Top 10 Times The View Hosts LOST IT on a Guest

Mar 14, 2020
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Sometimes The View hosts lost it on a guest! For this list, we’ll be looking at explosive moments where the ladies of The View couldn’t hold back and lost their temper on a guest. Our countdown includes Donald Trump, Manigault Newman, Kate Gosselin, and more! MsMojo ranks the times The View hosts lost it on a guest. Which guest do you think had it coming? Let us know in the comments!
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  • so really The View is the biggest mistake tv has made and continues to make by airing it.

    Linda C.Linda C.11 hours ago
  • I sure hear a lot of intolerance being written for both parties. America’s biggest problem is intolerance. Every American is entitled to their own opinion about Religion, Government, Sexuality, etc. American is a melting pot of immigrants, whether your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents came to America from another country, we are still all Americans. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to think and feel the same way. We should simply all vote and than be try hard to be good sports if our choice does not win. Nobody gets everything they want at all times in this life.

    Wendy WillWendy WillDay ago
  • this show should be remove, nonesense.

    mimi yakmimi yakDay ago
  • She is out of control I mean Wolpi.......... she is so agresive So much hate .what’s wrong whith this woman .

    Eugénia GaeteEugénia Gaete3 days ago
  • These woman are set to appear like the every day woman USA. Nothing could be further from the truth.The mop alone has has seven abortions ,is that the norm? The world judges the US on shows like this.

    owen O'Neillowen O'Neill3 days ago
  • The view is a shit show

    Renee LlewellynRenee Llewellyn3 days ago
  • Notice most of these people were CONSERVATIVES? Interesting, Indeed!

    none of your damn businessnone of your damn business3 days ago
  • If any women take the advise from them your wasting our good earths air 💯💯💯

    James Ortega JrJames Ortega Jr7 days ago
  • the liberal Leftist Democrats are the most UN-American people -- America is based on TOLERANCE of IDEAS and free thinkers -- America is based on the notion of FREE SPEECH and agreeing to have different opinions. Whoopi is the poster child for INTOLERANCE of diverse opinions -- the Communist Left want to FORCE everyone to think just like them or you are met with ANGER and HATRED and VIOLENCE. They are destroying the freedoms of Americans by using violence to silence anyone that disagrees with their opinions. pathetic.

    Sterling CrowneSterling Crowne7 days ago
  • For people who live alone and have no family to fight with, the View is there for them. Otherwise the show has no value of any kind.

    Marc ParellaMarc Parella10 days ago
  • Poopie has TDS!

    Thomas JohnsonThomas Johnson10 days ago
  • Joy Blowhard

    Thomas JohnsonThomas Johnson10 days ago
  • Whoopi is a disgust to AIR!

    Jill PalmerJill Palmer10 days ago
  • This is a crack up ! We finally have a President that’s done MORE for this Country than ANY President has in my lifetime “and I’m in my sixties “ and all you liberals are too blind to see it. You’re all fueled by HATE! And that’s sad!

    Susan FlowersSusan Flowers11 days ago
  • Loosers

    Frances CerroneFrances Cerrone11 days ago
  • I pray the show gets cancelled

    Frances CerroneFrances Cerrone11 days ago
  • when trump ruin america

    anselmo aranaanselmo arana12 days ago
  • Megan is a bigot.

    sophie goodesophie goode13 days ago
  • The view are sour. And crazy. Very bias. CANCELL they dont denounce ANTIFA OR BLM.

    Justina SmilingJustina Smiling21 day ago
  • Mostly commutative over all the good things.

    Tina FarrarTina Farrar21 day ago
  • The trump one I applaud them on

    Kati DubeKati Dube23 days ago
  • Don’t call them ladies, those beasts are terrible people who love spewing hate and fake information. They should be called “the ladies of The Spew”.

    John VigneJohn Vigne27 days ago
  • Who is Whoopie's side kick you know the red haired old lady?? You notice shes just as annoying and obnoxious as Whoopie. Thank God for Barbara Walters she seems to be the only logical and sane person on that show.

