LeBron: Beginnings | Nike

Dec 19, 2019
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LeBron James is using the power of sport to help change the game for every kid from Akron and beyond. His story will never be repeated and that’s exactly the point.
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    John RitterJohn RitterDay ago
  • 0:53 Love this moment

    Cameron GillespieCameron Gillespie5 days ago
  • Nike uses child labor...this means nothing. Makes Lebron look bad tbh

    RishraffRishraff10 days ago
  • RESPECT to this legend from Spain

    Munro 7Munro 714 days ago
  • From humble beginnings, to the Queen of BLM. How the mighty have fallen.

    T. L.T. L.16 days ago
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    Geva MaromGeva Marom16 days ago

    LANCE MatthewsLANCE Matthews17 days ago
  • Nike and LeBron deserve each other.

    Keith BrownKeith Brown19 days ago
  • Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja

    Tsubfgsg GdudhgTsubfgsg Gdudhg22 days ago
  • Striving to be more humble and helping my brothers and sisters in the struggle

    Renee callenderRenee callender22 days ago
  • Time for LeBron to get Nike to fork up $100 million to restructure police. Kyle Rittenhouse: white kid ("Police Explorer") with a semi walked right by police in armoured trucks waving at them, the long gun in his hands, and killed two black people last night. uskeys.net/watch/E6JDBe4UnWQ-video.html America is some messed up.

    Innis MorInnis Mor24 days ago
  • Its heart breaking knowing comrade lebron makes millions off child slaves and he says hes woke.

    Chris BrushChris Brush27 days ago

    Astra KeralaAstra Kerala27 days ago
  • Nike and the NBA support Muslims being enslaved by Communist so Go F yourself You Scumbag Democrat Leftist piece of Sh_t. Boycott any Communist that Kneels.

    Mike BMike B28 days ago
  • I hate lebron as a player but i love stuff like this.

    Philip WilsonPhilip Wilson28 days ago
  • Good basketball player, but a total moron who hates America but bows down to China.

    D StormD Storm28 days ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/ZLYN3Colv1g-video.html

    SneakerDreamsSneakerDreamsMonth ago
  • seja um inscrito para me ajudar. uskeys.net/watch/wWJiIN9y6jI-video.html

    KOHLES 250KOHLES 250Month ago
  • LeBron is an idiot. He cries of how he is oppressed. Damn fool.

    El PastorEl PastorMonth ago
  • This was released on my Birthday 😭😭😭

    Anthony 19Anthony 19Month ago
  • Is LeBron James a Basketball player ?

    Mr BrownMr BrownMonth ago
  • XcZczcCCxx

    Juan Carlos GuzmánJuan Carlos GuzmánMonth ago
  • Our humble beginnings make us who we are. The hardships carve us into who we are, we must bare our crosses . Survive our struggle, only then can we shine. We Do not go gentle into that Goodnight, We Rage; Rage against the dying of the light. God bless us all.

    Wade GarlickWade GarlickMonth ago
  • NIKE. supports VANDALISM? Screw you. uskeys.net/watch/fZyVhwlXiwo-video.html

    J BJ B2 months ago
  • The Story Continues.

    Titan Segundera 2.0Titan Segundera 2.03 months ago
  • Jacob Zuma: beningings

    Angelo MyoAngelo Myo3 months ago
  • China: Lebron, shut up and play. Lebron: Yessa, massa.

    Kenny OlivierKenny Olivier3 months ago
  • Love how he says he loves his hometown but left it twice

    Co flixCo flix4 months ago
    • @Brittany Fullen lol 😟😟😂😂😂😂😂😂he aneing chaser has to leave the town he loves to go to championships and lose. Jordan stayed on one team. Magic stayed. Kobe stayed. And not even in their hometowns

      Co flixCo flix3 months ago
    • U never traveled or moved for a job? Bc at the end of the day that's his job you go where the money is ...and actually he does ALOT for Akron Ohio he had the project apartments where he grew up tore down and rebuild into so much nicer and he does a bike give away for all the kids in Akron also he has the I PROMISE school k thru 5 and next thru their branching out to middle school 6 thru 8 so just because he doesn't work in Akron or Cleveland Ohio doesn't mean he doesn't love or care for his hometown ...that's just my opinion tho

