Dixie and I Reveal the Morphe 2 Makeup Line | Charli D'Amelio

Jul 30, 2020
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hi everybody! well it's finally here! dixie and I have been keeping this a secret for so long. we've partnered with Morphe to launch the new Morphe 2 collection and we couldn't be more excited!! we love so many things about this collection and in this video, we are seeing the finished products for the first time, we tell you all about the products and share which ones are our favorites. we really hope you like the collection as much as we do! you can shop the Morphe 2 collection here: www.morphe.com/collections/morphe-2
don’t forget to use my code CHARLI for 10% off Morphe 2 and all other Morphe products!
meet a new line of light, multipurpose makeup that keeps it simple yet stunning launching TODAY 7.30.2020 at Morphe. uskeys.net/watch/8Ky1DdZtFJA-video.html
☁️ Hint Hint Skin Tint (available in 20 shades) $17 ⁣⁣
☁️ Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse (available in 4 shades) $12 ⁣⁣
☁️ Jelly Eye Shimmer (available in 6 shades) $10 ⁣⁣
☁️ Gloss Pop Face & Eye Gloss $12⁣⁣
☁️ Glassified Lip Oil (available in 6 shades) $9 ⁣⁣
☁️ The Sweep Life Brush Collection + Bag $24 ⁣($54 value)⁣
if any product on morphe.com becomes sold out, don't worry! check out Morphe stores or other participating retailers. anything that sells out will be restocked soon!

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  • Charli is very pretty 😍

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  • I think its my first time hearing her voice

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  • Hi charlie

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  • Le 14 août c'est mon anniversaire je fait mes 10 ans

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  • It was the “use code charli AND DIXIE for 10% off” for me

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  • Hello..anyone still up

  • Charli d'amelio seems shy

    VenomVenom54 minutes ago
  • Dixie: hey guys! Charli: laughing cute me: :O :O :O Dixie: so today we are going to... Charli: still laughing Me: O.O

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  • my god how cute 🥰🥰

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  • Hi

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  • 4:30 is Dixie trying to take over Charlis channel and fails. 4:38 is Dixie getting mad

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    • @wendymaya0:hi am Wendy I just want help so one of my friend is a big fan if you can you plz notice her she is tonylover83

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  • they seem fighting through the w h o l e video lol

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  • She deadass got rich cause she moved her hands and us other people gotta work hard to get into college and getting a job

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  • Hi Charli and Dixie I follow you both on Tic Tok

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  • I know you probably don’t read ur comments charli bc they are always so negative towards you! but this comment isn’t! i just wanted to say your my idol! It’s like the god already knew you were gonna mean something on the earth. that’s why he put you here. bc you make people’s days better. and one of those persons is me. I know you get all of this comment or mail like this from fans, but I really really really just want you to know, see and hear this... you are my idol. you inspire me to be kind and let out important messages to all of your millions of fans and to the world. If it wasn’t for you I would never feel so much positivity and confidence in me. You made me feel like I had someone I could watch when I was sad. Even tho you have a millions of fans. I just want to let you know you are my idol. and ik this message from me isn’t gonna make your day bc i’m just a random person in the world. but you are truly amazing and you make me happy. And I love how you don’t care about the haters and you stand up for yourself. I love you so much! and you just are my idol. I don’t really have anything else to say. you just make me happy and you are a amazing person I just want you to know that:) ❤️🥺

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  • Oi mate

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  • Yehey❤️road to 7 million subscribers

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  • Por no abla en español.

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  • You and Dixie are awesome sisters ❤️

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  • Hi charly im italian

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  • @wendymaya0:hi am Wendy I just want help so one of my friend is a big fan if you can you plz notice her she is tonylover83

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  • I like you Charli

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  • Queen

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    VICKY victoriaVICKY victoria5 hours ago
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  • Nice 😊😍😍😍

  • I like how char is just “shy” and just smiles especially in the beginning while Dixie is just hyped up and did the intro-

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  • I would like you to challenge the most words you know in spanish

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  • “i look like i just got.. hit by a bus”

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    Cess Kady FelipeCess Kady Felipe6 hours ago
  • Hi Charli!! Ily so much and I wanted some advice💖💖. I know you get tons and tons of comments so you probably won't see this. I know that you and Dixie can relate to this so I wanted to ask you this. I got dumped today and how do I get over it?😭😭 I can't watch any cute couples on USkeys anymore without crying😂 Me and this guy were dating for 3 months but were best friends for over 2 years. He broke up with me and I went off on him cuz he didn't have the balls to talk to me in person😂 anyways he told me he loved me and 2 weeks later, I'm not mature enough to be in a relationship and I don't have feelings for you anymore. Like it doesn't make any sense. What do I do?? 😭💖💖❤

    Rayn LeighRayn Leigh6 hours ago
  • I love when they argue its just so cute and adorable i mean Dixie's laugh is like the cutest thing everrr and charli's voice is just adorable i love how they're themselves and they're both so funny luv yah both

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  • if only the girl on the left has the voice of the girl on the right then that would be good i suppose .@.

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    Misty BarnhartMisty Barnhart11 hours ago
  • Hi Charli my comment isn't about this video, but I would just like you to know that your sexuality doesn't matter, I get that you're famous but people should just lay off it. It's unfair that people are making such big assumptions.

    XxGachaKittenxXXxGachaKittenxX11 hours ago
  • I love You

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  • Oh lord. This video needs a lot more editing and preparation on their part. I don’t know you but when I was that age I was much better spoken and I would prepared myself professionally much better than this to talk in public. Just saying. They’re super cute but they should be a bit more professional.

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  • I'm not hating on anybody but partying when there is a global pandemic killing MILLIONS is disgusting and childish even without masks. Again I'm not putting hate on anybody’s name I'm just saying that partying and going to crowded areas is putting others at danger and if we don't stop corona probably will not go away any time soon.

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