Michigan dam failure caught on video

May 20, 2020
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Footage captured of the Edenville Dam embankment failing to hold back floodwaters on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 in Edenville, Michigan. Video Courtesy Lynn Coleman
WATCH: Scene of damage after dam failure - uskeys.net/watch/SF0c1eyuiJs-video.html
STORY: Feds warned years ago Edenville Dam couldn’t handle a historic flood - www.mlive.com/news/saginaw-bay-city/2020/05/troubled-dam-breaks-sends-floodwaters-hurtling-toward-midland.html

  • Thare it goes!

    Eric GeorgeEric George6 hours ago
  • Awesome!

    Amanda JohnstoneAmanda JohnstoneDay ago
  • That water is racist

    BeeRich33BeeRich332 days ago
  • I mean, the dam is made of rocks and soil. It was inevitable.

    CDXXCDXX4 days ago
  • Earthen dams seem to fail a lot in america. When Benmore Dam was built in New Zealand the yanks said it wouldn't last 25 years. It is still there 60 years later and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    Mark KingstonMark Kingston7 days ago
  • Where can I get some Dam bait!

    Deep PocketsDeep Pockets8 days ago
  • Biggest miss of the 21st century. Why on earth did you stop filming??????

    MR. BIGMR. BIG8 days ago
  • That’s not really a dam. More to keep the area below from flooding

    Samuel LynchSamuel Lynch10 days ago
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    Joe WoodJoe Wood12 days ago
  • Legend has it, he's still standing there saying "There it goes!"...

    NEON KUENEON KUE13 days ago
  • Did anyone see what it looked like after this

    JetMasterGmaing 9909JetMasterGmaing 990915 days ago
  • God dam!

    Bulging BatteryBulging Battery15 days ago
  • It's a damn shame..this dam failure..damn straight.

    Hagfan789Hagfan78918 days ago
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    patricia de barrospatricia de barros18 days ago
  • I live in Michigan but I do not see the dam

    itsspecial red steveitsspecial red steve20 days ago
  • Omg how danger omg uuuuuu

    plo0maha nr1plo0maha nr120 days ago

    Bassudev SawockBassudev Sawock20 days ago
  • Builders should put some rocks in dam too.

    lazynutlazynut21 day ago
  • Dam, there it goes

    yamahonkawazukiyamahonkawazuki21 day ago
  • When we neglect maintaining our environment, including dams, we often pay more than the cost of maintaining such structures along the way. There is 'NO FREE LUNCH'! We need to step up and be responsible. Margaret Bennett Ann Arbor

    Margaret BennettMargaret Bennett24 days ago
  • Haha What do they expected? A dam made from the grass and the soil?

    Władca WymiaruWładca Wymiaru25 days ago
  • Thanks to the videographer for not filming her feet when the thing started going, like so many Steven Spielberg wannabes do.

    jjohnston94jjohnston9426 days ago
  • 0:24 0:27 0:13

    Ollie GuerinOllie Guerin29 days ago
  • The last time I was this early Climate Change was called Seasons, Apocalyptic Pandemic was called Flu Season, mayhem and destruction by crowds was called riots and forced Diversity was called an Invasion.

    PfsifPfsifMonth ago
  • Беда-беда.

    MaL MyKMaL MyKMonth ago
  • Bring in the beavers for the next repair

    skankhunt42skankhunt42Month ago
  • Ok it wasn't far off, but it doesn't appear to over top the dam.

    Stephen HunterStephen HunterMonth ago
  • suddenly everybody is a civil engineer

    appleh8terguyappleh8terguyMonth ago
  • Hmmm, right place at the right time? Not like there were any rumbling to give cameraman the clue to come and start filming.

    Bat FinkBat FinkMonth ago
  • Where did it go?

    Chad metzgerChad metzgerMonth ago
  • ... and where was the little kid with the wooden shoes, who was supposed to have his finger in the leak?

    rupe53rupe53Month ago
  • third world

    X ZX ZMonth ago
  • Strange how they thought that little bit of land would hold all that water.

