Oct 28, 2020
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Among Us is a game where one imposter has to eliminate his crewmates on a ship
If we hit 10,000 likes I will make an AMONG US GAMING VIDEO ON MY GAMING
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  • Can I just the thumbnail-

    •MoonFox••MoonFox•7 minutes ago
  • Messyourself, whatcha watching o-o

    SyntaxSyntaxHour ago
  • what is that on his ear

    Galaxy_AlienX2Galaxy_AlienX29 hours ago
  • I think he should play Among us

    Apple boiApple boi11 hours ago
  • please play amng us

    Srishti jhaSrishti jha20 hours ago
  • Respect for the coconut mall music man 🤟🤟

    Grace MoriartyGrace Moriarty21 hour ago
  • Dzvfebr

    oo rehoo reh22 hours ago
  • 30th

    oo rehoo reh22 hours ago
  • I love you videos

    Ashley CombsAshley CombsDay ago
  • Brandon is sus

    jayjayDay ago
  • 5:36 me and the boys when we're playing the game but we keep losing

    Hilario RodriguezHilario Rodriguez2 days ago
  • *E*

    Hottest school bullyHottest school bully2 days ago
  • You’re wearing a red T-shirt so your sus

    Thomas is cool Leeanne is cool as well RathmillThomas is cool Leeanne is cool as well Rathmill2 days ago
  • You're so when those two Impostors were there orange was going to kill them and the two imposters were going to kill him and so after that dark blue was doing the task and an orange realized that he was going to win so he had to kill him and the other Confused that's it

    Cervando ParedesCervando Paredes2 days ago
  • I saw the among us meme where the marching one and I saw it on Pinterest

    Devrim OzelDevrim Ozel2 days ago
  • Ya know what the thumb nail just ruined everything about among us i'm never playin again thank you for that [think that's how you say thumb nail]

    sarah rendonsarah rendon2 days ago
  • i came for the thumbnail and so did you

    Mark DobbsMark Dobbs2 days ago
  • Didn’t you know the 8 was sideways. . . ?

    Rania SaskiranaRania Saskirana2 days ago
  • I love your videos they're so cool

    Amber ParrishAmber Parrish3 days ago
  • Can you play among is . Pleas

    Joëlle Nasr SebaalyJoëlle Nasr Sebaaly3 days ago
  • Messyourseff dont say dab words please

    Brendaliz SotoBrendaliz Soto3 days ago
  • me i always go to elec everytime the if the round starts

    muadj gadjalimuadj gadjali3 days ago
  • Cyan and purple: Imposters Orange and blue: Crewmates Messyourself: orange is the third imposter.

    PinkBunnyPinkBunny4 days ago
  • Nice thumbnail

    Trash Me.Trash Me.4 days ago
  • The thumbnail epically disturbing

    Yorkshire TeaYorkshire Tea4 days ago

    Past YtPast Yt5 days ago
  • Sus

    kellie sunkellie sun5 days ago
  • Please remove the content image due to p***

    S M U GS M U G5 days ago
  • Hey is that alien in the back Named jerry if it is cool?

    barbarian gamesbarbarian games5 days ago
  • That was your twin brother😳

    Sonic YTSonic YT5 days ago
  • Play Among Us plz it’s very good

    Jesús MelchorJesús Melchor5 days ago
  • Me noticing he has the same Nerf gun as me

    MeerkatMeerkat5 days ago
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahaaha

    Josh LarsonJosh Larson5 days ago
  • i love all your vids

    Friendlycat 123Friendlycat 1235 days ago
  • *What kind of thumbnail is that...*

    VS PlaysVS Plays6 days ago
  • The hall of the mountain king I love hearing it

    Mocha queen gachaMocha queen gacha6 days ago
  • can you play among us en make video

    Youssef AbannaYoussef Abanna6 days ago
  • Im done with these thumbnails brandon your on r/cringetopia

    boonana De Floofboonana De Floof6 days ago
  • I loved the part when the imposter came It killed me

    Kelsi HarshaKelsi Harsha6 days ago
  • 1:41 UGGGG

    CoolboyCoolboy6 days ago
  • Play among us

    Rejetta JumperRejetta Jumper6 days ago
  • im sus!

    Jason DelpJason Delp7 days ago
  • Omg that’s so funny I love among us I want an among us birthday card why because I LOVE AMONG US ok

    فلان الفلانيفلان الفلاني7 days ago
  • Is he real or the other

    Lety VeraLety Vera7 days ago

    Pichu Pikachu971Pichu Pikachu9717 days ago

    Pichu Pikachu971Pichu Pikachu9717 days ago
  • it was ok but you should see Blue bowtie's among us videos they are really funny

  • Why is there a second brandon/messyourself??? At 0:06 ?

    brielle awsomegamerbrielle awsomegamer7 days ago
  • I saw that among us was mad in 2018

    Ashley WimbrowAshley Wimbrow7 days ago
  • What is happening in the thumbnail

    Kvng_brown7787Kvng_brown77878 days ago
  • 😂

    Irina BakhtadzeIrina Bakhtadze8 days ago
  • I love u

    Dave GrseuDave Grseu8 days ago
  • Messyourself is amazing haha

    Isabelle AylmoreIsabelle Aylmore8 days ago
  • 6:40 I know you wanted this....

