2014 Italian Combat Food Ration 24 Hr MRE Review Module B Top Military Meal Tasting Test

Nov 27, 2016
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This Italian 24 Hour Combat Ration weighs 5 1/2 pounds, contains a shot of cordial alcohol, contains over 4,000 calories, and is undoubtedly one of the finest Military Rations ever made.
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you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
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  • I was expecting spaghetti and meatballs.

    R TR TDay ago
  • Where is the pizza come on

    Jonathan HernandezJonathan Hernandez2 days ago
  • Alcohol and amphetamines in MRE's lolol good times.

    ReverseHyperReverseHyper2 days ago
  • I legit thought that pasta and beans was SpaghettiOs lmao

    TitansBaneTitansBane3 days ago
  • someone to count how many times he "hm hm hm hm hm"? LOL

    GabrielGabriel7 days ago

    gibshredcamelgibshredcamel7 days ago
  • 13:32

  • I'm addicted to these videos...😁😁😁😁😁

    Carol PaigeCarol Paige14 days ago
  • Word of the day: undertone

    Michael !Michael !14 days ago
  • "It's just spaghetti and garlic bread"

    Ash//FoxAsh//Fox17 days ago
  • Leave it to the Italians to put spaghetti-O's in an MRE. lol. wtf.

    Chancellor CrappieChancellor Crappie21 day ago
  • Damn boy, mix the turkey loaf with the pasta n beans - you got A MEAL.

  • i couldn't watch you eat that dog food

  • I think 2 ounces less is the way to go

    John BeckJohn Beck23 days ago
  • That turkey looks like cat food

    Brodie RennerBrodie Renner23 days ago
  • Dude, the top of the bag was notched for tearing open, and had ziplock for resealing.

    Gromit801Gromit80124 days ago
  • Italian rations are the kings of undertones

    SleezeHeadSleezeHead25 days ago
  • When I get a chance I think I will become a patreon

    BLS BeserkerBLS Beserker26 days ago
  • My absolute FAVORITE!!! (At about 13:32) ...and his caption Is cute, too.

    Jen SchenckJen Schenck28 days ago
  • Biodegradable shit bags.

    clay daytonclay dayton29 days ago
  • Can you please write my description on my tinder dating app

  • I'm pretty damn sure that Italians are unable, even if they tried, to make 'Tactical Gas Station' food, as found in some countries' ration packs. Everything here, I'd eat, without thinking about it.

    brianartillerybrianartilleryMonth ago
  • Yeah man, you’re cool, but the coffee after the turkey and before the pasta... MAMMA MIA!!!😂😂🇮🇹

    Elia MottaElia MottaMonth ago
  • "A lot of times, these don't keep you regular."

    livetotell100livetotell100Month ago
  • Damn they even give u a shot.

    Sassy GreenSassy GreenMonth ago
  • Pizza de Pasta

    Maximus Maxwell MaMaximus Maxwell MaMonth ago
  • I'm watching yet another one of these vids. Why? And I'll keep watching these vids. Why?? Cos he puts them on a Traaaay.

    pabloukqetupabloukqetuMonth ago
  • I'd like to be an Italian soldier just for the food.

    Doge Of VeniceDoge Of VeniceMonth ago
  • 3 toothbrushes is slightly overkill....

    Tater TottTater TottMonth ago
  • How many smokes got traded for liquor in the field?

    moemann cannmoemann cannMonth ago
  • That's crazy, I found 2 packages of cordiale in my k ration!

    Giulio MorleoGiulio MorleoMonth ago
  • Sponsored by Olive Garden.

    EJEJMonth ago
  • USkeys employees are becoming a communist regime, but I enjoy these MRE videos.

    Traveling_TraderTraveling_TraderMonth ago
  • Wow that spoon was translucent

    Hawk LiHawk LiMonth ago
  • Ration: *Looks like canned dog food* Steve: "ItS VeRy lIgHt aNd DeCaDeNt

    Pepsi_Cola_Pepsi_Cola_Month ago
  • The gelatin with beef rounds would make me puke.

