Tom Cruise Forces James Corden to Skydive

Jul 26, 2018
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After taking some shots at Tom Cruise doing his own stunts and skydives in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout," Tom takes James to the California desert to show him jumping out of an airplane isn't as easy as it looks.
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  • Just too bad James' wife and family won't get that better life 😆

    The Late Late Show with James CordenThe Late Late Show with James Corden2 years ago
    • When is Gavin and Stacy returning?

      Deano MDeano MDay ago

      TuckerTucker2 days ago
    • @sarah crashed 8080988080

      bogdyzorbogdyzor5 days ago
    • 😂😂

      Anas MasoodAnas Masood6 days ago
    • Eef

      EPIC Flamingos Talk ShowEPIC Flamingos Talk Show9 days ago
  • Love ❤️ U guys beautiful

    Sjaad IjazSjaad Ijaz11 hours ago
  • Tom Cruise has this crazy talent where he can make doing anything look really cool😂

    Macie TMacie T12 hours ago
  • When Tom Cruise landed that was just so cool! But when James Corden landed, I just died 😂😂😂

    jhie tobesjhie tobes13 hours ago
  • Why add a laughing track to that wholesome moment

    Leon AndersonLeon Anderson17 hours ago
  • The way tom landed was epic

    Yola MtwaYola MtwaDay ago
  • And that's how i met your father

    Cryptx SlothCryptx SlothDay ago
  • Tom Cruise, big kid at heart :)

    ksosx86ksosx86Day ago
  • BTW, James' landing was a near disastrous one with how legs kind of wringed from outside to folding inside

    St. DevilSt. DevilDay ago
  • What? No handshake and no Thank You pat on the shoulder of the instructor at the end? That's horrible!

    St. DevilSt. DevilDay ago
  • A normal day in Tom Cruise's Life..😎

    Rohit PolRohit PolDay ago
  • James Corden got crushed on the way down 😊😅😂

    Yuri's Lifetime StoryYuri's Lifetime Story2 days ago
  • I couldn't do this shit

    Vicky HydeVicky Hyde2 days ago
  • Just to let you know, you dont need a parachute to go skydiving, you need a parachute to go skydiving twice.

    Samuli WSamuli W2 days ago
  • How is it that James' hair stayed perfectly styled?

    ChrisChris2 days ago
  • We'd love to have Tom or James jumping with us one day!

  • 10:48

    Brylle montejoBrylle montejo3 days ago
  • 1:44 They seem like very good buddies. 😎😂 I really have to do this one time. 😍😎

    Carolin HujerCarolin Hujer3 days ago
  • 8:25 Was James sitting in his lap

    Muaaz KhanMuaaz Khan3 days ago
  • dat is Tom Cruise

    Amadea NggeoAmadea Nggeo3 days ago
  • Good thing James already had kids...or does he?

    Cameron HCameron H3 days ago
  • Statepuff. Guy

    Jacqelune MorrisonJacqelune Morrison3 days ago
  • Is nobody gonna talk about the camera man who had to dive and film. Such talent.

    Shayne IsaacShayne Isaac3 days ago
  • Ouch James did a split landing

    Danny KaaDanny Kaa3 days ago
  • chill with the ads

    Lil cookieLil cookie4 days ago
  • I've done this twice, not tandem but by myself, the most terrifying and best feeling in the world.

    Ashley MoonAshley Moon4 days ago
  • I keep watching this, its hilarious.

    Ashley MoonAshley Moon4 days ago
  • Tom you are still hot as ever

    Karen GotkiewiczKaren Gotkiewicz4 days ago
  • My ass clenched tighter than i ever thought possible when they opened the hatch.

    Ryan FisherRyan Fisher4 days ago
  • We just discovered that James smoke weed

  • 10:48 that must be so painful.. 😂😂

    Gaurav PatelGaurav Patel4 days ago
  • I wish I was as effortlessly cool as Cruise

    Roselyn RodriguezRoselyn Rodriguez4 days ago
  • Not gonna lie, I will freak out too

    Ting WesleyTing Wesley4 days ago
  • No body is talking about James corden landed with His eggs 🤣

    Ezau RizoEzau Rizo5 days ago
  • 10:38 That’s Ethan Hunt right there!🤩😍🥰

    E EE E5 days ago
  • OK i like the video but as they were in the air i got an add and it had the Mission Impossible theme song.