    Bethlehem EisenhourBethlehem EisenhourMonth ago
    • I love how this is in fact America 🇺🇸

      bilishu alissbilishu alissMonth ago
  • theyre a goats

    Zk8etZk8etMonth ago
    • Crazy how this is old news in this awful year

      bilishu alissbilishu alissMonth ago
  • Hopefully Michigan can fix all the dam breaches faster than they fix roads

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovMonth ago
    • Man the roads here are so bad Michigan has too many problems to worry about right now

      khalil Heat and air conditioner repairkhalil Heat and air conditioner repairMonth ago
  • Que music... “when the levee breaks”

    Brad KearnsBrad KearnsMonth ago
  • Democrat infrastructure

    davis davisdavis davisMonth ago
  • When Mother Nature decides you need a new river...

    Sam EsSam EsMonth ago
    • EGLE did you hear the screaming of the clams ? Obi Wan Kenobe heard them …."like a million little clam voices all crying out in terror and then were suddenly silenc

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovMonth ago
  • Looks like some one cut some of the dam away then planted grass on top to cover it up ☠️☠️☠️🤫

    Victor FreemanVictor FreemanMonth ago
  • I can't believe that dam held for a week....how about a little concrete, rock, steel?!

    Crank CaseCrank CaseMonth ago
  • Dam

    Just A GermanJust A GermanMonth ago
  • AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    bilishu alissbilishu alissMonth ago
  • What I say when the condom breaks

    bigpileofpukebigpileofpukeMonth ago

    Michael DeSilvioMichael DeSilvioMonth ago
  • The question is WHERE it goes.... I dont want a homeless dam on my property.

    jpshollandjpshollandMonth ago
    • America's infrastructure is failing all over,good thing were still the worlds worst police force

      bilishu alissbilishu alissMonth ago
  • Damn!

    alitlweirdalitlweirdMonth ago
  • Dam!

    Roy BenavidezRoy BenavidezMonth ago
  • Crazy how this is old news in this awful year

    Morning GloryMorning GloryMonth ago
  • I love how this is in fact America 🇺🇸

    Mike WebbMike WebbMonth ago
  • @Ed Bassmaster -"Would you look at that?!"

    A SA SMonth ago
  • why did you stop filming???

    rcarlisi63rcarlisi63Month ago
  • That’s some dam good footage.

    985bully985bullyMonth ago
  • Isn't there usually rocks, cement, or some other very hard substance used in earthen dams to help support the structure? This just looked like dirt.

    milchuckmilchuckMonth ago
    • @Bill Karle Siberia and northern Canada is full of dams made of permafrost. They were built with melted mud in the depths of winter, which immediately froze into something almost as hard as concrete. Now parts of Siberia is seeing temperatures of over 100 degrees, it's not going to be long before some of those start to come apart.

      Brian BixbyBrian Bixby12 days ago
    • That's the problem with earth-filled dams. They usually have an impervious core of densified clay, or compacted concrete, and may have some armoring, such as rock or a concrete slab, on the the uphill side. As this one is so old, it may have just been compacted dirt or clay. The problem is when water starts overtopping the dam, it effectively liquifies the soils on the back side of the dam, which is used to support the core. Once it goes, the dam fails. That's why it is so important to have enough spillway capacity to keep the water from overtopping the dam. For a much greater example, look at the Orville Dam in California. It started with the failure of the concrete in the spillway, which forced the operator to shut down the spillway. When water started to come over the emergency spillway and erode the back face, the operator was left with little choice, but to open the failed spillway back up, and hope for the best. Then there is the other case of the partially collapsed Derbyshire dam in England. It is another earth-filled dam which came extremely close to complete collapse due to spillway failure and overtopping situation. So the US does not have the monopoly on dam failures. Yes, we have a bunch of old dams which were built back 50 years or more which have not been upgraded. So we will continue to have the risk of having dam failures until enough money is spent to upgrade the infrastructure. I wouldn't hold my breath though, as the politics of the situation will ensure that never enough money is spent on it. There are far more lucrative political agendas to spend money on; and hence, we will continue to suffer dam collapses.

