Nintendo 64: Nintendo's Best Mistake - Scott The Woz

Sep 13, 2020
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Scott digs into the Nintendo 64 and his own grave.
Music Used:
"Shop" from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
"Bob-omb Battlefield" from Super Mario 64
"Inside a House" from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
"Raceways" from Mario Kart 64
"Bonus Room Blitz" from Donkey Kong Country
"Select Theme" from Killer Instinct Gold
"Choose Character" from Pilotwings 64
"Runway" from GoldenEye 007 (N64)
"Treasure Trove Cove" from Banjo-Kazooie
"The Young Photographer" from Pokemon Snap
"Ancient Lake" from Diddy Kong Racing
"Snow Mountain" from Super Mario 64
"Koopa's Road" from Super Mario 64
"Title Theme" from Super Mario 64
"Title Theme" from Pilotwings 64
"Hyrule Field" from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
"Jungle Japes" from Donkey Kong 64
"Dam" from GoldenEye 007 (N64)
"Professor Oak's Lab" from Pokemon Stadium
"Gary's Theme" from Pokemon Puzzle League
"Battle" from Mario Kart 64
"Mute City" from F-Zero X
"The Adventure Begins" from Mario Party 3
"In the Pipe" from Mario Party 2
"Pop Star" from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
"How to Play" from Super Smash Bros. (N64)
"Chill" from Dr. Mario 64
"Goomba Village" from Paper Mario
"Staff Roll" from Super Mario 64
"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes


    Meezus WalksMeezus WalksHour ago
  • I loved the pokemon stadium games, they gave me a new challenge after completing the main game. Round 2 in particular could be pretty brutal, especially compared to the Gameboy games they came from.

    jakerockznoodlesjakerockznoodles5 hours ago
  • They were burned by Nintendo and then Sega. Lol 3:30 So basically back then the 64 bit in the name had to do with the graphics. Back on the internet in the mid to late 90s The console wars used bits to show which had more graphics. Graphics have always been important less so now than then. The leap from was offered on the SNES and N64 was amazing. Remember back when the N64 launched the PSX or as you all know it now the PS1 was already out there and it’s early games had graphics that were akin to the SNES. So the N64 launched with some powerful looking games. Eventually though the PSX started making games that looked better and better with games like Vagrant Story ( I’m not a fan of the game) pushing what the PSX could do. Also the Saturn was 32 bit but SEGA also released the 32 bit add on to the genesis. Sega really pissed everyone off with the Saturn. Back then bits where everything. I think the confusion you have understanding why bits was advertised is because your young. Your response to bits was the same response adults and most old people had when they heard about us all talking, ‘bits’ This is very generational as the PS4 really didn’t improve graphics as much and really all the PS4 and Xbox One we’re was systems that remastered old PS3 and Xbox 360 games. It seems graphics now are less of a big deal. I mean fuck you all play Minecraft 😂 6:00 So yes it’s true the n64 did better for a brief moment but here is where they problems began... For a brief moment you had amazing games Mario 64, Zelda OOT, Super Smash Brothers..... THQ’s WcW Vs NWO which gameplay was so popular it destroyed all other game makers who attempted to make wrestling games and this style gave them the exclusive contract. These were some great games but at this point the PS1 started coming out with amazing hits and there were those of us hoping for games like Earthbound 64 and that Squaresoft would come back to Nintendo. Then many great Nintendo games were cancelled and many of us started jumping ship. 8:10 100% definitely the N64 had some great games but these games were too few. When I jumped to the PSX even though I loved the N64 the jump was easy because there was hardly any good games releasing on the N64. The only good thing about jumping to the late PSX was the fact we got the Dual Shock controllers. The Nintendo 64 eventually came out with the Rumble Pack but that cost money and if I remember right batteries?

    HisShadowXHisShadowX7 hours ago
  • If you want a great 2-D platformer for the system I highly recommend checking out Mischief Makers

    BlackeningBlackening7 hours ago
  • Young loli loli anime loli favourite moment is "well we gotta move on to the games and mmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggghhhhhhhhh" Now onto the next Woz

    XenothotiaXenothotia12 hours ago
  • Amazing how 4 of the top 10 console games of all time were N exclusives on one system.

