Melanie Martinez - Copy Cat (feat. Tierra Whack) [Official Audio]

Feb 10, 2020
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  • here before after school ep. 😤👍

    rssavenrssaven3 hours ago
  • Hi

    jekbskenwjndnd djekbskenwjndnd d4 hours ago
  • Hino

    Diego VieiraDiego Vieira5 hours ago

    ㄗ丹口 ツღ 爪丹尺尺モれ匕口ㄗ丹口 ツღ 爪丹尺尺モれ匕口5 hours ago

    Madi_LOLMadi_LOL5 hours ago
  • Let's go 20M

    Camila S.Camila S.6 hours ago
  • Stop arguing over how you think melanie copied billie,💀 bruh y'all didn't know other song writers/singers🎶 also got a copycat song?😑 Instead of arguing how about you appreciate this wonderful audio?😌👌❤

    Melanie CakesMelanie Cakes6 hours ago

    Jacqueline Serena WigunoJacqueline Serena Wiguno7 hours ago
  • 2:37 is Tierra’s part for anyone who wants it!

    Sam HousleySam Housley7 hours ago
  • I love you Melanie I listen to your music since 2016

    M a n uM a n u7 hours ago
  • I like to play Melanie's songs on 1.25x playback speed depending on if I want a slower song or a more energetic vibe, highly recommend.

    Kylie MorganKylie Morgan9 hours ago
  • love you

    Danielle VasconcelosDanielle Vasconcelos10 hours ago

    :Belms ::Belms :10 hours ago
  • No one: Absolutely nobody:... Me looking at the eyes of the cat that inside seems to look at trees. LOL!

    the tiger Benarezthe tiger Benarez15 hours ago
  • Arte

    Love_is_over_Love_is_over_15 hours ago
  • "Feminishta"

    Victoria San MartinVictoria San Martin20 hours ago

    Cry babyCry baby23 hours ago
  • I feel like this is directed to certain someone 👀

    Tyche._.Tyche._.Day ago
  • the afro voice ruined part of this beauty and melodic song.

    Marcus ViggoMarcus ViggoDay ago
  • wait how'd she copy billie..? bc the name..? yall cant be frl

    BrattyBrownieBrattyBrownieDay ago
  • Song idea Pls read @melanie martinez Not yours a song about a girl stealing Melanies man :) pls give credit to me if you want to repost the idea

    Xxmidnight VibesXxXxmidnight VibesXxDay ago
  • lmao i've been watching this evry day

    Elysia AriasElysia AriasDay ago
  • Rumo a 20 milhões da views

    J & NJ & NDay ago
  • 2:54 - 2:56 fav parts uwu #K12 :o no way! ;0

    •CreamBüñ••CreamBüñ•Day ago
  • É tão fofinha falando "feminista" 😆

    Lia CorreiaLia CorreiaDay ago
  • wow Melanie Martines te pasaste

    Mabel SanguchoMabel SanguchoDay ago
  • Fact:the song It's After School

    FathirFathir2 days ago
    • Maybe😍💖💖❤️

  • C 👼🏼 Cr 💗 Cry👼🏼 Cryb💗 Cryba👼🏼 Crybab💗 Crybaby👼🏼 Crybab💗 Cryba👼🏼 Cryb💗 Cry👼🏼 Cr💗 y👼🏼

    Alexa Tv ʕ•ᴥ•ʔAlexa Tv ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ2 days ago
    • Crybabies 🥰💖❤️❤️

  • I'm I the only one that thinks the letters look like candy...

    Ava AzumiAva Azumi2 days ago
  • melanie i love youuuuu

    Meliana CarmonaMeliana Carmona2 days ago
  • I love this Song ❤️❤️❤️

    blosoom uwublosoom uwu2 days ago
  • I love you Melanie

    Rainbow GamerRainbow Gamer2 days ago
  • No hate but I don’t like Billie songs I know people say she copied her but I don’t think so

    Łøvëłÿ KërmïtŁøvëłÿ Kërmït2 days ago
    • Łøvëłÿ Kërmït Ok have fun watching the shining eyes of the cat~

      Freckles MoonFreckles MoonDay ago
    • Freckles Moon yeah

      Łøvëłÿ KërmïtŁøvëłÿ Kërmït2 days ago
    • Uhh Gima: copycat Billie: COPYCAT Melanie: copy cat Is that looks the same :)

      Freckles MoonFreckles Moon2 days ago
    • Freckles Moon I know but a lot of people say she copied her

      Łøvëłÿ KërmïtŁøvëłÿ Kërmït2 days ago
  • 1:04 a lo que vinieron.

