Teddy Swims - Broke feat. Thomas Rhett (Official Music Video)

Oct 22, 2020
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  • What a blast man! Lets do it again

    Thomas RhettThomas RhettMonth ago
    • 2 of my favorite guys, love this. 💞

      Yvonne C.Yvonne C.5 days ago
    • You guys are amazing!! Love your talent!!!

      Monica MMonica M7 days ago
    • Bro,y’all killed it! Well done!

      David BotsfordDavid Botsford16 days ago
    • You both are awesome love the video

      Alexis StevensAlexis Stevens18 days ago
    • Amazing!!!

      Karen NavedoKaren Navedo21 day ago
  • I’m still high from shopping at the thrift store!

    Strokin EgosStrokin Egos54 minutes ago
  • 2020 for in pulse✌️🌺😉👍✌️🌍🌍❤️🌍🌍🐬🐬🦋🦋

    Lc LcLc Lc21 hour ago
  • Loves this dude!!! Absolutely fab

    Shelley JonesShelley Jones3 days ago
  • This song, video makes me smile, I think I watched it ... 25-30 times in one go lol and Teddy ur a sexy man !!!

    teresarene1teresarene13 days ago
  • What a voice.

    Tee Hruai TluangaTee Hruai Tluanga3 days ago
  • Hahahahaha 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 AMAZING !!!

    Sharim HamerSharim Hamer4 days ago
  • I love this and the truck .

    Elaine MannerElaine Manner4 days ago
  • Hands down my favorite song! Teddy swims kills it! Tom kills it! Absolutely "top shelf" track!

    wheel therapywheel therapy5 days ago
  • I love a good unexpected laugh... excellent job!

    Chance DurhamChance Durham6 days ago
  • Just what we all needed, bop till you drop ✌🏻🇬🇧🇺🇸❤️🎵🎵🎵

    Susan MerrimanSusan Merriman6 days ago
  • Wooww its so rocky idoolll ur song makes me danceeee nowwww

    Mabel PiniliMabel Pinili6 days ago
  • “Im so used to being broke, but not no more.”

    loriah Jonesloriah Jones8 days ago
  • Yeesss! Love it 🤗 good vibes from bottom to top!

    Bri BBri B8 days ago
  • Bloody superb song and what a fun video !

    Grand TourGrand Tour8 days ago
  • That was a vibe!! I had fun just watching, can’t imagine what being there was like.

    Ethan RodriguesEthan Rodrigues8 days ago
  • Please do a cover of Alone by Heart

    Samantha BullockSamantha Bullock8 days ago
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    Mehrab TURUSKOMehrab TURUSKO8 days ago
  • Love it

    Christina ScottChristina Scott9 days ago
  • I love his energy man💥💥💥

    Benhanan MoyoBenhanan Moyo9 days ago
  • Great song,great combination!! Love the video too...

    June AlexisJune Alexis9 days ago
  • Teddy. Holler at ya boi when you want some actually quality boujie plugs instead of those knock off gold ones. We got that real shit.

    Robert WilsonRobert Wilson9 days ago
  • What a blast man! Lets do it again

    acap cortegazacap cortegaz9 days ago
  • Love this song!

    Richard CampbellRichard Campbell9 days ago
  • love this song, from Indonesia

    RBA - Levina CHANNELRBA - Levina CHANNEL9 days ago
    • this is the collab we didn't know we needed

      acap cortegazacap cortegaz9 days ago

    Kauri HarryKauri Harry9 days ago
  • This sounds to familiar to an older song I’m looking into this

    Karter WilsonKarter Wilson9 days ago
  • That was great .

    John RevelsJohn Revels10 days ago
  • I always put this song while I’m working, trying to get out of that broke Stage 😂 Ironiccccc .. loveee this jam 🙌🏽

    Amanda H.Amanda H.10 days ago
  • Y’all done a wonderful job

    william frostwilliam frost10 days ago
  • Am I the only one that noticed the melody is a rip off of Duffy - Mercy?

    Elijah TElijah T11 days ago

    Michelle FazioMichelle Fazio11 days ago
  • Nailed it ! Love some Mr. T.Swims .

