*THE ROOMMATE* is the WORST horror movie I've EVER seen

Jul 28, 2020
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  • Listen pls watch gossip girl and you’ll see that they screwed Leighton

    Emily hEmily h31 minute ago
  • The teacher is Rose's wanker Fiance in Titanic lololol

    Natalie GrantNatalie Grant2 hours ago
  • I love the way Dylan mischievously laughs when he hooks the sponsor of the day into something he's saying about the movie

    NanicNanic3 hours ago
  • Dylan disrespecting Elena Gilbert like that

    Zara RiveraZara Rivera4 hours ago
  • I guess because he's bald, Dylan didn't realize the creepy teacher is Cal from Titanic

    ToruKun1ToruKun14 hours ago
  • That is way too much chest, Dylan, I can't pay attention to what you're saying

    TableWrensTableWrens6 hours ago
  • Bruh, this and Triple Dog Dare were my angsty teen films! I hope Dylan could react to that someday

    Tiffany MarkTiffany Mark8 hours ago
  • To the girl: idk if you will see this but you are valid, and this may sound cliché but there is so much to live for, but Im talking about all the the small things in life, like the sun, or when you see your favorite candy at the store, that feeling you get from watching your favorite movie, doing a task you’ve been putting off. And hey I’m here to talk if you need, just ask. Even tho I don’t know you Ik know your special.

    Katelin MillsKatelin Mills10 hours ago
  • I'm one of the bible buddies!! What up!

    Miriam WestMiriam West10 hours ago

    SimSandraSimSandra10 hours ago
  • Oh noooooo.... am I gonna rewatch the o.c.???? Yup....

    Eliana NoeiEliana Noei10 hours ago
  • To the girl: I've been there. I have scars on my arm that I wished I had made deeper at the time. You are loved. You are worthy. It is okay to take up space. I know it doesn't feel like it right now but there is light at the end of the tunnel. ♥️

    RedRed11 hours ago
  • for a movie with such good actors, this movies acting was rly shitty

    Miya. SMiya. S12 hours ago
  • To the girl: You are not alone, I know it may feel like that sometimes- maybe all the time. And sometimes words don't register and they feel empty, it's difficult and it feels like you're drowning but I promise- IT DOES GET BETTER. It takes time, but take it by moment, by day. Make your bed, take a shower, change clothes- even if it's sweatpants to another pair of sweatpants. Organize and clean, they help keep your mind itself uncluttered. It's all easier said than done at times, but one day you will wake up and you can honestly tell yourself that you are happy, and you'll be so glad you you made it. Because you are stronger than you think you are, don't ever give up. Write down your feelings, get some exercise (boxing helped me so much). Watch a show that you love and makes you smile. Just keep going, because again, one day you're going to wake up and know that you made it and it's going to be the greatest feeling.

    cinemagiacinemagia12 hours ago
    • also thank you so much, Dylan, for speaking about this- it's something so close to my heart, and your videos have helped me so much in the past when I was going through hard times mentally. I loved you and your videos before, but this just made me gain a whole lot of respect for you. You didn't have to speak on this at all, but you did and that just makes all the difference.

      cinemagiacinemagia12 hours ago
  • I hope she has seen this and is feeling the love ❤❤❤

    Rachael BurgerRachael Burger12 hours ago
  • you think u r hot hun good thing u r right

    bella_ scarpellinibella_ scarpellini12 hours ago
  • he played Detroit becomes human and haven’t even recognized that the girl that played north (markus love interest) is in this movie

    Bianca JohnsonBianca Johnson13 hours ago
  • if he watched the vampire diaries he would know who the girl is that said “we were never friends” with the dramatic zoom in

    Bianca JohnsonBianca Johnson13 hours ago
  • DYLAN, direct your own scary movie! I'd watch it, lol.

    B.K.R.B.K.R.13 hours ago
  • I was cuddling with my kitten while watching this. I'm very upset.

    Emma JakobsenEmma Jakobsen15 hours ago
  • Hey Dylan, i really think you should watch and react to the haunting of hill house! Its a series on Netflix😋

    GullsteinGullstein20 hours ago
  • Him: slit his throat!!!! Also him: don't kill the cat! Noooooooooooo!!!!

