Mar 2, 2013
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  • Is Joe restaurant still open?

    Dzak KDzak K3 hours ago
  • 30:12 I can cook Joe Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    Rhea VohraRhea Vohra4 hours ago
  • Owner: “get your shit together” Customer:you’ve got customers out here” Owner : “appreciate what you guys do here...” ... what? 😮 😂😂😂

    Alba EstrellaAlba Estrella6 hours ago
  • His comebacks are as bad as his cooking. "No you are!" Is all he says lol

    SullySully10 hours ago
  • The staff's reaction to everything Gordon says to Joe it's PRICELESS! They're so happy, it warms my heart 🥰

    Victoria GastelumVictoria Gastelum13 hours ago
  • I like these kitchen chefs They’re Karens that get taken down by gordon ramsay i like it

    Scorpions_ ArcaneScorpions_ Arcane13 hours ago
  • Dude needs to stop dissing Scotland like wtf did we do to him?! 😂😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    AbbeyAbbey18 hours ago
  • Theresa looks like Carol baskin wtf

    Aditya AlexAditya Alex18 hours ago
  • One thing i learned from chef gordon is he always say "Wow" or "Darling " and i'm using those words too hahha

    Jc AcousticaJc Acoustica18 hours ago
  • Frozen astroturf 😂😂😂

    Nemo0422 LunarcopNemo0422 Lunarcop22 hours ago
  • Joe is salesman and got one pet Goat 🤣🤣🤣

    vikram singhvikram singh22 hours ago
  • that guy at 35:00 is a typical mythomaniac. he lies so much that he belives what he is saying 5

    Angelicus -Angelicus -23 hours ago
  • Me: Not knowing the season and episode but want to watch it. Also me: Goes to USkeys and searched "WAKE UP! NO YOU WAKE UP!"

    Northern LightzNorthern Lightz23 hours ago
  • I like how all the staff were so happy when Gordon had an in-depth talk to Joe

    Chronic NoizeyChronic NoizeyDay ago
  • *Sarcastically* "Well I guess we could serve it piping hot" Well, yes.

    Joseph VhJoseph VhDay ago
  • You can tell Ramseys been saving up the mexican zingers for today - time to say adios

    tehnatureboytehnatureboyDay ago
  • Joe: ‘That’s a tender piece of elk’ Proceeds to try and chew it like it’s a pebble

    ThePrototypeBoii 20ThePrototypeBoii 20Day ago
  • The comment "what back in Scotland?" about elk bewilders me - is that meant to be some form of insult? Small man syndrome is radiating off Joe like fucking Betelgeuse

    DualityDualityDay ago
  • The editor is really underrated on this

    Robert HalbertRobert HalbertDay ago
  • Skinny?, Are we gonna slaughter him? *Goat tried to bite* he's smart

    Robert HalbertRobert HalbertDay ago
  • Nobody : 😶 Gordon : WoW

    Emerald EmeraldEmerald EmeraldDay ago
  • Joe: go find someone else to eat! Me: fine i'll go to McDonald cause a big Mac is even better then you!

    Dom and Kim cotterhillDom and Kim cotterhillDay ago
  • Joe has shit in his head. He is a looser and he shouldn't run a restaurant!!!!!

    Fillipos ArnarellisFillipos ArnarellisDay ago
  • Joe is a male version of my sister

    gaint swiftgaint swiftDay ago
  • Goat: *cuddles Chef Gordon: wow! You guys have an affection. Joe: yeah! He is lovely Chef Gordon: are we gonna slaughter him? HAHAHAHA

    Donnel Kyle's KidneyDonnel Kyle's Kidney2 days ago
  • Gordon talking: Beeeeeeep. Joe talking: beeeeeeep My mind:woaah they can speak siren......

    M ParvezM Parvez2 days ago
  • there duskusting gordon helped

    gordosthe111gordosthe1112 days ago
  • Farm to fork? Maybe that’s an American thing....isn’t it to table? I could be wrong Edit Frozen oysters? And the fresh was frozen. I swear this show has to be put on cause these shows are ridiculous

    Becky ABecky A2 days ago
  • I hate you all i do.. you all ''you have customers here'' I love you guys.. truly.

    xamurai00xamurai002 days ago
  • ''Impress me with your dinner service''.. ''show me how you function''.. as he quickly looks at the other bloke '' chef'' Man that was a complete burn..

    xamurai00xamurai002 days ago

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago
  • freezing cheese is ok

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago
  • frozen astraoturf lol

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago
  • usa knightmares fake and voer dramatised UK ONE WAY BETTER how ever this is one of the best out of the usa episodes 2 episodes of arugments lol

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago
  • theres no elk in scotland trust me lol

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago
  • notice how gordon diden t g o in kitchen this time coz he knew it wqould of kicked offf

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton2 days ago
  • The confidence thou

    Kamilo MuliagaKamilo Muliaga2 days ago
    • Good luck go find something better Me:McDonald's

      Kamilo MuliagaKamilo Muliaga2 days ago
  • I love the waitresses. They’re straight trolling.

