#677 OBAMAGATE EXPOSED! | Gavin McInnes Guests | Louder with Crowder

May 21, 2020
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Talking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis going scorched-earth on the media, illegal public pooping, COVID tarot readings, the Flynn case, and OBAMAGATE! Joined by the always hilarious Gavin McInnes!
Show Guide:
Chinese Mistake Show Open: 00:01:08
Joke Segment: 00:04:52
Obamagate Meat Segment: 00:20:16
Commercial 1: 00:41:32
Gavin McInnes: 00:43:35
Commercial 2: 01:00:10
Closing Segment: 01:01:45
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  • How big of a deal do you think the whole Obamagate scandal is going to be? Do you think any Obama officials will actually be prosecuted for this? Go to prison?

    StevenCrowderStevenCrowderMonth ago
    • Nope; nothing will happen to these POS!

      CristianCristian12 days ago
    • Not a chance

      Lee pole checkLee pole check16 days ago
    • @D Vez Just like Trumps free ride out of impeachment.

      Brent CarringtonBrent Carrington25 days ago
    • David Schmidt wtf. Life?

      Sam GSam GMonth ago
    • @Jen farmer Then just get back to your cartoons and leave the serious stuff to those who actually give a sht.:) By the way, your reply........ very "uninteresting"!:)

      superman7superman7Month ago
  • Hydroxychloroquinne, has had safety stats relative to Tylenol, and Ibuprofen for around fifty years , , , SOoo, I wonder why ppl want to say it's dangerous. Because they're being PAID to. Follow the money.

    Dougie Do riteDougie Do rite23 hours ago
  • Shutting down public bathrooms... that’s gonna start a shitty protest

    Michael_W3Michael_W323 hours ago
  • Do you have a album or video of all your songs? I would like to buy for my liberal family members

    Michael BartholomewMichael Bartholomew2 days ago
  • 57:28 absolute greatest timing on USkeys. Except for my timing video.

    Liam PattonLiam Patton3 days ago
  • Just want to say thank you for all the content you put out! Educational and informative and getting me through working at home right now due to COVID. Better than 99% of other YT content.

    Maryssa EmersonMaryssa Emerson3 days ago
  • Can we start a gofundme to get that guy a chin?

    Not SureNot Sure4 days ago
  • When are you lads taking the band on tour XD

    grim strifegrim strife6 days ago
  • poor Gerald lol at least he takes all the shit they throw at him like a champ

    Dwight K. SchruteDwight K. Schrute7 days ago
  • If you can’t have sex with dead bodies, can they still have sex with us? I feel like if it’s on top and I’m receiving, it’s not really my fault

    Just RyanJust Ryan8 days ago
  • Charlie Zelenoff, grit!

    Old AndyOld Andy9 days ago
  • By "Vertigo" he means "Hangover". Very similar symptoms.

    Old AndyOld Andy9 days ago
  • Damn Bill... Rocking out with chop sticks, GET IT SON!

    Obsessive Compulsive GamerObsessive Compulsive Gamer9 days ago
  • I'm in Michigan, my area code only had 1 new case in the last week. I'm in Oakland county. and wtf is grit.

    Matthew WestonMatthew Weston13 days ago
  • It's crazy that nobody has heard about 'Obamagate' but everyone knows all the fake stuff on Trump.

    Matthew WestonMatthew Weston13 days ago
  • Reenact bible stories! I’d watch that! 😂☺️

    Bjørnar PrestmoBjørnar Prestmo14 days ago
  • Well that didn't age very well with the number of cases booming again...

    Gabriel BrunetGabriel Brunet14 days ago
  • So, my take away from all this: This is the second time in a row that the Democratic party has put up a candidate with _public evidence that they're a criminal_ and all that was lacking was application of the law. If the investigation and prosecution were illegal, Biden is guilty of Conspiracy to Commit. Also, please everyone remember that science is _not_ flawless, _even in theory!!_ One of the basic elements of the scientific method is that you test your theories because they _may well be wrong._ Then, every time you gather new observations, you _reassess your theory_ because it may _still_ be wrong even if you haven't seen so yet. Science, in theory, has _no_ capacity to find truth, only to find falsehoods, and that capacity is limited.

    Colin SmithColin Smith14 days ago
  • Whoah. That thumbnail made me click. F'ing mcinnes and his fatboy look lmaoooo.

    Lee pole checkLee pole check16 days ago
  • No quite Alex Jones yet, but you'll get there!

    anwang6anwang617 days ago
  • Steven, when are you gonna release an album with all your covers? Its something i need in my life.

    KrystalineKrystaline17 days ago
  • Chowder head whats up with the meat heads?,,,,

    allen kuesterallen kuester19 days ago
  • It probably started at Fort Detrick before it was sent to China for them to do the more dangerous modifications for us, or someone. Unsolved "vaping illness" identical including fever. Fever from a chemical? Other strange outbreaks, all coinciding with the earliest estimates for infection.

