DJ Scheme, Cordae & Ski Mask The Slump God - Soda (Lyric Video) (feat. Take A Daytrip)

Nov 16, 2020
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From the album "FAMILY". Out now!
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Official audio by DJ Scheme from the album "FAMILY" © 2020 Scheme Records / EMPIRE

  • Naruto bar still hittin me

    ColdatNightColdatNight6 hours ago
  • aye i need more of this type of songs, pls recomend some

    burnt_chicken_nuggetburnt_chicken_nugget19 hours ago
  • These two way too crazy together 🔥🔥🔥

    atx512htx713atx512htx713Day ago
  • Cordae is slept on

    Liam ProLiam Pro2 days ago
  • anyone here from cxultures?

    TonsifyTonsify6 days ago
  • CXLTURES Anyone ?????

    CazryCazry6 days ago
  • His songs have a weird name but you always vibe with it

    FinnedFinned7 days ago
  • How this only have 2 million views this fucking fire

    Israel Ortiz FernandezIsrael Ortiz Fernandez9 days ago
  • Hold my beer, i felt that and cordae hit hard

    ツNewgabrigamerツNewgabrigamer9 days ago
  • Cordaes best song

    Dahl KalviDahl Kalvi9 days ago

    CooLukeCooLuke9 days ago
  • This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵🖕🥵

    Adriana MagalhaesAdriana Magalhaes10 days ago
  • 😍okayyy cuz they killed this!

    Alasia SimpsonAlasia Simpson10 days ago
  • Where the fuck is ski at

    He got a phone holyHe got a phone holy10 days ago
  • What are the notes for the melody?

    Taha ŞahinTaha Şahin11 days ago
  • Can we all appreciate the fact we got a Ski x Cordae collab at al 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Clout GodClout God11 days ago
  • Too Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ,👍

    Oktavianus IglesiOktavianus Iglesi14 days ago
  • Good call ☎️ on YBN

    Antonio solizAntonio soliz14 days ago
  • All of the songs were amazing ready for the deluxe now 😀

    Young PumppYoung Pumpp14 days ago
  • Bruh DJ scheme good ski gona always be a goat 🐐

    Ethan ParkerEthan Parker15 days ago
  • Nigga CORDAE SLIDDD on this track.

    3ddie Tv3ddie Tv15 days ago
  • So is no one going to talk about the Kendrick Lamar reference at 2:39?

    Pranavanand TadepalliPranavanand Tadepalli16 days ago

    Tylere DaviesTylere Davies16 days ago
  • Here Before This is used By Fortnite People😳🤯

    RzgretRzgret17 days ago
  • 2:03 so we are not going to talk about these lyrics

    Kaegan NewsomKaegan Newsom19 days ago
    • No lol

      Navraj MankuNavraj Manku12 days ago
  • Bruh if Cordae hadn't ruined the song with his 20 fucking choruses this shit would've been in my playlist. nigga so repetitive and it's annoying af

    Antonio HorincarAntonio Horincar19 days ago
  • UH UH UH

    FenjaeiFenjaei19 days ago
  • Period.

    Layanw _20Layanw _2020 days ago
  • ❤🧨Ski mask the slump god 🧨❤

    mont velmont vel20 days ago
  • The rap song of the year.

    Yerico YarascaYerico Yarasca21 day ago
  • It's me or it sounds like TOMMY CASH - LITTLE MOLLY ?

    Nicolas PrigentNicolas Prigent23 days ago
  • Ski had a short verse he carried the song and the chorus is repeated to much but it's a good song

    Zay Sk8Zay Sk823 days ago
  • Yo what’s with the pop everywhere?

    Tavon HawkinsTavon Hawkins23 days ago
  • Wish ski had another verse

    Basketball 2Basketball 223 days ago
  • I love this movie.

    Tra NhuTra Nhu24 days ago
  • Bro ski we need more music🔥🔥

    Javaun PhalJavaun Phal24 days ago
  • Ski went from carbonated water to soda

    SylenceSylence26 days ago
  • Glad they put dude at the end so I can end the song after ski mask 😂😂

    Leon HartLeon Hart26 days ago
  • Ski’s entire verse is a tongue twister, clearly he writes his lyrics first, cordae’s first verse tho, so fire

    johnny lakeshore beatsjohnny lakeshore beats26 days ago
  • Let's be honest, this song fire, everyone was lit but... Cordae killed it, he even copied Ski flow on a point and then he killed the hook. DJ worked an amazing beat though

    ShinyFireET1ShinyFireET127 days ago
  • Mannnn this flow its good

    Diego RiverosDiego Riveros27 days ago
  • This song is fire

    MadK22MadK2228 days ago
  • Uh, uh, uh

    david rrdavid rr28 days ago
  • *uh, uh, uh*

    I like ya cut gI like ya cut g28 days ago
  • Im huge fan of slum god but this song cordae verse was 🔥❄🔥❄🔥

    leivänpaahdin 0000leivänpaahdin 000029 days ago
  • NASCAR Aloe flow

    Waffle ShredderWaffle ShredderMonth ago
  • I miss skimask and xxx but we need more songs from ski I miss him

    Mamadou SiahoueMamadou SiahoueMonth ago
  • put the playback speed at 1.25 or 1.50 and the flow is way better.

