Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov: Special episode of 'Dagestan: Land of Warriors'

Jul 6, 2020
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Footage used in this film was shot in October 2019 for the fifth installment of the documentary series Dagestan: Land of Warriors. Due to the tragic death of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, we are now releasing this episode unnumbered, as a tribute to the life of Khabib Nurmagomedov's father and coach, Dagestan’s leading MMA trainer and one of the main supporters of combat sports in Russia.
FIRST EPISODE: uskeys.net/watch/l027P8kkQDw-video.html
SECOND EPISODE: uskeys.net/watch/-Z9heFkh80k-video.html
THIRD EPISODE: uskeys.net/watch/gUsF35fZuN8-video.html
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  • Dagestan: Land of Warriors FIRST EPISODE: uskeys.net/watch/l027P8kkQDw-video.html SECOND EPISODE: uskeys.net/watch/-Z9heFkh80k-video.html THIRD EPISODE: uskeys.net/watch/gUsF35fZuN8-video.html

    RT Sport MMART Sport MMA5 months ago
    • Вера в себя Сила Воли

      Samsung ак S6Samsung ак S6Month ago
    • Could you please to make Documentary Film about Mother of Khabib Nurmagedov, too. Because a great person like Khabib born from the womb of an extraordinary mother.

      dark facedark faceMonth ago
    • Thats why 29-0 same blood....khabib

      vintage zeevanvintage zeevanMonth ago
    • Joylari jannatdan bo'lsin!

      Foziljon BegimovFoziljon BegimovMonth ago
    • Watched this after khabib retired. May Allah be pleased with man and grant him jannah and his family sabrun jameel and peace and sakina forever, ameen yaa Rabb. From South Africa 🇿🇦

      MrMoss786MrMoss786Month ago
  • he is really a special!

    V3d M3hV3d M3hDay ago

    Шота СалукариШота СалукариDay ago
  • El-Fatiha for this man

    Maher BeRainMaher BeRain3 days ago
  • What an absolute legend, history will remember him as one of the best coaches of all time.

    Mohdrizal RizalMohdrizal Rizal5 days ago
  • RIP legend

    Callum KentCallum Kent10 days ago
  • What he said at the end "They will show their level in the next 2-3 years". That was the prediction from a God fearing man and a champion coach. UFC tighten the seat belts. Dagestani warriors are coming. Fearless, humble, strong and with proper technique. Lethal combination and too much to cope with

    Azad KaleelAzad Kaleel10 days ago
  • R. I. P Legend 🙏

    Alexis VicentAlexis Vicent11 days ago
  • We see you in Jennah Ins Allah

    yassine jansenyassine jansen13 days ago
  • You are the best, we all miss you. You make khabib the best and the respect men of the UFC. You teach him not only to fight but also a good muslim brother. You derserve the best respect RIP we all der you in heaven Insh Allah

    yassine jansenyassine jansen13 days ago
  • To Abdulmanap, you truly are a remarkable human being! I have the upmost respect of how you carry yourself and of course how you train your fighters. Im very humbled when I watch videos of you and khabib and how your guys legacy will always bring meaning to my life. Thank you for teaching me these values and may you rest in peace! May Allah bless you!!!!!

    kuihekili82kuihekili8214 days ago
  • Great man!pocivaj u miru g.Abdulmanap

    Kaali SurferKaali Surfer14 days ago
  • That guy was a King 🤴

    Omar CallesOmar Calles14 days ago
  • Rıp 🕋🕌🕋

    Adem GünAdem Gün14 days ago
  • POLAND❤😢😢😢

  • POLIS ❤❤😢

  • He was happy ..❤️

    Tito BrozziTito Brozzi15 days ago
  • Rest in Peace, but i thing Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov never die from Covid19!!