    Gerardo Reyes de la GarzaGerardo Reyes de la Garza2 days ago
  • Who came here after watching the cartoon fight between Billie and Melanie

    ItsMeHim SOAItsMeHim SOA2 days ago
  • Now Pla ying - Melanie Martinez - Copy Cat 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:52 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

    ꧁Naili kawaii UwU꧂꧁Naili kawaii UwU꧂2 days ago
    • I was gonna pause it

      ఌcomfiepeachఌఌcomfiepeachఌDay ago
  • *_copyright be like_*

    neko kittyneko kitty2 days ago
  • i love this song:)

    Luis EstradaLuis Estrada2 days ago
  • "'Cause I'm a little" Wait ur part of ddlg community I- edit: i mean if she is, it actually gonna make sense since her theme is pastel and childish

    StarryKnightStarryKnight2 days ago
  • melanie: obsessed with power me: HOW DID KNOW

    Izabella MercadoIzabella Mercado2 days ago

      Izabella MercadoIzabella Mercado8 hours ago
  • Me before I liked copy cat: I dunno I don't really want hear copy cat . Also me after seeing the video in my recommendation: ok I'm gonna see it Me after seeing: *YoU'rE tHe CoPy CaT*

    Itzzz CrystalItzzz Crystal2 days ago
  • I’m tired of seeing comments saying she copied Billie. It’s like comparing them. These comments are childish and unacceptable

    Wow wow LuluWow wow Lulu2 days ago
  • The dislikes are from the people who said that she copied Billie

    Wow wow LuluWow wow Lulu2 days ago
    • Can you give me the knife ? I want to stab those disliker

  • Billie doesn't own "copy cat" YALL DELUSIONAL

    hi :Phi :P2 days ago
    • Exactly ❤️ they're really mean

  • I love Tierra’s voice in this song🤪

    Stephanie AddisStephanie Addis2 days ago
  • no vallas abajo hablan taka taka (si te gusta melanie. martinez dame un like y si no pues para que vienes a ver sus videos >:V

    Nezuko UWUNezuko UWU2 days ago
  • this is so nostalgic somehow it reminds me of minecraft because i played it while listening to this yeah

    botanicalbotanical3 days ago
  • You should start a blog

    Crystal TisdaleCrystal Tisdale3 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    ConceptMist V3ConceptMist V33 days ago
    • Fire 💟❤🔥🔥

      Cry OrangesCry Oranges3 days ago
  • At least I got a good laugh

    ghost sologhost solo3 days ago
    • @ghost solo I won't, I won't interfere your life anymore, do what you think it's useful for you and others, thats all the advice bye 🙏

      Cry OrangesCry Oranges3 days ago
    • I'm not the least bit surprised that I'm being told to f off again but whatever

      ghost sologhost solo3 days ago
    • @Cry Oranges also her last name is the same as my dead grandfather that told me to f off so I couldn't help but be curious

      ghost sologhost solo3 days ago
    • @Cry Orangesevery child born is born exactly the same there just raised differently it has nothing to do with the womb

      ghost sologhost solo3 days ago
    • @ghost solo I don't need that though and that's what you think of someone thay you not related to, People just thinks of their own way cuz us people doesn't born in the same womb.

