The History of Dr DisRespect - Twitch Superstar | The History of ESPORTS (PUBG H1Z1 COD)

Apr 6, 2018
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From humble beginnings to a Twitch Titan, DrDisRespect constructs his own path to greatness.
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DrDisRespect's Info
Turbo Knight (
Christian Richardson (
VHS Dreams ( (
Naser Van Detta (

Track List in order of appearance..........
Turbo Knight - Mirrorverse
Josh Lippi and The Overtimers - Royale
Christian Richardson performing "Quiet and Falling" from Celeste
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Guided Meditation
Turbo Knight - Bay City Sunrise
VHS Dreams - Night Drive
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Dust
Everything's Nice - Jingle Punks
Naser Van Detta - Break Away
Turbo Knight - Aeons

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    SlushSlush2 years ago
    • Update dude

      Glazer YoReccaGlazer YoReccaMonth ago
    • 😂♥️👍

      Brian ParchamentoBrian ParchamentoMonth ago
    • calm tf down daisy^^

      JJo’won JayJJo’won Jay2 months ago
    • Fighter pilot persona? Do you even know what the fuck you're talking about?

      bashpr0mptbashpr0mpt3 months ago
    • Man this was so well done. Cheers!!

      M HM H3 months ago

    Scott YScott Y7 hours ago
  • Pubg changed a lot of ppl in short time but Dr disrespect streaming style is uncommon incredible he is a great streamer shroud is a great skillful player but not a good streamer but Dr is good at both maybe a little less skillful than shroud 😅🤭

    Tanvir ahamedTanvir ahamedDay ago
  • Doc is the best , still on top, VSM baby yayayayayaya

    DougYT1983DougYT1983Day ago
  • s u b t o m e .

    Itz GaiaItz Gaia2 days ago
  • Just wanna say three words . . . VIOLENCE SPEED MOMENTUM🔥🔥🔥

    Garv KapoorGarv Kapoor3 days ago
  • He needs to lay off the cocaine and he'll be okay

    john spurlockjohn spurlock3 days ago
    • what cocaine lol

      DougYT1983DougYT1983Day ago
  • I have a new profound respect for dr disrespect. I thought he was a prick...i respect him immensly now

    Forrest ReedForrest Reed4 days ago
  • That cheating ploy was such a brilliant marketing move. I don't believe a second of it because who the fuck would make a video telling millions of randoms they cheated on their wife???

    camelCasecamelCase5 days ago
  • Everybody likes a guy that can rebound from mistakes, and I don’t think there’s anybody better

    Stuart WinbladStuart Winblad5 days ago
  • I hope there will be part 2

    biological Healthbiological Health5 days ago

    RUTHLESSGAMING7 South AfricaRUTHLESSGAMING7 South Africa7 days ago
  • The will never be another GOAT like the DOC

  • He looks so simple 😁

    holt gamerholt gamer9 days ago
  • i love doc so much.. but i won't put him on my top 10 favorites PRO players list tbh

    YaboifatpenisYaboifatpenis10 days ago
  • I have nothing but respect for this man...but he’s sorry that he got caught cheating.

    Thomas LandryThomas Landry11 days ago

    Thomas ZeederbergThomas Zeederberg11 days ago
  • what an awesome well made video, credit where it is due :)

    Steady-fortniteSteady-fortnite11 days ago
  • " click it click it, common click it click it."

    SteveSteve11 days ago
  • That was really well done man! congrats

    Al SAl S12 days ago
  • Me like USkeys so sup to my Chanel theyeetersman

    theyeetersmantheyeetersman12 days ago
  • Great video man, fair and balanced. U did a good thing. Glad i got here before u reached a million subs. Just keep banging out these bangers.

    billy elliotbilly elliot13 days ago
  • Your videos are just like summoning salts’

    Isaac JonesIsaac Jones14 days ago
  • Great documentary!

    Adrian EAdrian E14 days ago
  • who cares about personal issues like faithfulness?

    Jeff BourkeJeff Bourke16 days ago
  • I never liked FPS games. But thanks to my friends I just recently started playing Warzone. Struggling with the learning process, I found myself, multiple times, raging and getting frustrated. Trying to chill out on USkeys by searching clips of people raging I discovered Drdisrespect. I thank the universe that this video is the first ( and only) summary of his content that I ever see. And that acceptance speech made me instantly love the Guy. Vibes from Perú 🇵🇪

    Josan VJosan V17 days ago
  • SSBM? So you obviously were never an original doc fan, the name SSBM makes it obvious...