    Pinkpumpkin GamingPinkpumpkin Gaming21 hour ago
  • Please watch my little pony and make a ton of shitty jokes out of it

    Pinkpumpkin GamingPinkpumpkin Gaming21 hour ago
  • To the girl: I’m so sorry we have let you down. I’m sorry we’ve allowed for this to keep going on for so long. But we’ll try to make it up to you. We’re all trying to make this world a better place. So please stick around enough for you to see. When you hate being you, and when you want to disappear just remember... Stars glow brightest in the dark. You are a star. You’re always shining. You may not realize it. But if it counts for something. I see it. And I believe you’ll glow even brighter. I believe there’s still so much more for you. So much more you deserve. Always with you ~Another Troublemaker.

    Paulina HernandezPaulina Hernandez22 hours ago
  • I’m just saying Oliver should’ve had another appearance after season 1

    meddly001meddly001Day ago
  • I just realized the art professor is the evil guy from Titanic.

    Brett F.Brett F.Day ago
  • to anyone who needs it: here is a hug (if you do not like hugs i will give you a supportive head pat and a smile)

    Sadie StricklandSadie StricklandDay ago
  • To the girl and anyone: I don't know you but you are precious and your light is important!

    MozelacMozelacDay ago
  • To the girl: We're all here for you, and we're here to support you when you need it :)

    NylaTheWolfNylaTheWolfDay ago
  • To her and anyone else this may benefit: Hey, we absolutely love you. You're not alone. I've been there myself, many times. Life can be heavy, suffocating and unbearable, but it can also be the most beautiful thing. Do you have to fight through all the madness every day? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. I knew someone who followed through on their decision to not be around anymore. It wracked me with guilt, and honestly years later, it still can. It doesn't just impact you, but everyone who has ever known you. Even if the people around you don't like you, not one bit, should - if they're aware, fight to keep you here. I hope you overcome this with all my being. I know you're great, and your capable of greatness. Every breath you take, every tear that falls, every beat of your heart is a victory, even if your breath catches, or you don't know why the tears fall, or your heart skips. Live on, and know you're precious, loved, and valid.

    NothingInParticularNothingInParticularDay ago
  • To the girl: you are not alone! We love you

    laylani montoyalaylani montoyaDay ago
  • Your transitions to the sponsor is always smooth.

    Yazzi DillardYazzi DillardDay ago
  • To anyone who needs someone to talk to, for any situation, dm me and we can talk. Everyone needs a supportive friend.

    Abigail DoakAbigail DoakDay ago
  • Has dylan seen burlesque???

    Mariah WhoMariah WhoDay ago
  • I feel like you pause at the worst moments makes the video hard to enjoy. Much love, just an opinion.

    Corgi BbCorgi BbDay ago
  • Dylan: where my Bible buddies at? Me, a Christian: I see u and I love u

    toxicsugar arttoxicsugar artDay ago
  • To person: Yo are important don’t let Anyone tell you otherwise. There is always a way out and there is always someone that really cares for you even if you don’t see it. Sometimes when we feel like shit and we don’t notice that there are people around us how love us family,friends or even someone you don’t notice can be there to help you. Just ask for help or guidance. That doesn’t make you weak it makes you stronger for having the guts to say how you feel. Hope this helps in anyway. 🙂

    Yahsiris Adell RamosYahsiris Adell RamosDay ago
  • You’re never alone❤️

    avery_da_writeravery_da_writerDay ago
  • Anyone else super distracted that that’s North from Detroit Become Human?

    SlyFoxSlyFoxDay ago
  • To the instagram person: I've been there. I used to live day-by-day not knowing if I was going to make it. At that time, the only thing keeping me from ending it was feeling guilty for my family. But I made it! I'm still depressed but I don't think about suicide anymore. And so can you! There is so much to live for. Life isn't as horrible as one might think, don't listen to the cynics. Things will get better eventually, and you can get through it! I believe in you and I'm so damn proud of you for having gotten this far. We all love you. And if things get really hard, take it day by day and praise yourself every day for getting through it. Also if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm theswahn on youtube and instagram Don't give up!

    helleswahnhelleswahnDay ago
  • You Are All BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

    Lauren ApodacaLauren ApodacaDay ago
  • I love the vid so funny aha

    yroohj gouyyroohj gouyDay ago
  • This movie looks terrible.

