"I'm Sorry" | Ellen DeGeneres Apology Video...

Aug 1, 2020
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Ellen Apology Video
After multiple rumors and allegations of the Ellen Degeneres Show getting cancelled, Ellen’s producers finally respond with a statement addressing the scandal unfolding across media platforms. Some even say she is currently under house arrest due to illegal activities she was allegedly involved in. With this said, we know that cancel culture is striking harder than ever. And we all know that with cancel culture, nobody is safe, not even Ellen Degeneres and her popular daytime tv platform she has successfully managed to build. Keep watching as we breakdown and reveal some of the most shocking news regarding the potential cancellation of the Ellen Degeners show!

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What do you think the future of the Ellen Degeners show will be after all of this? Will she brush it off and pretend it never happened? Or will she end up facing heavy repercussions that can ultimately lead her show (and even her career) into being completely cancelled? Let us know down in the comments below!

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  • RIP ELLEN; love your videos & need a new macbook :(

    lyssabriannalyssabriannaMonth ago
    • Y do u need a new macbook and why did u post that

      Kevin borbelyKevin borbely10 hours ago
    • Rip?

      Charley LockwoodCharley Lockwood2 days ago
    • Matthew W lol you have gotta be younger than 6

      MitchellMitchell2 days ago
    • karen wants to speak to your manager metaphorically dumbass

      MitchellMitchell2 days ago
    • MARCI 111 jealous

      MitchellMitchell2 days ago
  • Bitch she is only Human , not kind or funny every fucking single day ! 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️ Of course not all of that people like Ellen , same with us anonymous humans . We don’t like everyone and some people don’t like us . You re badass for some people and don’t for others and the same for us ! Right , chill

    Marco SilvaMarco SilvaHour ago
  • I'll never watch her again

    215FlowerPots215FlowerPots2 hours ago
  • Twitch is lying thru his teeth in the beginning of the video...he must be contractually bound and obligated to say "kind" things. His body language says a LOT.

    TreemarieTreemarie3 hours ago
  • So she promotes the one black guy Twitch that defended her to Executive Producer, since after all, it was the other EP’s that caused this mess, so let me give him a public promotion on the Season 18 opener lol. You can’t write this stuff. You couldn’t promote him behind the scenes, you had to do it on your show opener. It’s that sort of facade that people see through. And Twitch’s girl saying when you’re at the top, people try to take you down...sounds like Democrats talking about the rich, but I’m sure that’s who they constantly vote for! They love it when it’s other rich people getting trashed, but when it’s them, suddenly they talk like a Republican.

    iThomasiThomas3 hours ago
  • I cannot stand this woman!!! She thinks it's fun to bully her staff for her own entertainment and make herself feel better!!!! Well anyone who has to do that is a low life... just disappear, you won't be missed!!!!!!

    Bev MorrisBev Morris5 hours ago
  • This woman moaned about lockdown while living in her big mansion so what does that really say about her so to say she knew nothing is a total lie spewing from her mouth. Esther ranson said the same about jimmy saville at the bbc but opened Childline to cover her ass cos she knew the story was going to break one day

    Marcella SheridanMarcella Sheridan7 hours ago
  • '..people who are on top' ohh, f u

    Kat. MlKat. Ml8 hours ago
  • it's interesting to study all the years www.betterworldinternational.org/blog/ellen-degeneres-making-world-better-place/

    CoachPiuzeCoachPiuze8 hours ago
  • 2020 is just getting better and better

    Creepy FantasyCreepy Fantasy10 hours ago
  • USkeys is blocking me from commenting RIGHT NOW

    Cassandra LeSureCassandra LeSure10 hours ago
    • Stop vanishing my comments USkeys😠😠😠😠

      Cassandra LeSureCassandra LeSure10 hours ago
  • A leopard dose not change its spots ,at 60 Ellen will not re invent herself for the better

    Don ArmstrongDon Armstrong15 hours ago
  • Damn what happens to these big stars on what kinda person they become . My mom met her b4 she was famous they actually went to the same highschool and she said she was the sweetest person back then and now look at her.. money and fame changes people for the worst at times.

