Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® | Season 2 Battle Pass Trailer

Feb 11, 2020
495 929 Views

100 tiers. 100 rewards to unlock.
Play your way to new weapons, the legendary Ghost operator, skins, blueprints, and more - all in the Season Two Battle Pass. Available now for purchase on all platforms.

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  • Best Season ever. Personal opinion.

    SparusauSparusau20 days ago
  • Back then when the grau madness began

    Nykeplay _Nykeplay _24 days ago
  • Now that we’re in season 4, I can say that season 2 was the best season since it released all that. The Grau, rust, Warzone, and ghost.

  • Pls say me that s5 would be a ghost of verdansk skin pls say it to meeee

    Agustin Solis JofreAgustin Solis JofreMonth ago
  • Keep adding more of this

    MusicellaTVMusicellaTV2 months ago
  • Modern Warfare Crazy

    Fz CrystalFz Crystal2 months ago
  • Haha Grau go brrrrt

    Bosque_BeezBosque_Beez3 months ago
  • I have pay for this season 2 and i lose it. With me account but i whant this back. Me money lost never hear from call of duty. My ps Name is PS4 PskOzV3N0M

    Nick KattekwaaddNick Kattekwaadd4 months ago
  • does some bodey gnow te lyrics?

    Finn JüptnerFinn Jüptner4 months ago
  • Man I wish I started season 2

    This Is GhostThis Is Ghost4 months ago
  • Not bad

    NorthernLawNorthernLaw5 months ago
  • anyone know the song used in the second half of the video?

    Logic LogisticLogic Logistic5 months ago
  • When I purchase this game in January I purchase the entire battle pass bundle and now it's asking me to buy season 3 what's up with that

    Alex McCAlex McC5 months ago
  • Do these items come back?

    kohendoggkohendogg5 months ago
    • Nope

      TimbsTimbs4 months ago
  • I bought the pass with 13 days left ugh what's the best way to complete it? I'm on 54 rn and afraid I won't finish

    Ryan BetlejeskiRyan Betlejeski5 months ago

    EPIC YUMEEPIC YUME5 months ago
  • man ! that means a new 2 tb ssd and internet speed upgrade

    Godfried adepsGodfried adeps5 months ago
  • Can we unlock the operator Mara after season 1 is over?

    HeraProd HDHeraProd HD6 months ago
  • operators locked behind "exclusive" "time-limited *battle passes*" with no alternatives to unlock if you join the game later

    ashryverashryver6 months ago
  • better than free fire

    Wanderer WolfWanderer Wolf6 months ago
  • Can you make it so it doesn't pop up between every round I play it's kind of annoying..... no its really annoying I already spent $60 on your game I'm not gonna buy a battle pass likes its Fortnight I'm gonna play and unlock things by playing like every game used to be.....

    Stephen ShidnerStephen Shidner6 months ago
  • Is this free?or at least the maps

    Mina ThorneMina Thorne6 months ago
  • Does anyone know when this battlepass ends?

    Logan BuehlerLogan Buehler6 months ago
  • Is it worth buying right now? I just want Ghost. Someone help me decide. There’s like 20 days left and I’m already on tier 56 of the free version of the battle pass.

    Nicholas MNicholas M6 months ago
  • Ghost execution should be him making the victim look at him and then shoots on his stomach like what that other guy did in mw2

    Ethan Mark GarciaEthan Mark Garcia6 months ago
  • Can someone help me out? I'm thinking of buying the battle pass right now (25 days remaining). I'm currently rank 47 and I'm at tier 17. Will I be able to complete the battle pass if I actually buy it right now? If yes, then how much time do I need to put in(approx) and which battle pass should I get? Please reply guys!. . .