    Sonya HorneSonya Horne11 days ago
  • I am so used to being broke to buddy

    Lilliana VickersLilliana Vickers11 days ago
  • Shitty song lmao

    PulzeddPulzedd11 days ago
  • It's conor mcgregor fat 😂😂

    Carlos BazánCarlos Bazán11 days ago
  • i’m just chilling rn while listening this music, so enjoyable

    Rika YulianiRika Yuliani11 days ago
  • I’d imagine at some stage he had his own sound and was quite original. This watered down junk pop blatantly is the making of the record label pulling the strings. Stick to your own thing bro don’t let these guys take the soul out of your music

    craig macguinnesscraig macguinness12 days ago
  • Encore....encore....encore....s'il te plaît Teddy!!! Tes convers sont géniales et ton son perso est MONSTRUEUX!!! Prepare nous vite un album, une tournée Européenne !!! J'aime ton SON !!!! Tellement !!!!

    Geoffrey RocherGeoffrey Rocher12 days ago
  • Bro we have the Same Slides 💯

    Shikatefu Zer05Shikatefu Zer0512 days ago
  • Very catchy. Pass this song along to your friends. Lets get it to the charts!

    Sara HaymanSara Hayman12 days ago
  • Woooooowww!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌( swizterland)

    Patricia Sofia HaeglerPatricia Sofia Haegler12 days ago

    Don BensonDon Benson12 days ago
  • Love this track.... . #BEERnMUSIC

    MrMunozTVMrMunozTV12 days ago
  • Another raving song full of your unmatched best vibes, i loveee your FLOWwwwww 🚨🔥💯✊💞⭐my dear

    Monic _RomMonic _Rom13 days ago
  • Love this! Happy dancing, can’t stay still when this is playing.

    tracy levingstracy levings13 days ago
  • Ahahahaha one of the amazing mv I've ever seen

    Mj RecopelacionMj Recopelacion13 days ago
  • Congrats

    GreenWeeneyGreenWeeney14 days ago
  • Awesome! Glad you have been recognised by one of country's biggest stars!

    Nate CNate C14 days ago
  • I am the only one who wants to see a movie with this funny guy❤️? :))

    Dana LisDana Lis15 days ago
  • I AM SO LOVIN' this song! Thank you men for doing this track, in todays world, WE NEED A HAPPY PICK US UP JAM! GOD BLESS US ALL!

    Chell GriffChell Griff15 days ago
  • Влюблена!! В голос!! В манеру!! Шикарно!!, 💕💕💕✌️✌️✌️Вы просто супер!!!

    Наташа ПыловаНаташа Пылова15 days ago
  • Yea, it’s good, something new to my ears! I thought it was from the 60’s.

    Kevin Kurz’s art displayKevin Kurz’s art display15 days ago
  • I can see this being performed live at the CMA's and other award programs. Love this so much! 🥰

    Ruby Dragon ArtRuby Dragon Art15 days ago
  • Love this song new favorite

    Madison HammondMadison Hammond16 days ago
  • My Boy Teddy!!!! Amazing!! 👍😁

  • Oh My Gosh.....this is soooooo good!!!

    BellaBella16 days ago
  • did not know that I could find such good songs in the clean section.

    Matthew MullinixMatthew Mullinix16 days ago
  • What a voice🙌

    Sofia's WorldSofia's World16 days ago
  • Yow I love the vibe ❤

    Mary Cris LopezMary Cris Lopez16 days ago
  • this mean i can get a teddy swims vinyl soon?

    lawrence shadowlawrence shadow16 days ago
  • I just wanna know what model and year of the truck is

    carolina _dipper98carolina _dipper9816 days ago
  • Dude that’s my new jam! I’m turning all the people i know on to your stuff,everyone digs!

    David BotsfordDavid Botsford16 days ago

    Shanan PictouShanan Pictou17 days ago
  • Have a song I would love to hear you twust on it. Its called (Teeat You Better)..

    Michael BaileyMichael Bailey17 days ago
  • 👍👍👍 Jealouly Guard (Our Love) uskeys.net/watch/5YA-HyIZRxY-video.html 👍👍👍

    Love PeaceLove Peace17 days ago
  • im listening your song from the philippines❤️lods

    Jonh Chris TaladtadJonh Chris Taladtad17 days ago
  • This. This makes me so happy! From watching you teddy for the first time in the depths of Facebook to falling in love with you and your amazing voice to this now with one of my favorite country singers 😍😍😍😍😍😍 love this and love you all! God bless

    Heather ReinhardHeather Reinhard17 days ago
  • Wth is wrong with the format??

    cryomanc3rcryomanc3r17 days ago
  • I can’t be the only one who read it TAYLOR SWIFT

    Giulia Nicholly GameplaysGiulia Nicholly Gameplays18 days ago
  • This gives me jazzy/soul vibes. Looove it

    Paula LambertPaula Lambert18 days ago
  • Yo!! Such a good video!!