    E HE H12 hours ago
  • I dunno if your trolling or just an idiot...N64 is amazing, your crazy! So many classic games..the ps1 games you mention probably arnt even that great

    DoshiDoshi12 hours ago
    • Oh my god it’s called opinions.

      Jack BassettJack Bassett8 hours ago
  • Excuse you, Yoshi Story is better than Island in every way

    Goofy LibraGoofy Libra15 hours ago
  • 99.99% of people searching for 64DD are not interested in an obscure Nintendo product...

    Besstiny's ChildBesstiny's Child17 hours ago
  • Conkers bad fur day.... Best game ever

    MoonLitCreeperMoonLitCreeper19 hours ago
  • why nintendo didn't made a metroid game but included samus in smash bros 64

    Valve GamerValve Gamer19 hours ago
  • All the Zelda are on 3ds. All the rares games but one are on Xbox one. Mario 64 is on switch and pc, Mario kart, Mario party and 007, I do not care about. So no point even owning N64.

    haloharry97haloharry9721 hour ago
  • N64 has some of the highest highs and the lowest lows in Nintendo's history.

    RyemanRyeman21 hour ago
  • Aidyn's Chronicle is my fav RPG on the console it is 100% not polished, the "fog" background is used at its worse and its so glitched it destroyed my entire memory card and all its content (rip), but omg overal the gameplay is fun, the RPG element is so complex and the music is legendary

    Alexandre TremblayAlexandre TremblayDay ago
  • I always love the way the n64 console looked

    Sleep WeaselR55Sleep WeaselR55Day ago
  • I love njngendo64

    ormagormurormagormurDay ago
  • I only got the N64 because of the Pokemon craze. Never played Zeldas or Mario 64 until I was older. As a kid it was just Pokemon and Pod Racer on my N64.

    Hadam10RoseHadam10RoseDay ago
  • 64 bits, 32 bits, 16 bits, 8 bits, 2 bits, 1 bit, THE WRIST WATCH!!!!!!!!

    Hadam10RoseHadam10RoseDay ago
  • I just really don't like how you present yourself, and could not make it more than 5 minutes. Like trying to be upbeat and snarky at the same time, who would want to listen to this? Probably your fans, but not me.

    Guy PersonGuy PersonDay ago
  • I need you all to understand this was the most powerful home console until the Dreamcast. It blew people's minds

    Marcus InfinityMarcus InfinityDay ago
  • Some of the best memories I have include the 64. We had what we called my dad’s ‘Nascar Room’ and we would sit in there and play Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart for hours.

    Madison LeweMadison LeweDay ago
  • Cool video dude. 🎮👼🏾🤴🏾✔

    Jonathan AndrewsJonathan AndrewsDay ago
  • I hope too get my own 64 console &mario paper &mario world &other cool games out there

    John ChitwoodJohn ChitwoodDay ago
  • I just remembered that every game, accessory, and add-on released for the 64 was labeled a "pak". Game Pak, Controller Pak, Memory Pak, Rumble Pak, Expansion Pak. It was supposed to be formal, in-universe description for everything related to the Nintendo 64 aside from games being given the "64" suffix.

    Rich GarciaRich GarciaDay ago
  • its always what you grew up with like my favorite game is on wii u everyone hates the wii u but scott hating his gen consle what?

    gaby !gaby !Day ago
  • Clever young guy, but seems to make this whole thing up ... Ridiculous in a way to see this rummaging through gaming history ... The result is some redundant comedy not in the slightest scratching the surface. Sad times ... Technically, well made video however ... Keep it up !

    SuperColdLemonadeSuperColdLemonade2 days ago
  • is that herpies? 40% of the population has an STD.

    crithoncrithon2 days ago
  • 1997 "not bad games" Golden eye 007 Diddy kong Mario kart Starfox ... thats actually an amazkng year of hits in my opinion

    Shawn ZedwickShawn Zedwick2 days ago
  • Also, as we found out from Cybershell, the expansion pack actually breaks Space Station Silicon Valley... and you need the jumper pak instead for it

    Clementine FruityClementine Fruity2 days ago
  • Anybody remember the name of that wwe wrestling game? Played shut out of it but can’t remember the damn name

    HIGH Res GamingHIGH Res Gaming2 days ago
  • Scott: I don't have a 64DD Scott in the footage: *putting a 64DD game into a 64DD*

    YosherYosher2 days ago
  • Missing: Me caring about what Scott the Woz has to say about the Nintendo 64.

