Escaping Prison via Mail

Jun 14, 2020
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This story is absolutely insane, but totally true! A master escape artist, Richard McNair, had a reputation for being able to escape from jail, but his ultimate escape for the record books, was when he mailed himself out of prison! How did this creative criminal get away with it? Watch and find out in our newest video all about a master of escape!
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    IntricationZIntricationZ5 hours ago
  • Lol the video is on youtube when he is pranking the cop

    jag jagjag jag12 hours ago
  • The cops dash cam video is actually on USkeys

    SurgeXEclipseSurgeXEclipse3 days ago
  • Hey I saw mc nair vent

    Oscar HepworthOscar Hepworth3 days ago
  • Imagine how dumb the guards must have felt

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin4 days ago
  • Seach for actual video caugh on camera

    MONMON5 days ago
  • who else got the video of the cop and him talking in their recommended

    AdenwoodyAdenwoody8 days ago
  • I was just watching the real video of the part where he’s jogging

    Pain Train 26Pain Train 269 days ago
  • lol the video about him talking to a cop just got recommended again in everyone

    lei xander tambanganlei xander tambangan10 days ago
  • We need a movie on this guy

    mrSlickkRickmrSlickkRick10 days ago
  • "There's a prison here?"

    K9Fang AMVsK9Fang AMVs10 days ago
  • the man was later stopped by a cop and convinced the cop he was just a jogger the video is on youtube aswell is complete real dash-cam footage from the officers police cruiser

    goobgoob11 days ago

    thewolf24 rblxthewolf24 rblx11 days ago
  • The cop vs jogging escapist is on USkeys, dash cam footage I think.

    adrianTNTadrianTNT11 days ago
  • U can watch the video of the cop talking too him

    happysad happymadhappysad happymad12 days ago
  • "You've got mail"

    kevin atarsyakevin atarsya12 days ago
  • Big Boss

    Joshua SinghJoshua Singh12 days ago
  • 9:19 exactly what Canadian police cars look like.

    Canada AllianceCanada Alliance19 days ago
  • :all prison guards watching -checks every box of mail-

    Kaiden ConleyKaiden Conley19 days ago
  • Big brain plays

    GD TofufGD Tofuf20 days ago
  • me in BitLife

    Cutesy WoozCutesy Wooz21 day ago
  • Oh man I didn’t realize this was the jogging guy. I remember seeing that video pop up in my recommended years ago

    silly goosesilly goose22 days ago
  • Great last name

    Brodie McNairBrodie McNair22 days ago
  • imagine he escapes wit el chap next shi would b legendary

    Jesus TorresJesus Torres22 days ago
  • Tf2 cardboard

    yolo hulanyolo hulan22 days ago
  • Y aren't ther just cameras in jail cells

    luke orearluke orear22 days ago
  • i think people from the military are faster then cops

    Elijah DavisElijah Davis23 days ago
  • This is the perfect " Mail myself in a box challenge " prequel .

    SWAT team who raided Jake Paul lolSWAT team who raided Jake Paul lol23 days ago
  • This is on tape

    J PJ P24 days ago
  • Hold on here they couldn't catch him in the USA so they used Canada's police?

    Savage Boy JJSavage Boy JJ25 days ago
  • This railroad story seems familiar

    Juggy SimpJuggy Simp26 days ago
  • juan?

    Rabbi BobRabbi Bob26 days ago
  • This proves you can get "ANYTHING ON AMAZON "

    Ben PriceBen Price27 days ago
  • Did we forget about Yoshie shiratori?

    TenshiTenshi27 days ago
  • Last post escape intensifies

    Sci DarkSci Dark27 days ago
  • Honey did you get a package with a man inside

    Michelle RemacheMichelle Remache27 days ago
  • Hey I live in north Dakota!!!

    Becky TorkelsonBecky Torkelson28 days ago
  • Bruh how you get 2 life sentences

    Can this dog Get 100 subscribersCan this dog Get 100 subscribers28 days ago
  • Irl manhunt vs. over 500 cops, fbi, detectives, and guard dogs

    Can this dog Get 100 subscribersCan this dog Get 100 subscribers28 days ago
  • He mailed his warden a Christmas card LOL

    Eric SandovalEric Sandoval29 days ago
  • There’s actual footage of the guys run in with the cop that let him go on USkeys.

    Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh29 days ago
  • yeah i saw the footage oof the cop and the jogger hahaa..

    Bibhushan RajthalaBibhushan Rajthala29 days ago
  • I literally watched the vid of this escape

    Live Lucky27Live Lucky27Month ago
  • This is the same man who convinced a cop that he was a jogger...

    [Insert Name Here][Insert Name Here]Month ago
  • I really don't get the point of punishing people like this that made one mistake, he isn't really a threat anymore, he only needs to steel because he's on the run, and yet the government is sinking all this money into trying to catch him when he just wants freedom, everyone makes mistakes he doesn't deserve to be in prison for life. Freedom is a human right you can't punish someone for wanting to be free.

    lil' Azoidoidlil' AzoidoidMonth ago
  • Wait he's the jogging guy!? :O I saw him! On YT but it was real life not animated!

    ZyrasZyrasMonth ago
  • There is actually a video recorded from the cop's car of the Policeman talking to this guy when he pretended to be a jogger on USkeys. Its called "Prison Escapee Convinces Cop He is Actually a Jogger"

    Meganonr1Meganonr1Month ago
  • I remember watching the video of the encounter of the cop and him. It's on USkeys.

    Jason WebbJason WebbMonth ago

    Elliot BarberElliot BarberMonth ago

    Garrett CaptorGarrett CaptorMonth ago
  • Snake? Snake?! SNAKE!!!!!!!!!

