DATING Sommer Ray for 24 Hours!!

Sep 13, 2020
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  • # rip Jarvis

    Aka boyAka boy5 minutes ago
  • Jarvis crying rn

    Itz_RyskyItz_Rysky9 minutes ago
  • No lie i will to

    Edwin SotoEdwin Soto10 minutes ago
  • Who else saw the smooth and hesitant arm over shoulder during the first pose😂🤣

    Dayfallplayz _Dayfallplayz _58 minutes ago
  • Don't tell jarvis

    eugene loganeugene loganHour ago
  • Bro this is the most funny video I seen in bradiws channel no disrespect

    Sebastian JimenezSebastian Jimenez2 hours ago
  • I was wating that browadis when he sees the snake is that jackie

    Patty MonteroPatty Montero2 hours ago
  • NO SIMP September!!!

    Shnainai _Shnainai _2 hours ago
  • I think they would be dating if she didn’t have the spiders or snakes

    EddieJEddieJ3 hours ago
  • Sarcasm: I REALLY hope Jackie didn’t see this video

    mnika volimnika voli3 hours ago
  • Jackie punching the air rn

    Ch0p HeadCh0p Head3 hours ago
  • Funny how women say that they’re not objectives when once they start acting like it they enjoy it. 🙄

    Whitney ReidWhitney Reid4 hours ago
  • what happened to her hand

    Constance wallConstance wall4 hours ago
  • Why u steal my man jarvis girl

    Tilted JackTilted Jack4 hours ago
    • Cringiest video ever uploaded to Brawadis

      mnika volimnika voli3 hours ago
  • Brandon acts so different around sommer than Jackie, plus sommer’s personality is so much better

    bLaCkPiNk In YoUr OrEobLaCkPiNk In YoUr OrEo4 hours ago
  • What happened to jarvie

    Hunter McLeanHunter McLean4 hours ago
  • Finnaly got a better girl

    Jimena RuizJimena Ruiz4 hours ago
  • Jarvis do not have one

    Kamilah JacksonKamilah Jackson4 hours ago
  • I think she friendzoned him

    XreenXreen5 hours ago
  • He seems more happy being with Sommer for 24 hours than with Jackie for a few years.

    Jony788 AJJony788 AJ5 hours ago
  • She's so beautiful and nice and she would definitely be my dream girl

  • Next idea: dating sommor actually to make Jackie jeleous

    Renegade WgRenegade Wg5 hours ago
  • She HOTTT

    Teagen HurstTeagen Hurst5 hours ago
  • Y'all look so good together y'all should totally keep dating and congratulations brandon

  • aye bro things happen for a reason but aye look what god gaved you back in return !

    Lil NossLil Noss6 hours ago
  • Yo what you doing with my celeb crush

    Jailynn NewtonJailynn Newton6 hours ago
  • They make a great couple bruhh👀👀

    FpszeFpsze6 hours ago
  • Cringiest video ever uploaded to Brawadis

    luis deliraluis delira6 hours ago
  • Sommer brandon plzzzz be bf gf plz

    《faze elite》《faze elite》6 hours ago
  • Jarvis: BRO NOOO HE CAN'T DATE MY GIRL Brawadis: Beat you This Time Jarvis SHES MINE

    ereneren6 hours ago
  • Rip Jarvis

    Elan SlobodskyElan Slobodsky7 hours ago
  • Why did Jackie make so many accounts to dislike damn dude😏 Jealous much😤🤯

    Felix EnowFelix Enow7 hours ago
  • They serious about dating?

    Charles NjengaCharles Njenga7 hours ago
  • She is so gorgeous Brandon you are lucky to met sommer ray that was your dreams to met sommer ray you been having a crush on her for a while

    Yvette EscaleraYvette Escalera7 hours ago
  • every guy wishes they were brandon at that specific moment.

    Manny RBManny RB7 hours ago
  • Jarvis right now🥺😭

    Bromy JrBromy Jr7 hours ago
  • I hate Jackie summer is way better

    JJ Code OrbaJJ Code Orba7 hours ago
  • Perfect couple😊

    its Ashleyits Ashley7 hours ago
  • Jackie watching like “you piece of shit”😭🤣

    Malek’s ChannelMalek’s Channel7 hours ago
  • Jarvis is going to be mad.

    LukeBTW_ 55LukeBTW_ 557 hours ago
  • He never let Jackie drive is i8

    Martin CortezMartin Cortez7 hours ago
  • Much better than Jackie!🥰

    Timmy ChallengesTimmy Challenges8 hours ago
  • I bet Jackie’s jealous

    Lopezbro 24Lopezbro 248 hours ago
  • She’s better than Jackie

    Lopezbro 24Lopezbro 248 hours ago
  • if this was anybody eles it would be akwark but he is funny w it

    Stopjosh47Stopjosh478 hours ago
  • They would honestly make a really cute couple♥️😂