    PLO RIP tayarPLO RIP tayar15 days ago
  • I stand and I salute this great man ... We love you sir your a Legend.. The people of Kashmir/ Pakistan

    Marium RajaMarium Raja15 days ago
  • Please make film👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Danial JamalDanial Jamal15 days ago
  • انا لله وانا اليه راجعون ☝🏾

    atunatun15 days ago

    Игорек86Игорек8616 days ago
  • Amin!

    Тебе Рад помочьТебе Рад помочь16 days ago
  • Амин!

    Тебе Рад помочьТебе Рад помочь16 days ago
  • الله يرحمه.

    Muhammad AladdinMuhammad Aladdin17 days ago
  • Un grand monsieur

    la frappe du bresilsla frappe du bresils18 days ago
  • Allahummagfirlahu warhamhu wa'afihi wa'fuanhu

    Roronoa EngkusRoronoa Engkus18 days ago
  • this man can do anything...economist, account...and MMA coach...what a unique combination...great man!!

    Ricky BalboaRicky Balboa18 days ago
  • The moment when you see him laughing or smiling ...

    Zain BEN SALEHZain BEN SALEH18 days ago
  • The more I learn about this man. The more I get inspired.

    Hollow KingHollow King19 days ago
  • Абдулманап напоминает моего тренера А.А.Федорича тоже делает много для молодежи пгт Демьянова благодарен таким людям дух воспитывают

    sailer saisailer sai19 days ago
  • 1,2K of idiots... RIP Abdulmanap.

    SpiritoLibero - Tribe of TalentsSpiritoLibero - Tribe of Talents20 days ago
    • _Casual Brother!!_

      Bumi KartaBumi KartaDay ago
  • He trained a whole generation , must been proud of his son.

    bachobanbachoban20 days ago
  • i never meet this man..he just kind.. humble.. just like father figure. i dont know why i cry while watchiny this. Al-Fatihah may Allah Grant him high rank in Jannah. love from Malaysia ♥️

    Nosmalija YunosNosmalija Yunos20 days ago
  • Habib..anywhere on the globe loves so much an EAGLE!im Ur fan..bcoz of ur hardship in every fight.not bcoz u intertained people and me😭😭,i feel ur hardship in the cage..that made my heart cry😭😭 i feel so sorry that just ds last week of oct.2020 that i have an idea about ur career nd fame😭😭😭😭im just an ordinary busy mother that dont have much time watching you tube,tv fb..maybe ths why😭😭😭😭 i pray to ALLAH i can talk to u somedy in any possible way.😭😭😭😭😭im so proud of u...😭😭😭😭😭i hope u can read my mssge..INSHA ALLAH idnt know ur exact/real fb or instagram accnt.i hope someone can helpme send this messge to you😭😭😭😭..im jamelah from masiu Lanao del sur, philppines..i love ur natural life than ur fame😭😭😭!i love ur vedio while u are carrying ur shoes with bagpack, i felt ur natural life in that vedio and i said i love ur natural life than ur fame😭😭.i pray to ALLAH that somdy ill be one of those people u know even only here on social media..we love u for the sake o ALLAH..salam to ur family especially to ur mother...ur community is so nice ..seems like many people there are good and kind..indeed, there is such thing as IMPOSSIBLE, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to be able to come to ur community..what a good amazing place..

    Jamelah MacabangkitJamelah Macabangkit20 days ago
  • I can only imagine how he misses his dad such a sad story seeing this and much of a impact he had on people

    Kulas BbKulas Bb21 day ago
  • How did he die so fast this video is 4 months old

    Besian QevaniBesian Qevani21 day ago
  • Masha Allah what a great man. May Allah swt raise him high in Jannah.

    AbdAbd22 days ago
  • 😢May allah azawajel bless your soul akhy l aziz you gave us a great champion yo admire you can rest easy now ❤️🕊️

  • Great man ...RIP from a orthodox Christian brother.