    Earnest StandbackEarnest Standback9 days ago
  • You are Cook 😎😎😎😎😎

    Cindy SmithCindy Smith9 days ago
  • Brandon is a NONCE in the thumbnail

    InstinctInstinct9 days ago
  • Good for you I didn't eat 😢🥪🥪🥪🍔🥞🧇🍳🧀🍟🍕🥓🥩🌮🌯🍗🍖🍖

    Oscar TapiaOscar Tapia9 days ago
  • Plzzzzzzzzz play among us

    Alan JundiAlan Jundi9 days ago
  • That thumbnail. Jus- Ju- JUST NO!

    KrazyCodGamingKrazyCodGaming9 days ago
  • The thumbnail... I feel uncomfortable

    Alex Parra ParraAlex Parra Parra9 days ago
  • this got onto r/cringetopia

    BobTheBob234564BobTheBob2345649 days ago
  • Messyourself, you are absolutely disgusting

    cloudy clawcloudy claw10 days ago
  • Can you please play among us it is really cool

    The CousinsThe Cousins10 days ago
  • 6:38 blue was just sexuality assaulted

    Gamingknight 443Gamingknight 44310 days ago
  • Orange was not imposter but he got annoyed

    Overcode_among usOvercode_among us10 days ago
  • Hello Brandon, my brother unsubbed from u cus you always do thumbnails that are really dirty and stuff so can you please stop it?

    Annie SharonAnnie Sharon10 days ago
  • Heres a tip! " React to Among us But its a reality show" You cam find it on USkeys!

    CRuNcH_Hirio -CRuNcH_Hirio -10 days ago
  • Lol the admin swipe card task is easy for me

    The Film Makers 2004The Film Makers 200410 days ago
  • The thumbnail is just r/cringetopia

    Not The Death Charles CalvinNot The Death Charles Calvin10 days ago
  • Bruh wtf you perv

    Rachel KeithRachel Keith10 days ago
  • Green: GOD DAMMIT, SWIPE THE CARD *smashes head* The imposter:uhh...yeah I'll just leave him...

    Aidyn NavarroAidyn Navarro11 days ago
  • thats gta 5 graphics right there 4:08

    Jezzen MakepaJezzen Makepa11 days ago
  • can you piay among us

    hammed123223hammed12322311 days ago
  • your my fan

    Azure_ SolanaAzure_ Solana11 days ago
  • drink a botlle 5 that's your challenge

    Azure_ SolanaAzure_ Solana11 days ago
  • 😘

    Azure_ SolanaAzure_ Solana11 days ago
  • Roses are red violets are blue you clicked on video bc the thumbnail and I did to

    Lieutenant SantosLieutenant Santos11 days ago
    • I clicked Just to say r/Cringetopia

      Not The Death Charles CalvinNot The Death Charles Calvin10 days ago
  • 6:40 I think I found the thumbnail

    Søūr ŁëmøñSøūr Łëmøñ11 days ago
  • did you play among us

    Vinod DurgudeVinod Durgude11 days ago
  • Wtf is this thumbnail

    FroloFrolo11 days ago
  • the thumbnail had me SHOOK XD

    La La TillLa La Till11 days ago
  • 1:39 why don't this happen to me tho

    aaron diazmanzoaaron diazmanzo12 days ago
  • this is the cringiest thing i’ve ever seen-

    Sarah The RatSarah The Rat12 days ago
  • Orange is innocent actually its just that he had reached to the point where hes very pissed off at purple

    SpinosaurusSpinosaurus12 days ago
    • Blue*

      Lisa GaughanLisa Gaughan11 days ago
  • How the heck the other one came

    Eliasville 34Eliasville 3412 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Alyssa HarrisonAlyssa Harrison12 days ago

    BubblesBubbles12 days ago
  • This is so random but when he said woah I saw a alien in the backround

    Will CurryWill Curry12 days ago

    KaiKai13 days ago
  • The thumbnail

    Ana Iris ColladoAna Iris Collado13 days ago
  • It's because in among us you can be three imposters or two imposters or one imposter

    Nataliana JacksonNataliana Jackson13 days ago
  • I play red and do none of that stuff

    Stormy Alpha GachaStormy Alpha Gacha14 days ago
  • This is how many times i played back the swipe card part.

    Demarco SimmsDemarco Simms14 days ago
  • just go to 2:48 on the video link😒

    Mohammed KhaldiMohammed Khaldi14 days ago
  • Your impressions are insane!

    TRUE wildlifeTRUE wildlife15 days ago
  • 0:57 seconds all the switches where green

    Doggie PowerDoggie Power15 days ago
  • In mine craft

    Jouji BotrosJouji Botros15 days ago
  • i have made me and me killing someone and a ded body behind me and behind the ded body there was a vent

    Jouji BotrosJouji Botros15 days ago
  • It's always that other person that keeps messing it up when u do lights

    Bailey JCBailey JC16 days ago
  • The thumbnail tho

    dream team 2dream team 216 days ago