    Patrick Balle CarlssonPatrick Balle Carlsson2 days ago
  • "You are just a small man with a fake bistro" Insult of the century lol

    Harry DHarry D2 days ago
  • Love Gordon’s voice

    Miss González_1305Miss González_13052 days ago
  • 23:54 yea he dont even need luck to find something better to eat,but he does need luck for something that is more shit then your food JoJo

    JeongSo oJeongSo o2 days ago
  • Lmao, the wake up , you wake up is my alarm tone

    Darren NgDarren Ng2 days ago
  • He was doin The Coffin dance with a waiter lol that’s why I watch Gordon all the time

    Ayden’s AnimaginationAyden’s Animagination2 days ago
  • Ramsey vs jo = a good chef with anger issues

    Stanl MatthewsStanl Matthews2 days ago
  • 6:22 Joe: Here we have Skinny, my buddy. Gordon: Are we gonna sLaUghTEr him? Joe: NOO

    Ieatchoclates 247Ieatchoclates 2473 days ago
  • That puff pasty was as raw as my arsehole after a vindaloo curry the next morning.

    Kyle SaltKyle Salt3 days ago
  • Another one I smell cap😂😂😂

    Angela SutherlandAngela Sutherland3 days ago
  • This guys head is up his ass And that frozen freezer thing that was toxic ☠☠☠☠

    Angela SutherlandAngela Sutherland3 days ago
  • It's me again I can get something better to eat I can worm up a microwave dinner and it will taste better

    Angela SutherlandAngela Sutherland3 days ago
  • 2 things I find absolutely hilarious: 1) He claims that he has been taught by “Great Old-school European chefs” yet can’t even name one. 2) His 180 when the guy said “you’ve got customers here”, you could nearly see his brain going haywire 😂

    Ainz Ooal GownAinz Ooal Gown3 days ago
  • I thought the chef was Bibi Netanyahu

    Dvir FightDvir Fight3 days ago
  • “Fuck does he know” Ramsay restaurant 3 star Michelin 19 years straight...

    J EwertJ Ewert3 days ago
  • I can cook Joe😎😎😎

    Reshma RReshma R3 days ago
  • Who said Gordon is very cruel and furious person he is such a adorable and cute person ❤️

    Poonam SahaPoonam Saha3 days ago
  • "I can cook Joe". straight right to his ass.

    Chuck CatipayChuck Catipay3 days ago
  • Ramsay: Wheres Joe? literally everyone: Joe ma--

    Sindhu SelvamSindhu Selvam4 days ago
    • haha lol

      Sindhu SelvamSindhu Selvam4 days ago
  • *Joe finds pebble in ravioli* "It's never happened here, but it happened now" 😂

    Britney GervaisBritney Gervais4 days ago
  • 2nd part: You‘re welcome.

    Jack STMJack STM4 days ago
  • What is wrong with the name badges btw? Is that a mauvais tone to wear them or what?

    Marian NosovychMarian Nosovych4 days ago

    Azure wolf AcacianAzure wolf Acacian4 days ago
  • I can cook, Joe. Drool and burn at the same time.

    Aishwarya NairAishwarya Nair4 days ago
  • He's so nice to the waitresses

    raineraine4 days ago
  • Joe: bites his finger off Also joe: thats a nice peace of elk

    Daniel BogdanoskiDaniel Bogdanoski4 days ago
  • So his Karen The Manager

    Reggie TesoreroReggie Tesorero5 days ago
  • 11:30-11:35When the quality of freshness of the food is measured by the microwave.😁

    Elżbieta BetlejElżbieta Betlej5 days ago
  • I wish there was footage of him getting into that cafe to eat, think of having a normal work way and gordon comes to casualyhave lunch lol

    Flavia SilvaFlavia Silva5 days ago
  • I felt bad for that lady at 37:05 to 38:52 i mean you could see how stressed she was to be back there. The dude must have tortured her.

