When the voice doesn't match the rapper

Feb 11, 2020
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Song used: 645AR - 4 DA TRAP
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When the voice doesn't match the rapper

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    loveliveserveloveliveserve9 days ago
    • It mf sounds like a fly

      Glitchy_ SlayerGlitchy_ Slayer7 days ago
    • Rod wave

      PrettyboiRoPrettyboiRo7 days ago
    • Drak

      Naverne MooreNaverne Moore7 days ago
    • Travis Scott

      S BS B7 days ago
    • how to roll a blunt tutorial

      NickNick7 days ago
  • go listen to my music please soundcloud.com/jew-bomb/lil-shawty

    T2G adamT2G adam6 hours ago
  • dude was built like a Evil Version of Rod Wave💀😭😭😭

    Jabril CorvusJabril Corvus6 hours ago
  • I really felt when he said"meawamewa"

    Ari the.unicornAri the.unicorn6 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂

    SOB HijoSOB Hijo7 hours ago
  • 4 Da Trap lol

    alberto_ayyalberto_ayy7 hours ago
  • I knew it was this song from just the beat

    Leo GLeo G7 hours ago
  • :man i do it once for ma niggas in the trap

    Nightmares 2NightNightmares 2Night7 hours ago
  • 5:23 when you and your friends are dying and the teacher calls you out

    R4R47 hours ago
  • The lyrics is actually: I remember those days I ain't have no racks I remember those days I ain't have no stacks You want respect, go get you a stat Three dicks on me, your hoe know where one at I'm double down 'cause I ain't goin' like that My niggas got dirty birds and they shoot with that MAC Made a check off a voice for my niggas in the trap These niggas late and they tryna ride my wave Got me a check, now these hoes wanna get saved Ooh-ooh-ooh, I'ma go get the money, I don't know about you Ooh-ooh-ooh, my niggas bang red but I love the blue Hammer on me and these niggas, they be nails Quickdraw shit, that Glick slow his heart down like a snail All your partners pussy, if y'all get caught, y'all gon' tell I could never rat, I would rather go to Hell I can't sleep, don't got no heart just like my Glick Came up from nothin', I turned them rags into them riches Them racks is on me, I remember them days they was my wishes Came a long way, I had to stay down, I was ambitious I remember those days I ain't have no racks I remember those days I ain't have no stacks You want respect, go get you a stat Three dicks on me, your hoe know where one at I'm double down 'cause I ain't goin' like that My niggas got dirty birds and they shoot with that MAC Made a check off a voice for my niggas in the trap Made a check off a voice for my niggas in the trap

    Amanda GAmanda G7 hours ago
  • Not gonna lie dhats actually fire no capz😭😂😈🔥

  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Mosquitos in Florida on a summer day:

    The Fire DragonGamer298The Fire DragonGamer2987 hours ago
  • Did anyone else hear him say the word Pu$$y

    Michael GrossMichael Gross8 hours ago
  • ik knew he was going to dis lol

    FaZe SwayFaZe Sway8 hours ago
  • 2:49

    trulyteekaytrulyteekay8 hours ago
  • Roxanne

    Slim ShadySlim Shady9 hours ago
  • Go hard bruh (maybe if a rat in the kitchen heard that it would go viral

    Donald JohnsonDonald Johnson10 hours ago

  • Nobody: The fly I caught on my food:

    Kylon KaneKylon Kane10 hours ago
  • When u realy listen is realy fure

    Jevohn JonesJevohn Jones10 hours ago
  • I made out a part of thr song he said diamonds on me and he said sumn bout shorty he said pussy and he said you want respect then get a bag

    BrokenJJ - RobloxBrokenJJ - Roblox10 hours ago
  • This is why I hate playboicardi

    Gibson MyersGibson Myers11 hours ago
  • Wack ass video

    Savage KidSavage Kid11 hours ago
  • Song?

    J BVRKJ BVRK12 hours ago
  • This is the new thing mumble rappers doing.

