1945 C Ration Review Preserved Vintage 24 Hour MRE Testing Marathon

Nov 1, 2019
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This 74 year old C Ration set was some of the last of it's kind in this condition (Stored in Alaska). Nearly all components were perfectly preserved, and this is a thorough look at each B-unit type (6) and an accessory packet. This video is almost 100% likely to be re-released as a shorter version, or in parts. Yet, the initial release of this material was important to be viewed as a whole the first time around.
The C-Ration and the K-Ration were the main staple individual field rations used by US troops 75 years ago. Iconic and not always remembered in a fond way, this was what was eaten every single day by many soldiers for their entire 1 year service time.
My longest and highest budget video to date, this one really was a doozy. Capturing footage of an incredible and historic ration that truly did endure through the ages. I hope you enjoy this review and thank you for checking it out.
Table of Contents:
Intro - 0:00 - 04:53
Breakfast - 04:54 - 20:38
Dinner - 20:39 - 30:30
Supper - 30:31 - 37:29
Act 2 -
Intro/Opening B's & Acc Pack - 37:30 - 48:17
Tray Up & Main Meal - 48:18 - 1:18:39
Conclusion - 1:18:40 - 1:19:44
End - 1:19:45
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And thank you everyone for watching & subscribing - hope
you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
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Paul Buikema:

  • Table of Contents: Intro - 0:00 - 04:53 Breakfast - 04:54 - 20:38 Dinner - 20:39 - 30:30 Supper - 30:31 - 37:29 Act 2 - Intro/Opening B's & Acc Pack - 37:30 - 48:17 Tray Up & Main Meal - 48:18 - 1:18:39 Conclusion - 1:18:40 - 1:19:44 End - 1:19:45

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  • 74 year old MRE ration: Still good enough to eat Food in 2020 after 7 days: Mouldy and out of date

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  • (PLEASE READ IF POSSIBLE )+!Steve, I haven't watched any of your videos in a while due to being here in Solice (Mission Hospice Hospital) in Asheville, NC. I feel like you may have gotten upset with due to the Christmas Card I sent you. I know I wrote a lot in the Card but I just wanted you to know the happiness you have brought into my life since I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Guess what? No more feeding tube. I can eat what I want but I don't have a appetite. My brother brought me 2 MRE'S and I had do much fun videoing them to send to my family. I did try a bite of everything. I got a Maple Pound Cake in one and a Marble Muffin top in one and I ate it all but no type 2 coffee. Nevertheless, I hope the Christmas Card didn't upset you or bother you with what I wrote. While battling this you have helped me through much more than you will ever know. I am still going to try to order a tshirt or something from you and use it as a gown since I don't wear street clothes anymore. I want to.thank you again for being a inspiration to me through this battle. I hope this comment finds you well. Never ever stop what your doing. I was going to send you a Pancreatic Cancer Awareness tshirt to possibly wear on your show but I couldn't. God Bless You and your Family. May your channel grow and grow. I am posting this on a few of your videos hoping you will receive it soon. Please take care. Bye for now. Your #1 Fan, Julia Young

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