kissing women prank but the only woman i kiss is my grandma

Feb 12, 2020
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in this cool prank i kiss a lady
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  • nobody better kiss my grandma while i am away in LA or i will cyberbully you on my twitter account which is @Gusbuckets

    Gus JohnsonGus Johnson7 months ago
    • have you got back there yet

      Shrek In A BoxShrek In A BoxMonth ago
    • Awesome plug

      Farhan SherzadFarhan SherzadMonth ago
    • I have house insurance which covers cyber bullying! Go for it I got those sweet lips! ;) but 4 real sweet grandma Gus!

      Wasted Youth ProductionsWasted Youth ProductionsMonth ago
    • 1:07 Gus

      MrBeast The bestMrBeast The best2 months ago
    • Girl how old is your grandma she looking good AF

      Mitch Mine ShafterMitch Mine Shafter3 months ago
  • Him with his grandma was the cutest thing I've ever seen

    Black_Leg_SanjiBlack_Leg_Sanji20 hours ago
  • This could be a Family Guy cutaway

    choppa146choppa14623 hours ago
  • This is so wholesome I can’t

    MushbrainMushbrainDay ago
  • omg omg can you do the prank where you hide in your own house??

    Roblox BuildsRoblox Builds2 days ago
  • Guilty of kissing my gmom on the lips..

    MVitoMVito3 days ago
  • Has this video just been an excuse just to see your grandma

    Pierson DenningPierson Denning5 days ago
  • Mad wholesome my guy

    Ignacio perezIgnacio perez6 days ago
  • ... this is so cute

    Lena RimmerLena Rimmer6 days ago
  • I left a like.......because I wish I could give my nanny a kiss still.

    thesinaclwonthesinaclwon7 days ago
  • This is what I'm talkin about this is more your speed Gus. Funniest video you ever made and it's weird because......... You are not funny

    gare beargare bear7 days ago
  • I love your grandma. Tell her I said hi.

    Miss CinnyMiss Cinny8 days ago

    libby 05libby 059 days ago
  • gottem

    Mr. GoodMr. Good9 days ago
  • not me crying right now bc that was so sweet

    Emma StohlmanEmma Stohlman11 days ago
  • Best video ever.

    Garrett GriffinGarrett Griffin12 days ago
  • how it got that wholesome man? :')

    Raj _11Raj _1112 days ago
  • Next stop terminal lumbago

    Yasintheyeetboi yeetYasintheyeetboi yeet12 days ago

    Mmm, MeMmm, Me13 days ago
  • Grandmas are the best man.... Too bad she blew up ...

    The HonklerThe Honkler13 days ago
  • I hope he spent more time with his Gramma while he was there

    Jordan BeagleJordan Beagle14 days ago
  • Structure of this was video was great, the build up was perfect!

    brendan grahambrendan graham15 days ago
  • I was just imagining the whole travel sequence to just have ‘500 miles’ by The Proclaimers playing in the background...

    Tick TickTick Tick15 days ago
  • Grandmas are the best

    Chris RiedleckerChris Riedlecker15 days ago
  • Epic being nice to grandma prank

    kind_Mudkip YTkind_Mudkip YT15 days ago
  • So wholesome🥰

    Lexxie ReevesLexxie Reeves15 days ago
  • The kick at the end Made my brain go boom

    giacomo scandurragiacomo scandurra16 days ago
  • The music is on point

    JoyStickJackGamingJoyStickJackGaming16 days ago
  • He's so wholesome :)

    ImBreadImBread16 days ago

    ??? butler??? butler16 days ago
    • Also this video was so wholesome

      ??? butler??? butler16 days ago
  • Gus, you will get a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

    willisticwillistic17 days ago
  • Exact number of kisses in this epic prank video: 2 (in words, two).

    MartyKayMartyKay18 days ago
  • Oh my god this was adorable

    Raelynn O'ConnorRaelynn O'Connor18 days ago
  • Wholesome as puppy pie! Thank you for sharing your family son!!❤️

    Diggy GorgonzolaDiggy Gorgonzola18 days ago
  • ❤❤❤

    Mr. BiswasMr. Biswas20 days ago
  • is nobody gonna talk about how wholesome this video is? smh

    ole bruuumole bruuum21 day ago
  • Hey Prankinvasion called, he wants his "pranks" back and said your moustache is uncool

    Vinegar CheesecakeVinegar Cheesecake21 day ago
  • Those kissing pranks arent pranks

    Muctebrrr MobileMuctebrrr Mobile22 days ago
  • This was the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I lost my grandma a couple years ago and this reminded me of her and I started crying. Though my heart is also so happy because it made me think of the wonderful times I had with her. Thanks Gus!

    Emily ArnoldEmily Arnold24 days ago
  • Gus I bet your grandma is happy their in the same family as you.

    Brooklyn McGilliganBrooklyn McGilligan24 days ago
  • Good thing this video was done pre-covid in America

    AyeNyneAyeNyne26 days ago
  • Fun fact: The budget of this video is 3 million dollars.

    Rosey CupcakeRosey Cupcake26 days ago
  • This is so wholesome.

