Red Bull Rampage From Start to Finish

Oct 24, 2013
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On a gusty day in Southern Utah, a group of 25 daring mountain bikers blew the doors off what is possible on two wheels, unleashing some of the biggest moments the sport has ever seen. While mother nature only allowed for one full run before the conditions made it impossible to ride, that was all that was needed for event veteran Kyle Strait, who won the event for the second time -- eight years after his first Red Bull Rampage title
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    Red BullRed BullYear ago
    • Nice😱😱😱😱

      Danish ChoudharyDanish Choudhary2 months ago
    • Vfc

      Bruno RaymundoBruno Raymundo5 months ago
    • Avaya rai

      Pharse TamangPharse TamangYear ago
    • Avaya

      Pharse TamangPharse TamangYear ago
    • Red Bull

      Lalita DivakarLalita DivakarYear ago
  • Kalo bagi saya ini namanya bunuh diri... 😀

    pecinta keindahanpecinta keindahan10 days ago
  • they have amazing talent and at the same time put their life in danger.

    Steve MeyangSteve Meyang10 days ago
  • Que pro

  • Ace.

    zamaurd hussainzamaurd hussain19 days ago
  • You are brave fighter...

    Santosh LamkaSantosh Lamka24 days ago
  • me encanta que no censuran la competencia de los cascos e indumentaria

    Elias BobadillaElias BobadillaMonth ago
  • Extreme amazing people👏

    RIINRIINMonth ago
  • This is all just a Red Bull commercial.

    CagedCagedMonth ago
  • isso q pode-se se chamar de MONTA BIKE

    a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei laa onde tiver um comentário eu estarei laMonth ago
  • How parents got to school

    oskioskiMonth ago
  • 3:05 “ Are you ready?” “ No.” me 😅

    Rebecca EquineRebecca EquineMonth ago
  • auuuuuuuuuu ameihshingggggggggggggg

    Benjamin vl hruia BenteaBenjamin vl hruia BenteaMonth ago
  • I have to badingun ngadim

    Lutfi balakosaLutfi balakosaMonth ago
  • Lookkooo

    Leonardo ViniciusLeonardo Vinicius2 months ago
  • This is all so awesome..but alot of these show a helicopter bringing them up!? How does that fester for those of us who "can't afford" a helli?!??

    EMT QuiverEMT Quiver2 months ago
  • Wooow...amazing

    ki sunda Teaki sunda Tea2 months ago
  • Cool the channel! I signed up here. At my post my biker life too. (Travel, competitions and trails.) Who can help me by signing up there. Hug guys.

    Jouber AdventuresJouber Adventures2 months ago
  • Maneiro o canal! Me inscrevi aqui. No meu posto minha vida de biker também. (Viagens, competições e trilhas. ) Quem puder me ajude se inscrevendo lá. Abraço galera.

    Jouber AdventuresJouber Adventures2 months ago
  • Indonesia like

    Seputar animeSeputar anime2 months ago
  • Trial fusion ?

    Nadir AnncoudNadir Anncoud2 months ago
  • 😲😲👏👏👏👏

    coco Cajarescoco Cajares2 months ago
  • era pra ter todos os equipamentos de segurança

    a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei laa onde tiver um comentário eu estarei la2 months ago
  • 🙄😬😱

    a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei laa onde tiver um comentário eu estarei la2 months ago
  • o esporte mais irado de todos

    a onde tiver um comentário eu estarei laa onde tiver um comentário eu estarei la2 months ago
  • Which bike is that?

    Ishan DixitIshan Dixit2 months ago
  • Awesome

    Yogesh GamitYogesh Gamit2 months ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘

    Arsen UmeeeArsen Umeee2 months ago
    • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

      Red BullRed Bull2 months ago
  • i want to do this

    Ömer MamaşÖmer Mamaş2 months ago
  • Estos son los de downhill xd

    ᏞᏌᏟᎪᏚ ᎪᎡᏩᏞᏌᏟᎪᏚ ᎪᎡᏩ2 months ago
  • I don't even dare going down tiny hills in our forests😨😂

    Toby W.Toby W.2 months ago
  • Oh very dengerous ride 🤘🤘🤘

    Ayush BanjadeAyush Banjade2 months ago
  • Those bikes are probably Expensive....

    UNCLE SAMUNCLE SAM3 months ago
  • 1:07 he has monster!

    モッズモッズ3 months ago
  • Exciting Amazing jumps

    솔개 걸어서솔개 걸어서3 months ago
  • yo asi bajo las cuestas :v

    Noe OsortoNoe Osorto3 months ago
  • I want to be this good at science Be a risk taker

  • estan relocos

    riberadelplatariberadelplata3 months ago
  • Me: going off a curb is a big bump. These ppl: 😴

    Robert BartolacciRobert Bartolacci3 months ago
  • I thought the hood was crazy but I gotta give it to you, you white boys are wild

    T DT D4 months ago
  • Wer bekommt auch immer Gänsehaut??

    Lazy FlakesLazy Flakes4 months ago
    • Wir 🙌🙌🙌🙌

      Red BullRed Bull4 months ago
  • Yo

    Little DonnyLittle Donny4 months ago
  • Imagine being the wheel of his bike

    Hanwen XiaoHanwen Xiao4 months ago
    • okay: 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃

      Red BullRed Bull4 months ago
  • americunt dumbasses. no regard for the bike no regard for their lives

    Palos SebastianPalos Sebastian4 months ago
  • it is passion or compulsion

    mohit joshimohit joshi4 months ago
  • Is must hurt landed with that much balls.

    Oscar NapieralskiOscar Napieralski4 months ago
  • Good​ luck​

    Kapil JitsinghKapil Jitsingh4 months ago
  • Pacarnya atau istrinya itu tuh?

    Mochamad HasanMochamad Hasan4 months ago
  • Humans are Insane They jump downhill on bicycle for adventure 😂😂

    Rahul RajRahul Raj4 months ago
  • These fellas speak unrespectful and sleazy... have a growing up to do and will find out what this world really is.

    Jett RinkJett Rink4 months ago
  • my balls is freezing

    ChargyChargy4 months ago
  • Yo hago eso y directo al cementerio

    Jesús GómezJesús Gómez4 months ago
  • No way i will do that so scary🤔🤔🤔

    Animu loversAnimu lovers4 months ago
  • Kinda, too many shot on his wife, I came here to watch the ride cmon bruv

    Mikołaj KrólikMikołaj Królik4 months ago
  • ma il campionato mondiale di dh è piu facile?

    DiStaXDiStaX4 months ago
  • F in the chat :) :v

    TeoOMG 71TeoOMG 715 months ago
  • 2019?

    nob barunob baru5 months ago
  • Слов нет д*лба*бы

    Islaam BissilovIslaam Bissilov5 months ago
  • Nobody: Baby at 3:37: shakeshakeshakeshake

    William CrowleyWilliam Crowley5 months ago
  • Very emotional

    angery doggerangery dogger5 months ago