    Sam Highskyrider FSam Highskyrider F23 hours ago
  • RIP ELLEN....

    j axe soaresj axe soaresDay ago
  • Rip ellen

    Takamoe EdwardsTakamoe EdwardsDay ago
  • Ellen I find u attractive

    Spiritual GuruSpiritual GuruDay ago
  • Of course Twitch is going to throw the blame somewhere else. He just got a big promotion and $$$$$. I can’t stand to even look at him after this. 🤑🤑

    Maggie McGillicuttyMaggie McGillicuttyDay ago
  • Stop trying to cancel her!! 😂😂

    Emma OnalikEmma OnalikDay ago
  • Okay, but why is she apologizing to us tho? Shouldn't she be like, apologizing to her staff in private, you know, the one she verbally abused?

    Alcer DemonAlcer DemonDay ago
  • nasty humen

    Itstrue mammanonItstrue mammanonDay ago
  • POS

    Ding DongDing DongDay ago
  • RIP Ellen... new subscriber here I'm also a singer&songwriter.

    I Am GinieI Am GinieDay ago
  • At least .. She hosted GW Bush ... The worst war criminal the modern world has ever seen ... So I can believe every single word about Ellen ... If u are a good person, U care about animals and Humans ... Has she ever talked about wars that caused by the American Addiction of Oil ...No, why ?! Because she is a tepical white american person ...

    Tarek Al-DeebTarek Al-DeebDay ago
  • Should’ve sent out this apology when she back a famous person into a corner with wine and trying to force out wether or not she was pregnant. How shitty. If I were famous I wouldn’t come out to my fans about my pregnancy until I knew that it was fully set in. A week after she was on the show she had a miscarriage. It’s really sad. Btw - I’m not saying the famous persons name because I am a very dumb person and I’m afraid I’ll get the name wrong lmao.

    Unwanted ChildUnwanted ChildDay ago
  • Cult

    Mystery ManMystery ManDay ago
  • Ellen Degenerate

    WM 1032WM 1032Day ago
  • Hey twitch I give you this your smart what else could you say. You deserve your new position

    Kathy EnglandKathy EnglandDay ago
  • Someone needs to take the trash out. 🗑 . She needs a can of WhoopAss! I can’t stand her! His wifey is way way more beautiful than this trash 🗑

    Twinkie GurlTwinkie GurlDay ago
  • I LOVE ELLEN 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    Vanessa MrazVanessa Mraz2 days ago
  • Ellen is a B word

    Some ThingSome Thing2 days ago
  • Terrible editing. This video sucks.

    The Dark SideThe Dark Side2 days ago
  • Ellen: and I want to apologize to all of you for what I did, it was very wrong and I am very sorry. I would like to just want to move on and live a normal life, you know get a job and a wife, and change my ways.

    Bolden SharkBolden Shark2 days ago
  • Ellen is SUCH a lying piece of crap, abusive, sexist, too much. RIP Ellen.

    Tony CTony C2 days ago
  • " I'm sorry that I got caught "

    Stretched AlmondStretched Almond2 days ago
  • she's always been a bully.... masking her meanness n pranks and jokes; you know "just kiddin" is the official slogan for bullies, eh

    opiumsaleopiumsale2 days ago
  • ✨ Fuck ellen ✨

    grape juicegrape juice2 days ago
  • Liar liar pants on fire

    FunkyvioLinFunkyvioLin2 days ago
  • RIP ELLEN 😤😤😤😤

    Valerie NunuValerie Nunu2 days ago
  • you know whats hilarious, everyone inside the industry put up with this bs, I mean Hollywood literally allowed this to happen on lie tv and no one did shit about it. Why do these celebrities have so much power and why do people keep feeding her the power. This isn't he first celebrity I've seen in a situation like this. The fact that a person is even allowed to do what she did makes me think humanity in Hollywood doesn't exist. No one ever decided to stop this before so many people got humiliated and ridiculed? No one from the audience or the backstage managers. Makes me think the HR department or maybe even the rest of the hierarchy managing this are as responsible and can't be trusted. Also connects to how and why people like Chris Hemsworth decide to live outside Hollywood area. I mean the mere fact that people continued to watch this regardless is horrifying to me.

