Sep 13, 2020
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The Denver Nuggets defeated the LA Clippers, 111-98, to even the best-of-seven series, 3-3. Nikola Jokic (34 PTS, 14 REB, 7 AST) and Jamal Murray (21 PTS, 5 REB, 5 AST) combined for 55 PTS for the Nuggets, while Paul George led the Clippers with 33 PTS, 6 REB and 5 STL.
Game 7: Tuesday September 15 at 9pm/et on ESPN
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    Mike Luch Beats and BarsMike Luch Beats and Bars14 hours ago
  • Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos.Non-Duality

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyDay ago
  • I think Paul George in indiana is better 😂

    Gaming FnaticsGaming FnaticsDay ago
  • These comments are amazing lol

    ThePlasticBowlThePlasticBowl2 days ago
    • The Clippers social distancing from the Championship lmao 😭😭

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy5 hours ago
  • the underrated nuggets will beat the lakers

    Serdeeneil MerinSerdeeneil Merin2 days ago
  • See if doc rivers wouldn’t be political then he would focused on winning and would of won. 😂

    J- FishJ- Fish2 days ago
    • The Clippers social distancing from the Championship lmao 😭😭

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyDay ago
  • Kawaii! flipping, U ain't no King

    Xu LeonXu Leon2 days ago
    • As a Dallas fan I appreciate this ! Send those bum ass mfers on home with their trash ass band wagon fans. Bye! Enjoy that L

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy5 hours ago
  • USkeys getting real comfortable with these double unskippable ads smh

    ShawnShawn3 days ago
  • Rivers should of stayed out of politics and coached his team better. Maybe next year u guys can finally make it past the 2nd rd.

    jaeguerra909jaeguerra9093 days ago
  • Wow Denver Nuggets, solid team...

    Joselito CunignigJoselito Cunignig3 days ago
  • Kawhi wanted a "DOC" but what he really needs is just only a "NURSE".

    Aldrin FrancisAldrin Francis3 days ago
  • 3-1 bitches

    John MarkuJohn Marku3 days ago
  • Game 7 recap: Joker vs a bunch of clowns

    Arvoi AlquizaArvoi Alquiza3 days ago
  • “Took his cornbread” wut

    GOHGOH3 days ago
  • I was wrong 😂 the Clippers lost 🤣

    GeckoEchoGeckoEcho3 days ago
  • No load management here Kawhi

    Pao PaoPao Pao3 days ago
  • At lease Jamal took his corn bread back😂

    Shawn LoopShawn Loop3 days ago
  • Remember when the Clippers were doing all of that load management, that's a form of disrespecting your opponents and now they have paid a price for that with an early exit.

    Golden VoiceGolden Voice3 days ago
  • As a Dallas fan I appreciate this ! Send those bum ass mfers on home with their trash ass band wagon fans. Bye! Enjoy that L

    nate carrollnate carroll3 days ago
  • The Clippers social distancing from the Championship lmao 😭😭

    KillCamz24 MOTAKillCamz24 MOTA3 days ago
  • Roses are Red - Get me violets right now, Pronto! - Kawhi you silly bird - You should have stayed with Toronto!

    Douglas RussellDouglas Russell3 days ago
  • Clippers fans: i BlAmE tHe BuBbLE! 😥😖😭

    Ryan ScottRyan Scott3 days ago
  • I told you guys that the nuggets would win

    Jefferson EdwardsJefferson Edwards3 days ago
  • As for today, I don't ever want to hear the Clippers is better than the Lakers. They will never rule LA. All I want to hear is that the Clippers move. Move to Seattle, trust me, we won't miss you. After Kawhi tried to screw over the Lakers last off season. He is very fortunate that he didn't face the Lakers in the WCF. We would not give you CHOCKER the gentlemen sweep! No! It would be a SWEEP! Patrick Loser, I never want you to hear you yap your raggedy mouth again. #LAFIPPERS #LA CHOCKER #MOVE TO SEATTLE

    Tamarra Jean ClaudeTamarra Jean Claude3 days ago
  • Wen was the last time clippers went to the finals anyway 🤔 now nothing is in our way # LSM LAKE SHOW MOBB

    Treyon ParkerTreyon Parker3 days ago
  • Well Rivers can go now and join his favorite SJW back home....

