Winning in Duos w/ My Girlfriend! (Fortnite Season 4)

Oct 28, 2020
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New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 winning in solo gameplay live stream!
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  • Congrats on 10 million TG I've been watching for about 5 years and just wanted to say all 5 years have been amazing watching u stream and post videos u always make my day so congratulations 11 million soon

    Riya MehtaRiya Mehta16 hours ago
  • 3:47:25 the best trick shot ever

    4D4M Playz4D4M PlayzDay ago
  • “Like Baba Yaga” You know Baba Yaga”

    Devin JiangDevin Jiang2 days ago
  • it’s the singing voice for me “don’t drop that dun dun dub

    deez1 nutz1deez1 nutz14 days ago
  • I miss random duos

    Laser GamerLaser Gamer5 days ago
  • Yes serrrrr

    Jeremiah IngramJeremiah Ingram5 days ago
  • Hope you get married soon i’m praying for you

    Tech FortnitegodTech Fortnitegod5 days ago
  • What up chat

    Isaiah LandryIsaiah Landry5 days ago
  • No

    LilWayneLilWayne6 days ago
  • It so funny when he Do the go

    JoshuaJoshua6 days ago
  • I seen this emote and reminded me of you 😂

    Usman HanifUsman Hanif6 days ago
  • 😛 😎😜 Your videos are great and I love them so much I buy

    Jasmine SmithJasmine Smith7 days ago
  • Hey this is my first time watching you while you're all doing good. Good job

    Devon DickeyDevon Dickey7 days ago
  • U can do a new Code called:Typical Family

    DariX PLAYSDariX PLAYS7 days ago
  • Who is watching this in chapter 2 season 9

    Unbeatable bug ReptileUnbeatable bug Reptile7 days ago
  • I like you typical gamer

    Kevin Ramírez CarmonaKevin Ramírez Carmona8 days ago
  • Hi

    Kevin Ramírez CarmonaKevin Ramírez Carmona8 days ago
  • ghost

    Brennan YoungBrennan Young8 days ago
  • No it's ghost

    Justen HalbrookJusten Halbrook8 days ago
  • he suck so bad he needs to 1v1 me my epic is 08lilbro

    Marie MashburnMarie Mashburn8 days ago
  • Ok its the flowcis copyrigt

    Farahima ManFarahima Man8 days ago
  • typicalgamer

    Kye RicksKye Ricks10 days ago
  • Broom gang where you at XD

    nicky Whitenicky White10 days ago
  • 100% good

    Jay PerezJay Perez10 days ago
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    Da'Miyah McroyDa'Miyah Mcroy10 days ago
  • i gave im a 1,0000000 donashon

  • It is a noooo seasons

    BlxZe SourBlxZe Sour10 days ago
  • What sup

    BlxZe SourBlxZe Sour10 days ago
  • The zombies should not have been able to take damage to the storm

    Paul CachiaPaul Cachia11 days ago
  • i love you

    Whitney StephensWhitney Stephens11 days ago
  • I lost 5.200 v bucks

    Leilani WilliamsLeilani Williams11 days ago
  • +When yourWhen y’all were on a broomstick flying to the authority there was a Gus

    Trio AndersonTrio Anderson11 days ago
  • WS

    KSIKSI11 days ago
  • Did you even care about that dear 😂 only ogs will know

    Jhonny DeannJhonny Deann12 days ago
  • Typical gamer play on controller

    Anabelle AmadorAnabelle Amador12 days ago
  • No it’s the bench men p.s there annoying

    Owen MidkiffOwen Midkiff12 days ago
  • Hola

    Brandon RamosBrandon Ramos12 days ago
    • Hola

      Brandon RamosBrandon Ramos12 days ago
  • I like your cut g

    Jean-Pierre RobertsJean-Pierre Roberts13 days ago
  • Tje song is copyrighted

    Luflo LufloLuflo Luflo13 days ago
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    Kayin MaloneKayin Malone13 days ago
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    Kayin MaloneKayin Malone13 days ago
  • I’m level 175 and my epic name is Gangsterjr9

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  • Bfh

    Angela MooreAngela Moore13 days ago
  • I’m a huge fan

    Daylen GravesDaylen Graves13 days ago
  • Hi

    Daylen GravesDaylen Graves13 days ago
  • I subscribed and liked the video Please can you give me any skin I don't have any . My epic username is robo99-Cop

    Ricardo DiasRicardo Dias14 days ago
  • How did you even get a girlfriend

    K2HWK2HW14 days ago
  • My username is Sonic Jojo ok bro

    Steelmeerkat827 Salazar jrSteelmeerkat827 Salazar jr14 days ago
  • I don’t care what you say to me but fortnite sucks 👎🏻

    Josh BottJosh Bott14 days ago
  • Hi

    ReyAlan SalasReyAlan Salas14 days ago
  • Tg the best 100 💯 percent

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  • Mijosiah

    Josiah QuialJosiah Quial16 days ago
  • Im a fan

    Nathaniel PippinNathaniel Pippin16 days ago
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  • 1:48

    Fortnite KingFortnite King16 days ago
  • What do u think about when u can get a new phone and riot you to know that right away with your eyes only thing I'm sorry

    Ethan GillunEthan Gillun16 days ago
  • What video / challenge would you like to see my and HJDoogan do?

    Sara SmithSara Smith16 days ago
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    Kayla BallKayla Ball17 days ago
  • What up

    Mussa AlhameliMussa Alhameli17 days ago
  • Yooo he buys everything in the item shop damn

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  • hi

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  • Your let’s get ready to rumble is so good

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  • Hi typical

    Mason EllerMason Eller18 days ago
  • I am a huge fan!

    Runhao XuRunhao Xu18 days ago
  • You hold out her powers so thats how hulk never dies ohhhhhhhhh

    Michael DellMichael Dell18 days ago
  • Can you do more duos with Samara??

    Hannah VanVelzorHannah VanVelzor19 days ago
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  • "What's up everybody Typical Gamer with your daily youtube livestreams and more" doesn't get better than that

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  • The play GTA I love your vlog

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  • I think the flow is copyrighted

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  • What's the Fortnite music

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  • Hi Samara

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  • How are you drinking those minis in those big pots does it just go blues box

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  • hey bubby i watch all your new vidoe

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  • It’s a henchman😂

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  • This update is so annoying

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  • What the heck Typical Gamer you killed me

    Cynthia QuirozCynthia Quiroz23 days ago
  • Epic is making boring skins

    LDS ramonLDS ramon23 days ago
  • Um i know I wasn't the only one who saw tg have the thor pickaxe reaction on the pink pickaxe if you see this Mr Typical Gamer please explain

    Stx SticksStx Sticks23 days ago
  • There was a good weapon by you it was the drum gun

    Ninja Kid 2000Ninja Kid 200023 days ago
  • Lol baba Yaga and lady gaga

    itz oofy gangitz oofy gang23 days ago
  • Who remembers TGS OCD lmao

    Official_devツOfficial_devツ24 days ago