Incredibly emotional Darren Till post-fight interview! "I gave my heart and soul for this!"

Nov 2, 2019
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Darren Till's post-fight interview with Adam Catterall was as raw as they get. The Gorilla reacted to his win over Kelvin Gastelum, but mentioned that he was scared to go out to fight tonight.
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  • The Welsh are so hard to understand, I know hes from Liverpool but damn he sounds very welsh

    Cody AndersonCody Anderson21 day ago
  • Love till man

    Nextman916Nextman91622 days ago
  • The masvidal walkout song in the background makes this only more amazing

    LouLouMonth ago

    Billi HawkBilli HawkMonth ago
  • Scouser.

    Xbulelo - Profound PunkXbulelo - Profound PunkMonth ago
  • hate

    Conor CooperConor CooperMonth ago
  • We need more Darren Tills in this world

    Kenneth LundgrenKenneth Lundgren3 months ago
  • Till can not win a decision and anyone who boxes or fights knows this he does not throw. Combos he has one of the lowest striking percentages in ufc he has to get the knockout to win he will never be champ until he fixes this

    sad sadsad sad3 months ago
  • I'm finally scare.

    Jason LopezJason Lopez4 months ago
  • A fearful fighter is just as dangerous as a confident one...possibly even more dangerous

    Metal MentalityMetal Mentality4 months ago
  • Anyone that’s not scared are psychopaths.

    XplicidXplicid4 months ago
  • Such a good interview

    strings gbstrings gb4 months ago
  • This interviewer is always a class act, check out his other interviews too

    Chris EkoChris Eko4 months ago
  • Great interview man awesome reporter & great performance from Darren till

    Jay HinojosaJay Hinojosa4 months ago
  • Till has all the skills tp go all the way,he just needs a little more conor power,at dealing with the pressure.dealing with the top pressure,is what makes the true champion

    Dale TuckerDale Tucker4 months ago
  • Darren Till is THE REALEST athlete in the world. Bar none

    WHereTHeWIldTHingsAReNOtWHereTHeWIldTHingsAReNOt4 months ago
  • I was so skgaired

    A BA B4 months ago
  • It's hard coming back after getting KOd cold. Like a dog losing a fight

    SoyBoy69SoyBoy694 months ago
  • Dahm till is warrior

    Bailey TaylorBailey Taylor4 months ago
  • He was scared of disappointing his fans again after the masvidal ko.

    Kenny LaiKenny Lai5 months ago
  • Hands down, the best interview I've ever seen

    Cameron FletcherCameron Fletcher5 months ago
  • The judges just give this guy every close decision. Makes me kind root against him, being Dana’s hand picked golden boy.

    shinon kimshinon kim6 months ago
    • shinon kim the fight was decidedly not close... Till was getting the better of the vast majority of exchanges... How was Till getting outstruck in the Wonderboy fight? The official stats show he had more strikes, more significant strikes and a higher strike success rate as well as the only knockdown of the fight. He was also clearly unmarked by the end of the fight whilst Wonderboy had visible wounds... Explain how someone can outstrike their opponent by not being able to land as many strikes as them, having the strikes they do land not be as effective as their opponents, be constantly on the back foot to get away from the striking exchanges and getting knocked down

      Ethan QuirkEthan Quirk5 months ago
    • @Ethan Quirk Yes this was a close fight that could have gone either way. There weren't many landed shots from either of Till or Gasteluem, however Gasteleum was the constant aggressor in the fight. The Wonderboy fight Till lost. Got outstruck, but he was the aggressor the entire fight and the judges awarded him the fight. Both close fights, both won on decision in favor of Till.

      shinon kimshinon kim5 months ago
    • shinon kim how tf was it a close decision? One drunk judge who the entire mma community railed against giving it to Gastelum does not make it a “close decision” when 30-27 scores are involved

      Ethan QuirkEthan Quirk5 months ago
  • This man is a gem all heart and soul stand-up guy fear is strength in many ways.

    Fatimah ContehFatimah Conteh6 months ago
  • We need more people this open. It would help boys on the path to becoming men.

    Eli DunawayEli Dunaway6 months ago
  • darren your a legend.

    adam stockadam stock7 months ago
  • This guy is a really good interviewer I've seen some of his older interviews of conor all of the have a relaxing atmosphere around them.

    Aniruddh 00Aniruddh 007 months ago
  • What a good humble dude, this interview made me like him more

    Farhad GhahremaniFarhad Ghahremani8 months ago
  • I love Darren Till

    josh lameyjosh lamey9 months ago
  • “ it’s not illegal, just frowned upon. Like masturbating in an airplane”

    Well you’re obviously right but,Well you’re obviously right but,9 months ago
  • Why do i hear boss music during the interview?