    N/A HN/A H2 days ago
  • There were at least four or five RPGs worth mentioning on N64. You forgot Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage, which was an ugly dumpster fire of a game, and Hybrid Heaven, which was interesting for the time.

    Desmodontidae78Desmodontidae782 days ago
  • What's your beef with Paper Mario? >:(

    TwinBlastersTwinBlasters2 days ago
  • Boys we did it. We finally found Scott’s favorite Pokémon game

    Henry SavageHenry Savage2 days ago
  • He has disgraced the beloved DK64.

    wolfrig2000wolfrig20003 days ago
  • Its so weird that Scott talks about a console that came out 50 years before he was born.

    Arsch DeeArsch Dee3 days ago

    Super MarioSuper Mario3 days ago
  • 31:46 Scott pog

    The Wii U Pro Controller Defense ForceThe Wii U Pro Controller Defense Force3 days ago
  • Nintendo 64 was an odd console experience for me. The system blew me away back in 96' and 97'. However, by middle 98' I realized something was wrong with the platform. There were no major video game releases. Also, the PlayStation became the default console, not Nintendo. Since gaming stalled on my N64, I became a PC gamer in late 98'. I stopped playing N64 games and only played PC games for the next two years. Dreamcast brought me back to consoles. By April/May 2001 I sold my Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast to get my first and only Sony gaming console, the PlayStation 2. Even though it was tough having Nintendo 64 as my only console in the late 90's, the games that were made were the best. Great memories playing Super Mario 64, Pilotwings 64, Star Fox 64, Golden Eye 007, Turok, Zelda, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire etc. In retrospect I don't regret picking this console.

    Stormtrooper2010100Stormtrooper20101003 days ago
  • The n64 was my childhood, it's my favorite and no one can change my mind

    ToastsToasts3 days ago
  • You're just to young to appreciate N64

    Pablo EspinozaPablo Espinoza3 days ago
    • @Pablo Espinoza Fair point I guess, but either way, he praises the console quite a bit in this video, so I don't really see why you're upset.

      The Space Of AdesThe Space Of Ades3 days ago
    • @The Space Of Ades yeah but I'm sure it wasn't in the 90s

      Pablo EspinozaPablo Espinoza3 days ago
    • He literally mentioned that he had one growing up.

      The Space Of AdesThe Space Of Ades3 days ago
  • Nintendo 64 is my favorite console. I remember when it first came out, everyone at school was talking about it, sleepovers with friends playing multiplayer all night, list goes on. I still own a N64 and still play it. I feel the Wii U was a mistake, the Wii U should of been what the switch is.

    Adam SpeckAdam Speck3 days ago
    • @Ian Eons Wii U is trash. I bought one on day 1 and it was DOA. I had to wait 2 weeks for another from Nintendo and it was plagued with lock up issues. The Wii U is a joke next to the switch. The switch is a commercial success and the Wii U flopped. Wii U sucked, it was just another gimmick console.

      Adam SpeckAdam Speck3 days ago
    • LMAO Wii U is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than the piece of shit that is the Switch,the worst Nintendo console besides the Virtual Boy.

      Ian EonsIan Eons3 days ago
  • I feel like it's a bit unfair and judging by modern standards to bash Nintendo for using carts. Literally (almost) every console prior to the PSX that used CDs was an abject failure, largely due to not knowing how to take full advantage of the format - most only used it for minor sound/music upgrades or for the infamous FMV games.

    Bob JenkinsBob Jenkins4 days ago
  • The Nintendo 64 may have been a great console but it was ultimately destroyed by the Play Station one

    Enough Mirror494Enough Mirror4944 days ago
  • 5:07 best part hahaha love your videos

    Igor RMIgor RM4 days ago
  • You articulated why the 64 is special really well. It’s not really great overall, there are only like 10 truly great games, but that’s why we feel connected to it. all my friends had the 64, and we spent so much time playing Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Smash, etc. Every birthday party, every hangout.

    Boss NassBoss Nass4 days ago
  • 12:34 That intro was actually pulled from the unreleased Mario Polygon Studio game for the 64DD.

    Aliens AnonymousAliens Anonymous4 days ago
  • What do you think of Mickey's Speedway USA?