    Veritas et AequitasVeritas et Aequitas21 day ago
  • What is the name of the song that is played when they pretend they are swimming?

    Zach BucklerZach Buckler23 days ago
  • What brand is the polo shirt that Gavin is wearing?

    Zach BucklerZach Buckler23 days ago
  • 4:51 "you're a strange animal. That's what I know" damn I love that intro

    Lo6an Last_NameLo6an Last_Name24 days ago
  • Chop sticks as a guitar pick. Nice touch

    Lo6an Last_NameLo6an Last_Name24 days ago
  • Wait, don’t they need the bravery’s permission to use their creative property? Like aren’t they using bits of the music video? Not saying it’s bad, it’s a bad ass song and a good parody, genuinely just curious...

    Torin FairchildTorin Fairchild25 days ago
  • I’d like to see Steven have a conversation with Dr. Mike. I feel like that discussion would be very interesting

    Ellie G.Ellie G.26 days ago
  • The wife in "Pacific Heights" = Melanie Griffith

    Mark YumanMark Yuman26 days ago
  • Take motion sickness pills. It worked for me and perhaps it would be of use to you.

    Opie WrightOpie Wright27 days ago
  • The virus is fake just like CNN

    Teresa SantosTeresa Santos27 days ago
  • Obamagate will be denied and ridiculed if spoken about at all in the mainstream

    Sammich NetworkSammich Network27 days ago
  • Yea fuck China

    Kaleb PyleKaleb Pyle29 days ago
  • Feels like their should be more likes and comments with an ending like that. Here's to the daily grind :)

    ProtokoreProtokore29 days ago
  • Mindy lies to people she was never Jeff's to begin with she was married to a guy named Eddie he left her ugly ass that's not Jeff's garbage

    Mike O dellMike O dell29 days ago
  • The “squatters rights” doesn’t quite work that way. Tenants can get away with not paying rent for about 5 or 6 months before the Sheriff shows up to remove them from the property. Other states are better, meaning you can get a non paying tenant out in less time, maybe half the time.

    Kali SouthpawKali SouthpawMonth ago
  • important questions were raised, what the fuck you do with a degree in geography indeed

    its privateits privateMonth ago
  • You should have let Betty try with the frog. It would have broke her from it. They generally emmitt this very unpleasant chem and the dog drops them very quickly and will foam from the mouth for a bit. Our lab learned his lesson.

    namelessnamelessMonth ago
  • how stupid do you have to be to still support trump and his conspiracy theories? about a whole Crowder of people stupid.

    matthew wortleymatthew wortleyMonth ago
  • i wish i was university fiends with cowder

    no nameno nameMonth ago
    • *crowder

      no nameno nameMonth ago
  • Unpopular opinion: Steven is funnier when he isn’t trying too hard to be funny. It’s obvious that Steve is naturally funny but he tries too hard.

    sillysal Ventsillysal VentMonth ago
  • now dont be no foo stay away from the wu foo

    Rich KendallRich KendallMonth ago
  • lol I WILL WILT YOU!

    Rich KendallRich KendallMonth ago
  • Steven, to answer your "pinned" question: Not if you keep making light of it! Telling Gerald to "please make this interesting"........ not cool! Everyone NOT making this AS BIG A DEAL AS IT ACTUALLY IS, and being "TIRED OF IT ALL"......... *IS EXACTLY* WHAT WILL CAUSE "NOTHING TO HAPPEN" to these CRIMINALS! This is part of the lefts plan, to get everyone so sick of it all that they don't care what happens! I bet you all that I own.......... YOU WOULD BE TAKING THIS MORE SERIOUS *IF IT WERE YOU OR YOUR FAMILY GOING THROUGH WHAT GENERAL FLYNN AND HIS FAMILY ARE* !! HE IS A DECORATED GENERAL AND DESERVES OUR RESPECT AND SUPPORT AS WELL AS IT ALL TO BE TAKEN MORE SERIOUSLY WITH A DEMAND OF ACCOUNTABILITY (IF NOTHING ELSE) BECAUSE HE'S *A FELLOW AMERICAN* !! EDIT: PLEASE EVERYONE, WATCH "THE DAN BONGINO SHOW" AS WELL AS CROWDER......... ITS OKAY TO GET THE COMEDIC RELIEF OVER ALL THIS STUFF AND I DO THINK CROWDER'S WORK IS *VERY IMPORTANT* BUT DAN BONGINO'S WORK IS MORE "MEAT AND POTATOES" SO TO SPEAK, WHICH IS ALSO *VERY IMPORTANT* !! Watching Dan's show makes you several months ahead of the "news" and everyone else! His producers slogan, "Everything you need to know in an hour".......... fact! His "inside guys" are as "inside" as you can get! I don't get paid in any way by Dan or his show........ I just know his show is *VITALLY IMPORTANT FOR ALL AMERICAN'S* !! Just my opinions of course.......

    superman7superman7Month ago
  • As an ED Nurse, we have lots of presentations with the patients complaining of vertigo. Generally we would treat this with a medication called Stemetil or Prochlorperazine. These seem to work with a generally good effect.

