A Day in Dublin With Conor McGregor

Nov 8, 2016
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On July 17, 2014, we took a stroll around Dublin with Conor McGregor. This interview was shot two days before McGregor's return fight in Dublin versus Diego Brandao.
In the interview, McGregor talks about his rise in popularity, his humble beginnings, how his career almost never was, his future plans, and much more.
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  • We gotta pray for our boy

    Jon WillJon Will5 hours ago
  • Hate Ariel or Connor all you want but this is a high quality interview.

    SalahaddinSalahaddin2 days ago
  • This guy is a legend

    RITHIN DAS RA1711002010456RITHIN DAS RA17110020104565 days ago
  • Damn... he needs to be like this again.... totally different guy!

    Sherlys GarageSherlys Garage6 days ago
  • Connor very correct on the point of the Bruce Lee quote and how he keeps contact only with people who didn't look down on him or sway him to doubt himself and try their path.Life all about doing what matches your personality pyshicalities and best interest for self and support group.And noones perfect so the role model thing not for everyone must be your true self advice to aspiring minds is a must when you have the time and position but never put yourself under a microscope that's for hata's.Cause those who hate really willingly and unwillingly congratulate cause your place they lack courage to chase.

    Leslie FisherLeslie Fisher7 days ago
  • Whose watching this with Corona?

    Tee OffTee Off9 days ago
  • Man had to pause at 4:27, I can't take much more of this man, if your not drunk, on blow or just finished smoking some bud Nate smokes, then your punch drunk Conor and need to take a long break dude, you can't even string a sentence together and you sound like a meth addict With Love I'm not trying to burn you, something is a miss BigTime Your not keepin the heed we laddy God Bless Your Mother

    Crying HippyCrying Hippy9 days ago
  • Imagine having ariel as your dad

    Maroš Leo ŠulejMaroš Leo Šulej10 days ago
  • Tinking

    SpenczSpencz13 days ago
  • never was a top ten fighter.

    jasonjason13 days ago
  • scum bag

    jasonjason13 days ago
  • Boring shitty interview

    Mike Stacker StackMike Stacker Stack15 days ago
    • @Antonio Diaz well i tried at least lol. Cant stand the guy though but wanted to hear what he had to say and it sure isn't much

      Mike Stacker StackMike Stacker Stack13 days ago
    • @Mike Stacker Stack lol didn't have to watch it

      Antonio DiazAntonio Diaz14 days ago
    • @chleepy i wish i was. It might have made it bearable

      Mike Stacker StackMike Stacker Stack15 days ago
    • Youre on substances

      chleepychleepy15 days ago
  • Conor is the only interesting man in ufc

    hard asrockhard asrock17 days ago
    • 4 years ago

      SharpXIISharpXII13 days ago
  • amen

    Ryan FoleyRyan Foley19 days ago
  • So the fellas in red and blue are his security or just random stalkers?

    Andy JonesAndy Jones20 days ago
  • How can you not be a huge fan of Conor after watching this interview... what a story. It's better than a movie and it's reality wow

    Fahim ShahriyarFahim Shahriyar21 day ago
  • Lovely windy sound effects

    Andy JonesAndy Jones21 day ago
  • man looks like a cokehead

    EzAzAbc ForeverKingEzAzAbc ForeverKing21 day ago
  • Damn Connor is as skinny as Arial

    Nenad ИС XC ShuputNenad ИС XC Shuput21 day ago
  • Ariel is the goat of interviewing, he doesn’t just talk he listens and shows some much respect for Connor and Dublin.

    I2amboI2ambo25 days ago
  • I knocked out Mayweather

    Baleed AliBaleed Ali27 days ago
  • Ariel let's him answer the questions

    John ConlonJohn Conlon28 days ago
  • He looks crazy skinny when you look back at him cutting to 145..looks much healthier at 170

    O'NeillO'Neill28 days ago
    • i think he looks better back then. if you look now he's wrinkly

      SharpXIISharpXII13 days ago
  • areil helwani look like lex luthor ask conor mcgregor how too slap superman face


    Ronas GurganRonas Gurgan29 days ago
  • And then came the fame and money!!

    Johan OotjersJohan OotjersMonth ago
  • It’s a bit mad seeing Connor not in a suit

    Football FifaFootball FifaMonth ago
  • one thing with Conor.. he truly believes in positivity, gratefulness, progression, and faith.. he hast stayed the course. #winners

    Deborah BarnesDeborah BarnesMonth ago
  • let's go tap machine!

    Arkham NoirArkham NoirMonth ago
  • This was before he became an A hole..he seems.like an ok guy here

    Usman AyubUsman AyubMonth ago
  • What a gobshite.

    SaladinSaladinMonth ago
  • 9:44 Can anyone give me an update on young Nates career? He's almost a teenager now, hope he's still at it.