    Hyper RazorHyper Razor6 months ago
  • Ghosts execution should’ve been tying down the enemy player to a chair and pulling out a car battery with jumper cables. MW fans will get it

    OxigenOxigen6 months ago
  • It's keeps getting better

    Jordan SternJordan Stern6 months ago
  • By far the most boring, dull, fun lacking cod to date zzZzZzzZzz

    ill dezill dez6 months ago
  • Remove skilbased matchmaking

    Jakob IlkenhansJakob Ilkenhans6 months ago
  • Battle royale 😏

    Guzmann EscobarGuzmann Escobar7 months ago
  • People running around I see in this trailer🤨

    ZONE-A-VERSEZONE-A-VERSE7 months ago
  • !!! FBI

    Esports SchoolEsports School7 months ago
  • I wish i could still prestige. I dont want a fortnite ripoff....

    Qopiq qQopiq q7 months ago
  • I love cod and battlefield But would cod ever just do what bfv is doing rn Making everything FREE

    Grimlock 4609Grimlock 46097 months ago
  • 16423765839767814064

    drowned _knockdrowned _knock7 months ago
  • Please bring Modern Warfare 2 remastered this year!

    Maestus JinzohMaestus Jinzoh7 months ago
  • Ini ID 6748353139268648961

    Rifaldi RifaldiRifaldi Rifaldi7 months ago
  • Allez les pigeons go acheter le battledouille saison 2

    xM4GiiK-_-ShOot xmxM4GiiK-_-ShOot xm7 months ago
  • call of duty ghost 2???

    bulut umutbulut umut7 months ago
  • Why i can't play?!

    VictorGuaxinimVictorGuaxinim7 months ago
  • I bought it and it says I didn’t though my cop is gone

    Tina TaussTina Tauss7 months ago
  • elitan.ds

    EliTan. WsEliTan. Ws7 months ago
  • Well, we still havent received the BR and it is one week and one day past the release of season 2. I will NOT be playing this game anymore until its release. Multiplayer is stale as usual. Guess I'll go back to blackout until the release.

    David JettDavid Jett7 months ago
  • Okay cool and all, but when are we getting "Emote Warfare" back??

    natanael rodrigueznatanael rodriguez7 months ago
  • Thank you Call of Duty for making the best camping simulator ever!

    Jakes BlazeJakes Blaze7 months ago
  • Remove sbmm

    John WeiszJohn Weisz7 months ago
  • 6751474778290257921

    Deris krisna PDeris krisna P7 months ago
  • Quit sandbagging and drop the Battle Royale before I beat my dog and eat a gallon of ice cream.

    Adam MooreAdam Moore7 months ago
  • Oh yeahhh!

    Promobey KillerPromobey Killer7 months ago
  • That my id

    Dahlia PamDahlia Pam7 months ago
  • 6744563570085724161

    Dahlia PamDahlia Pam7 months ago
  • Nama:L3XYZ

    TheYou chanel meTheYou chanel me7 months ago
  • Nama

    TheYou chanel meTheYou chanel me7 months ago
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    TheYou chanel meTheYou chanel me7 months ago
  • Saya sudah subribe

    TheYou chanel meTheYou chanel me7 months ago
  • It would be to difficult for me to handle this a second time. Please Infinity Ward. The Legendary Ghost deserves better

    Jojo's BazaarJojo's Bazaar7 months ago

    LegoAssassin13LegoAssassin137 months ago
  • Domino skins??

    Jason KrosJason Kros7 months ago

    Hannibal BarcaHannibal Barca7 months ago
  • Anyone wanna play some gunfight hit me up on my channel lets get it!

  • ATLAS SUPERSTORE! Has taken camping to a whole new level, you literally cant move for everyone crouch walking to their favorite shelf! Seriously this is what you come up with in 2020? What a joke.

    ill dezill dez7 months ago
  • Is cod will have a battle royal

    zozo *zozo *7 months ago
  • Your game trash

    YahiaYahia7 months ago

    HiddenHidden7 months ago
  • When’s Russian ghost coming out?