    MicshorkMicshork4 days ago
  • SCART Cable looks at a weird Dreamcast for thirty minutes

    Jet Set DumbassJet Set Dumbass4 days ago

    Zach SimpsonZach Simpson4 days ago
  • the amount of bits a console has really just refers to how many bits (1s or 0s) could be used to represent a number. the NES was 8 bit, so it could represent 2^8 at max, the snes was 16-bit, so it could represent 2^16 at max, and so on and so forth. it didnt necessarily dictate how powerful the console was, rather how big of a number it could store.

    scrowfunkscrowfunk4 days ago
  • Scott Pog 31:46

    Cole GutierrezCole Gutierrez4 days ago
  • If Yahtzee Croshaw had a american son

    AsheAshe4 days ago
  • When I was 10-ish, I made a PowerPoint about the history of the N64 with this exact title and showed it to my parents in hopes they’d buy me one.

    Camo Clone TrooperCamo Clone Trooper4 days ago
    • Camo Clone Trooper did it work?

      Mike ValMike ValDay ago
  • Sega had Blast Processing. Nintendo had trilinear bitmap interpolation. Sony had games. 32 bit era was great either way you cut it.

    yung HDMI cableyung HDMI cable4 days ago
  • Wooooooooo no love for the WCW vs NWO World Tour and Revenge, WrestleMania 2k, and No Mercy. That's not right at all.

    chexchex4 days ago
  • Besides the Master System, The Amstrad, and the 7800 what is the other thing? 1:46

    KiljiArslanKiljiArslan4 days ago
  • Mario got a badonkadonk

    ZudaZuda4 days ago
  • Scott: It was the only console at the time to come with four controller ports. Me: Right, except the 3DO didn't need extra ports because the controllers could daisy chain up to six of them. Of course, there wasn't a game that allowed six players to play at the same time, but they had the potential!

    Steven MoellerSteven Moeller4 days ago
  • But, you cannot deny CTR>>>DKR

    Hydrocity HarryHydrocity Harry4 days ago
  • I love the Wii U it was awesome

    Bob SaggetBob Sagget4 days ago
  • The N64 will always have a special place to my heart because it was my first game system as a kid

    Colbert AwesomeColbert Awesome4 days ago
  • Nintendo home consoles ranked worst to best NES < Wii U < SNES < Wii < N64 < Switch < Gamercube

    Jacob KittyJacob Kitty4 days ago
  • I'm playing Mario 64 right now in the All Stars bundle for the first time (as I never had an n64 as a kid) and it aged horribly. In fact the game is bad. Dont @ me.

    chocolatepainchocolatepain4 days ago
  • Now Scott has to do TV game series, NES, SNES, GameCube, Wii Wii U, and Switch

    Epicar700Epicar7004 days ago
  • 9:45 my thoughts exactly Scott

    Bone BagelsBone Bagels4 days ago
  • i prefer cartridges

    Blue SeaBlue Sea4 days ago
  • This is one very lame explanation what went wrong. There are several other reasons covered by other videos.

    czerogrczerogr5 days ago
  • 29:05 When you got negative on Covid 19.

    Turbobist 28Turbobist 285 days ago
  • You should have talked about turok more

    bowfaundadbowfaundad5 days ago
    • But I still liked the video

      bowfaundadbowfaundad5 days ago
  • 31:46 POGU SCOTT

    BigBeppoBigBeppo5 days ago
  • I fell out of gaming this gen. I blame the goofy controller and that Pocket Monsters series. Came back with Guitar Hero and New Super Mario Bros.

    quag311quag3115 days ago
  • Hey scott, me here! I know you you won't read this but I just wanted to say that I love your videos and they always cheer me up when I'm sad! Keep it up.

    VCR idk the reviewerVCR idk the reviewer5 days ago
  • This video made me so happy! This was my first console ever and I love it to death! And the part when he stop talking and showed smash gave me shivers.

    TwistedMajora22TwistedMajora225 days ago
  • He must do one of the N64 disk drive that would be epic

    Schloop EpicSchloop Epic5 days ago
  • 26:13 what is THIS game?

    Bruh like what the hellBruh like what the hell5 days ago
  • Technically any game is an RPG.