    BuckeyeBro44BuckeyeBro448 hours ago
  • Y’all are perfect for each other

    Josiah OchoaJosiah Ochoa8 hours ago
  • Happy birthday sommer

    VyZeVyZe8 hours ago
  • Bruh this is fr fr goals

    Zachary ClarkeZachary Clarke8 hours ago
  • Faze jarvis watching this like 👁👄👁

    TheReal KBTheReal KB9 hours ago
    • COPIED COMMENT...🤦🏻‍♂️

      Sadman IslamSadman Islam8 hours ago
  • Uhm where’s the “new gf, title 😀

    Simp-JaslyneSimp-Jaslyne9 hours ago
  • no simp semtember

    Reed AlbersReed Albers9 hours ago

    Aubrey Natazahran BahasoraAubrey Natazahran Bahasora9 hours ago
  • Sommer ray and brawadis...... 🔥

    Salty Boi 109Salty Boi 1099 hours ago
  • Did Jackie got to drive his car like that🤣

    namco boss9namco boss99 hours ago
  • Lol

    Jake PlaysJake Plays9 hours ago
  • OML ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh- yassssssssss, who else?????? Me:”I can’t wait for the new gf title” like if you agree!

    Natalie ONatalie O10 hours ago
  • jackie raging 👍🏽😭💀💀rip jackie

    David VictorianoDavid Victoriano10 hours ago
  • Can’t wait for sommerwadis✌️jk bad name but this needs to happen😂

    LIL DOWNERLIL DOWNER10 hours ago
  • I felt his pain when he only got it on the Cheak😔

    Datkidfaski 45Datkidfaski 4510 hours ago
  • Jackie watching this like 👁👄👁

    gtzz_ MeLtgtzz_ MeLt10 hours ago
  • No I ship Jarvis and sommer

    Goated_on_30_fpsGoated_on_30_fps10 hours ago
  • where is jacky does she know about you

    Legend BhaiLegend Bhai10 hours ago
  • why is your nose so big

    CamwoeCamwoe11 hours ago
  • This is what we like to see 🤣😏

    Kingslee BrownKingslee Brown11 hours ago
  • i like how she has to act for the vids and stuff but she really be like damn can u jus go home in he head

    Drew McConnellDrew McConnell11 hours ago
  • i ship

    神matt神matt11 hours ago
  • Jarvis watching this 👁💧👄💧👁

    TK carlitosTK carlitos11 hours ago
  • Coochi man bless u with sommer ray

    Beast GamerBeast Gamer11 hours ago
  • Damn now brandon can sleep with sommer when ever he wants

    theonly huntertheonly hunter11 hours ago
  • Yo. This is Comeback Brawadis. Facin' his fears for Sommer, & everything. F Jackie. lol

    dutoiu hourdutoiu hour11 hours ago
  • Love how her motivation gym pics are herself👏

    Marissa VillalobosMarissa Villalobos12 hours ago
  • me

    christian markarianchristian markarian12 hours ago
  • Bro is simping

    Patrick MurphyPatrick Murphy12 hours ago
  • Jackie watching this lol

    Dj Rick GamesDj Rick Games12 hours ago
    • faze jarvis is proboly mad

      dutoiu hourdutoiu hour11 hours ago

    KINGTDOGKINGTDOG13 hours ago
  • Yo she was gassing it though

    Angel LopezAngel Lopez13 hours ago
  • 2020 is so crazy, I wouldn’t be surprised if brawadis really ends up with sommer 😂

    Angel LopezAngel Lopez13 hours ago
  • meeeeeeeeeee

    MzLinz27MzLinz2713 hours ago
  • They should just date

    Jacob RuizJacob Ruiz13 hours ago
  • one thing ik tho i haven’t seen him as happy in a min.

    Manuel VerdinManuel Verdin13 hours ago
  • we all know he’s posting that on his Instagram

    Dgsb HsjssnnsDgsb Hsjssnns13 hours ago
  • Brandon is ice cold everyone notice that xD

    Triple VTriple V13 hours ago

    Kaleb SharpKaleb Sharp14 hours ago

    Kaleb SharpKaleb Sharp14 hours ago

    Kaleb SharpKaleb Sharp14 hours ago
  • Okay but I really love this energy, awww !!

    Addy & JaayAddy & Jaay14 hours ago
  • Haramkhor

    • ???????

      Sadman IslamSadman Islam8 hours ago
  • faze jarvis is proboly mad

    4_NOEL M4_NOEL M14 hours ago
  • The Bro is so happy

    307marcos 307marcos307marcos 307marcos14 hours ago
  • 3:33 get outta the road kid

    liam garrettliam garrett14 hours ago
  • Jackie probably be watchin this👀

    Umair MohammadUmair Mohammad14 hours ago
  • They make a cuter couple than brandon and jackie

    3v Manoj Balliram3v Manoj Balliram14 hours ago
  • jackie punching the air rn

    Albi TocillaAlbi Tocilla14 hours ago
  • Brandon didn't edit this vid he doesn't edit this vid

    -_Wagg_--_Wagg_-14 hours ago
  • jarvis be like

    Adrian IzurietaAdrian Izurieta14 hours ago
  • He is trying to make sommer like him because he never lets anyone drive his car

    Lakers 4life24Lakers 4life2414 hours ago
  • Sommer and Brandon

    Lakers 4life24Lakers 4life2414 hours ago
  • Bro make the move!!!!! Make her your gf!!!!!!!!!!

    Carlos HerreraCarlos Herrera15 hours ago
  • the huge size xxl shirt tho 💀

    mario Ramirezmario Ramirez15 hours ago