
  • His Brazilian accent is great impression of Portuguese accent Hahaha

    Victor AlencarVictor Alencar5 days ago
  • Watching this with subtitles is the best feeling lol

    evcotter08evcotter085 days ago
  • Very funny bit, especially the chinese sign language, which was just perfect comedy. I wonder if the story at the end really happened, but it was well placed! Cudos!

    dojinhodojinho5 days ago
  • Thank you for getting through my knee replacement. I needed a laugh and you made it happen.Thank you so much 💓

    Mia Blaze JMOMia Blaze JMO6 days ago
  • Trash

    Milton NoonanMilton Noonan6 days ago
  • The end 😂😂😂😂😂

    Ezeani KamsiEzeani Kamsi6 days ago
  • The finest comedian.

    The1bangladesh1The1bangladesh16 days ago
  • That discussion with the deaf person made my day.

    vincent wilsonvincent wilson6 days ago
  • The part at the end with the fan who was partially deaf was sweet. I loved how he expressed that he felt underrepresented and wanted his jokes.

  • Please don't eat when listening to this guy... Unless u want to be cleaning rice ff the floors after

    Romella DasrattRomella Dasratt7 days ago
  • My best friend is deaf...I tell him all the time hey dude you hear that?

    Jerrod SchumacherJerrod Schumacher7 days ago
  • omg, I love you hahahahahahahaaa XD

    Rana El TacoRana El Taco7 days ago
  • I am Chinese, the Kofu part is killing me. LoL.

    Yumeng YanYumeng Yan7 days ago
  • "I'm in the zone baba." 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ellen NghihepaEllen Nghihepa7 days ago
  • Love from India, I just love him

    kashish sharmakashish sharma8 days ago
  • This would'nt happen in india cuz we ask too many questions heheheheh

    ShykeShyke8 days ago
  • Ableist bigotry. Sorry but you are a hypocrite. You show that comedy can’t really exist via your ideology of pc outrage.

    KingfillinsKingfillins8 days ago
  • "I cann't listen to this' closes his eyes

    Ahmed AbdullahiAhmed Abdullahi9 days ago
  • i love this guy!

    Abdullah ZaidAbdullah Zaid9 days ago
  • trevors obama sounds a little like clinton!

    LalealynLalealyn9 days ago
  • Am in love with his brains,,,so brilliant

    Linet AttogoLinet Attogo10 days ago
  • Holy crap he's so good at imitating accents

    fangurl33fangurl3310 days ago
  • " Reading Mandela's Wikipedia page" 🤣🤣🤣

    Gbemisola OniGbemisola Oni10 days ago
  • Wow. I really appreciate your work Trevor, I always aspire to be able to do varied impressions like you. But this time around, when you first did the deaf one, I was so taken aback. Some context: I'm personally not hearing impaired (my family thanks God that it wasn't passed down) but both my mom and my maternal grandmother were born deaf, both of them thankfully now able to hear with hearing aides after many ear surgeries, another bit of context, I'm like ultra white: Italian, Irish, German, Danish, you name a nationality with pasty skin, that's me (not a white supremacist, this is relevant later and positive, I can assure you haha) I didn't shut off the video in my "taken abackness" though. I wanted to see where it was going. I knew I had felt the smallest, tiniest sliver of offense towards a group of people, and that even felt wrong. I knew you were gonna put a positive spin on it and you very much did lol, but I was also intrigued by this emotion. What is comedy without a little bit of jeering a something or a group of people; it's not much that's what it is. Reagardless, this small jeer can be taken much too far much too fast, which leads me into my point about racist comedy routines. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying my small feeling of quick shame is in any way close to a feeling felt when racist comedian says something off color, but I hope I'm not unjustified in relating this experience, and how I felt for that split second, to a small inkling of what I imagine minorities go through all the time. This older video is I'd say illuminating to me in the course of recent events. Thanks for another good video, keep up the gnarly work!

    John CoffeyJohn Coffey10 days ago
  • I really want a reaction vid of the guy who asked for Trevor to do deaf jokes.

    Troy KawaharaTroy Kawahara10 days ago
  • I’m half deaf so I’m half way there lol.

    Otaku_ WeebOtaku_ Weeb11 days ago
  • Lol, the ‘Chinese’ sounds Korean to me

    Nehco OahnaitNehco Oahnait11 days ago
  • 9:40 Obama's mistranslation for deaf people. Lol

    David ChiangtongDavid Chiangtong12 days ago
  • Damn the obama voice was just spot on!

