When the voice doesn't match the rapper

Feb 10, 2020
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Song used: 645AR - 4 DA TRAP
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When the voice doesn't match the rapper

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    loveliveserveloveliveserve7 months ago
    • @Deka Break aa

      THE TRUTH 100THE TRUTH 10011 days ago
    • @indian pablo aaaaaaaaaaaa

      THE TRUTH 100THE TRUTH 10011 days ago
    • @SRG Gaming aa

      THE TRUTH 100THE TRUTH 10011 days ago
    • DJ Callan

      Miss JhayMiss Jhay18 days ago
    • loveliveserve dababy

      King XylanKing Xylan2 months ago

    Xavia CrumpXavia Crump10 hours ago

    Xavia CrumpXavia Crump10 hours ago

    Xavia CrumpXavia Crump10 hours ago
  • 645ar

    Xxshark _Xxshark _10 hours ago
  • mi compa el sech

    arturo fanjonarturo fanjon11 hours ago
  • An animal crossing character rapping:

    Oliver KIELAROliver KIELAR11 hours ago
  • this exactly like ski and post

    Omar Al MachayekhOmar Al Machayekh18 hours ago
  • Gangster mouses be like

    CashCowCashCow23 hours ago
  • Ants doing crip walk when this plays

    JoebothehoboJoebothehobo23 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Olwam LoyisoOlwam LoyisoDay ago
  • Ayo

    Olwam LoyisoOlwam LoyisoDay ago
  • Song name?

    LegoLoverLegoLover2 days ago
    • I think it’s named yoga but I know for sure it’s from 645AR

      luka claeysluka claeysDay ago
  • I wonder how many people actually put there fingers in there ear

    Gost SkateboardingGost Skateboarding2 days ago
  • Play this near ants and I’ll bet the ants will start throwing up gang signs

    qylurqylur2 days ago
  • if you scratch the inside of your ear it sound like pacman

    20 subs with no vids challenge20 subs with no vids challenge2 days ago
  • To be honest if it was in a deeper voice this song would be fire

    RacerAveRacerAve2 days ago
  • this so funny can you make a part 2

    Owen HalstiedOwen Halstied2 days ago
  • the mosquito raps

    Redpanda SniperboiRedpanda Sniperboi2 days ago
  • See philippines -_-

    BloxyLoxyBloxyLoxy2 days ago
  • So cool

    Daniyzhd57 dDaniyzhd57 d3 days ago
  • Alvin been quiet after this dropped

    -OMEGA--OMEGA-3 days ago
  • Who else heard I hate frootloops here 3:43

    Noah VCNoah VC3 days ago
  • 1:50 when you try to hand shake but you cant cause covid-19 XD 😂😂

    Noah VCNoah VC3 days ago
  • Baby’s thanking he is a big baby that talks 👇👌

    Nba2k21Legend MakerNba2k21Legend Maker4 days ago
  • 😂who ever can write the lyrics for me gets cashapp-ed 💀

    GufffyKxy _GufffyKxy _5 days ago
  • #lennarryoungrage

    Guccigang _lilpump101Guccigang _lilpump1016 days ago
  • He's reading the back of the wifi router

    Cristiano MarshallCristiano Marshall6 days ago
    • Rip off

      Stratesque GamingStratesque Gaming5 days ago
  • when the one wheel on the shopping cart disses the other wheels

    HilotvHilotv6 days ago
  • This is kinda almost fire ngl

    JorikJorik6 days ago
  • Haaaaa

    Jayden AdamsonJayden Adamson6 days ago
  • What song is that

    Khalil HargroveKhalil Hargrove7 days ago
    • 645ar da trap

      Ghost RetroPlaysGhost RetroPlays6 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    TQuality BeatzTQuality Beatz7 days ago
  • I thought that was rod wave

    Haz CupzHaz Cupz7 days ago
  • He looks like a really nice guy

    はいAbstracTAssassinはいAbstracTAssassin8 days ago
  • Critics: The Beat Nice Tho The Melody is chill Kill The Mosquitoes Pls.

    KSupreme AstraKSupreme Astra8 days ago
  • we need a part 2

  • I didn't know that minions had a black cousin

    Master YooouMaster Yooou9 days ago
  • 0:43 lets be real, we all did it

    Kade KimballKade Kimball9 days ago
  • everyone gangster till k.k slider comes in to rap

    Honey YTHoney YT9 days ago
  • never knew 645AR would be on here

    GermsGerms9 days ago
  • mi compa el sech

    Hans Emiliano Peña ButtHans Emiliano Peña Butt9 days ago
  • Didn’t the guy pop out in the music video called “vintage & adventurous”

    TabTab9 days ago
  • The intro

    Flufyyy_ PaperFlufyyy_ Paper9 days ago
  • www.beatstars.com/pittu/feed

    LukaLuka10 days ago
  • Am I the only one who understood what the song lyrics where 😂

    Frank PFrank P10 days ago
  • Everybody Gangsta until minions start rapping

    Minion Shadow The HedgehogMinion Shadow The Hedgehog10 days ago
  • Sounds like carti

    KaylaKayla10 days ago
  • I find this adorable....