    Jeremy U's ReevUJeremy U's ReevUDay ago
  • To the girl (and anyone else with similar feelings) know that things DO get better. I know first hand. reach out to a friend or professional. It may seem scary but most times it will help. Even reach out to a stranger. But please know that you are important

    Ian RiepIan RiepDay ago
  • *massive hug for that one person*

    ᴀʟᴇx 유타 사랑ᴀʟᴇx 유타 사랑Day ago
    • L E T M E S H O W E R Y O U

      yroohj gouyyroohj gouyDay ago
  • ELENA! (TVD)

    ametaratsu1ametaratsu1Day ago
  • You have not been kicked in the balls that hard my guy, that shit can sometimes make me lie on the ground in pain for like five minutes straight

    Cryo PyreCryo PyreDay ago
  • to ANYONE: please please don't leave. fight and there will be better days!

    evieevieDay ago
  • If you think this movie is bad, check out Feeders 2: Slay Bells.

    Jeremy U's ReevUJeremy U's ReevUDay ago
  • I'm a little late to the video, but honey, if you see this: you are loved. You are accepted. You don't have to be anyone other than yourself because that is enough, you are enough. I know that nice words don't tend to go a long way when one is going through a rough episode, but I hope that ours can at least put a smile on your face. I don't know who you are, but if you ever need to talk or for someone to just be there, please let me know. All the love honey, you can do this 💙

    Elena Muñoz de DiosElena Muñoz de DiosDay ago
  • To the girl: I don’t know you but I care about you. You are worthy of love and happiness. If you ever want to talk to somebody, I’ll always be here for you❤️

    Tamara HacobsenTamara HacobsenDay ago

    Elodie FerryElodie FerryDay ago
  • I- was that Nina Dobrev I saw?

    Art ViktoriyaArt ViktoriyaDay ago
  • I would love to see you review Burlesque, it has Cam Gigandet and Stanley Tucci (not the main characters btw)

    Jasmine BahenaJasmine BahenaDay ago
  • I would love to see you review Burlesque, it has Cam Gigandet and Stanley Tucci (not the main characters btw)

    Jasmine BahenaJasmine BahenaDay ago
  • to everybody who thinks that they're worthless, or that they're unloved or anything remotely similar....i love you~ and it's okay to ask for help, it doesn't make you weak and it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you or that you're broken. You are a normal, beautiful soul, that is going through a rough patch, and you deserve all the love and respect. I love yooou~ hang in there 'cause if you leave us alone we'll be sad, and I bet that we won't be the only ones :< if you ever want to talk, there's a lot of people willing to listen. :>

    jin hitjin hit2 days ago
  • Or for an ACTUALLY GOOD gun scene with tension with no false violence but real stakes and drama.. the russian roulette scene in Arizona Dream

    KalikaInLeatherKalikaInLeather2 days ago
  • To anyone who needs: you are loved, you are needed and you are not alone. I'm sorry the world made you feel less than that, but remember that you are deserving of living. If things are difficult, just hold on a little more, day after day everything will get better. Wishing you all the happiness❤️💜

    Roberta VieiraRoberta Vieira2 days ago
  • To the brave girl that reached out to Dylan: you are not alone on this fight. If possible please reach out for help, if you don't have the strength, please ask a loved one to do so. Two things that make me feel better is the song "You will be found" from Dear Evan Hansen and having good nutrition! Search Niacin and Food Matters on USkeys and you'll find a video that has helped a lot of people. As always, consult a doctor or nutritionist before taking something new. I hope this helps. Much love.

    Denise FloresDenise Flores2 days ago
  • L E T M E S H O W E R Y O U

    CherryCherry2 days ago