    CLC IIICLC IIIMonth ago
  • Those "energy tabs" are actually suppositories. The arrow indicating the direction for insertion. 😬

    CLC IIICLC IIIMonth ago
  • The crackers in the minestrone would have worked.

    CLC IIICLC IIIMonth ago
  • I remember some Marine bit the fuel tablets thinking it was candy.

    c3alohac3alohaMonth ago
  • way to pay $200 dollars for a can of spaghettios XD

    Cold TurkeyCold TurkeyMonth ago
  • Mmm. Wow. Delicious! I love that.

    Suripat PatsuriSuripat PatsuriMonth ago
  • The mkay take me out everytime I swear😂😂

    Vincent GrantVincent GrantMonth ago
  • Nice mmkay

    Luke SkywalkerLuke SkywalkerMonth ago
  • Instead war, their going to picnic

    Nama Saya ToroNama Saya ToroMonth ago
  • "You know how I got these scars?" meme (Italian MRE spoon)

    bantamfedorbantamfedorMonth ago
  • 13:33 that was hilarious

    Andrew LebowskiAndrew LebowskiMonth ago
  • The breakfast ration is very confusing. Nothing to go with the jam. And what's the salt about? And they give you a shot of booze. I'd just do the shot and pocket the bar. The rest would be given away.

    jerry leroyjerry leroyMonth ago
  • I am going to start calling my protein bars Malleable

    goatbacongoatbaconMonth ago
  • Anybody else watching one of his videos and think to hell with real food let’s go by an mre

    260 Kenney260 KenneyMonth ago
  • Italians dont eat salty bread so now you know why the crackers tasted like they did.

    adorablegreen1adorablegreen1Month ago
  • Good video 👍👍

    Stringer BeadeStringer Beade2 months ago
  • Drinking game: everytime he says alright

    monkey 46404monkey 464042 months ago
  • The word of the day..Maluable..lol..your vocabulary Steve doesn't sound like a guy that sits around eating MRE'S

    Jason PaytonJason Payton2 months ago
  • You can then give a shit in a trash bag))) And go unnoticed, like a real special forces!)

    XpresSXpresS2 months ago
  • So that is where all of the Izal Medicated toilet rolls went - they put the stuff in the Italian RATPACKS. It looks like it is just about as useless as I remember.

    Mad GeordieMad Geordie2 months ago
  • A country that looks beautiful if without a gun

    cloudcolumn catcloudcolumn cat2 months ago
  • So, we have the best NATO MRE, we have alchool in MRE, we have toilet tablets (pastiglie di crusca/crusca tablets) in MRE, we have teethbrush (or how that thing is called) in MRE. Well, nodody can't fight us in a Military Ration war

    Jacopo SangalliJacopo Sangalli2 months ago
  • Would have heated everything up

    Andrew RochaAndrew Rocha2 months ago
  • Get a load of your self 😂

    Devin BryantDevin Bryant2 months ago
  • Jellied turkey - sir, NO! Step away.

    Mary, just MaryMary, just Mary2 months ago
  • Steve walks into a camera store: "I would like your finest camera that can focus in on stuff approximately 1.35 inches away from the lens"

    BOUNCY700BOUNCY7002 months ago
  • When I get my own house, I'll try an MRE.

    Jason HouleJason Houle2 months ago
  • That's a pretty light breakfast I'm wondering if they eat lunch a little earlier

    A EA E2 months ago
  • The breakfast ration was definitely disappointing those soldiers must have starved until lunch time

    BosoxPatsfan 83BosoxPatsfan 832 months ago
  • I'm sorry but no country knows how to make tea apart from England. Its orange 🤣

    FIRE KINGGFIRE KINGG2 months ago
  • I liked watching your videos while I dyied or bleached my hair to pass the time. Now I find myself just watching them cause I like them a lot.

    Austin ScottAustin Scott2 months ago
  • This is an incredible ration. But I wonder about how practical it is for soldiers to carry. It's certainly a lot of food but how can you carry more than one or two at a time? You won't have any room in your bag for everything else you need!