    FXFX18 days ago
    • Original doc fan? You seriously trying to feel superior because you started watching a twitch channel? Get outside more dude lol.

      RiPandtearRiPandtear15 days ago
    • What does melee have to do with anything?

      SlushSlush18 days ago
  • Very nice Video, good Job. I was watching a Livestream of Doc and i was thinking how little Iactually know about him. I googled him and the first thing that popped up was your Video that represented him with a lot of respect. More of this!

  • IT'S NOT, for me to judge for I walk in my own shoes with my own personal problems, all I can do is give support , respect, regardless for I'm not perfect !

    ccmyharley dccmyharley d20 days ago
  • good job

    Aditya TamboliAditya Tamboli22 days ago
  • Is not that hard to get to the top, but to stay there. Btw you know you have to update this video do you?

    leon kenedyleon kenedy22 days ago
  • That character seems like he's tripping on cocaine I hope not but I've been around and the character has to feel

    john spurlockjohn spurlock22 days ago
    • Hes not that just the character dude, search GUY BEAHM interviews other person

      DougYT1983DougYT1983Day ago
  • I didn’t realize the history behind the doc. Love him even more now!!

    Joel BretonJoel Breton23 days ago
  • I swear someone cutting onion from 10:16

    MrErosgtMrErosgt24 days ago
  • I love the doc cause he never forgets what gaming was built for, HAVING FUN! The 2x yayayayayya!

    ZainZain26 days ago
  • The best motivational lines I hav ever heard..awsome😍 m hearing it again n again

    boblu surenboblu suren26 days ago
  • His wife is a bombshell... I don't understand why he needed to cheat

    DakureDakure26 days ago
  • Are you saying he makes money by this stupid act? You mean to tell me they pay for this cheap acting shit? LOL

    In My OpinionIn My Opinion28 days ago
    • People watch "reality TV". This surprises you?

      RiPandtearRiPandtear15 days ago
  • Love the video bro

    OneLink GamingOneLink Gaming28 days ago
  • Has he seen this yet? I figured I would see his comment down here.

    Michael MannMichael Mann28 days ago
  • This guy puts a smile on my face. Twitch show their real colors by having him ban and seriously the platform is missing out from a popular figure in this world.

    JioshJiosh28 days ago
  • Now he's back and bigger than ever

    Masks and more!Masks and more!29 days ago
  • I will pray for him, that he never stops what he is doing. He brings joy to so many people. Love u doc.

    onlygameplayonlygameplay29 days ago
  • very inspirational, thanks c:

    One Drop GamingOne Drop Gaming29 days ago
  • The 2x's has only just begun, this "history" video is premature

    Ikannuna PlaysIkannuna PlaysMonth ago
  • He must've really fucked up big to get perma-banned from Twitch.

    jeffrey kameljeffrey kamelMonth ago
    • @Ikannuna Plays Can't stop winning against you lmao. Easy target for the cold blooded.

      RiPandtearRiPandtear15 days ago
    • @RiPandtear I bet you were

      Ikannuna PlaysIkannuna Plays15 days ago
    • @Ikannuna Plays Outsmarted by a lizard man haha

      RiPandtearRiPandtear15 days ago
    • @RiPandtear Still... quite a lame attempt.

      Ikannuna PlaysIkannuna Plays15 days ago
    • @Ikannuna Plays While proving it worked lmao.

      RiPandtearRiPandtear15 days ago
  • This was beautiful man

    Dezy 24hoursDezy 24hoursMonth ago
  • Narcissism is a hell of a drug.

    Daniel O'NeillDaniel O'NeillMonth ago
    • It's also very attractive to many, that's the niche.

      Ikannuna PlaysIkannuna PlaysMonth ago
  • Thank you

    KodiaKSEKodiaKSEMonth ago
  • Amazing work. Thank you.

    TacticalWhiz HQTacticalWhiz HQMonth ago
  • Amazing video Slush, wow 👍

    MrMikeMrMikeMonth ago
  • And then he would get a swift kicking ass from twitch

    LWIAYLWIAYMonth ago
  • Thank you for this. I'm really a big fan of doc and this has helped me appreciate him more. Big ups

    Sweet Trends TVSweet Trends TVMonth ago
  • Im sorry guys but you have lost all sense of what genius, really creative fun is, this is "flat soda " . If feels as if the end of the world happened and this character was the absolute only uncontested sole bad comedian surviving alternative in a limited perimeter environment.