    CorvecCorvec5 days ago
  • Nintendo's favourite worst nightmare

    Emxx 7ww7Emxx 7ww75 days ago
  • I'm pretty sure that Tetrisphere would work pretty well today. The mechanics were great and all it would need is better graphics and maybe a couple more weapons and character. Some good advertising and this would sell like donuts on mobile devices like the switch. No doubt.

    Patrick MerkelPatrick Merkel5 days ago
  • I thought Wii U was the biggest mistake. Nintendo64 is so memorable!

    clampfan101clampfan1015 days ago
  • Scott, you forgot to discuss the most important game in the N64’s library, Gex: Enter the Gecko. I know it wasn’t an exclusive, but being one of the most influential games of all time it still deserves a mention.

    Michael RiddickMichael Riddick5 days ago
  • quality over quantity

    Aussa KagamineAussa Kagamine5 days ago
  • 31:45 ScottChamp

    RNDMZR 153RNDMZR 1535 days ago
  • Scott Pogged

    NizizumiNizizumi5 days ago
  • Oh my, Scott is really on the grind. Wowsa

    Stephen PlattStephen Platt5 days ago
    • I still own a N64..

      bilias hourbilias hour5 days ago
  • in the case of the 64DD and the much too late release, Nintendo is primarily not to blame, but rather the partner who provided the online service. The latter did not make it available in good time. A worldwide release at the end of 1997 / beginning of 1998 was originally planned. Zelda OoT was originally a pure 64DD title and Zelda MM was originally one of the two AddOn disks ;-) Animal Crossing was also originally a 64DD title

    KillertamagotchiKillertamagotchi5 days ago
    • Tbh the only games I had on wii u was watch dogs,smash bros and minecraft

      bilias hourbilias hour5 days ago
  • I first got my hands on the N64 a couple of years ago I know I’m late but I love playing my N64 whenever I have a Bad Day the N64 cures all the stress I have in my body and gets rid of the stress and replaces it with fun

    the running manthe running man5 days ago
  • 8:10 why are you playing Glover?

    Swanky SwanSwanky Swan5 days ago
  • N64 was my favorite console

    BigMack52BigMack525 days ago
  • No, not all. Kids these days.

    TailsTheCatTailsTheCat5 days ago
  • I'm shocked someone born in 1997 knows more about the n64 nuances than us that got one for Christmas back then. Hit the nail on the head on everyone of these titles.

    MrFlashtoneMrFlashtone5 days ago
  • Mario Party 3 is the best MP hands down

    ATibs23ATibs235 days ago
  • Can't believe I enjoy watching a Nintendo fan boy. Boyhood me would not be impressed as I was Sega all the way.

    Squizmaster ZeroSquizmaster Zero5 days ago
  • Im so glad Sony destroyed Nintendo. Imagine still having Nintendo as number 1 with the same mario and zelda shit forever along those retard cute kids games they still focus on nowadays.

    Nefer La DeusNefer La Deus5 days ago
    • while yes nintendo can be lazy as shit. just stop with the garbage about that they only make kids games. first off, they don't, there are plenty of games nintendo makes that are aimed towards older audiences and games that can still be enjoyed by older people. And secondly, why does it matter they mostly make kids games? Kids play games too.

      Jimi T.Jimi T.5 days ago
    • I mean nowadays it either sony or xbox or nintendo, I don’t see anyone losing or winning since there are only three competitors.

      G2 LTTG2 LTT5 days ago
  • I appreciate your bravery and honesty Scott. :D

    Super Game MasterSuper Game Master6 days ago
  • The reason the Nintendo 64 survived while the Dreamcast failed, is because of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros. Without these popular loved franchises having high quality games, or at least good for their day, Nintendo would have gone back to being just a toy and card game company.

    Super Game MasterSuper Game Master6 days ago
    • no it survived because it sold 3 times as much as the dreamcast and nintendo had the gameboy that made them a ton of money. Sega didn't have that

      Jimi T.Jimi T.5 days ago
  • Mischief Makers was made by Enix and Treasure before Squaresoft bought Enix and merged names. Probably the best platformers on the N64.

    Aaron SmithAaron Smith6 days ago
  • Is this your "Egoraptor Ocarina of Time is overrated" moment?

    thejobloshowthejobloshow6 days ago
    • He ain't wrong.

      VD EntertaimentVD Entertaiment5 days ago
  • 22:08 "buttloads of fun" heh heh

    ManateeMentalityManateeMentality6 days ago