    Savage_kenneth YtSavage_kenneth Yt12 hours ago
  • Ik y’all hear that straight heat tho♨️💢‼️

    QURXQURX12 hours ago
  • Song name ?

    Jayrockboss a AJayrockboss a A13 hours ago
  • When yo mom just hit u and u tryin not to cry explaining

    charles execharles exe14 hours ago
  • I wonder how many helium that guy got

    Natalia💕Natalia💕14 hours ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Timmy VangTimmy Vang15 hours ago
  • Playboi Carti, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan: "And now to welcome our newest member of the mumble Akatsuki"

    Kwesi BKwesi B15 hours ago
  • I was on Instagram watching the Egypt 3D printer things and it was w/ that sound

    ItsYoDogeBro XDItsYoDogeBro XD15 hours ago
  • I felt it when he said iknwwhtsaymybecaustrak

    Snappy BruddaSnappy Brudda16 hours ago
  • When my little cousin explains why he is cryin

    Faze G-manFaze G-man16 hours ago
  • When he started coughing I thought Coronavirus and they made a joke I died XD (From the coronavirus)

    Gaming BeastGaming Beast16 hours ago
  • Rip pop.smoke 🙏🏾

    MacArthur ScottMacArthur Scott17 hours ago
  • Sounds like windex

    Truf HuntaTruf Hunta17 hours ago
  • 645ar in super high pitch baby voice:marardfwhwhwgwaaauauauaygdfauau Playboi Carti: Oh. You are approaching me

    Good ViibezGood Viibez18 hours ago
  • No one: The kid trying to explain how he got kicked in the balls

    Alex EastwoodAlex Eastwood18 hours ago
  • The Song is 🔥🔥

    Man Like ChrisMan Like Chris18 hours ago
  • Bitch ass niggas ain't even crediting my nigga soundcloud.com/sos645ar/4-da-trap-senseiatl-david-morse-backwoods Finna strike yo ass

    MILLIYENMILLIYEN18 hours ago
  • Am I the only one that thinks this sounds cool

    Allen HardinAllen Hardin19 hours ago
  • 0:46 I was gonna do it but I had AirPods in... I’m rich Ik. 🤚🏽🦗🦟🦗🦟

    Lani BelleLani Belle20 hours ago
  • E

    b9llerb9ller21 hour ago
  • Im laughing so hard nd its 3

    Darkyz 0Darkyz 021 hour ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Lilkid CoolLilkid Cool21 hour ago
  • Thug & Carti : We're the only ones that can rap in cursive Pacman : Old my pucking beer

    Hey GutzHey Gutz23 hours ago
  • Hi

    Rebecca jacksonRebecca jackson23 hours ago
  • Low-key Fye

    Godxly DavontaGodxly Davonta23 hours ago
  • when he rapped the enchanted table it hit diff😌😩😳

    ArozenlynxArozenlynx23 hours ago
  • 2:50

    AreYou0kAreYou0kDay ago
  • The song would be fire if the voice wasn’t that fucking high

    Herosaver022Herosaver022Day ago
  • Really, I'm starting to love this song...

    Simonskii iSimonskii iDay ago
  • He sounds like Isabella

    RealJ. DiamondRealJ. DiamondDay ago
  • Nobody: Your sleep paralysis demon at 2 am:

    Zoey B AdventuresZoey B AdventuresDay ago
  • Ewwww mewww awwwehhh oooo ooo oo hewww mewwww weeeeeee........

    Shrey Sethi SShrey Sethi SDay ago
  • Good funny auto tune

    Mr WolferMr WolferDay ago
  • I actual wanna know if this is a song cuz I’d listen to it 😭

    Ohh ChettOhh ChettDay ago
  • I can't wait for that Alvin And The Chipmunks Remix. ALSO NEED THE LYRICS ASAP

    Hector RojasHector RojasDay ago
  • Funny cause AR look nothing like the squeak voice

    John FoeJohn FoeDay ago