      Bill KarleBill KarleMonth ago
  • EGLE did you hear the screaming of the clams ? Obi Wan Kenobe heard them …."like a million little clam voices all crying out in terror and then were suddenly silenced". Colonel Kurts heard them…."The horror....The horror" …."EGLE you think that if you can just save 1 little clam that you won't here the screaming anymore " ? Even if you overwhelm the dam and cause it to blow ?

    Rick SRick SMonth ago
  • Don't this this distract you from the fact that Mr Krabs daughter is a whale

    OunoOunoMonth ago
  • That' a dam shame.

    OFFSIDESwithLSUfreekOFFSIDESwithLSUfreekMonth ago
  • Dam !

    wkdravennawkdravennaMonth ago
  • Someone needs to learn how to build a dam

    CrossCrossMonth ago
  • There it goes

    Matthew BMatthew BMonth ago
  • America's infrastructure is failing all over,good thing were still the worlds worst police force

    Nefarious DariusNefarious DariusMonth ago
  • You would think in a state that is one gigantic peninsula they might know a bit about water. Apparently you can't drink it and lakes just up and move.

    vonschleppinvonschleppinMonth ago
  • Did anyone sue the administration for negligence and damages? This is evidence isn't it?

    Subramaniam IyerSubramaniam IyerMonth ago
  • I think he summed it up pretty well...although he could have added “now we are f--d!”

    louis masonlouis masonMonth ago
  • "I'm not gonna shit me pants"

    ShrubchuckerShrubchuckerMonth ago
  • Any fool knows a earth dam is NEVER supposed to be filled more than 2/3 full, the earth becomes saturated. the plans all require many overflows, spillways and other emergency mechanisms for rainfall loads. its all required by law. this failure was a failure of leadership and i am talking about the communist governor . the government forced the levels higher for different reasons, why isn't there a massive outrage over this huge failure, Whitmer is too busy taking barbers licenses and kissing up to Biden to take care of the state !! or maybe she wanted this to happen for some sick political reason. who knows,the fact is this was a management failure period. the dam performed, look at the video the water level is at the top. that should NEVER happen to a earth dam !!

    shawn corriganshawn corriganMonth ago
  • That's one hell off a mole .

    Andy AndyAndy AndyMonth ago
  • Omg beavers could’ve built a better dam than this.

    Betsy LarsenBetsy LarsenMonth ago
  • That’s the dam?

    Darren FreemanDarren FreemanMonth ago
  • You had 1 job Jim pour the damn concrete !!!

    Benjamin TrifBenjamin TrifMonth ago
  • And here it comes, raising Muskegon river in Muskegon 3ft at least, overnight.

    Hello SweetheartHello SweetheartMonth ago
  • Folks learn how to film in landscape

    wurly164wurly164Month ago
  • At least the dam failure took pressure off of the spillway.

    joe woodchuckjoe woodchuckMonth ago
  • Damn!

    Frank LesserFrank LesserMonth ago
  • Nature knows no bounds.

    Bargoth DragonBargoth DragonMonth ago
  • Idk if it's just me... but when grass gets taken apart like that its satisfying

    AC1DTR4PAC1DTR4PMonth ago
  • Did it go?

    Gregory VierraGregory VierraMonth ago
  • That’s just awful, stay safe Michigan!!!!

    J RexJ RexMonth ago
  • But the governor was more concerned about D.T. doesn't wearing a mask.

    Bill FernerBill FernerMonth ago
  • That's it? Just a few seconds of the breach? Where is the actual draining of the lake?

    Rogeball PBRogeball PBMonth ago
  • Are Michigan trees normally still that bare in late may?

    patrick kpatrick kMonth ago