    Daniel ReadDaniel ReadMonth ago
  • When dontai reacted to this it was the best reaction ngl

    Slime Daddy-_-Slime Daddy-_-Month ago
  • am I the only one that searched up "uh uh uh song" 😳

    • Just chillin •• Just chillin •Month ago
  • When is Ski releasing his next album

    Cameron BenderCameron BenderMonth ago
  • we need more rappers like ski, his fow is actully unmatched

    IsAaCIsAaCMonth ago
  • Ski murdered this... wow man, Ski come on bro. PROTECT SKI AT ALL COSTS!!😎🙏🙏🖤🤙🔥

    Brock HelmBrock HelmMonth ago
  • Cordae not getting enough love for this, he WENT OFF in this track!

    Tom PickeringTom PickeringMonth ago
  • here from s6cut

    AidanAidanMonth ago
  • getting some go stupid vibes🔥🔥

    jody Passjody PassMonth ago
  • If ski got an extra 30 sec in this song it would’ve made it even more fire! 🔥

    Julian RiveraJulian RiveraMonth ago
  • This beat cop .Y from Nle choppa go stupied

    Unreleased 6 DyLnUnreleased 6 DyLnMonth ago
  • Naruto 🍥😈😈

    declan bryandeclan bryanMonth ago
  • I see ski I clicked and didn't regret.

    manko catmanko catMonth ago
  • "Good kid from mad city no mini van" I see what you did there Cordae

    Freddo 王朝Freddo 王朝Month ago
  • Who is better? ⚘🕊 Like: Ski Mask Comment: Drake

    Lyrical Irvin Gang ForeverLyrical Irvin Gang ForeverMonth ago
  • I Come Because SC6UT

  • HMU

    bAbyrEdbAbyrEdMonth ago
  • 1:20 ayyy ik I’m not the only one who heard

    Stewart BabyStewart BabyMonth ago
  • Who came from Sc6ut?

    BNG_ BlackWatchBNG_ BlackWatchMonth ago
  • Damn ski almost as bad as carti with this album.... jkjk but we wanna album

    Dexter WoodDexter WoodMonth ago
  • why cordae not ybn no mo?

    ohohMonth ago
  • They should call Ski the avatar cause he be bending gas wearing water and ice and making fire

    Ffglihggg SfggFfglihggg SfggMonth ago
  • 😳

    Luan AzevedoLuan AzevedoMonth ago

    Zyreck LolZyreck LolMonth ago
  • This is so underrated

    Rain Official YouTubeRain Official YouTubeMonth ago
  • 스키마스크 지리네

    박종현박종현Month ago
  • bro ski and cordae went crazy

    JayyThaSteppaJayyThaSteppaMonth ago
  • 1:29 holy fuck is this a flightreacts reference????

    PinormiePatrolPinormiePatrolMonth ago
    • No

      TschottyTschottyMonth ago
  • name 1 rapper who does what ski does lyrically.

    Adrien HernandezAdrien HernandezMonth ago
  • cordae carried

    561nylock561nylockMonth ago
  • Heat

    2K_Snipzzz2K_SnipzzzMonth ago
  • bro this beat kinda sound like camelot

    Braddah.AydenBraddah.AydenMonth ago
  • How can u make an ass beat with 2 producers on the song

    Spoakland _Spoakland _Month ago
    • Cause dj scheme is ass and clout chases off other artists

      Matteo BravoMatteo BravoMonth ago
  • This song only Fire 🔥

    Aram_the_real_oneAram_the_real_oneMonth ago
  • all 3 did their shit

    Halko LuboHalko LuboMonth ago
  • Cordae built in this

    Mark KangetheMark KangetheMonth ago
  • Thiss sum GAS

    oh_izzyoh_izzyMonth ago
  • Ski shited on this track💩☻

    black_pepper22 we liveblack_pepper22 we liveMonth ago
  • Ski literally stole a flow from X, check out throw it back, it’s a remix by last dude, and about a minute in, X uses the same exact verses that ski used... c’mon man

    Jami SokolJami SokolMonth ago
  • why that boi at the end turn into PraxisPlays

    Prod. YaraDesuProd. YaraDesuMonth ago
  • Me waiting for the music video

    Isaac DeLaCruzIsaac DeLaCruzMonth ago
  • Ski Mask underrated asf to me

    C2DAJAYC2DAJAYMonth ago
  • "Ski Mask Soda Pop!" better not be a PS5 exclusive, those are hard to find

  • Everything is true where i live and i live in the hood

    Corey JaynesCorey JaynesMonth ago
  • Ski mask is gifted bro I cant believe he practiced and got this good he is gifted af

    Zackghost 1Zackghost 1Month ago
  • cordae killed this shit

    Kay OhKay OhMonth ago
  • "Good kid from maad city no minivan" Y'all know its Kenny's album name?

    Mikiz KhiangteMikiz KhiangteMonth ago
    • I was looking for someone who noticed this lmao

      Malachi SotoMalachi SotoMonth ago

    lilekamtoulilekamtouMonth ago
  • Fye

    _ Viewer_ ViewerMonth ago
  • Who else can see J.I.D on this 🔥

    Gabriel TarverGabriel TarverMonth ago
  • This hook is perfect

    Idk ?Idk ?Month ago
  • fye

    Wavys WorldWavys WorldMonth ago
  • Cordae and Skiiiiiiii. Let's gooo

    777777Month ago