  • Damn....this was really well done. I am not a gamer at all. My son plays games so as a parent I got Twitch to kind of see what kind of things he may see. Ended up watching a few people and heard of Doc but never watched. When all the craziness about Doc getting banned I finally decided to go and check out some videos.....WHAT!!!! Seriously the most entertaining thing I have ever seen. Spent a month watching his stuff and then when he hit USkeys I jumped on and have not missed a stream since he went Live. What a awesome video because it gave me all the back story to catch me up on his how he became the 2X. Love to see you make a Chapter 2 of Doc. Champions Club would give you lots of love with their Violence...Speed...Momentum! Yayayayayayayaya

    Jonathan SwinkJonathan SwinkMonth ago
  • This video deserves a million likes

    It's ScoobyIt's ScoobyMonth ago
  • If you're a married man streaming ain't an option

    Capronic2 DethronedCapronic2 DethronedMonth ago
  • Anything I'd appreciate is his height 6'8

    Capronic2 DethronedCapronic2 DethronedMonth ago
  • I always heard of Dr Disrespect but never really seen many clips of him, understood his origin or his "gimmick". This video made me love this man and cheer him on in as little as 20 minutes! This is one of the best documentaries I've seen made by a single USkeysr. Truly TV worthy. Thank you for the quality editing and information! This inspires me to be better and follow my dreams to create content just as Mr. Beam did. Twitch is crazy for firing him!

    RandomJeancRandomJeancMonth ago
  • Absolutely love this!

    CMAXX -CMAXX -Month ago
  • Brilliantly done production i learned things i didn't know about the dr on here well done 👏 u need more recognition

    Kris ManUtd DevilKris ManUtd DevilMonth ago
  • great video

    stokey99stokey99Month ago
  • 1:32 that proves he didn’t win any Blockbuster tournaments, and that claim is just part of Doc’s character. Doc was born in ‘82, and the narrator said in this video he won back to back when he was 12 and 13 years old. He would have turned 12 and 13 in ‘94 and ‘95 respectively. It’s weird that he chose this claim when someone could easily research it and find out not only did he not win either year, but no one won back to back being that there were 2 separate winners in those 2 years for NBA Jam.

    Slick_907Slick_907Month ago
  • I respect him.. entertaining me..❤Ddr

  • This mini doc was insane. Cheers all around.

    liloreoliloreoMonth ago
  • So who arer you docs bitch boy?

    Brandon HolmesBrandon HolmesMonth ago
  • This is the elite speaking. Like everything and wife every niche every John Wright reaper suit every notion every philosophy every creed every science principle. Gaming is no different. The unreal tournament will always laugh at noobs. Every 1st person shooter that is not unreal tournament are simply simps. Like every other sing I mentioned previously the smartest crime Delacroix I'm specimens of the human species one they game they play unreal tournament and people like doctor disrespect or anyone else are simply. Euphemisms

    Brandon HolmesBrandon HolmesMonth ago
  • no thanks stick to day job

    Nick RaymondNick RaymondMonth ago
  • I like him because he's a Asshole 👍

    Vens WoodsVens WoodsMonth ago
  • He’s not a 2 time like he claims though. He never actually competed in the 93-94 tournament. Research it.

    Amos RodriguezAmos RodriguezMonth ago
  • Doc all the time.

    GRSLGRSLMonth ago
  • You should do more of these type mini documentary videos of not just gamers but anyone who has made the same impact on people’s lives just as my all time favorite streamer Dr. Disrespect has done! You made one awesome video man!! I really enjoyed it!

    Cody OlsonCody OlsonMonth ago
  • Awesome story! And nicely told too! Good luck to you both!

    Scott HooverScott HooverMonth ago
  • I knew his hair wasn't real and his caterpillar was a troll. FUUCK. Thanks lol

    God SpeedGod SpeedMonth ago
  • This is such a classic success story, the doc loves video games so much that he finally got his dream job with a video game company but once he was there he realized that doing what got him there in the first place was the real passion and he quit and began streaming and creating content. Same shit happened to me, albeit at a much smaller scale. I spent years working towards working the film industry, specifically visual effects and when I was finally working as a sr art director in a post production house, working on big budget films I felt empty. I quit and started my own small production shop, and I help people with small businesses. It’s rewarding, I make more money and my schedule is way more flexible. So the moral of the story is chase your dreams but be ready to kill them for something greater that most likely will be part of your journey.