    Mason BMason B2 months ago
  • The 4 man ration comes in a violin case

    Dan DidnotDan Didnot2 months ago
  • When we were deployed we did some joint ops with the Italians, we would trade our MREs for theirs but they would always take out the booze 🥺 really cool dudes though

    Juan HerranJuan Herran2 months ago
  • He is gonna od on fiber

    Skylar HollySkylar Holly2 months ago
  • The italian breakfast is better than the entirety of the Chinese PA mre

    Dying StarDying Star2 months ago
  • cordial alcohol was great!

    진상도 JINSANGDO진상도 JINSANGDO2 months ago
  • I want some of that canned turkey loaf.

    Jay GeeJay Gee2 months ago
  • Damn. I feel cheated by those MCI/C Rats I was fed in the early 1980s in Graffenwoehr....

    Carolus MartellusCarolus Martellus2 months ago
  • So cool that Steve is sending the Cordial liqueur to a fellow ration reviewer

    Carolus MartellusCarolus Martellus2 months ago
  • The the Italian government is skipping out on their soldiers and giving them Chef Boyardee clearly

    UnwashedHeathenUnwashedHeathen2 months ago
  • 18:15 killllz me

    saber wolfesaber wolfe2 months ago
  • Call me immature but I laughed when he rolled that choccy bar into a doodoo turd shape

    Garrett PittmanGarrett Pittman2 months ago
  • That a lot of mmm's

    maestro4202 2maestro4202 22 months ago
  • Wot no Dental floss?

    JimbojetJimbojet2 months ago
  • Opens it up. It's just condoms and instructions on how to find single civilian women nearby to cook for you in exchange for sex.

    Tom HTom H2 months ago
  • Vertical can + wobbly stand = loads of fan

    Ray HanRay Han2 months ago
  • I can’t imagine how the Italian army get anything done with a ration like this...that’s some good eating 🍽🇮🇹👍🏻

    Seanie PSeanie P2 months ago
  • I would like to be able to review rations just because I enjoy these videos.

    alopez45714alopez457142 months ago
  • Seeing a shot of alcohol in an Italian BREAKFAST MRE just made me so proud to be Italian lol

    Shmurda BoiShmurda Boi2 months ago
  • Steve is a legend

    Andrew JessopAndrew Jessop2 months ago
  • *funinculi funincula intensifies*

    Matt SampsonMatt Sampson2 months ago
  • For this being a 2014 pack, that food looks fucking gross I would definitely be 🤮if I had to eat that.. I'd prob be missing a meal for the day🤣😂🤣

    Michael GrzegorzewskiMichael Grzegorzewski2 months ago
  • I’ve been watching your videos all throughout the day, honestly you are incredible ! My new favorite channel 💕

    Kelsey WoodardKelsey Woodard2 months ago
  • Italy really pampers its troops

    Horst_Radish GHorst_Radish G2 months ago
  • Italians still had an army?

    Joueuse JoyeuseJoueuse Joyeuse2 months ago
  • Steve: *eats legos* Also steve: you can really taste how artificial the plastic is

    Ceemorbuttz1 11Ceemorbuttz1 112 months ago
  • My daughter just asked me why I've been watching this channel all day. I don't have an answer but I can't stop. This is so interesting and addictive. Thank you!

    Mary Beth WylieMary Beth Wylie2 months ago
  • 13:32 lmao

    Odd1Odd13 months ago
  • 18:22

    Fun With Fish TanksFun With Fish Tanks3 months ago
  • My mans is popping pills over here 🤣

    Drug Enforcement AdministrationDrug Enforcement Administration3 months ago
  • “This looks good” Stop lying to people.

    Alric117Alric1173 months ago
  • Might have already been said, but if you have to use that much jam per small shard of cracker 13:30, then they need to include a dozen of those small cups!

    tedwardfoxtedwardfox3 months ago
    • Oh, and the dinner rice salad looks a lot like Chicken and Stars soup.

      tedwardfoxtedwardfox3 months ago
  • Steve man, the intro music is always on point 😂 Where do you keep getting those?

    TheOneRafTheOneRaf3 months ago
  • Italian mess hall, best and hardest to get into in Sarajevo.

    RGC2005RGC20053 months ago