    Tnt BTnt B23 days ago
  • may Allah have mercy on his soul, aameen

    Muhammad Nadeem ShahzadMuhammad Nadeem Shahzad23 days ago
  • 4:33 Pak ogah di Russia

    Yandri FadliYandri Fadli23 days ago
  • Абдулманап, великий тренер 🔥♥️

    АСААСА24 days ago
  • RIP master

    JoeJoe24 days ago
  • Rip Abdulmanap you left having trained champions and your lessons will be passed on for future generations, true here is a real man having accomplished good things in life, be proud brothers of Dagestan! 🙏👏☝

    Old Bulgaria NationalismOld Bulgaria Nationalism24 days ago
  • What an amazing, humble gentleman ♥️🌹♥️

  • his father was MURDERED.

    Bigspliff26Bigspliff2625 days ago
  • Mais Condoléances a tte la famille. Bravo pour le reportage respect.

    Momo BenMomo Ben26 days ago
  • When will the episode 5 of Dagestan come , it's really interesting

    Mohammed Abdul BaseerMohammed Abdul Baseer26 days ago
  • What an example of what a father, teacher, Man should be

    Shafiq TokhiShafiq Tokhi26 days ago
  • This is a terrible and stupid question I don't wanna ask but how did he die I mean he's in such a great shape better then most young ones, this question just had me wondering. Laillaha ilalah

    EmadiEmadi26 days ago
  • ca joue au foot tranquille rien avoir avec la mentalite des combattants francais..

    casen lemafécasen lemafé27 days ago
  • He loves and obeys Allah in his life, he will be put in heaven(Jannah), aamiin♥️

    Asma FadzilahAsma Fadzilah27 days ago
  • Great person respect from poland

    Damian GradeckiDamian Gradecki27 days ago
  • awesome. i agree with everything he says. so many great fighters out of russia. a lot of discipline and hard work from them and they always respect their opponents

    Jangroyvia CresloviniaJangroyvia Creslovinia27 days ago
  • I miss this man I teared up about him and he's not even my father. Cannot imagine Khabibs pain. May Allah reunite Father and Son in Jannah

    abzy3k1abzy3k128 days ago
  • الله يرحمك ويغفر لك الى جنات النعيم ان شاء الله

    خالد موسى البلوشي دلوشخالد موسى البلوشي دلوش28 days ago
  • Лучше бы Дагестан был не землёй войнов, а землёй учёных, культуры, развития, науки, образования, инноваций... Дагестан - дотационная земля. Так точнее

    Андрей ЕАндрей Е28 days ago
  • Respect to the man behind the man

    Indus AnonIndus Anon29 days ago
  • POLAND : a wonderful man. He raised wonderful sons, modest and character. RESPECT !!!‼️💪

    TomaszekTomaszek29 days ago
  • He had multiple wives. I don’t care what he did for sports that’s just wrong

    Joygernaut MJoygernaut M29 days ago
    • _Who said that??,Even if it's true, what's the problem??.Basd on Statistics,The number of men in Dagestan was lower than the number of women!!!!_ _king solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines,Now imagine youre livng in t time of king solomon😅_ *Just because you don't like it,doesn't mean it's wrong!!*

      Bumi KartaBumi KartaDay ago
  • allah wykorzystaj co do ciebie wpada

    Billion lat pięknaBillion lat piękna29 days ago
  • Sorry for your Father🤲🏻🤲🏻

    Sukai PennSukai Penn29 days ago
  • Peace and Blessings 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

    Sukai PennSukai Penn29 days ago
  • Glory to be Allah ♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️

    Sukai PennSukai Penn29 days ago
  • Because Abdulmanap coached and raised a star, he should be honored as superstar.

    Memoirs of a DudeMemoirs of a DudeMonth ago
  • Khabib's father was a great person

    EugenioJorgeEugenioJorgeMonth ago

    Recep ÇOŞKUNRecep ÇOŞKUNMonth ago
  • RIP Abdul

    gazmend radoniqigazmend radoniqiMonth ago
  • Allah rahmet eylesin

    erkan partalerkan partalMonth ago
  • An admirable life, greetings from Chile. 🙏

    Rakesh GoklaniRakesh GoklaniMonth ago
  • Спасибо

    Акмал АзизовАкмал АзизовMonth ago
  • Пусть будет в раю харошый добрый человек земля будет пухом ему

    kuku 1967kuku 1967Month ago
  • Дядя манап 😒😒😒

    Captain JackCaptain JackMonth ago
  • Дизлайки поставили те, чьих кумиров побил Хабиб!!!