    InternetUserInternetUser26 days ago
  • This made me miss my grandma... to bad she’s dead :\

  • G MONEY PRANKS (in bounce effect)

    Hippy ZHippy Z28 days ago
  • I am never going to be sad again after watching this, it just isn't possible

    I'm Sorry RumhamI'm Sorry Rumham28 days ago
  • gaaaaah such a sweet lady!!

    echelon chickechelon chick28 days ago
  • Brings tears to my eyes. Nobody is better than grandma. Nobody genuinely loves you more than grandma.

    st0rts .97st0rts .9728 days ago
  • when you listen to too much yung boi

    Thor Of MopeThor Of Mope29 days ago
  • This makes me feel like when I'm at my great grandpa, with the door and everything, this is so wholesome.

    ospray 101ospray 101Month ago
  • This is honestly the most wholesome content on youtube

    7/11 was a part time job7/11 was a part time jobMonth ago
  • It fucks my world up kinda, watching a wholesome interaction between grandma and grandson leading into “alright guys!!! That’s another one of our videos “!!!

    solomon nguyensolomon nguyenMonth ago
  • such a wholesome video well deserved like to dislike ratio

    ApackaluApackaluMonth ago
  • To all the dummys out there, this is making fun of prank nation. LOOOOOOl ts funny.

    Jordan BrownJordan BrownMonth ago
  • awwwww

    Messizosii i3Messizosii i3Month ago
  • It's 11:36 pm on a Friday night and I'm wheezing at the title pls help

    lazyleavesxlazyleavesxMonth ago
  • So wholesome

    Carson OrchardCarson OrchardMonth ago
  • Awwwww 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

    salih alsahalysalih alsahalyMonth ago
  • You should slow down on these pranks

    Anna DamszyAnna DamszyMonth ago
  • GG Gus

    Glowie1's SpotlightGlowie1's SpotlightMonth ago
  • he do be shmoovin' though

    Prime minister SinisterPrime minister SinisterMonth ago
  • I’m absolutely convinced that his grandma had no idea there was a video being filmed

    Seize the Means of ReproductionSeize the Means of ReproductionMonth ago
  • That looked like the half-life tram wtf

    Stormraider8910Stormraider8910Month ago

    sqxndalsqxndalMonth ago
  • Seems like a expensive video..

    Andrej BicokAndrej BicokMonth ago
  • This is the most wholesome video he’s ever made.

    NathanishungryNathanishungryMonth ago
  • Awwwwwwwww

    Steve McLeaveSteve McLeaveMonth ago
  • You'd better have brought that woman an 🍊.

    Cam BryanCam BryanMonth ago
  • Gussss!!!!! don't touch grmanda becuse the cornsvirs!!!!!111111

    Tim K.Tim K.Month ago
  • Everybody needs to do a video with their Gramma.

    Nik GalegoNik GalegoMonth ago
  • This is so wholesome !

    Father of furbsFather of furbsMonth ago
  • Yo sick prank. +100 Respect +100 Gangster Level -100 Ability to find true love.

    The BlackSludgeThe BlackSludgeMonth ago
  • Your grandma seems so nice

    - Flubber -- Flubber -Month ago
  • Give your grandma all of our love♡

    wellhellotherewellhellothereMonth ago
  • Do pranked

    QuirktartQuirktartMonth ago

    TheFatOneTheFatOneMonth ago
  • I bet the true prank is he never came back 😔

    Ack AckAck AckMonth ago
  • this is so wholesome, best satire ever

    SomeSortofWeebSomeSortofWeebMonth ago
  • Cutest frickin thing I’ve ever seen

    Sam ArchibaldSam ArchibaldMonth ago
  • His grandma remind me of my great grandmother who recently passed away she is so nice and gives u a warm feeling

    Savage Kid889Savage Kid889Month ago
  • The like to dislike ratio is astonishing

    ihabinionihabinionMonth ago
    • I have literally no idea how anyone disliked the video

      I'm not FelixI'm not Felix26 days ago
  • Hope your grandma stays safe and healthy during these times

    inFAMOUSinFAMOUSMonth ago
  • she looks like she smells like love and cookies

    brooklynn fancybrooklynn fancyMonth ago

    Daniel LehmanDaniel LehmanMonth ago
  • So badass

    Mur- phyMur- phyMonth ago
  • Did you actually fly all the way home to give your grandma a kiss? Lol

    Devin BrownDevin BrownMonth ago
  • This didn’t age well

    Johnathan BendwickJohnathan BendwickMonth ago
  • found you

    evergreen2yevergreen2yMonth ago
  • i don't want to feel good, I want to be evil.

    Nivek NyugenNivek NyugenMonth ago
  • Dude this was unscripted I’m crying

    SomebodySomebodyMonth ago
  • This is wholesome 😌

    thomas harrisonthomas harrisonMonth ago
  • This is the best like to dislike ratio I have ever seen in a video, omg.

    NebulisterNebulisterMonth ago
  • Gus is a total chad

    Brendan ParnellBrendan ParnellMonth ago
  • Remember Pre-covid when we could still visit our grandma's? :(

    Kelley ZornesKelley ZornesMonth ago
  • Got em.

    Angel TorresAngel TorresMonth ago
  • this makes me wanna see my gram gram before she turns into dust

    draco the dragondraco the dragonMonth ago
  • God damn this is wholesome

    Time is outTime is outMonth ago
  • This was a delight.

    CatherineCatherineMonth ago
  • This is so cute tho 🥰

    JSSRocketJSSRocketMonth ago
  • This guy is mad.

    HespiHespiMonth ago