NikkieTutorials Publicly Exposes Too Faced After Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star Call Them Out

Oct 19, 2019
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NikkieTutorials fans call out Too Faced for showing their true colors after watching Shane Dawson’s docuseries on Jeffree Star.

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  • If y’all wanna see how devastating defy media was look at the warp zones video

    Lucy grieswellLucy grieswell3 days ago
  • What's wrong with revelon?🙈😂😍

    Caroline JudgeCaroline Judge12 days ago
  • Sure, compared to me or a "normal" worker, USkeysrs are rich af. But the problem is that their own relevance and hard work is not recognized. They live from what they make and put all their times into videos to entertain US, the audience, so... difficult situation, I guess? And I would take 50k, no probs, it's not about the money but the fact that they knowingly abused her naivety and changed things behind her back and played her dirty when she would and could have deserved better.

    MeowgicalArtisticatMeowgicalArtisticat19 days ago

    Amy Jo MichaelAmy Jo MichaelMonth ago
  • Can't the beauty community be about... umm... MAKEUP??

    Victoria BVictoria BMonth ago
  • If Nikki collabed with Jeffree like Shane did, it would've been the best. She would've gotten the share she really deserves.

    red_ashcroftred_ashcroftMonth ago
  • I had a two-faced eye shadow palette that I planned on using up. I couldn't do it, it went in the trash where it belonged! Two faced, too gone!

    Sandy SergentSandy SergentMonth ago
  • Poor girl she was a pawn.

    Katie DenskiKatie Denski2 months ago
  • Success doesn’t happen overnight Charli : You sure?

    Galactic - RBLXGalactic - RBLX2 months ago
  • Ngl this Lisa girl sounds like a spoiled child having a tantrum.

    Wolf98 0987Wolf98 09872 months ago
  • Fav part of your videos is when u say “sooo...whats the issue?”

    KhanieKhanie2 months ago
  • So that’s why It’s called “Two Faced”

    Jasmine HarrisJasmine Harris2 months ago
  • Poor little cry baby! $50,000.00 is more than most people make in a year.

    Dollar store JesusDollar store Jesus3 months ago
    • Yeah, but its still not fair..

      Bonnie The BunnyBonnie The Bunny2 months ago
  • I started watching this and then I was like... "Oh, I right! I don't care about these people". Bye.

    Pablo HernándezPablo Hernández3 months ago
  • i think they changed the quality so it would be less expensive thennn charge $56 for that ish smh

    jasmine 0_0jasmine 0_03 months ago
  • “Ohhh rich ppl problems”

    Doyouliketacos? IliketacosDoyouliketacos? Iliketacos3 months ago
  • Who knew Too Faced was actually Two Faced Edit: I hope no one has already commented this ;-;

    sᴏssᴏs3 months ago
  • I'm sure there are many USkeysrs who are underpaid and underestimated and lost in the algorithms, but James Charles is in no way qualified to represent them. Most USkeysrs who do not make enough money online maintain their real-life jobs. James Charles hasn't worked a day in his life. Yes, handling business and millions of dollars and the stress of fame is something, but it will never compare to what actually making a living is for us out there. He's never had to pick apart at a paycheck and count his change to see if he can afford more groceries. I just wish he could realize how entitled he sounds.

    LolitaLolita3 months ago
  • They are called TooFaced for a reason.

    Amber DonkerAmber Donker4 months ago
  • 3:07 felt that

    Louie EmborongLouie Emborong4 months ago
  • They basically were like "were gonna pay her 50,000 to use her face and name to sell palettes." Smh

    BlankNoodleBlankNoodle4 months ago
  • Defy media shutting down literally broke my heart. I couldn't help but be mad bc it affected so many good youtubers, such as Cleverr and Smosh. USkeysrs should definitely get paid more, period.

    Twenty Twø PiløtsTwenty Twø Piløts4 months ago
  • Youtuhe is legit my sole entertainment, yes y'all are celebrities in many eyes

    Katie CuppKatie Cupp4 months ago
  • “Bachelor of tea” 💀💀

    Josh HadwigerJosh Hadwiger4 months ago
  • TooFaced.. Such irony..