    Rishabh ChatterjeeRishabh Chatterjee2 days ago
  • Stupid bitch

    TheTruth TELLERTheTruth TELLER2 days ago
  • ellen is married to portia de rossi.. another piece of shit same as her. need i say more..

    (((Only_ZuuL)))(((Only_ZuuL)))2 days ago
  • Some things will never change!

    Bob RockBob Rock2 days ago

    Ruben DefourRuben Defour2 days ago
  • Oh Ellen been caught red handed its time for an "apology" then.

    andy peteandy pete2 days ago
  • RIP ELLEN ... I mean she’s lucky she has such a loyal friend but everyone can’t be lying

    Petty LaBellePetty LaBelle2 days ago
    • RIP YOU,

      irene morleyirene morley10 hours ago
  • Be kind

    Ace BorneoAce Borneo2 days ago
  • You got caught! Fakes Ellen! She think she all that! Go away Ellen!

    Christy BChristy B3 days ago
  • Fuck Ellen lmao 😂😂

    Wee WooWee Woo3 days ago
  • Your Trash and Your Freak Show you Run should be shut down

    Fishing Bandit SilvaFishing Bandit Silva3 days ago
  • “I try to stay humble” You’re not humble Ellen...

    Elmo Missing!!!Elmo Missing!!!3 days ago
  • Oh bull miss humble

    Elliott FoutsElliott Fouts3 days ago
  • Liar

    deze planeetbewonerdeze planeetbewoner3 days ago
  • 0:16 He knows who they are ... And they will be fired eventually.

    Deb KDeb K3 days ago
  • Sad twat

    ben lben l3 days ago
  • Total hypocrite. She did not practice what she preached. So quick to condem others

  • Saying "People got time" is a dumbass way to say it

    Gkgkjg Hi gugggGkgkjg Hi guggg3 days ago
  • Love you Ellen but you need to appreciate you employees and love yourself. You will think of your self in there. We love you

    Terry BlevinsTerry Blevins3 days ago
  • Shes so nasty I bet she hasn't washed her strap-on in 10 yrs...

    violentjettviolentjett3 days ago
  • Yet she still has her show, sponsors, and money. Hmmm. I wonder if she wasn’t a lefty gay woman if this sh*t would still fly?

    Mr. NobodyMr. Nobody3 days ago
  • But what about all the kids she/it killed?

    Missy The CatMissy The Cat3 days ago
  • a liberal workplace is usually toxic

    President Donald J TrumpPresident Donald J Trump3 days ago
  • Piss off..ellen and you can kiss my ass...devil

    renocaveman OnRushrenocaveman OnRush3 days ago
  • can someone tell me what is going on why people are saying bad things about Ellen? coz I have no idea why she’s getting all this hate and what she did for people to hate on her like this

    Judith GazikJudith Gazik3 days ago
  • There's nothing worse than a victim who has experienced any level of violence to have their experience discredited by someone because they had a different experience than them. Comments have been flying out for years of her sometimes fairly unsavoury temperament. I personally believe in their experience.

    Maria CollsMaria Colls3 days ago
  • Fuck you Ellen

    Craig ShannonCraig Shannon3 days ago
  • 👇🏾y’all really doing too much😂😂for it to not have nun to do with y’all

    Bathsheba BoutiqueBathsheba Boutique3 days ago
  • Cray cray

    A OrsiA Orsi3 days ago
  • Elllen Degenerate

    DEXELDEXEL3 days ago

    Elizabeth MinehElizabeth Mineh4 days ago
  • What’s the name of the background music

    Karyon Their StoryKaryon Their Story4 days ago
  • Great someone expose buzz feed now

    Carbon LifeCarbon Life4 days ago
  • He/she/zur/zim/bezur is a UGLY FRUAD

    Tyson KayTyson Kay4 days ago
  • I would never be able to watch finding nemo and finding dory ever again...