    Nicole EllisNicole Ellis27 days ago
  • I'm starting to wonder, are they casting infront of a live audience? Because if so, are they Q'd to when they should clap. Doesn't it seem that after every rude attempt Whoopie makes to say the final word its always backed up with obnoxiously loud clapping thus to drown out her guest's from making her look like a fool

    Nicole EllisNicole Ellis27 days ago
  • why dont you show your taxes i wish he would

    Blam JonesBlam Jones27 days ago
  • Awful. Its true. You have to agree with them or you are the enemy. Think tank. They have been feeding off eachother too long.

    Bianca KayeBianca Kaye27 days ago
  • They are mean girls. It grosses me out that such old women are still behaving like High School kids.

    Hali T LightworkHali T Lightwork28 days ago
  • Notice Whoopi always has a bad attitude with just about every and everyone who doesn’t agree with her! 😡

    Lola GouldLola Gould28 days ago
  • Consider the hosts...loud, rude and obnoxious. No, we don't WANT to sit with you! This show is a joke...

    CourtneyCourtney29 days ago
  • Just another example of how evolution has improved the race.

    Jay AeeceeJay AeeceeMonth ago
  • They should take her off

    Elaine BallElaine BallMonth ago
  • You forgot to say that Goldburg blocked judge jeannine physically and told her to get the bleep out.

    Julie NielsenJulie NielsenMonth ago
  • Obama never had friends growing up though from here.

    Julie NielsenJulie NielsenMonth ago
  • Barack Obama Rocks

    Patrice DhanisPatrice DhanisMonth ago
  • Look at what he has done For U S he F U Obama was a Great man and present we will see

    a lemaa lemaMonth ago
  • Piro isn't qualified to judge a pie eating contest.

    Paula BartholomewPaula BartholomewMonth ago
  • For women who say we should support each other and preach tolerance, these women have no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with them !! This show is trash!

    Maureen IMaureen IMonth ago
  • Whoopi!! You go girl! Joy!! You go girl! LoL 😄

    Wendell McCloreWendell McCloreMonth ago
  • Whoopi was NOT mean to NeNe. It was mainly Joy and Raven who were dismissive towards NeNe. Thats why Whoopi innocently told Andy Cohen that "they" weren't mean to NeNe because "she" wasn't mean to her and she probably didn't notice her co-hosts shadiness towards her during the show.

    1DNETTA1DNETTAMonth ago
  • The View aka Jerry Sringer without the physical fighting. But with Trump on the show there should've been a flying fist going his way

    Manuel AguirreManuel AguirreMonth ago
  • They don't like when the punching bag punches back.

    Scott From MarylandScott From MarylandMonth ago
  • 2:00 Same argument can be said for refusing to show his tax records. There's something on his tax records that he doesn't like. But didn't Obama indeed show his birth certificate?

    angelsintahoeangelsintahoeMonth ago
  • It should be renamed the top 10 inheritance berating and insulting their guests with no class and or facts

    Jerome KennedyJerome KennedyMonth ago
  • Take them off tv

    beckymccormicbeckymccormicMonth ago
  • inskytechnologiesllc ... commmmmm

    Gary PylantGary PylantMonth ago
  • I’m waiting on The View to apologize to President Trump for all the bs she says about him

    Michael JohnsonMichael JohnsonMonth ago
    • Michael Joh.Whatever your last name is, That will never happen since Trump does'nt ever apologize for the awful,hideous or downright disrespectful things he says all the time. So that's the pot calling the kettle black.Don't lecture others about apologizing when that scrooge in the Oval Office never does.

      Christopher BarrettChristopher BarrettMonth ago
  • Security measures for furniture?