    LiarLiarBallsOnFireLiarLiarBallsOnFire4 months ago
  • James charles is absolutely disgusting. His ego, personality and persona is gross. I'll never support him. It all went to his head. Humble yourself there must be balance in everything

    Meg RoseMeg Rose4 months ago
    • Huh?

      Twenty Twø PiløtsTwenty Twø Piløts4 months ago
  • I love Jeffree Star for protecting Nikki that's a friend I never wear these make I stick to the name brands Lancome Estee lauder's

    christina camachochristina camacho4 months ago

    EtErNaL LivEs MaTtEr!EtErNaL LivEs MaTtEr!5 months ago
  • Nikki did all that work only for 50K I’m disgusted like he made MILLIONS LIKE JEFFREY SAID HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT

    シtodorokiシXシdekuシシtodorokiシXシdekuシ5 months ago
  • in the start you want the fame ,it goes hand in hand ,value of the contract is nothing compared to her tallent now

    traceymacytraceymacy5 months ago
  • After watched Nikki vid about coming out, now I understand why she kept silent until now. That snake knew the truth.

    Black FridayBlack Friday5 months ago
  • Defy betrayed mattpatt and Stephanie to

    Heather WintersHeather Winters5 months ago
  • Complaining about a contract you signed...if it wasn't enough then don't sign it .

    zoe gzoe g5 months ago
  • The worst part is that they changed the quality without telling her. And because she didnt know, fans blamed her as well. Like the money part was terrible, but i feel like letting her put her name on a product that ended up being sub-par quality and losing the trust of all of her fans who bought it without her being any the wiser is worse.

    heyysimoneheyysimone5 months ago
  • Sounds like two faced did this premeditated to discredit her. A seriously sick way to smear Nikki in the makeup world because she is actually good at what she does and it was their way of taking her out by changing the quality of the product too

    Sharon MountSharon Mount5 months ago
  • In 1992 Claudia Schiffer signed a 6-10 million dollar contract with Revlon. Since then other models have signed even more expensive contracts with beauty brands. Nikkie making 50k or less is super shady of TF.

    William WayaWilliam Waya5 months ago
  • I actually liked this video bravo to a well written video you covered a lot and was very informative and stated facts without being completely biased. You let the information be the judge.

    Amythyst ParkerAmythyst Parker5 months ago
  • 😧

    Es Can OrEs Can Or5 months ago
  • So basically you need jeffree star o kris jenner on your side to thrive. Lawyers are just as terrible.

    Zeyna NdZeyna Nd5 months ago
  • Wish I saw this before I bought TF palettes as Christmas presents 😣

    setaritasetarita5 months ago
  • They both got rich along with graveyard girl. She lives in a mansion she's embarrassed to film in because her "fans" would see that she made herself millions with her Urban Decay and other makeup sponsors. Now she's losing her fans because she's not the girl next door we always loved.

    Colleen WoodsColleen Woods5 months ago
  • Can we get a Nikki X Jeffree Star pallet

    Mitchell RosaMitchell Rosa5 months ago
  • NIKKIE - 2 FACED?🤣 How ironic haha💐🎉

    ooCarnieGirlooooCarnieGirloo5 months ago
  • I'm done with Toofaced

    bleedblue gillbleedblue gill5 months ago
  • Bachelor of tea :D

    Tan PoliakTan Poliak5 months ago
  • I swear Lisa baldino is dyslexic.

    Eoghan ?Eoghan ?5 months ago
  • I love, love, love Two Faced Cosmetics. To me, they have always been the highest quality and at a fair price. I’ve tried many pallets and they are my favorite brand by far.

    P.M. PattersonP.M. Patterson5 months ago
  • they are two faced 🤦‍♀️

    Nick3asley’s Management TeamNick3asley’s Management Team5 months ago
  • Never ever buying TooFaced again

    Rainbow LoverRainbow Lover5 months ago
  • too faced lives up to their name

    violet milkviolet milk5 months ago
  • Will never buy Too Face cosmetics .