    AnnivxrsaryAnnivxrsary9 months ago
  • What a beautiful beast of a man!... Im sure Danny Dyer would agree.

    Shah AdnanShah Adnan10 months ago
  • Masvidal’s theme playing in the background lolz

    Iskander OtorbayevIskander Otorbayev10 months ago
  • Most people experience that feeling when we're teenagers;. Luckily for till he'd never lost a fight until Woodley watched by millions. ...

    Anthony GibneyAnthony Gibney10 months ago
  • Scouser!! I've felt and understand the adrenaline mixed with fear that he's talking about just took him till his mid twenty's to feel it for the first time! Haha

    Anthony GibneyAnthony Gibney10 months ago
  • He was scared from failing and there's nothing wrong with that. That's everyone and that's life. Till is great for admitting that.

    andre Lastandre Last10 months ago
  • The Beatles are right from Liverpool?😂

    Шакен ДисинбиновШакен Дисинбинов10 months ago
  • What a genuine guy, very down-to-earth. Much respect

    Michael CherittoMichael Cheritto10 months ago
  • likkkkke likkkkke likeeee likkke likkkke likeeeee likee kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Daniel FothersDaniel Fothers10 months ago
  • Till v stylebender in 2020 anyone?he needs too fight a couple more top 5/7 opponent.

    Archie jayArchie jay11 months ago
  • Give till 2 and a half years and he will have title in his mitts and have a minimum of 5 title defences

    Stephanie HegartyStephanie Hegarty11 months ago
  • Darren Till I would love to see that built around your waist one day

    tyson vincenttyson vincent11 months ago
  • Why cant he be this way BEFORE a fight

    saucy nonchalancesaucy nonchalance11 months ago
  • Respect

    Ray UKRay UK11 months ago
  • I really hope he got that booger after the interview

    Sam WallaceSam Wallace11 months ago
  • he's loved now

    Vishaal VenugopalVishaal VenugopalYear ago
  • It’s not being scared dude. It’s called Anxiety

    Alpha SquadAlpha SquadYear ago
  • love this guy plus love the fight disciples

    fast hands Smithfast hands SmithYear ago
  • Fought a brilliant fight. gateslum never got near him. Definitely deserved the win. Took the fight and got the reward 👏🏻

    D FlitcroftD FlitcroftYear ago
  • His charisma remind me of Thomas Shelby from Peaky the accent 🥰

    Esoteric IncEsoteric IncYear ago
  • I usually dont like post fight interviews but that reporter was 1st class. Loved the way he was propping Till up and caring about him. Great job.

    Phill On The RunPhill On The RunYear ago
  • Till is a top fighter.

    looneyty1looneyty1Year ago
  • I think his being literal. He gave his heart and soul for this 😰

    Binge PlanetBinge PlanetYear ago
  • We all got demons sonnie...👊

    Tommy ArnoldTommy ArnoldYear ago
  • Respect for his honesty 👍

    The HhThe HhYear ago
  • Can anyone please tell where this accent comes from?

    Joj1nJoj1nYear ago
    • Liverpool, UK.

      WoodenSwordWoodenSword10 months ago
  • I think he was scared of failure not scared of getting hurt. Although if failure comes in the form of getting kicked into unconsciousness that probably doesn't help

    Seamus BSeamus BYear ago
  • He could SMELL ANOTHER KO that was the fear, but tbh I always felt he was rushed and with hes mindset after the 2 loses he deserved a slatting.....But everyone knew middleweight was were hes skills will shine, welterweight was taking away all hes real true attributes...I really think something is going to bang and hes on route to wipe out the middleweight division....Till has it but time is a beautiful thing

    M. S.M. S.Year ago
  • Love Till, hes a real one and should be a monster at 185.

    DavidDavidYear ago
  • The honesty and lack of fakeness is refreshing and as I said I met Darren once on a sidewalk in Latin America before UFC. Super nice human being.

    British Comedy Disturbed Artist PodcastBritish Comedy Disturbed Artist PodcastYear ago
    • this guy is 1 of the real 1's left.many fake ones but this guy straight up says what comes to mind. can't not be a fan of the guy. hope he gets the belt

      rated 21rated 2110 months ago
  • There was a fake fight

    Matthew 123456Matthew 123456Year ago
  • this man is a legend

    Othmane KhalilOthmane KhalilYear ago
  • As Jorge’s Scarface is playing in the background

    Leg3ndKilla687Leg3ndKilla687Year ago
  • BIG R-E-S-P-E-C-T lad! Keepin it real, raw and honest. It takes huge balls from every fighter to walk into the octagon but even more to open up like that. Big fan and cant wait to see the next fight

    Troy Turkington-ThompsonTroy Turkington-ThompsonYear ago
  • He ain't a top 5 fighter. Been running off the back of that Cowboy fight.