    Uday Tej SinghUday Tej Singh12 days ago
  • When he translated Chinese 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 I nearly died

    Iam EbzIam Ebz12 days ago
  • I mean. Fair enough. He called me out on being a hearing person getting offended at the deaf voice he did. I'll try not to get as irrationally offended anymore ^^

    SiegmernesSiegmernes13 days ago
  • Hey...always Brasil get the portuguese from Portugal and not from here🙄

    RáfarisRáfaris13 days ago
  • "amakrokokroko (not sure if I'm spelling it right), litteraly meaning broken things,,

    just another random dudejust another random dude14 days ago
  • When he spoke Portuguese it sounded pretty authentic ngl, then I heard his Chinese lol

    IcarusIcarus14 days ago
  • My God, i really thought this was a made-up story until i searched and watched the actual funeral video. This is unbelievable.

    A Ali khanA Ali khan15 days ago
  • "Just dont listen" HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Dave JurialDave Jurial15 days ago
  • Never know sign language have accent :'))))

    Long VuLong Vu15 days ago
  • Jokes about death people and a audiable ad plays 😂😂

    Caleb HardersCaleb Harders15 days ago
  • “I can’t listen anymore” lol

    NikitaNikita16 days ago
  • “I’ve lost my voice” so funny!

    NikitaNikita16 days ago
  • You can tell as many jokes as you want about deaf people cause they won't hear you

    gabriel henriquegabriel henrique16 days ago
  • Oh man that deaf guy was great! I'm half deaf, and i'm grateful you have subtitles!

    lazygamerlazygamer17 days ago
  • I wanna meet Yankees😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Digna KeirungiDigna Keirungi17 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 literally PMSL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Yoki YokaYoki Yoka17 days ago
  • Who is he talking about? Yankees?

    Ghojan MGhojan M17 days ago
    • "JANTJIE", Thamsanqa Jantjie, 🤣🤣🤣. It does sound like Yankees 🤔.

      Khumbulani Oscar MabundaKhumbulani Oscar Mabunda13 days ago
  • 😂😂🤣

    Kaitlyn DiepKaitlyn Diep18 days ago
  • If he’d taken the day off when Barack was speaking lol he’d still have a job 😂😂😂

    MercyMercy19 days ago
  • Here’s one I work with deaf people. So one day I was signing to one of the girls I guess they didn’t wana hear it no more so she shut her eyes 😒 and I burst out laughing 😂

    MercyMercy19 days ago
  • I hadn't heard any of these!

    VeritasVeritas19 days ago
  • Trevor be motivating but makin' u laugh at the same time haha RESPECT

    Jhon PaulJhon Paul19 days ago
  • I wanna marry Trevor for real

    Aya JabsehAya Jabseh20 days ago
  • His "portuguese" is so cute wtf

    iluminachoiluminacho20 days ago
  • Ok this was brilliant!

    Nisha CNisha C20 days ago
  • And, now he is making fun at disabled people like Deaf people wow, I didn't knew this guy exist, but someone send me and the more I watched is the more I dislike. One he said he was laughing at elderly man who get hurt using escoleteror in Zambia, who laugh at someone who is in pain. Not Humanly things to do.

    Basra AbdulleBasra Abdulle20 days ago
  • This guy's a distasteful clown once did comedy about his mother being shot in the head he thought it was humorous pack your bags and get off the stage moron

    Sailesh SharmaSailesh Sharma20 days ago
  • The guy could learn sign language in five years😂

    amir sabbaghiamir sabbaghi21 day ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Liz D'CostaLiz D'Costa21 day ago
  • Nelson mandela / accents. Thats always the subject.

    Peanut ButterPeanut Butter21 day ago
  • That Chinese part is more like Korean but the kungfu was hilarious lol

    Shi WangShi Wang22 days ago
  • “I’m in the zone, Baba. I’m in the zone.” 😂

    no worries, the planet has kim namjoonno worries, the planet has kim namjoon22 days ago
  • 3,003,003 views :o

    The Hershy ManThe Hershy Man23 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sivuyile MaqumboSivuyile Maqumbo23 days ago
  • You cannot be a successful comedian and not be brilliant.

    Lori RappleyeLori Rappleye23 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Native 92Native 9224 days ago