    Luz I MercadoLuz I Mercado5 months ago
  • I will never Buy from Too Faced ever again. They were my first splurge purchase ever 20 years ago from a little store called Planet Beauty in Tustin before they were famous and got into Sephora.

    Worry Less Smile MoreWorry Less Smile More5 months ago
  • Stop buying TooFaced period

    PAPIPAPI5 months ago
  • oh knock it off! your black mailing of those who do NOT support your mental disturbing life style is appalling!

    Stacy MackStacy Mack5 months ago
  • There called TOOFACED FOR A REASON 😆

    sassyvtmom2009sassyvtmom20095 months ago
    • sassyvtmom2009 they’re

      GamerGrl90GamerGrl905 months ago
  • lisa blandino is a slag oo

    Random PersonRandom Person5 months ago
  • Seems like Too Faced is exactly that.........TWO Faced! I would never buy anything from them.

    Carie SaadCarie Saad5 months ago
  • I watch NO tv , all utube or links from utube x

    BrooHaHABrooHaHA5 months ago
  • Yooooo his sister is INSAAANE

    Heather VHeather V5 months ago
  • Anyone here after Nikki’s bravest video ever?

    hi my name is [beth]hi my name is [beth]5 months ago
  • Gordon have Amy ABC Makeup have a version too faced founder sister .

    Komatsu SakuraKomatsu Sakura5 months ago
  • more like two faced......

    KayleeKaylee5 months ago
  • Funny that their name is “TooFaced” Should be “TwoFaced”

    • Jung Hoseok •• Jung Hoseok •5 months ago
  • Wow... this video did not age well

    AngelAngel5 months ago
  • Lisa blandino is souch a nasty piece of work!! She can't even understand that she is causing her brother problems by running her nasty mouth the way she does.

    Tasha STasha S5 months ago
  • with a name like too faced, im not really surprised lol

    Grace TeixeiraGrace Teixeira5 months ago
  • me sitting her putting on my too faced foundation thinking i should really throw it out the window

    Megan MclaughlinMegan Mclaughlin5 months ago
  • Opinion Nikki tutorials should have gotten at least 40% that’s a fair amount and yeah I wish she got ripped off big time on what she had the contract yes first thing I will do if I get a contract I’m gonna looked at how much money they’re going to offer me per video if not 40% or 50% as a flat rate but I will look at it per video cost of receiving money if it’s no less if it’s less than 30% I won’t except 40% I will because I will never get ripped off like Nikki tutorials did and I feel very sorry for that happening to her

    The chaos systemThe chaos system5 months ago
  • *”Go play with your Revlon.”*

    Rebecca 2019Rebecca 20195 months ago
  • I just hope everyone who reads this get rich

    Jessy taylorJessy taylor5 months ago
  • Let me take that $50k

    jeonky.jeonky.5 months ago
  • I can’t believe they made 10 MILLION DOLLARS off of that! And Nikki got ripped off hard core.

    YsYs5 months ago
  • I can’t stand James Charles!!! Who is watching his videos anyway? Who does he think he is ?????? What a sad sad person!

    Ms LydsMs Lyds5 months ago
  • They picked the right brand name. Two faced.

    Nic NonyaNic Nonya5 months ago
  • Honestly Too Faced's products are overrated and overpriced. Their products are marketed as acessible and 'no old lady design' but their prices are as expensive as Estee Lauder's!

    Beatrice_92Beatrice_925 months ago
  • Omg wow two faced is wrong on si many levels .frist of all Jeffery. Star s make is fabulous. Two faced never tried never heard of it .and i l8ve shane to .i love u shane and jeffery

    Jackie RuleJackie Rule5 months ago
  • At least 1 mil outta ten no one loses

    jessy 76jessy 765 months ago
  • Nikkie should have been [aid a minimum of 2 million dollars

    Nancy EstarisNancy Estaris5 months ago
  • Is too faced dude- whatever he is, his she like 12 yrs old or something? Her tweets/atacks are straight up childish

    D RileyD Riley5 months ago
  • If they made 5 million Nikki should’ve been paid at least 2 million!!

    Cami AliceaCami Alicea5 months ago