    Red Barrel EntertainmentRed Barrel EntertainmentMonth ago
  • I saw the jogger video, this is fake. Guy in that video is black.

    The Old SaloonThe Old SaloonMonth ago
  • He should have came india No traffic police have caught him

    Rohit raiRohit raiMonth ago
  • there is an actual video he made an officer think he was a jogger

    Inferno_YoshiInferno_YoshiMonth ago
  • the legend says he's still running

    khaled scoopkhaled scoopMonth ago
  • 0:01 A man has fallen into the river in lego city!

    Ethan FEthan FMonth ago
  • A man has just been arrested in lego city

    Not TimmyNot TimmyMonth ago
  • I live very close to Minot

    Carter FinkeCarter FinkeMonth ago
  • I did this too the cameras were off tho

    Majin DMajin DMonth ago
  • LOL funny

    Danielle CadizDanielle CadizMonth ago
  • Those Canadian cops don’t look quite right

    Euan HooperEuan HooperMonth ago
  • TACO

  • Plot twist: He actually wanted to do this

    Joey HurewitzJoey HurewitzMonth ago
  • No ones ever broken out of Oak Park heights? Just get Michael scofield lol

    Aflcarlton16Aflcarlton16Month ago
  • That cop that he fooled definitely got fired

    BloxyoyoBloxyoyoMonth ago
  • When he brought up that the escapee was pretending to jog and convinced a cop my mind was blown. Footage of that conversation was literally in my recommended that i watched before this vid

    Shane DunleavyShane DunleavyMonth ago
  • So McNair is basically Joseph Joestar's son

    ZeddliYTZeddliYTMonth ago
  • Dad: we got a delivery i bet its ur x box Ramdom kid: hooray dad and kid: open box the guy who escaped: oops dad and kid: scream!!!* mom: calls 911 the end

    MarkyBoiMarkyBoiMonth ago
  • Anyone else see the video of the guy talking to the police when he was on his run

    Toasty Bread 6969Toasty Bread 6969Month ago
  • LOL ya a police chase in Canada?? They call off chases immediately and let criminals get away frequently.

    Christopher HeadChristopher HeadMonth ago
  • When he escaped he should’ve said “Kept you waiting, huh?”

    Talvin SinghTalvin SinghMonth ago
  • casually mentions him killing someone

    Rabbi BobRabbi BobMonth ago
  • Grand theft auto five

    Master LegoMaster LegoMonth ago
  • Play it at 0.5 speed lol

    jayzjayzMonth ago
  • Henry Stickman is based off of this guy

    LogicalRinLogicalRinMonth ago
  • He’s basically mgs snake criminal edition

    DrtrongamersteamDrtrongamersteamMonth ago
  • Solid Snake would like to know you’re location

    GrimaceGrimaceMonth ago
  • Thought i didnt know who this guy was until the train part and now i knew who he was since i have gotten recommended that video

    Jew AdolfJew AdolfMonth ago
  • I actually saw the original video and I still to this day cannot believe the cop believed him even for a second

    Kevin Byrnes Jr.Kevin Byrnes Jr.Month ago
  • U can watch the video of him talking to the cop

    Blake Mattox#2Blake Mattox#22 months ago
  • Well, the RCMP always get their man, or in this case the US's man the US cops couldn't get.

    mack cummymack cummy2 months ago
  • How did the guy get out of the room?

    mack cummymack cummy2 months ago
  • you know i was at Brushy mountain prison the other day and i read a story about how some guy had practiced yoga for a year while he was at the end of the line (brushy mountain prison) and one day when a food delivery came he hopped into a small box and conformed his body to the boxes size and the guards picked it up and took it to the van that made the delvirey so that the guy could take it away not knowing that he was in their.

    Ark Gaming43Ark Gaming432 months ago
  • 7:32 Vancouver Island is part of British Columbia.

    Nathan Holmes-KingNathan Holmes-King2 months ago
  • Alcatraz: we da best *goes bankrupted* oof *shuts down* New advanced prisons: aye remember Alcatraz it never beat us

    Rachel CarlanRachel Carlan2 months ago
  • I have a feeling that he’s gonna escape the prison he’s in right now

    TreededeTreedede2 months ago
  • Whoaaa so that’s this guy I seen a video on USkeys of an escaped convict running on the tracks and cop pulled him over and questioned him he fooled the cop and managed to get away

    Billy KhanBilly Khan2 months ago
  • This guy plays ALOT of metal Gear solid.

    Eli RainesEli Raines2 months ago
  • Wow, it’s a ad

    LaquelectroLaquelectro2 months ago
  • Bruh now the infographics use sponsored videos

    Just WabobaJust Waboba2 months ago
  • I’m from North Dakota I remember this

    DrollerShip 7DrollerShip 72 months ago
  • Mission passed: respect +++

    Huskerhawk EHuskerhawk E2 months ago
  • This was an ad 😂

    just a lost potatojust a lost potato2 months ago
  • When your sneak and speech is over 100

    kevinagt777kevinagt7772 months ago
  • Sneak 100

    Landon LonghillLandon Longhill2 months ago
  • Its like death note.

    Shadow KlassicShadow Klassic2 months ago
  • Oh I saw that video of the guy jogging and convincing the police officer he was someone else now after seeing this it all makes sense

    Michael ScottMichael Scott2 months ago
  • Wife : Ummm honey Husbando : yes Wife : did you order a package Husbando : no but bring it in **guy comes out box** Wife : thank you Storks

  • Mom: We will buy an friend tomorrow Child: no way (tomorrow) Mom: uh oh it Freind here Child: that's an man not an friend

    Olivier KrukOlivier Kruk2 months ago
  • If it’s made from you, I know something is wrong here.

    AwakeWheel8856AwakeWheel88562 months ago