    Innaya BaigInnaya Baig5 days ago
  • James: The thing is... Tom: what? James: if we both die, I will get zero press Tom:😂😂😂 James: the story would be Tom Cruise dies, also the guy who occasionally drives around I love you James, you are so cute!!!!

    Karlie WatsonKarlie Watson5 days ago
  • 6:25 The part I like the most. Tom deliberately takes a quick pause to make his meme face to the camera. It's too purposal to be accident. Shows he is entirely aware and super cool with all the memes around him.

    Eduardo CezarEduardo Cezar5 days ago
  • This show was funniest of all the others, i was crying from the laugh

    Óscar GomezÓscar Gomez5 days ago
  • ¿? 3:55

    Alejandro Macedo MalpartidaAlejandro Macedo Malpartida5 days ago
  • what a brave cameraman

    Anthony GodinezAnthony Godinez5 days ago
  • There’s something weird about Tom cruise

    Ayaan AyubAyaan Ayub6 days ago
  • 1:36 so no one gonna talk about how James trying to run from Tom. Even TWICE lol

    Mi HaruMi Haru6 days ago
  • At 15000 ft they are sucking O2 like a baby lol

    jaaz1802jaaz18026 days ago
  • fun fact:- Tom cruiss doesn't have the Amygdala

    Mohammed AngelMohammed Angel6 days ago
  • I’m sure this has been mentioned but it’s ‘Big fish, little fish, cardboard box’ 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Paul WallerPaul Waller6 days ago
  • That would have been me when he took off running lol

    ben edwardsben edwards6 days ago
  • 8:40 what are those straws in their mouth

    Masao2kMasao2k6 days ago
    • Oxygen

      Leesha GearyLeesha Geary4 days ago
  • James just made a spilt

    Ashley ChanAshley Chan6 days ago
  • This is so awesome, I did my first jump at the same place. I can’t wait to go back.

    Gunsandglory1Gunsandglory16 days ago
  • I still love Tom Cruise. Lol

    Nancy ForoughiNancy Foroughi6 days ago
  • Por qué no le habéis puesto un casco?? Pobre, chaval!!!🤐🤐😏

    Yo MismaYo Misma6 days ago
  • 😏🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐😏😏😏

    Yo MismaYo Misma6 days ago
  • Haha this guy is much betTer than Conan

    Jeff CloudJeff Cloud6 days ago
  • So fun was James in Tom's show

    Raul CocaRaul Coca6 days ago
  • admit. who was repeating after James and Tom? I do

    TV series shiperTV series shiper6 days ago
  • can i join you sir

    Umar MinhasUmar Minhas7 days ago
    • @DuckieMC sir i am from Pakistan

      Umar MinhasUmar Minhas6 days ago
    • What country first r you?

      DuckieMCDuckieMC6 days ago
  • I always love to see this.i even watched this many tiimes.

    Alagad ni Bok yoAlagad ni Bok yo7 days ago
  • Roomba moment 🤣🤣🤣 so funny.. And the phone call.. Jajaja please, Tom.. take care of me!!! Jajaja Guess how many times say James OhMyGod? Jajajaja😅

    Chus ItaChus Ita7 days ago
  • Tom cruise praises devil in Scientology The devil always got his back that's why he did those freakin stunts and still alive 😈 😂

    tanishq suthartanishq suthar7 days ago
    • Really?

      Karen GotkiewiczKaren Gotkiewicz4 days ago
  • I wanna hang with TC......minus Xenu

    OverLord OppsOverLord Opps7 days ago
  • Man I was just thinking the camera man losing his camera while sky diving

    bacon dudebacon dude8 days ago
  • Poor James 🤣🤣

    Greeneyes93Greeneyes938 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Aumi CahyaAumi Cahya8 days ago
  • Let's appreciate the camer man

    Mary RabaloMary Rabalo8 days ago
  • Come on. When your younger but crushes on Tom Cruise😍😍

    Mary RabaloMary Rabalo8 days ago
  • He actually tried to run away from Tom Cruise... Dude, I've you watched ANY of his movies? Even the Flash keeps cancelling the planned race... "Food poisoning"....