    Robert CressyRobert CressyMonth ago
  • I lost it at "super snake vitality" hahahahaha

    Aaron DyerAaron DyerMonth ago
  • Who sung Chinese Mistake? His voice is so nice! It couldn't possibly be Steven!

    Candied CrusaderCandied CrusaderMonth ago
  • I never wanted to explain this channel to my wife but when I accidentally sing this song I'm going to have no choice. Thanks.

    Scotty AwesomesauceScotty AwesomesauceMonth ago
  • Gavin is a national treasure, if you haven't subscribed to his show you are missing out on so much gold content

    CT 415CT 415Month ago
  • There's no better way to start your day, a mug of coffee and an hour of Crowder.

    fugginellfugginellMonth ago
  • fucci would condemn u

    Blow MeBlow MeMonth ago
  • Crowder and McInnes I am a millennial and conservative.

    itachi uchihaitachi uchihaMonth ago
  • Bryanee Sssstelter isnt straight and also doesnt report real news.

    itachi uchihaitachi uchihaMonth ago
  • It's so unbelieveable that Obama spyed on someone but when trump was in his collusion trial anyone that sided with trump was a fuckin looney... lol what a bunch of shit.

    itachi uchihaitachi uchihaMonth ago
  • What's the point of a tarot card reader cant you just look up what they mean? Fuckin fools

    itachi uchihaitachi uchihaMonth ago
  • What was the song they parodied

    itachi uchihaitachi uchihaMonth ago
  • crazy how riots started right after this

    Tiger SnipezTiger SnipezMonth ago
  • I think one of the reasons Democrat’s want to extend the COVID lockdowns is to keep presidential debates from happening. They know Biden will fail miserably. Trumps challenge will be to not come across as overbearing and obnoxious.

    Jim KimbroughJim KimbroughMonth ago
    • We'll see if they suddenly start wanting to reopen right after the debates. That's ignoring the fact that you could have 3 people in their studio

      EmberMistEmberMistMonth ago
  • That was actually a pretty killer song lol... I wonder what Brian’s lawyer fees went up to for this video? Lol playing the guitar with chopsticks?!

    J LeeJ LeeMonth ago
  • "Chinese Mistake". Great tune!

    CrawdadCrawdadMonth ago
  • I like shrink crowder

    Dixie IdgetDixie IdgetMonth ago
  • Where can i download the chinese mistake song?

    Senor WTFSenor WTFMonth ago
  • 57:30 Micheal Keaton as a bad guy??? Yes... Recent.. ish Spider-Man: Homecoming....

    SmittenKitten.OnlineSmittenKitten.OnlineMonth ago
  • My family used covid to our advantage to buy a house for the first time in 18 years

    Sadie EveretteSadie EveretteMonth ago
    • Just extra unemployment or some grand scheme?

      EmberMistEmberMistMonth ago
  • "Now dont be no fool! Stay away from the Wuh Flu!" :D :D :D :D :D 'in tears emoji'

    finaldarkjonfinaldarkjonMonth ago
  • New favorite song

    Marionette KingMarionette KingMonth ago
  • 18:46 The start of one of the funniestl bits from Crowder and gang. And one of the few times ive heard the gang laugh like they werent being paid to.

    death-by-egodeath-by-egoMonth ago
  • good work

    Carl CarlsonCarl CarlsonMonth ago
  • The asshats of the media.. do you think we dont know you're paying these people

    J MalkavitchJ MalkavitchMonth ago
  • There need to mislead is the scary thing

    Carl CarlsonCarl CarlsonMonth ago
  • A Chinese mistake

    James ShortJames ShortMonth ago
  • loved the music video lmao..fuck makes me want to join mug club

    Sarah SmilesSarah SmilesMonth ago
  • McInnes is best

    west familywest familyMonth ago
  • @57:10 Bookmark for where I left off so I could watch Pacific Heights Crowder sold me on it.

    iRemainNamelessiRemainNamelessMonth ago
  • I've unsubscribed from SCrowder.

    Kino StrongKino StrongMonth ago
    • Ok

      EmberMistEmberMistMonth ago
  • "Weird little baby buttcheeks" 😂 OMG Gavin, you are a positive influence in the world.

    johnathan valejohnathan valeMonth ago
  • Y'know, that joke song in the beginning actually got me thinking -- if China from the get go had been honest about what was going on and sounded the alarm, but things still got really out of hand like they got to, how different would this situation feel? I mean it's just an aimless what if, but I still wonder.

    ASNS117ZeroASNS117ZeroMonth ago
  • that guitar pick !!

    sherwood smallidgesherwood smallidgeMonth ago
  • Excellent parody music video! I want that song on my playlist!

    R WalkerR WalkerMonth ago