  • Благадарю вас за ваше понимание за веру, за любовь, 🇩🇪 с вами люди которые понимают что вы прошли, пот труд за цель в жизни любовь и респект,Папа с большой буквы спасибо за кадры

    Anna IsgörenAnna IsgörenMonth ago
  • He is the commander....

    Subash BcaSubash BcaMonth ago
  • Legend

    Ak AliAk AliMonth ago
  • psl name song 0:10

    Ильяс АкиевИльяс АкиевMonth ago
  • What a great man and father, he accomplished so much in his lifetime. He may no longer be with us but his legacy will live on forever.

    2.FRESH! 762.FRESH! 76Month ago
  • Абдулманап гнида

    Ержан StandoffЕржан StandoffMonth ago
  • Я не фанат Хабиба но отца его уважаю. Хороший был человек и так воспитать детей и сделать сына чемпионом. Одним словом хороший человек иманды болсын!

    Ruslan DyusenbaevRuslan DyusenbaevMonth ago
  • 🖤🙏R.I.P

    Leon KingLeon KingMonth ago
  • Rest In Peace!

    The NerdyThe NerdyMonth ago
  • German please

    Carlos KaffenbergerCarlos KaffenbergerMonth ago
  • رحمة الله عليه. إنا لله وإنا إليه لراجعون.

    airfransaairfransaMonth ago
  • The world needs such people to give advices young generation and support them. Thanks for your doings Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov.

    Vuqar QasimovVuqar QasimovMonth ago
  • Idk how to let religion in my life, I want to but just don't know how? I've tried saying "you're real" but just nothing works:(

    thom0041 thom0041thom0041 thom0041Month ago
    • _So???_

      Bumi KartaBumi KartaDay ago
  • good man, gave good education to his son.

    Audi MelsomAudi MelsomMonth ago
  • abdulmanap literally started a factory of fighters, what a man

    ryan bhambraryan bhambraMonth ago
  • His hands were crazy big

    Omar AbdullahOmar AbdullahMonth ago
  • Such a great character! Not many are as lucky as Khabib, to have him around from day 1. RIP, his legacy lives on.

    Ivailo MarkovIvailo MarkovMonth ago
  • My people we are from there Qirim to Dagestan Dagestan to Turkistan Turkistan to turkey...we don’t fight for bullshit we fight our family...Tanri Turku korusun...

    serdar yasserdar yasMonth ago
  • 09:57 the way father help his son.. we are always his little son =)

    sarah indah lestarisarah indah lestariMonth ago
  • He is similar to the creed 2 Rocky

    Abdullah ShariffAbdullah ShariffMonth ago
  • Rest in peace , hope u are in a good place

    Vagabond MasllaniVagabond MasllaniMonth ago
  • Just to let you know that was the mafia taxing the roads cause mother RUSSIA has shit out there ............. 4:00 See the way he reacts to him talking about youth ?????

    yeah NOyeah NOMonth ago
    • @yeah NO 🤷‍♂️

      Bumi KartaBumi KartaDay ago
    • nothing man nothing

      yeah NOyeah NODay ago
    • _What are you talking about??_

      Bumi KartaBumi KartaDay ago
  • Ya Allah grant him a good place in Jannah. Aamiin.

    Fadzel NorFadzel NorMonth ago
  • Such an inspiration RIP

    ZESPIZESPIMonth ago
  • One legend , one story what an amazing man from Dagestan. Nothing better than this video for the soul of this awesome heart Abdulmanap Nurmegamedov !! RIP legend , your son will drive everything in the best way you've wanted !!! This brave man is a big loss for Dagestan...!!