    Classic SalsaClassic Salsa3 days ago
  • Nuggets just ended clips fans LMAO

    Ronit GavaskarRonit Gavaskar3 days ago
  • Rip clips

    Alex ManceraAlex Mancera3 days ago
  • the joker terrorizing Clippers like they Gotham🃏

    Greedy CreaksGreedy Creaks3 days ago
  • clips in a dark place... - PG13

    noob artistnoob artist3 days ago
  • ESPN better destroy kawhi and the clippers just as hard as they would if this was Bron. I swear everybody else gets a pass but him 🤷🏼‍♀️

    crombiechick0312crombiechick03123 days ago
  • Well y’all need to put some respect on this nugget team 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿. Well I’m just waiting to see what skip bayless has to say tomorrow lol his team choked.

    Ivann OsseyIvann Ossey3 days ago
  • Repent and come to Jesus: you needed to see this stop running from Christ ...Jesus Loves you turn from you Sins !!!

    Isaiah lea TVIsaiah lea TV3 days ago
  • Now I would be scared if the Cleveland Indians were a basketball team.

    Who ? ? ?Who ? ? ?3 days ago
  • Let’s go Denver beat Lakers next!

    Brent WiseBrent Wise3 days ago
  • Nuggetd is that silent dude who can whoop your beejesus. But he says nothing until it's go-time.

    FernanddiFernanddi3 days ago
  • Told ya...they blew a 3-1 lead

    opened eyeopened eye3 days ago
  • Its over

    Neil LlamesNeil Llames3 days ago
  • I NEVER EVER WANT TO HEAR KAWHI being compared or even mentioned in the same sentence ever again. EVER!!!!!! Shut your stupid pieholes. Idiot fanboys. Just stfu and take a seat. Never open your stupid faces again. Never talk basketball again. Just sit there and stfu.

    alex Mottsalex Motts3 days ago
  • Goodbye Clippers

    Danny WuDanny Wu3 days ago

    Mike SmithMike Smith3 days ago
  • After tonight's game seven I don't wanna hear another word about Leonard better than LeBron, or he's the new king of LA "STOP IT"

    Trent BrysonTrent Bryson3 days ago
  • Who else here when the same shit goin down game 7

    donutdietdonutdiet3 days ago
  • Historic

    Kelly KellyKelly Kelly3 days ago
  • Max Kellerman took the day off LOL

    JackGeezyJackGeezy3 days ago
  • *3-1*

    JackGeezyJackGeezy3 days ago

    Jay FredJay Fred3 days ago
  • Nuggets just shocked the world

    Micheal DeHerreraMicheal DeHerrera3 days ago

    Big ChungusBig Chungus3 days ago
  • Lmaoooooooo flippers fans are on suicide watch🤣😂😆

    Thereal OG313Thereal OG3133 days ago

    Mike SmithMike Smith3 days ago
  • I hate to say this but we may see the end of Doc Rivers.

    yaakconyaakcon3 days ago
    • Overrated coach honestly. He’s a good coach just not that great. He only got his ring because he had 4 all stars.

      Thereal OG313Thereal OG3133 days ago
  • What if? Nuggets win huge upset 👉😂

    Jay FredJay Fred3 days ago
    • Its over

      Kelly KellyKelly Kelly3 days ago
  • Update: 9 mins left in the 4th game 7 nuggets lead by 15

    Champ Care BearChamp Care Bear3 days ago
  • Lol Nuggets is winning the west these guys play hard asf! Damn Hopefully their two days rest is good enough for Friday.

    MercLex USMercLex US3 days ago
  • They will come back

    Hcdt DhyddfHcdt Dhyddf3 days ago
  • took his cornbread ??

    Dylan WalkerDylan Walker3 days ago
  • LA lakers vs Denver Warriors 😏

    Sige Iyak UNGGASige Iyak UNGGA3 days ago
  • Jokic is scoring 69 points tonight calling it In Game 7

    Tommy BlueeeTommy Blueee3 days ago

    TRAP TAKUTRAP TAKU3 days ago
  • Jokic grided in the bubble an that payed off man's in great shape 👍

    idris mohamedidris mohamed3 days ago
  • Nuggets will win game 7.

    Albert VAlbert V3 days ago
  • Nuggets ACTUALLY was bussing ass... Jamal Murray Kno what time it is 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉🌎 GO SUBCRIBE

    Dis shyt Crazy TVDis shyt Crazy TV3 days ago
  • I cant believe lou williams just played only in the fourth quarter... What a waste...

    carmelo anthonycarmelo anthony3 days ago
  • And they said the Lakers would struggle come playoffs, lmao dkm

    Lab ClinicsLab Clinics3 days ago
  • Joker: "How about another 3-1 comeback MuRrAy?"

    GreenCrusader64GreenCrusader643 days ago
  • 需要萝莉资源等等资源加q839114694

    许宣许宣3 days ago
  • play by play guy is a try hard.