    T. JamesT. JamesMonth ago
  • Whoopi, Whoopi, Whoopi always a trouble maker and a dirty mouth!

    karen habernkaren habernMonth ago
  • not subscribing.. you talked way too much.

    sherrie drummersherrie drummerMonth ago
  • Whoopi's hair looks great

    sherrie drummersherrie drummerMonth ago
  • Narrator, you're talking too much. I say with this with peace and love - shutup. let us hear the segments... geez

    sherrie drummersherrie drummerMonth ago
  • Nene did a great job handling Joe. Whoopi and Candace were very nice

    sherrie drummersherrie drummerMonth ago
  • view watchers are dumbest people they must check see if they democrats

    Ryan WrightRyan WrightMonth ago
  • cause he from kenya

    Ryan WrightRyan WrightMonth ago
  • i am DELETING my twitter for Good. I hope the ones who are wise do the same. you are becoming an AI BOT being manipulated and controlled with LIES. Love and Light to the The Ones who stand in Self Honesty.❤ Don't let the Lying Victim players bring you down.

    Cole SonCole SonMonth ago
  • I hate Obama and I love Trump 👊

    Bianca GaribaldiBianca GaribaldiMonth ago
    • @Bianca Garibaldi I voted for Obama the first time but not the second time. I learned a lot about politics watching Obama's presidency. The good, the bad, the ugly. The Right and the Left have their own agendas. It's all a big circus..... unfortunately.

      Wendell McCloreWendell McCloreMonth ago
    • @Wendell McClore sure and you want teach me kkkkkk. Obamagate we need to talk about this ☺️☺️☺️

      Bianca GaribaldiBianca GaribaldiMonth ago
    • @Bianca Garibaldi You must be a milk Christian because meat Christians do not "love" the lesser of two evils. You have a lot to learn young lady. 😀

      Wendell McCloreWendell McCloreMonth ago
    • @Wendell McClore sorry, but the Christians hate the devil 😂♥️♥️

      Bianca GaribaldiBianca GaribaldiMonth ago
    • Admitting you hate someone...and you probably consider yourself a Christian... smh

      Wendell McCloreWendell McCloreMonth ago
  • Whoopy doo 🐵

    Mr RobocopMr RobocopMonth ago
  • Whoopi ALWAYS loses her cool. Whoopi is a miserable person and is very TOXIC. Joy is just STUPID. NEITHER have any real skills, they just have good marketing teams. Instead of grandstanding, just walk off!!!

    Dawn CDawn CMonth ago
  • These ladies r so full of Hate! What miserable lives they must have. Sad..

    Cynthia PersonCynthia PersonMonth ago
  • I dislike the ladies of The View so much. They all suck so bad.

    Marilyn EdwardsMarilyn EdwardsMonth ago
  • Exactly one of the many reasons why this show and it's hosts are a wreck, other than the fact that they're ultra, radical, democrat liberals. What they say and do is not appropriate for live broadcasting TV.

    Andrew CrockerAndrew CrockerMonth ago
  • Top 10 times Whoopi whopped a$$ on The View.

    From Ashes To PhoenixFrom Ashes To PhoenixMonth ago
  • Ann Coulter should visit the show now.

    diane ridleydiane ridleyMonth ago
  • 45 was huge Obama critic BEFORE he was elected president (omg I can barely type the word)? Still waiting for the elements of Obamagate...

    diane ridleydiane ridleyMonth ago
  • And we want you, Mr. President, to share your taxes!

    Mary LewisMary LewisMonth ago
  • Thank you woopie Goldberg México loves you.❤🇲🇽🙏❤

    israel172251israel172251Month ago
  • Why dont you show your tax returns??? Huh trump. What are u hiding

    Kimberly BoydKimberly BoydMonth ago
  • I'd like to hear the people on The View. The hostess talks too much.

    Kathy McIntoshKathy McIntoshMonth ago
  • You talk too much.