    Midnight RangerMidnight Ranger7 months ago

    NN_ AustinNN_ Austin7 months ago
  • How about giving us Battle Royale or giving us a new map for the blackout one since we got to keep waiting so long for the Battle Royale losing the height for this game and then you don't even put zombies in this game shake my head

    Yodi highYodi high7 months ago
  • Please add a Tlc with new maps and a new weapon the spas-12... Anybody remember the old days in modern warfare 2 and the kinda old days in infinite warfare with the s-Ravage.😊😄😂

    kaleb bledsoekaleb bledsoe7 months ago
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    YTCHANNEL oMDhedzYTCHANNEL oMDhedz7 months ago
  • #removesbmm

    FusionplayzFusionplayz7 months ago
  • Open id:13928836405395150342

    adrian setiawanadrian setiawan7 months ago
  • I cant sign in to PSN so i cant play multiplayer and i cant buy ghost which makes me sad

    QuantumLeopard GAMINGYTQuantumLeopard GAMINGYT7 months ago
  • So ghost didn't died?? I need some explanation

    John kirby RagaasJohn kirby Ragaas7 months ago
  • fix the game

    Iks LumsIks Lums7 months ago
  • RN_DaZoCOD

    David SorozDavid Soroz7 months ago
  • Name:legendguy23 Id:5129659954300673812 Semoga menang AMIN

    lucia prettylucia pretty7 months ago
  • Openid : 6401406729687227404 Nickname : OP×KAMAJAYA>

    Rizky KamadjayaRizky Kamadjaya7 months ago
  • How many upgrades or GB does this game need.? $69 wasn’t enough??

    CR KustomsCR Kustoms7 months ago
  • Sbmm + microtransactions= Worst Call of duty of the decade

    Valencapo24Valencapo247 months ago
  • I would like to see perks like Martyrdom and Last Stand in this game :P

    TioGuTioGu7 months ago
  • Garbage and more garbage

    Valencapo24Valencapo247 months ago
  • Infinity ward and Activision= 💩 Off call of duty

    Valencapo24Valencapo247 months ago
  • Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Gabrage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage

    Valencapo24Valencapo247 months ago
  • We need all the old call of duty dlc to be free

    CT gamingCT gaming7 months ago
  • Did I miss the part where there was a release date

    DomPapersDomPapers7 months ago
  • Hi. This is the last Call of I buy. The SBMM is really not the way to make us have fun. It is a game not a competition. Add to that the problems you know about... Spawns,loud step noises, etc... You dont listen to the critics of your fans. Bye

    Jordan GAVIANOJordan GAVIANO7 months ago
  • Why do we have solders dressed up like DJ’s or something now? Yeah, nothing makes sense anymore.

    Press EPress E7 months ago
  • I want 24/7 shipment back for the grind

    Brandon BockBrandon Bock7 months ago
    • Same here!

      Kerim GürsuKerim Gürsu7 months ago
  • Add me on ps4 gamer tag is KingDee_420

    King Dee_420King Dee_4207 months ago
  • Cool,call of duty the best game in the world

    SWINSWIN7 months ago
  • When will there be a campaign in call of duty mobile? I just like the campaigns in PlayStation version

    Meme LordMeme Lord7 months ago
  • Please we need call of duty infinite warfire 2 we need it People still playing the dlc zombie in public game So we need infinite warfire 2

    Ahmed MohammedAhmed Mohammed7 months ago
  • So it seems yall removed split screen capabilities in some of the main playlists...why? This seems to be a recurring thing, HUGE update, more bugs, and remove things people like. I really wish yall would pull it together.

    Redneck RalphIVRedneck RalphIV7 months ago
  • sell cod to epic or tencent

    stalan klocketstalan klocket7 months ago
  • Season 3 1847gb update

    Ninja KillerNinja Killer7 months ago
  • Hello call of duty my game is not updating 😡 for season 2

    hasan obayeshasan obayes7 months ago
  • Hey look! SBMM is still here. Why? It's no fun being in a match with E-Sport wanna be players after just upping you k/d up by 0.01.

    GamingSergeantGamingSergeant7 months ago
  • We know almost everything about Battle Royale, guys))) We are waiting it. 68.22 GB Update - Strong......................... PINK MINOTAVR. KEK ( Subscribe )

    FraMov_GFraMov_G7 months ago
  • Haven't been able to play this game for months because the updates are too big.

    Zackary FrazierZackary Frazier7 months ago