    Funmi BakareFunmi Bakare5 days ago
  • Gordon: oystedisaztaa Waitress: heh

    jed Constantinojed Constantino6 days ago
  • I don’t know where that is but, I sure do want to go to the *F i v e S e a s o n s.*

    ZGCuberZGCuber6 days ago
  • “The food here at the bistro is the freshest. Hands down” *proceeds to take out food from the freezer and throw it in the microwave*

    happy chimkinhappy chimkin6 days ago
  • I love the comment section Good sense of humor 😩👌

    happy chimkinhappy chimkin6 days ago
  • Its raaaww :(((((((((

    MrGullisYTMrGullisYT6 days ago
  • That fucking has to be scripted no one in the world is so arrogant it cant be real no one can survive being that much aerogant

    Ayushman ChatterjeeAyushman Chatterjee7 days ago
  • You don't play with Ramsey with olive oil

    Dream 11 ParadiseDream 11 Paradise7 days ago
  • "THEY GO GloBAL OK?" he is threatening lol

    Yousef ShoraYousef Shora7 days ago
  • thumbnail said “ARE YOU STUPID!”

    Helena MusakaHelena Musaka7 days ago
  • What is "queso" cheese????? queso means "cheese" in spanish....Cheese cheese!!!!

    plumoplumplumoplum7 days ago
  • I love Kitchen Nightmares over these shows Hell’s Kitchen, 24 hours hell and back and Hell Hotel.

    CaduceusCaduceus7 days ago
  • I felt sorry for the other chef who had to stand next to their arguments.

    MrRandomMrRandom7 days ago
  • Joe fuck you

    TevanTevan7 days ago
  • Omg the change In his whole attitude when he realised there was customers listening to his rant, I've never seen someone who is so far up their own arse before, Joe is a joke

    Miss LauraMiss Laura7 days ago
  • "ITS RAWWW!".. The moment i laughed soooo hardddd!!.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Daniel ChristianDaniel Christian7 days ago
  • them: "WAKE UP!" "NO, YOU WAKE UP!" me: are they about to kiss right now? 👁️👄👁️

    ushijima's right handushijima's right hand7 days ago
  • Just love it how much the staff is enjoying Gordon smashing the owner :3

    Tayyaba RahimTayyaba Rahim8 days ago
    • It was very funny. But I felt sorry for the other chef looked so worried and awkward watching them arguing.

      MrRandomMrRandom7 days ago
  • Joe is more boomer than boomer people

    Harrys Yodi HermawanHarrys Yodi Hermawan8 days ago
  • I need to be honest. I have eaten Elk. Both in hunting season and out of it. Medium-rare Elk is not tough. Elk has a beautiful taste and the good stuff flows apart in your mouth. tough elk is a major fuck up. It's obvious it's exhausting to chew, whatever he dared call ""medium rare elk". Elk is, if prepared correctly, incredibly tender and rich meat. I don't even want to imagine how fucked that Elk was, that they served Mr. Ramsay

    XasaxaraXasaxara8 days ago
  • Hats off to chef Ramsay's patience , how the f does he resist the urge to hold that small man by his neck and punch his head to a fkin pulp !!!??

    Vignesh Nayak ૐ ϟϟVignesh Nayak ૐ ϟϟ8 days ago
  • Why the fuck does he look like stu hopps aka judys dad from zootopia

    Timmy HuynhTimmy Huynh8 days ago
  • Gordon: 'is the restaurant making money?' Joe: 'no' Gordon: Why?' Joe: 'because we need to get more asses in the seats, and we have to get sheeple to take us serious' oh god he is one of them

    DeamonEngineerDeamonEngineer8 days ago
  • Owner of restaurant:*starts to compliment themselves* Gordon Ramsay: Ah shit here we go again

    ꧁•LCSantos•꧂꧁•LCSantos•꧂8 days ago
  • "I can cook joe" nuthing is healing that burn

    Proshun KhondokerProshun Khondoker8 days ago
  • The poor sous chef must feel so awkward having to listen to joe making excuses.

    Valdemar Bojsen-MøllerValdemar Bojsen-Møller8 days ago
  • 20th time watching this episode. Damn Gordon Ramsay videos are addictive

    Zeekos Red PhoenixZeekos Red Phoenix8 days ago
  • I love "The closest youll ever get to passion is passion fruit" 😂😂💕

    Little LizzyLittle Lizzy8 days ago