    Luke RobinsonLuke RobinsonMonth ago
    • They're talking about nate diaz . Little nate overtook Connor.

      james anonymousjames anonymous7 days ago
  • 54:07 Ariel is lucky that Dublin doesn't have the fashion police because he would have got 25years to life!!!

    Polina SyzrankinaPolina SyzrankinaMonth ago
    • You stole this

      Riquito FerreiraRiquito Ferreira25 days ago
  • He had a bad ass stutter at the beginning lol

    Ween FainWeen FainMonth ago
  • Miss this Connor

    Hamad AlhamadHamad AlhamadMonth ago
  • Ma ma ma ma 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Назим НазимНазим НазимMonth ago
  • watches this at work and hearing conor talk about his visualization techniques and how he used the law of attraction is amazing

    Dayton HDayton HMonth ago
    • @c1981 lmaoo who crushed your dreams man😂😂 and let’s say i spent why whole like believing in a “scam” i still lived my life HAPPY, Thought positive thoughts and treated people the right way and say it all fails and isn’t real i didn’t lose anything.. on the other hand i’m under the assumption of your random, negative comment and u lived ur life being a hater and living on the negative side of the spectrum, thinking you know something nobody else does and thinking your right and smarter than everyone.. in a way we both think the way we go about life is right and works for us so we both aren’t wrong tbh

      Dayton HDayton HMonth ago
    • LOA is nothing more than delusional positivity. The only ‘evidence’ that exists to support the Law of Attraction is anecdotal. For the uninitiated, this means that the only thing holding this whole scam above water is the testimony of people who say that it worked for them.

      c1981c1981Month ago
  • McChicken dresses like a bum

    noway josenoway joseMonth ago
  • This makes me like him more.

    brandon coulterbrandon coulterMonth ago
  • Khabib is stronger than conor

    Mohd azizanMohd azizanMonth ago
  • Alvarez and his family are set for generations for throwing the fight against this leprechaun character. The best actor in mma

    DukesDukesMonth ago
  • Connor has a nice demeanor and not a punchy demeanor in this interview.

    BlAir AkanaBlAir AkanaMonth ago
  • Conor : I dont wanna be a role model, I don't know why. Deep down he knows why 😂😂

    Nauman MirzaNauman MirzaMonth ago
  • Hell whiney fd this vid up for me. Just not a fan

    Honest THonest TMonth ago
  • This is a dope interview

    Michael PayneMichael PayneMonth ago
  • Haha a sunny day? Wow! Looks like Spain

    Free FallFree FallMonth ago
  • USkeys suggestions bringing it back!!

    robocop124robocop124Month ago
  • In all of media, Ariel could be the best interviewer and nobody even talks about it.

    weezhumweezhumMonth ago
  • Sorry but the city is a shithole

    celticfclad1celticfclad1Month ago
  • that how professional conor is we'll know that all his antics is just part of his game plan.

    Mark Test one two one twoMark Test one two one twoMonth ago
  • Wtf is ariel wearing could only be worse with clown shoes

    BossnianBossnianMonth ago
  • Irish are good, but Russians are way better

    VitaliyVitaliyMonth ago

    Sahil NegiSahil NegiMonth ago
  • Thanks!!

    Erik SchrammErik Schramm2 months ago
  • Can't handle this guy with his attitude & costum xD

    Bluewild GamingBluewild Gaming2 months ago
  • Back when people liked McGregor...ah well. 😌

    Jonathan LeggJonathan Legg2 months ago
  • Joselico gracias 🇺🇸🌍Joselico gracias 2020UFC🥊💪🏻

    Jose Lico MatozoJose Lico Matozo2 months ago
  • Conor does an amazing interview and you see the real man that he isshine through..

    Victor OrtizVictor Ortiz2 months ago
  • He looks very skinny, drained almost, very pointy cheekbones

    Harald HaramHarald Haram2 months ago
  • “..careful who you let in...they got to earn it.” this sweeps away the negatives along the path.

    Charles Williams JrCharles Williams Jr2 months ago
  • Yess Superman👹! 🤔funny how a solid interview is just letting the interviewee talk👍🏽 Thank you, Ariel.

    Charles Williams JrCharles Williams Jr2 months ago
  • Man Dublin is so neat and beautiful. Compared to the shithole of a town I'm living in.