    Este Vato Pancho Villa CruzEste Vato Pancho Villa Cruz3 days ago
  • epic music

    Tony SolisTony Solis3 days ago
  • “Took his cornbread “ 😂

    Jack DanielsJack Daniels3 days ago
  • Not gonna lie I didn't pay any attention thinking that this would be the elimination. I was watching football lol. But the nuggets n jokic are way more bout it than I gave them credit for. Either that or the clippers are still the clippers...

    Alt DeleteAlt Delete3 days ago
  • How the heck did the nuggets come back without bol bol ?

    Dj CarterDj Carter3 days ago
    • You are dumb🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      vFlxipvFlxip3 days ago
  • Took his cornbread 👀🤔🤫

    jumbo falealilijumbo falealili3 days ago
  • Took his cornbread!...@4:01

    Marcos LepeMarcos Lepe3 days ago
  • Clippers should have ended the series this game

    Ty PhenicieTy Phenicie3 days ago
    • @englenn806 good point

      Ty PhenicieTy Phenicie3 days ago
    • Never trust the clippers in the playoffs

      englenn806englenn8063 days ago
  • Don’t be fooled … there is a difference between “black lives matter” and BLM. As decent, law-abiding Americans, we believe that black lives matter, we believe that all lives matter, but BLM is a Marxist political movement whose mission statement is to overthrow the government and destroy America. BLM is choosing which lives really do matter, namely only black people killed by police officers. Why don’t the black officers who have been hurt or killed matter to BLM? Why don’t the black business owners whose properties were looted or destroyed matter to BLM? Why don’t the black children gunned down and killed in the big cities matter to BLM? Because the true purpose of BLM is not to end racism or police brutality, it is to burn down America, according to their leaders (three Marxists and a convicted terrorist, Susan Rosenberg).

    JesusSavedme78JesusSavedme783 days ago
    • Ok Trump supporter lmao

      vFlxipvFlxip3 days ago
  • 8:50 look at the that awesome play

    gulag mastergulag master3 days ago
  • Clippers folded

    Pete WarsinskePete Warsinske3 days ago
  • Who says "took his cornbread". Lol!!

    bigtreesfallbigtreesfall3 days ago
  • i see only 1 weak spot is Zubac and they always take that oppurtunity, no defense yet slow. I thought they figure it out before the playoffs. Only i couldve done is to pray for a miracle gaming by Kawhi Leonard.

    Black HammerBlack Hammer3 days ago
  • How can you not root for the nugs

    Liu SamLiu Sam3 days ago
  • WTF! !!!!!

    JROQZ 2JROQZ 23 days ago
  • CONGRATULATIONS 🎉.to George Floyd for being 112 days crime free!!! Keep up the good work Georgy Boy !!!

    The Don PThe Don P3 days ago
    • ?

      vFlxipvFlxip3 days ago
  • Nuggets vs Heat

    Stefan DanlagStefan Danlag3 days ago
  • Iam from the future Nuggets win the championship🏆

    AniAni3 days ago
  • What happened? I thought clippers going to beat lakers I want to see lakers vs clippers but.......... But don't worry I hope clippers get the win in game 7 Lakers fan💛💜

    Yomi desuYomi desu3 days ago
  • 1:38 a travel?

    Jason Delos ReyesJason Delos Reyes3 days ago
  • Denver the Underdog for this year?

    calm mancalm man3 days ago
  • Clippers could use Kyle Lowry.

    Dwight PartlowDwight Partlow3 days ago
  • Nuggets or heat deserve it this year

    MI 3MI 33 days ago
  • the joker terrorizing Clippers like they Gotham🃏

    Greedy CreaksGreedy Creaks3 days ago
  • Jokic is just dirty! Hes doing stuff no man his size should be doing!!

    D LegendD Legend3 days ago
  • putang ina niyong clippers antatanga niyo

    Leonardo galangLeonardo galang3 days ago
  • EPIC WIN !!

    Carlos AllenCarlos Allen3 days ago
  • I thought it's battle of L. A. 😂

    aka poaka po3 days ago
  • who else missed the game because football and is watching the highlights now

    isoyonwallisoyonwall3 days ago
  • Doc Rivers choking another 3-1 lead as a head coach nothing new.

    John LoveJohn Love3 days ago
  • PJ is a liability.

    Nolan BookerNolan Booker3 days ago
  • Blm on the court got white people pressed 😂

    Telle 90Telle 903 days ago
  • took his cornbread wow

    Traeway 37Traeway 373 days ago