      Cry OrangesCry Oranges3 days ago
  • The name of this song is ridiculous just you singing is you being a copy cat period 🤣

    ghost sologhost solo3 days ago
    • @COPY KATE I can see why she turned off her comments section you guys are horrible

      ghost sologhost solo3 days ago
    • @COPY KATE also its called freedom of speech I'll say whatever I want

      ghost sologhost solo3 days ago
    • @COPY KATE also like I sayed if you want me to remove you it's your choice I don't really care anymore

      ghost sologhost solo3 days ago
    • @COPY KATE you do realise I don't care what they say at all

      ghost sologhost solo3 days ago
    • @ghost solo but you shouldn't say these trashy words of your in this channel there's not only me that roasted you, just be ready to getting harassing from Melanie fan like me if they saw this😊

      COPY KATECOPY KATE3 days ago
  • 💜🖤same🖤💜

    Melanie MartinezMelanie Martinez3 days ago
  • Bopping along to this as I plagiarize my history essay.

    WinsumaWinsuma3 days ago
  • Melanie is better than Billie Eilish.

    NeinNein3 days ago
    • @ARIANA'S X BLOODLINE try and stop me

      NeinNeinDay ago
    • Please don't compare 2 very talented women xxx

    • @Elif Nur melanie is still better

      NeinNein2 days ago
    • Sis im crybaby for 4 years and i am eyelashes for 2 years look it can happen. just break this unnecessary thoughts. there are no reason to dont like billie so much. she just mind her own bussiness, doing amazing jobs and trying to be best in her job. these are so much for her age. i love melanie too but i think billie is more original. Everyone can think a babydoll consept you know. But it doesn't mean that i HAVE TO COMPARE THEM EVERY DAY CAUSE THEY ARE BOTH HUMANS WHO DOES MINDING THEIR OWN BUSSINESS

      Elif NurElif Nur3 days ago
    • @Nein yes we stan Melanie as crybabies 🥰😍❤️

      COPY KATECOPY KATE3 days ago
  • awww that’s so cute and her voice is so beautiful I wish mine was pretty

    ꧁Teddy꧂꧁Teddy꧂3 days ago
  • lenda

    cry babycry baby3 days ago
  • Ese título es de Billie Ellish copiona!

    •Bąe••Bąe•4 days ago
    • Copiona? Solo por que le puso de titulo Copy Cat?

      —`Fᴀɴɴʏ ;;—`Fᴀɴɴʏ ;;5 hours ago
    • No es una copia xD además hay muchas canciones que tienen el mismo título que otra no es la primera vez que pasa esto

      ninanina3 days ago
  • *+*love it!

    XxRAIN CHANxXXxRAIN CHANxX4 days ago

    Yumme DevannierYumme Devannier4 days ago
  • si

    C R I S T O P H E RC R I S T O P H E R4 days ago
  • "Call Yourself a feminista" Love

    Hideki StoriesHideki Stories4 days ago
  • I love Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish equally. I don't like how people create drama between them. Whyyy

    ArcticGacha SnowArcticGacha Snow4 days ago
  • I love melanie

    Alexander Huerta 2DAlexander Huerta 2D4 days ago
  • Oi

    TaysiTaysi4 days ago
    • Taysi oi

      coco podicoco podi3 days ago
  • What we didn’t want but.. *What we needed.*

    Sxnd wiçhSxnd wiçh4 days ago
  • 😀🔫.

    soraya.soraya.5 days ago
    • Madison - what.- 👁👄👁🤚.

      soraya.soraya.2 days ago
    • huh-

      Madison -Madison -2 days ago
  • Me all day YOUR THE COPYCAT!!! My friends singing along to the song all day.!!!

    Ella HurstElla Hurst5 days ago
  • This is not the cat I expected.

    Melanie Martinez InfoMelanie Martinez Info5 days ago
  • Melanie's COPYCAT was released 2020 Billie's COPYCAT was released 2017 Melanie i am a huge fan of you, but, "YoU'rE a CoPyCaT"

    Alexandra SpitsbergAlexandra Spitsberg5 days ago
    • @Ì pøst a lîl’ bìt Õ_Õ ty💖❤️

    • COPY KATE yep 😚🤣

      Ì pøst a lîl’ bìt Õ_ÕÌ pøst a lîl’ bìt Õ_Õ2 days ago
    • @botanical yep there's a lot of the same title song in YT not only billie's song