    Richard MullinsRichard MullinsYear ago
  • Real BMF!

    DerpDerpYear ago
  • Have to admit I didnt like Darren until this interview, always thought he came across cocky but big up for this interview and hope he takes a lot of confidence from this fight, gastelum is no easy fight!

    Conor MurphyConor MurphyYear ago
  • Duetch

    cheese56218cheese56218Year ago
  • Damn this guy is so likable!

    Victor AlcantaraVictor AlcantaraYear ago
  • Adam Catterall of BT Sport has emerged as one of the best reporters/interviewers in the sport.

    Rocky Mountain RasRocky Mountain RasYear ago
  • Give this interviewer a raise

    EddyEddyYear ago
  • This reporter is amazing. Ive come to really like Till. Hes dangerous AF @ 185. Staying tuned.

    Aaron HildebrandAaron HildebrandYear ago
  • That is 100% real..........and it's what not only this sport needs , but all sports. I think Darren just became my favorite fighter because of it.

    jeffro503jeffro503Year ago
  • Im born and raised in Miami Dade county. 305 tattooed across my chest. Huge Masivdal fan but this guy here oh my God his honestly just wins me over Till is my favorite fighter now

    Jason PalgonJason PalgonYear ago
    • Ikr hes bruttaly honest

      sarud durdstromsarud durdstromYear ago
  • I don't ever comment and I was never a Till fan . I have a new respect and now my favorite person to cheer for! Love how genuine and honest u r! U have been humbled my friend! Now it's your time!

    Kerry KennisonKerry KennisonYear ago
  • Till is the realest guy in the game.

    Adrian GordonAdrian GordonYear ago
  • Already a fan, now for life. Good lad. P.S. And a great dance partner for the conversation as well. Cheers!

    IndagatorAD4IndagatorAD4Year ago
  • He looks like a demented version of chael sonnen

    Arquivo 1Arquivo 1Year ago
  • That was the most honest interview from a fighter I have ever heard. That took just as much balls to admit as it did to step in that ring.

    Dtet 101Dtet 101Year ago
  • An American would NEVER admit that lol

    Roger DuffyRoger DuffyYear ago
  • Shout out to the reporter helping him through the interview. And when he said " he loves his moms mexican food " 🤣🤣🤣 Good look Darren!

    michelle padillamichelle padillaYear ago
  • Proud of this guy. He got beat a couple times, lost his ego, and fought his way back. The true test of ourselves is when we can get knocked down and get back up

    The Rideshare HustleThe Rideshare HustleYear ago
  • Darren Till is truly a class act! Right on brother!

    Brando JamesonBrando JamesonYear ago
  • Till is a warrior and I can honestly say that I appreciate this Human Being.

    Alexander ThailandAlexander ThailandYear ago
  • Respect honesty is a very hard thing to do

    Juan Ping Del ToroJuan Ping Del ToroYear ago
  • Well, sometimes life teaches us a lesson, and only wise can take it! Well done Till! U have earned our respect! Stay Humble, Stay Strong!

    Cloud TechieCloud TechieYear ago
  • Classy interview, this is the real darren till we all love guys got a huge huge heart 💪 all the best Darren🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    andymfcandymfcYear ago
  • Quit being a cry baby and start training harder and suck it up and keep going...

    Junior AlseptJunior AlseptYear ago
  • Fear is a good thing in a fight. Good on him, he beat a bloody good fighter in his first fight at this weight. Look what gastelum did to the experienced British righter whose name escapes me. Haha. The mouthy one.

    20sentryboy20sentryboyYear ago
  • He's a pussy..u gonna fake an injury just to pull out?

    david trandavid tranYear ago
  • Did anyone understand something he said?

    Chato ValdiviaChato ValdiviaYear ago
  • This video been stuck in my head, this is the most human thing i've seen in a while

    The Archduke Franz FerdinandThe Archduke Franz FerdinandYear ago
  • I like this guy.

    Ben MossBen MossYear ago
  • Therapy mate, i think it would help.

    Mr YeboahMr YeboahYear ago
  • I like this dude 👌✌️

    M AM AYear ago
  • Big up to my man Darren, real man in the making.

    Jimmy EstrellaJimmy EstrellaYear ago
  • Y’all missed the whole intro for the masvudal and Diaz fight! In the background

    afg3233afg3233Year ago
  • Man that fight was boring af

    Martin Borrego JrMartin Borrego JrYear ago
  • Ufc Peaky blinder

    Joaquin GiannelliJoaquin GiannelliYear ago
  • darren till the phoenix

    lake lizardlake lizardYear ago
  • Pai mei!!!!!!!

    Ken XiongKen XiongYear ago