    Robert G.Robert G.8 days ago
  • When will Tom Cruise and James Corden make a buddy comedy movie?

    Sumrine RajaSumrine Raja8 days ago
  • I think its a new movie- Tom Cruise: James Impossible

    Mathew CyrusMathew Cyrus9 days ago
  • Why are they putting the strings in their mouth?

    Forcers ShiekerForcers Shieker9 days ago
  • That looks so cool -

    Connie SchultzConnie Schultz9 days ago
  • kinda looked like James almost did the splits/gotta lil sack smashing action during the landing..ouch!

    Alison MilkeAlison Milke9 days ago
  • Tom Cruise, need I say any more??

    Jenny BettlesJenny Bettles9 days ago
  • Am i the only one that laughed hard nonstop when james did that split🤣

    K DK D10 days ago
  • LMAO!!

    Niklas EnblomNiklas Enblom10 days ago
  • James running away will always be the best part

    Thingy Ma BobThingy Ma Bob10 days ago
    • Funniest part ever.

      Ashley MoonAshley Moon4 days ago
  • How would it be to do this high on coke. 😯😯😯

    Elí RamírezElí Ramírez10 days ago
  • The video got better when he mentioned Tom Hiddleston

    Puny_GodPuny_God10 days ago
  • Who else got really anxious when they were in the plane 😂

    Negan Leader of the SaviorsNegan Leader of the Saviors10 days ago
  • Imagine if the camera man forgot to record through the entire diving😑😑

    samuel suresh Mathewsamuel suresh Mathew10 days ago
  • imagine him getting an insect in his mouth on the way down xd

    Jakob LJakob L11 days ago
  • Hard to believe he's so deep down the rabbit hole of scientology.

    McLovinMcLovin11 days ago
  • 5:30 I was actually expecting James to run away

    MrDonutMrDonut11 days ago
  • Nobody cared about the camera man 😆

    Hello thereHello there11 days ago

    syco 2069syco 206911 days ago
    • Share it around

      syco 2069syco 206910 days ago
    • I'm hoping the more people that see it might actually get it changed

      syco 2069syco 206910 days ago
    • I- Traffic Lights? WHY!?

      Gibbie RBLXGibbie RBLX10 days ago
  • I love Tom Cruise trying multiple times to instigate the big box little box.

    Hannah arnoldHannah arnold11 days ago
  • omg I haven’t seen splits like that since Tawny Kitaen was on the hood of Whitesnake’s car 😂😂😂 my man James gonna need a double knee replacement after that landing

    zoobilee zoozoobilee zoo11 days ago
  • what a landing😂😆😆

    Nerve LineNerve Line11 days ago
  • I loved the way how james landed😂😂😂

    aalekh pradeepaalekh pradeep11 days ago
  • Tomcruise listening to freefalling😂😂to not have opened that parachute

    D33N9D33N911 days ago
  • I dot believe u but im confident in u wtf😂make it make sense

    D33N9D33N911 days ago
  • Que buen video jajaja

    Carlos RuizCarlos Ruiz11 days ago
  • the poor camera man that had no choice

    Esty ZanettiEsty Zanetti11 days ago
  • Tom is still goodlooking

    Karin AbdallahKarin Abdallah12 days ago
  • I know Tom cruise is supposed to be some cult leading weirdo but he made top gun so he gets a pass.. for life

    Seth LeeSeth Lee12 days ago
  • I like Danny

    Little FoxLittle Fox12 days ago
  • No one is talking about how it’s 110 degrees and these people are coping with being able to wear all black.

    Clone BoiClone Boi12 days ago
  • This is so funny 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    S VS V12 days ago
  • I really appreciate the camera man who ever he is deserves a medal or more than that

    samuel suresh Mathewsamuel suresh Mathew12 days ago
  • That was awesome and im scared of heights

    Amirul AmirulAmirul Amirul12 days ago