    Itz_Gacha-Jessi_PlayzItz_Gacha-Jessi_Playz4 days ago
  • Who is this guy?

    thomas rogersthomas rogers4 days ago
  • Fuck you, inbred keebler elf. Disappear with the Clintons and Obamas.

    KbhollaKbholla4 days ago
  • All the dislikes says it all

    W CW C4 days ago
  • What even happened

    I goo GooI goo Goo4 days ago
  • *Serious intro* DO YOU WANNA WIN AN IPHONE!!!!111!!1!!!!1!1!111!!

    Ara SevenAra Seven4 days ago
  • “I’m sorry (that I may have derailed the gravy train that my snotty, entitled ass was riding for years and years).” What a piece of human fucking debris.

    Virtual Pro Wrestling MatchesVirtual Pro Wrestling Matches4 days ago
  • Her eye twitched when she said she stays humble...her body knows she's lying 🤥

    Exactly RightExactly Right4 days ago
  • I’ve noticed through out the recent months in lieu of a very socially chaotic time, with celebrities of all calibers being in the “ hot seat” insincere apologizing seems to be the thing to do,but when you’ve been caught. Lol. Hilarious.

    Gee MedinaGee Medina4 days ago
  • It's nice to have the opportunity to give my opinion on his show. In a word, 'bullshit'. Doesn't make me laugh at all.

    gyp3xp48gyp3xp484 days ago
  • Who's next? Oprah?

    Маша ВошкинаМаша Вошкина4 days ago
  • haters will always spread negativity!

    Jodie HuntJodie Hunt4 days ago
  • You are a liar and a piece of shit. I hope you lose it all FREAK

    mr anthonystuffmr anthonystuff4 days ago

    October ideaOctober idea4 days ago
  • Six commercials for a nine min segment?! I don’t begrudge a person needling to make a living through advertisements. I do it my self, but this is excessive and harms the flow of the story. DOWN VOTING ON PRINCIPLE

    Kevin RubioKevin Rubio4 days ago
  • She's sorry all right that it was discovered that she's an entitled, elitist, narcissistic, hypocritical, phony. No news to most.

    Joseph KearnyJoseph Kearny4 days ago
  • Ellen is like that annoying kid who thinks he is funny but is not.

    Key Epic PranksKey Epic Pranks4 days ago
    • Bruh, you literally copied one of the top comments in the comment section.

      JustAPersonJustAPersonDay ago
    • She has never been funny. They media brain washed you

      Маша ВошкинаМаша Вошкина4 days ago
  • "They're only sorry when they get caught." - Everyone

    Key Epic PranksKey Epic Pranks4 days ago
    • They only copy if you’re dumb as fck - everyone

      vor 15 Jahrenvor 15 Jahren2 days ago
    • Is that what society has come to. Im actually scared.

      andy peteandy pete2 days ago
    • Mc Jesus Yeah he is a bot who does that on every vid and uses a sub bot to get verified

      Stratum MCStratum MC3 days ago
    • Nigga you literally copied one of the top comments

      Mc JesusMc Jesus4 days ago
  • This has really turned my life around....I am so happy for Allen! Thank You, Mr Degenerate!

    Mike beemmanMike beemman4 days ago

    Tebello RamponeTebello Rampone4 days ago
  • She was part of a child trafficking network, she should be on jail.

    paco ramonpaco ramon4 days ago
  • What did she do?

    Tiana CTiana C4 days ago
  • rest in peace? More like rest in pieces😗 she got exactly what she deserves🙂 The definition of “only sorry you got caught”

    Leila LyonsLeila Lyons5 days ago
  • I actually liked Ellen I fell bad for her and some part of me don’t because what’s in the dark will come to the light

    Alexis BellAlexis Bell5 days ago
  • Why only now after nearly 20years they only complain now I don't believe it about people its just bullshit

    Amanda KellyAmanda Kelly5 days ago
  • RIP Ellen

    Rayven In WonderlandRayven In Wonderland5 days ago

    Justine PanzarellaJustine Panzarella6 days ago
  • Yeah the giveaway link doesn't work.

    Justine PanzarellaJustine Panzarella6 days ago