    Joann MendozaJoann Mendoza10 days ago
  • It's..... A YESS FROM MEEE

    beat blader2000beat blader200011 days ago
  • What is he going to look like to tee grizzly

    SwarmzZzツSwarmzZzツ11 days ago
  • Tell me this not rod rave 🤣

    Maliq DaseuqMaliq Daseuq11 days ago
  • 3:02

    Wan Muhd. QayeedWan Muhd. Qayeed11 days ago
  • Scientists: dogs should hear different pitches 645AR: my time has come

    Vretta BeatsVretta Beats11 days ago
  • All I heard was wa wa wa wa wa

    FMA GamesFMA Games12 days ago
  • *blinks*

    SorrowSorrow12 days ago
  • Next tym please leave the best in the Description

    Maynard SilavweMaynard Silavwe12 days ago

    Rajahn KingRajahn King12 days ago
  • Remember when lls used to make music content

    xVarxVar12 days ago
  • His name is nissim black

    Rellen RiseRellen Rise12 days ago
  • young thug on steroids

    Hi, I do Sub4SubHi, I do Sub4Sub13 days ago
  • ...........……………XD

    [Rfc’s] DarkLordYaBoi[Rfc’s] DarkLordYaBoi13 days ago
  • 🎚🎛🎙🧢lmaooo ☠☠

    Lucio CastroLucio Castro13 days ago
  • My little brother tryna sing Infront of his crush:

    GünShøtGünShøt13 days ago
  • 3:18 my dog at night

    Dante AndrewsDante Andrews14 days ago
  • That’s anime type beat who speaks gibberish

    slip510fpvslip510fpv14 days ago
  • The rap mmmmhhmnnmmmmhhhhmiiiingmmmmfffdggggm mmimiiiiimgmgbggmgiii

    slip510fpvslip510fpv14 days ago
  • everyone gangsta until the mosquitoes come out with a disstrack

    Poptart zPoptart z14 days ago
  • Man this is Hillarious

    Abrar ZargarAbrar Zargar14 days ago
  • Yall got me scratching the inside of my ear in class

    skinnyboiskinnyboi14 days ago
  • Please tell im not the only one who scratched the inside of there ear 😂

    LEGOKIDLEGOKID14 days ago
  • Sound like anime music

    PJ JonesPJ Jones15 days ago
  • People from tiktok trying to look this up be like :heemahheeemanaenamhemehammeee. Song

    Swift BeastSwift Beast15 days ago
  • That guy was annoying

    Layth YafaiLayth Yafai15 days ago
  • Lil baby next

    Jaxon HutcheisonJaxon Hutcheison15 days ago
  • I’m so drunk rn Lmfao

    Jarred KindlesJarred Kindles16 days ago
  • I didn’t think it was a actually rapper

    VitozFnVitozFn16 days ago
  • When he started rapping I clicked on captions it said unavailable

    Abdullah AbbasiAbdullah Abbasi16 days ago
  • mosquitoes when they hear this: reminds me of my childhood

    SLATSLAT16 days ago
  • Bro this is pac-man music

    It's JackaboyIt's Jackaboy16 days ago
  • The fly in my room: dang this guy hard

    Khristian DeleveauxKhristian Deleveaux17 days ago
  • Are y’all talking about bfb da PacMan

    UAV ThumbUAV Thumb17 days ago
  • Yes I scratched my ear

    Roniac GamezRoniac Gamez18 days ago
  • 😂😂😂who names himself rhino😂😂😂😂😂😂who names himself Noah boat😂😂😂

    Kylar ChristensenKylar Christensen18 days ago
  • i fucking knew exactly what song it was gonna be

    AcidAcid18 days ago
  • i'd listen to him unironically.

    Steve intentionallyleftblankSteve intentionallyleftblank18 days ago
  • That kinda slapped tho

    ayden younceayden younce18 days ago
  • Sounds like some sort of mouse talking

    Miss JhayMiss Jhay18 days ago
  • I am dead rn 😂😂

    Playboi SkoobyPlayboi Skooby19 days ago
  • Smash like not on my comment but this video if these guys are good actors or if your just tryna get some some older lls vibes

    NaiticulNaiticul19 days ago
  • Dude scratching my hmear sounds like pacman fr

    NaiticulNaiticul19 days ago
  • Makassy be like Il a la meilleure voix de toute la Mayenne

    Samuel MartinSamuel Martin19 days ago
  • 😹🤠 I’m laughing so hard

    Fortnite StreamerFortnite Streamer19 days ago
  • Bro that can’t be an actual song

    The TerminatorThe Terminator20 days ago
    • it is but the dude who made the song used and edit

      SpaceVPSpaceVP19 days ago
  • This sounds better than Lil Mosey's freshman freestyle

    DGlascoDGlasco20 days ago
  • When the sims character learns how to rap

    The ProphecyThe Prophecy20 days ago
  • plot twist: he be usin a voice changer-

    rxleurnrxleurn20 days ago
  • To make this voice just punch someone in the nuts

    vKingFirevKingFire20 days ago
  • That's nipsey's bro!!!

    eyuel tsehayeeyuel tsehaye21 day ago
  • if mark henry was a rapper.

    JayThaGreatJayThaGreat22 days ago