      COPY KATECOPY KATE2 days ago
    • Billie doesn't own the word lmfao

      botanicalbotanical3 days ago
    • Toxic Fan is your

      COPY KATECOPY KATE3 days ago
  • | (• ◡•)|

    Lily QochinyanLily Qochinyan5 days ago
  • Im so in luv with this song

    Trâm DươngTrâm Dương5 days ago
  • Lets be honest, *We've watched this more than one time*

    Lemon_DropsLemon_Drops6 days ago
  • Que buscas comentario en español Esta canción me gusta su ritmo todo like si piensas lo mismo

    David PerezDavid Perez6 days ago
  • did she copy this from billie? just asking i wanna be educated

    Scarlett StablerScarlett Stabler6 days ago
    • There's is almost 10 copy cat title on USkeys you can uses your brain once again

      COPY KATECOPY KATE3 days ago
    • Nope

      ꧁Fruit Milkshake꧂꧁Fruit Milkshake꧂4 days ago
    • @TechCat Doesn't matter. It's still just a name and none of the artists own it.

      - Artiee -- Artiee -5 days ago
    • Mel has been working on this song for years way before Billie did hers, so no

      TechCatTechCat6 days ago
    • No she didn’t they just have the same name

      Aj GascaAj Gasca6 days ago
  • bruh when this song first came out I was so hyped and listened to it all the time, I still do, but when I first herd it I'm like this just like all her songs this cool but then Tierra came in I was just like.........

    Tamerial McKenzieTamerial McKenzie6 days ago
  • 4 words: This song is badass.

    VANILLAVANILLA6 days ago

    Guadalupe Urrego LoperaGuadalupe Urrego Lopera6 days ago
  • M❤️ Me🧡 Mel💛 Mela💚 Melan💙 Melani💜 Melanie💖 Melani❤️ Melan🧡 Mela💚 Mel💙 Me💜 M💖 M❤️ Ma🧡 Mar💛 Mart💚 Marti💙 Martine💜 Martinez💖

    XxstqrryxXXxstqrryxX6 days ago
  • That Cat be looking like I just took her cookies

    MikaMika6 days ago
  • The title reminds me of Billie eilish’s tittle copy cat

    Alejandra Lopez SanchezAlejandra Lopez Sanchez6 days ago
    • It's just the same title name not the same music track and she was working on this song before copy cat of billie eyeliner about 4 years ago ☺️

      COPY KATECOPY KATE3 days ago
  • Melanie 😭😭fala comigo porfavor eu te amo😍😍😍eu só consegui viver minha vida porcausa de você,eu sofri vários preconceitos e você me ajudou a lutar pelos meus direitos ❤porfavor promete nunca acabar🥺🥺

    Hi ArturHi Artur6 days ago
  • Over my shoulder, eyes peeking in Analyze my every move, what current state I'm in 'Cause you are colder than ice on my skin Wanna get that A+, baby So you take my shit 'Cause I am little, right? I won't call you out Teacher saying "You'd get credit, why would you stop now?" You are so desperate Craving that spotlight Shine it on the ones who do the shit 'cause it's their life But I know the people around you say "Just do what it takes to make it all the way" You're a copy cat You take it then you leave it, honey Just like that, just like that You're falling flat You find someone like me to bring you up right back Up right back (Copy cat, copy cat) Obsessed with power You want it for yourself Feeding on misogyny But still you call yourself a feminista If that were really true You wouldn't feel as if I were a current threat to you But I know the people around you say "Just do what it takes to make it all the way" You're a copy cat You take it then you leave it, honey Just like that, just like that You're falling flat You find someone like me to bring you up right back Up right back (Copy cat, copy cat) Find someone else to leech on, lady My blood's for me, not for you, baby College, estate and all your savings My blood's for me, so no more taking Anything you can do, I can do better In prison for stealing, gon' write you a letter Courageous and clever Creative director I raised the bar higher, Sir I broke the record I'm hot as peppers, spent more time in leather Scuffed up my boots, boy I'll stomp you in Sketchers They wanna build like their first name is Hector Back against wall, bitch I am a projector From the projects, don't check on my ex Like uni-brows they are there for connects Wish you the best, won't show you my next move So I guess you'll be upset Don't cry, no baby, you'll find your own way Think for yourself, it will all be okay Copyright lyrics, you can't steal my spirit They live for my music, they're dying to hear it Imitated, never duplicated You wish you related You wish you'd have made it Imitated, never duplicated You wish you related You wish you'd have made it You're a copy cat You take it then you leave it, honey Just like that, just like that You're falling flat You find someone like me to bring you up right back Up right back (Copy cat, copy cat) MY HANDS ARE BLOOD RED SO DE THANKFUL