    Mr. AnonymousMr. Anonymous2 months ago
  • Damn this is 2014, he looks the same now

    Billi HawkBilli Hawk2 months ago
  • Mctapper oldman hitter

    fha gerberfha gerber2 months ago
  • I believe connor actually a good guy, but when into promotion and pre match, he went all drama, and sometimes he crossed the line

    pistolnya bapakpistolnya bapak2 months ago
  • Ariel ruined his fit wit his kicks they don’t match the suit at all wtf was he thinking dark blue tux wit bright ass green shoes SMH

    Win FeverWin Fever2 months ago
  • i'd really love to see this man back. gotta admit he's been shying away from some serious challenge but he's still got those skill set that brought to the top. don't care if he wins or losses i just wanna see this man compete in mma again on a regular basis

    Emmanuel ManuelEmmanuel Manuel2 months ago
  • Conor looks like on coca? too skinny....

    Colorbomb Design PaintingColorbomb Design Painting2 months ago
  • Who is this hot new up and Comer? Has he done ufc before? I wonder if he is good or if he can handle ufc fighting

    Cody BrownCody Brown2 months ago
  • Conor has a mean hmm game

    Mario BonillaMario Bonilla2 months ago
  • He was so humble, yet confident... and not arrogant. This was the Conor the people loved. What happened to this guy? Monetary gain and fame gets to the best of us men and women.

    Avi ZeinAvi Zein2 months ago
  • 15:45 When Ariel Helwani says “it’s like a virus.”

    Avi ZeinAvi Zein2 months ago
  • who else is looking for the ''who else'' comments?

    LozzaLozza2 months ago
  • This is one of the best interviews, Conor’s life is one worthy of the cinema!

    efccoyneyefccoyney2 months ago
  • Зелёные кроссы и костюм, что с ним не так?

    Рассел КроуРассел Кроу2 months ago
  • Money changed this guy...he used to be like this...and now this man right here is nothing but a Shadow..

    G manG man2 months ago
  • "i do want a good five-round war down the line" "so who do you think can give that to you?" "i don't think there is a guy that can give me a war like that, not in the featherweight division atleast" that aged so well lol, he was right tho

    King of OxydentsKing of Oxydents2 months ago
    • Everything in this interview aged well. Mystic Mac

      Mark Marks onMark Marks onMonth ago
  • Does Ariel have any fights?

    JaredJared2 months ago
  • Bro he’s rad

    Master BuruMaster Buru2 months ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/DEL3uymus8U-video.html WATCH Israel adesanya promo

    TraMitch3000TraMitch30003 months ago
  • Ariel is the dorkiest nerd I’ve ever seen

    Tate SmithTate Smith3 months ago
  • Damn he was only turning 26... im 24 turning 25 next month and I’ve done absolutely nothing with myself lol

    Evan SaberEvan Saber3 months ago
  • What an honest interview this is

    CreamofTheCropCreamofTheCrop3 months ago
  • 2 minutes into the video and I already feel Pumped!!!

    Rambo RamboRambo Rambo3 months ago
  • I'm a fan of Conor, and I just come to think of it. If anyone can reach Coach K or Conor that read this. Can you tell them the idea of making Conor's own book, with his quotes and things about his mentality, dedication, view on wealth, life, things like that. Since Coach Kavanagh has his book, I don't think that making Conor's own is impossible right?

    King JDKing JD4 months ago
  • American liberals should watch this. They hate their country more than anything. Conor is right, you shouldn't have a negative feeling towards your country and environment.

    Do RianDo Rian4 months ago
    • Ban abortion

      Jason MitchellJason Mitchell4 months ago
  • Im irish from tipp conor inspires me with the law of attraction one thing hes saying appreciate ur surroundings meet me on the flip side conor im up an coming ill sit next to u yet "i am,"

    Tom LTom L4 months ago
    • Stop alcohol

      Jason MitchellJason Mitchell4 months ago
  • Wish they put a mic on him, hard to hear

    Thomss BentzenThomss Bentzen4 months ago
  • Ariel burns under that suit

    KubiKubi4 months ago
    • Ban abortion

      Jason MitchellJason Mitchell4 months ago
  • Aeirl let's fight and donate the money to charity🙏🏼

    Sean MarianiSean Mariani4 months ago
  • Man this guy is so analytical and articulate

    P bucketsP buckets4 months ago
    • Ban abortion

      Jason MitchellJason Mitchell4 months ago
  • Real Irish never talk themselves up and you can see that in him in this interview.

    P bucketsP buckets4 months ago
    • Stop alcohol

      Jason MitchellJason Mitchell4 months ago
  • Wtf is Ariel wearing lmao

    Mr. MayhemMr. Mayhem4 months ago
  • the Irish stick together even here in America heard that from an og Irish gangster

    George DaughetyGeorge Daughety4 months ago
  • -42:39

    Kenden ByrdKenden Byrd4 months ago
  • 15:39

    Kenden ByrdKenden Byrd4 months ago
  • The King!

    Erik SchrammErik Schramm4 months ago

    SS4 months ago
  • 1:52, 26:06

    YasherYasher4 months ago