    Paula LambertPaula Lambert18 days ago
  • Lol this is at Richland Country Club in Nashville

    Liv CunninghamLiv Cunningham19 days ago
  • Why they decided to make this video so streched ahahahahah

    Matteo PassaroMatteo Passaro19 days ago
  • so glad I clicked on this one! It was damn awesome!

    Bruce ButkisBruce Butkis19 days ago
  • Very Robin Thicke early 2000s vibes! Flawless!

    Corseted_Waste-landCorseted_Waste-land19 days ago

    Linda NorrisLinda Norris19 days ago

    Linda NorrisLinda Norris19 days ago
  • New fav jam.❤❤❤

    Eana LockheartEana Lockheart19 days ago

    Jesus NovoaJesus Novoa19 days ago
  • diggin' it!

    Q HinesQ Hines20 days ago
  • That was fresh! Kudos to All, that was a #10

    Mike Genco's Company MTG Now - Engage to Trust!Mike Genco's Company MTG Now - Engage to Trust!20 days ago
  • Teddy, please now WE WANT AN ALBUM OF YOU !!!!

    Sarah-Maude RobidouxSarah-Maude Robidoux20 days ago
  • Can u cover "your man"? Plsss x)

    Kjames nub gamingKjames nub gaming20 days ago
  • If i were character of movie this song will be my background music..

    SkuSku20 days ago
  • Popped up in the ad and just fell for it...yassss

  • Who knew? Teddy is left handed...I would have never guessed.

    Jeff DavisJeff Davis20 days ago
  • like what the hell this song is sooo good!!

    na nana na20 days ago
  • That truck though 😍

    Bobbie SoalesBobbie Soales20 days ago
  • I'm so used to being broke, but not no more I'm buying all the things I never could afford Like what the hell, top shelf We gonna toast tonight to temporary wealth Mama told me "Baby, save it" knowing me I probably won't All this money in my pocket gotta go I'm so used to being broke, oh Remember days, like just last week There wasn't nothin' in the kitchen left to eat Girl what you want? Go pick it out My wallet looking bigger than my belly now Girl what a shame, they slept on me They're coming back, and now they crawling on their knees Ain't nothing changed, same old me Came up on some change, but that doesn't change a thing I'm so used to being broke, but not no more I'm buying all the things I never could afford Like what the hell, top shelf We gonna toast tonight to temporary wealth Mama told me "Baby, save it" knowing me I probably won't All this money in my pocket gotta go I'm so used to being broke, oh Yeah, uh Dropping out of college, said goodbye to that degree (Oh yeah) Playing every college party from Georgia to Tennessee (Let's go) Packin' six up in a van Six string in my hands Circlin' in parking lots Drinkin' Natty out the can (Yeah) They sayin' that I'm rich but I couple dollars to blow (You know, yeah, you know) Yeah, we gon' celebrate tonight (Aw yeah) With some champagne on some ice (Ooh) 'Cause you can't take it with you when you go I'm so used to being broke, but not no more I'm buying all the things I never could afford Like what the hell, top shelf We gonna toast tonight to temporary wealth Mama told me "Baby, save it" knowing me I probably won't All this money in my pocket gotta go I'm so used to being broke, oh (One, two, three)

    melisa apmelisa ap21 day ago
  • Top Number Teddy💪🏻

    Wilco KarmanWilco Karman21 day ago
  • Omg this Song is amazing Love Love Love 😍🙏🏻

    Lydia LietkeLydia Lietke21 day ago
  • This tune reminds me of another song can someone tell me pls

    Jefrey BlackmoreJefrey Blackmore21 day ago
  • OMG! This old woman (I'm 40)will b bumpin this awesome jam in my Mustang bright & early n the mornin (6am) on the way to work! Great job guys!! 💜💚💯

    Misty BookoutMisty Bookout21 day ago
  • SOOOO much fun and LOVE the glasses but major gay points for trying to make littering cool 👎👎👎 00:51

    IG mycalicrushIG mycalicrush21 day ago
  • uyeahhhh baby,,,shake it ... i.m used to be a Broke,,, but not no more ,,,yeahhh shake ittttt .... uhhh

    Fudi DjayadiwargaFudi Djayadiwarga21 day ago
  • Can our dance group make a dance video to this song ????

    Country and Family SaTx.Country and Family SaTx.21 day ago
  • Great job Teddy!!! So happy for you! Been watching you for a while now on USkeys, and absolutely love your covers! This is definitely going on my Playlist! ❤

    Lindsey PoseyLindsey Posey21 day ago
  • Awesome song

    don lowedon lowe21 day ago
  • Hey Teddy! Your fab!

    Treen TurnerTreen Turner21 day ago