    Kevin ReeseKevin ReeseMonth ago
  • I wish he would see his tax returns

    James SimpsonJames SimpsonMonth ago
  • DUMP THE VIEW.. 👎👎👎👎👎

    Gina PafitisGina PafitisMonth ago
  • Having Trump at the view Is probably one of the funniest things ever

    Kozuki OdenKozuki OdenMonth ago
  • Whoopi should be fired.

    SkyHookSkyHookMonth ago
  • The hosts are nothing but spoiled bullies. You don't agree you get belittled and kicked off. That racist america hating show need to go!!!

  • Jeanine is the full package, sexy and smart. You can't stop the Jeanine machine!

    Brian RudolphBrian RudolphMonth ago
  • she is foooooxy

    Gerald ArnoultGerald ArnoultMonth ago
  • These women need to get real jobs and do a real days work.

    robert savarobert savaMonth ago
  • Kevin gatws and jcole

    Steven SmithSteven Smith2 months ago
    • Will smith new song and imagine that song

      Steven SmithSteven Smith2 months ago
  • When I think I am obnoxious I just watch Meghan

    Jean DixsonJean Dixson2 months ago
  • If it’s on the view, I know it’s bullshit!!

    Rocky HowardRocky Howard2 months ago
  • The brute squad - OMG, they all need the benefits of a serious chill pill. All such idiots constantly lose self control, and they're quite proud of it. But does Trump do that? Hell no. NEVER.

    Scott HullingerScott Hullinger2 months ago
  • Hey nojo let us hear the argument not ur summaries

    Truth HurtsTruth Hurts2 months ago
  • Tell trump we want to see his taxes

    Truth HurtsTruth Hurts2 months ago
    • He doesn’t have to show his taxes to run for president or be president so

      Michelle HancockMichelle Hancock2 months ago

    Ron CorsarioRon Corsario2 months ago
  • Whoopi Goldberg looses her temper once per week.

    Tsion-Benjamin Kerr-ThompsonTsion-Benjamin Kerr-Thompson2 months ago
  • Donald j Trump and extreme capitalist United States cannot win with him or he's the devil in sheep's clothes

    Anthony BautistaAnthony Bautista2 months ago
  • I love Whoopi. She don't give a damn lmao.

    Devin JohnsonDevin Johnson2 months ago
  • Uppity Joy the picture of her grabbing Robin Williams junk on stage,if she is gonna play judge and jury.

  • I don't like the way this lady won't let you hear what there saying

    Shane HentonShane Henton2 months ago
  • There is only one topic: HATE TRUMP DISEASE

    Trudy HarperTrudy Harper2 months ago
  • we should get a top 10 emotional moments on the view

    mikeparezmikeparez2 months ago
  • Black Privilege is Whoopi’s middle name. Spouts off what ever comes to her racist way of thinking. Oh...when are you going to leave the USA like you promised?🇺🇸

    AmericanAmerican2 months ago
  • Woopi needs to get off the view she's an evil devil person

    Liz MartinezLiz Martinez2 months ago
  • Someone explain the number 2 argument on the list. I didn’t understand that one.

    Andrew Jean-PaulAndrew Jean-Paul2 months ago
  • I dislike programmes like this where everybody screams at once...

    hazeluzzellhazeluzzell2 months ago
  • Why don't trump show his taxes?

    moises dorantesmoises dorantes2 months ago
  • I love Woopie because she tells the truth about everything I love when she talks you go girl I love you 💕

    Carole Ann MillerCarole Ann Miller2 months ago
    • I prefer Rosie O’Donnell

      ian himmelsteinian himmelstein2 months ago
  • "I want him to show his birth certificate " . "We want you to show your tax returns " .

    Ronald M HarrisonRonald M Harrison2 months ago
  • As much as I don't agree with anything these ladies say on the view. I admire the fact that they will invite people on they disagree with. At least they are having a conversation. Plus it makes great TV.

    DD JTDD JT2 months ago
  • Like when Sara lies or makes shit up about Trump to the press

    green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuffgreen yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff2 months ago