      Brittany FullenBrittany Fullen3 months ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/OpVngw4KmRQ-video.html 2 YEAR OLD THE FUTURE FOOTBALL STAR...JUST GETTING STARTED

    Aaron RaphaelAaron Raphael4 months ago
  • Dave and Ava

    Odugbesan OlaideOdugbesan Olaide4 months ago
  • Michael Jordan the G.O.A.T

    QuyzzyQuyzzy4 months ago
  • ya'll need inspiration? uskeys.net/watch/BTiknve-xf8-video.html

    Michael DatuinMichael Datuin4 months ago
  • Wish unlimited success to anyone who sees this 🙏

    iHustle MotivationiHustle Motivation4 months ago
  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    NKUniverseNKUniverse4 months ago
  • 'bron my man

    Aradhya RavalAradhya Raval5 months ago
  • Hey LeBron, they're not letting black people eat or are stay at hotels in China. Tell us again how much you love the Chinese. 🖕 A$$HOLE! 混蛋 !

    American PatriotAmerican Patriot5 months ago
  • In the beningging.

    Tom KurusTom Kurus5 months ago
  • Si que es de los mejores comerciales de lebron James

    JhonnyJhonny5 months ago
  • One of the greatest to do it.

    Dubem UdemezueDubem Udemezue5 months ago
  • Music please?!?!?!?!

    Marco MMarco M5 months ago
    • @Vinimor thank u so much bro

      Marco MMarco M5 months ago
    • Naeem - Bon Iver

      VinimorVinimor5 months ago
  • RIP

    kyptx XODIA TFOkyptx XODIA TFO5 months ago
  • LeBron is the greatest American athlete of all time because of things like this. Yes he's amazing on the court, he does it all. But off the court, he's someone we can all look up to and admire the things he's done. So amazing, and im so proud of him for championing this message and being a leader in our community.

    Yusuf JonesYusuf Jones5 months ago
  • GOAT 🐐

    ShawdGawdShawdGawd5 months ago
    • Look at all those likes you got there

      aa7 days ago
  • Got hyped

    throwedthrowed6 months ago
  • love lebron

  • The 2nd best 💯

  • That my idol lebron James is the best nba player

    Fonofili ToomataFonofili Toomata6 months ago
  • This is Great. Thank you NIKE! 💪

    Initiate Change Spark PeaceInitiate Change Spark Peace6 months ago
  • 0:40 Lebron has an adidas cap in this Nike video

    YodaYoda6 months ago
    • Oops

      YodaYoda6 months ago
    • Yoda *lebron

      Fan 1Fan 16 months ago
  • This is my favorite commercial ever

    Luke ThomasLuke Thomas6 months ago
  • K

    Saron TeferaSaron Tefera6 months ago
  • 514th comment ⛅️🌤☀️

    B DB D6 months ago
  • m.uskeys.net/watch/LHHD72HcZYo-video.html

    chaparra86chaparra866 months ago
  • If only those kids could also afford your shoes bro......

    Vin YVin Y6 months ago
  • I love this commercial!! LeBron is the GOAT

    BilleBille7 months ago
  • LeBron is so anti-American. Kobe wasn't.

    No division Just UnityNo division Just Unity7 months ago
  • www.gofundme.com/f/1wcl1s1exc?+share-sheet&rcid=3804e6e7c3ba45029662bf39bd8ef5bf

    Ez413Ez4137 months ago
  • King 👑

    Mazhar Imam KhanMazhar Imam Khan7 months ago
  • 👑🖤

    Kusta KutiesKusta Kuties7 months ago
  • Literally tested up, Lebron is so awesome!!

    More.2bMore.2b7 months ago
  • Es increíble cómo Nike siempre consigue motivarte con sus anuncios, aunque tus objetivos no tengan nada que ver con el deporte.