    Wesley HolbrookWesley Holbrook6 days ago

      Wesley HolbrookWesley Holbrook6 days ago

    Princess Althea AtchicoPrincess Althea Atchico6 days ago
  • petition to get youtube to disable the dislikes on melanes yt acount

    Princess Althea AtchicoPrincess Althea Atchico6 days ago
    • YES I agree with you ❤️

      COPY KATECOPY KATE3 days ago
  • tierra whack is amazing

    fuckaroo the kangaroofuckaroo the kangaroo7 days ago
  • Bro I can imagine the music video. Melanie is a cat and she’s dancing. Then the other cats r making fun of her but doing the exact same dance moves as her with very little difference. When Whack’s part comes on she’s the owner of all the cats. She comes in and and dance and sings while all the cats are running and moving, everyone except Melanie. She’s just like on the top of the couch. Watching. Then when melanie’s part comes back on she’s dancing on the floor in front of Whack. But what whack sees is a pink and black cat. Not Melanie in a costume. So like Whack is looking at cat trying to copy her moves and laughing. Then Melanie goes and sits on Whack’s lap knowing that Whack isn’t making fun of her. Sorry for this being really long. But thanks for reading❤️❤️❤️

    Babyboo 86Babyboo 867 days ago

      Ceylin YıldızCeylin Yıldız4 days ago
  • i love mellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    emmanuel arias caicedoemmanuel arias caicedo7 days ago
  • I love this

    Not ur Nuggies :PNot ur Nuggies :P7 days ago
  • please don't stomp on my sketchers, they're twinkle toes.

    akaibbyakaibby7 days ago

    Princess Althea AtchicoPrincess Althea Atchico8 days ago
    • @Dylan González I SAW IT

      Princess Althea AtchicoPrincess Althea Atchico2 days ago
    • Check out her film

      Dylan GonzálezDylan González7 days ago
  • I LOVE U

    Princess Althea AtchicoPrincess Althea Atchico8 days ago
  • lol does nobody hear a whisper at 0:53? I thought there's somebody behind me LMAO

    K A AK A A8 days ago
    • i do :>

      Hyla CarsonHyla Carson7 days ago
    • Yeah but I guess it's because it fits the lyrics

      Dylan GonzálezDylan González7 days ago
  • Can people stop talking about people to stop talking about people who say to people to stop comparing melanie and billie this is getting insane

    CutiechaCutiecha8 days ago
  • make music video plzzzzzzzz ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤you are the coolest and stylish singer i love your singing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Desturp SlurpDesturp Slurp8 days ago
  • Me encantó Copycat amo ❤️❤️❤️💗❤️

    Maru PerezMaru Perez8 days ago
  • Literally describes a girl I work with.

    Dashie™Dashie™8 days ago
  • most of y'all fighting whether melanie copied billie or all that crap while there's literally more songs with the same name ._. for example "happier" from marshmello and from ed sheran, then there's "alone" from marshmello and alan walker .w.

    chαtbυgchαtbυg8 days ago
  • Tell me why I'm just now realizing how mean the cat actually looks. Like the more I think and look at it, it gets scarier and scarier.

    Casey WatersCasey Waters8 days ago
  • Hi guys how are you today!

    neville Brownneville Brown8 days ago
  • me : *vibin* also me : "oH mY gOd-" suggestions : "billie eilish - copycat" me : "ITS A SIGNNNNNNNNNNNN"

    Annabella IrwinAnnabella Irwin8 days ago