    Juan HernandezJuan HernandezMonth ago
  • I really respect Dr. Disrespect.

    Aayush PaulAayush PaulMonth ago
  • Update this

    Devin FDevin FMonth ago
  • i know im crazy but dr direspect in real life looks like freddie mercury

    Arthur MorganArthur MorganMonth ago
    • @Slush thnx

      Arthur MorganArthur MorganMonth ago
    • You're not crazy

      SlushSlushMonth ago
  • He is really crying in the speech damn damn he got my respect

    Gamer MaxGamer MaxMonth ago
  • Ha. "I've been unfaithful". Yeah, cause what's more embarrassing for your affair or telling hundreds of thousands of people?! What an ego.

    Raging GamerRaging GamerMonth ago
  • MY MAN! ;D

    kenneth pedersenkenneth pedersenMonth ago
  • Your the man doc I to cheated on my love ones and I owned it and there is no excuses for what I done but I'm going to make myself a better person to those I let down in my life so im not going to give up to the last breath leaves my body ...half way up and climbing Silversurfer247

    Matti MattiMatti MattiMonth ago
  • Makes me see him a completely new light and i have much more respect for him, great video well directed.

    James GJames GMonth ago
  • That two minutes though😭😭

    Dipsan RaiDipsan RaiMonth ago
  • Recently became a fan. Would be cool to eventually see an updated one. I’m sure the twitch stuff will eventually come out. More importantly what he does next will probably be even bigger. Maybe he cures covid or cancer

    Mike DolceMike DolceMonth ago
  • 0:28 doc? monkaW

    ˑˑMonth ago
  • Bro someone actually Booed his speech?

    Mon MothraMon MothraMonth ago
  • you forgot masonic hand signs..... he didnt get banned from twitch ...its all part of the script

    BAMBAMMonth ago
  • Can you make an update video?

    Siddharth DasSiddharth DasMonth ago
    • @Slush this video, your voice & narration is wonderful!🔥

      Siddharth DasSiddharth DasMonth ago
    • @Slush that's great!

      Siddharth DasSiddharth DasMonth ago
    • I will just waiting to see if we'll find out why got banned first

      SlushSlushMonth ago
  • dr disrespect is asian?!?! It all makes sense

    Mark RodriguezMark RodriguezMonth ago
  • :) join my channel.. kanalıma bekliyorum..

    4SLH4SLHMonth ago
  • You know what would be awesome, great video btw. But if we saw a Sean Penn narrated version of this

    Black Crystal DragoonBlack Crystal DragoonMonth ago
  • Lol feb 22nd is my bday

    Real skullReal skullMonth ago
  • Helping people they didn't want, they shut him down. He said lets go to the top but at the top there's already people there and of course they came down to this little man exactly telling him that and to shut shop. The people at the top are the heads of a global pedophile empire and child trafficking ring.

    A D DwayneA D DwayneMonth ago
  • $500,000 for month, the man is doc

    dj diasdj diasMonth ago
  • I'm 2-3 against this fucktard in pubg..........

  • I'm probably the newest... fan of Dr. Disrespect. I've watched a few videos of his. Then, this one. The part where 'The Doc' receives an award, talks about his fans who've contacted him through various means and told him how he's helped them through 'tough' times. I could relate. Depression is a mother @ucker. A real deal breaker. Well, like I wrote, I came across Dr. Disrespect recently, maybe 2 days ago. I haven't laughed, let alone laughed so hard...for a long time. What a deep-hearted man to care. Then, he makes a bad decision in his personal life. Owns up to it world-wide (who does that? It's rare, or except for him, non-existent to do that). It was time for his fans to return the favor to him, that being to support him through his devasting time as he'd supported so many of them (myself included). And, they did. Game on Doc! Thank you, to who put this together and uploaded it!

    SQ_TierHogSQ_TierHogMonth ago
  • Who's his mistress. A twitch streamer too?

    spectrum 90spectrum 90Month ago
  • legendary. the doc and the video itself. what an inspiration

    Rick RubenRick RubenMonth ago
  • Were only halfway up💪🏼

    Jackie MoonJackie MoonMonth ago