    Hugo Reyes OlloquiHugo Reyes Olloqui7 months ago
  • What an icon

    Edward YeungEdward Yeung7 months ago
  • Dear Nike managers. I am an ordinary person from Russia, but I really like basketball. I have a little daughter who also loves basketball very much, and especially she was a fan of Kobe Bryant. When the information reached her that his daughter Gianna was playing basketball, she became obsessed with basketball. She was so upset, it is difficult to buy personalized sneakers from Kobe in Russia, especially of smaller sizes. And in view of the last very sad events, she’s just broken ... And I can’t do anything about it ... She is in deep mourning ... My family lives in relative abundance, so I ask nothing of you. I just want to give you an idea. In honor of Gianna “Mamba Sita” release a collection of game sneakers for small players, or the collection “Mamba Team”. This would please not only my daughter Diana, but, I think, many young players and basketball fans, fans of Kobe and Gianna. Thank you for attention. The letter is translated into Google translator, so maybe some phrases are not fully translated, but I hope that the main point is translated correctly. Sincerely, Dmitri.

    Дмитрий АртемьевДмитрий Артемьев7 months ago
  • 🙏🏽❤️

    Lil TruthLil Truth7 months ago

    오늘의 농구오늘의 농구7 months ago
  • It has a whole new meaning from now on.

    Nicolò ScialpiNicolò Scialpi7 months ago
  • Rip Kobe Bryant

    rohan kapoorrohan kapoor7 months ago
  • This commercial is one of LeBron’s best. No doubt. It really speaks to me because it feels real, he sounds genuine about what he’s saying and the message is great. LeBron has always been one for the people, the people’s champion. I think one of my favorite parts of the commercial is seeing the impact LeBron has on the people, from him being drafted to him coming back from down 3-1 to the Warriors. One of the biggest focuses of the commercial isn’t LeBron, it’s the people and how they idolize him and look up to him. Even from how it’s shot it makes LeBron out to be a hero of the people. The best moment of the commercial is the ending, when LeBron says that they should have no more humble beginnings. 8/10.

    Logan AnkenyLogan Ankeny7 months ago
  • foj

    Bobby YuBobby Yu7 months ago
  • The King👑🐐🐐🏀

    the kingthe king8 months ago
  • Just do it

    Lance HDLance HD8 months ago
  • Nba is always...... part of our Family, especially in Philippines ❤️💯🔥

    La FlameLa Flame8 months ago

    Jay TruJay Tru8 months ago
  • I love this ad

    Metaquaza25Metaquaza258 months ago
  • I love this commercial so much!

    Lucas GlendonLucas Glendon8 months ago
  • Lebron matched with a Bon Iver song is like dressing a pig in a prom dress.

    Proud KafirProud Kafir8 months ago
  • What song is this

    Abdul AimanAbdul Aiman8 months ago
  • BGM: Bon Iver - Naeem

    Ruijia NiuRuijia Niu8 months ago
  • Nothing more powerful then the HUMAN HOLY SPIRIT FIRED UP!!! VISIONAIRE WEAR

    visionaire wearvisionaire wear8 months ago
  • UupP

    Loc DogLoc Dog8 months ago
  • I good start makes a great finish

    I_Am ErcoI_Am Erco8 months ago
  • Look how everyone watches TV together in the projects 😂😂 awww poor humble beginnings..FOH 2020 and black people still crying 😢

    john doejohn doe8 months ago
  • Sell out! He shits all over America that’s given his everything to take sides with communist China that’s killed 80 million of its own people and still has slave camps!!!

    Robert DruryRobert Drury8 months ago
  • No more humble beginnings. #HumanityFirst

    TracyTracy8 months ago
  • LeBron😍😍😍

    Raquel MahusayRaquel Mahusay8 months ago
  • Please work with Andrew Yang! You both can change the world. yang2020.com

    Hans RealHans Real8 months ago
  • Yeah!! Long Live China !! China is the Master !! Nike and LeBron are its disciples !!

    Innis MorInnis Mor8 months ago
  • Boycott this disgusting anti-American company!

    Ian McGregorIan McGregor8 months ago
  • LeChina James loves money from chinese sweatshops and organ harvesting concentration camps.

    Dr. Ivo RobotnikDr. Ivo Robotnik8 months ago
    • @Dave Unknown Hey buddy, how about you go take a look at what else Lebron has done. You don't have a point, because many of us will know him more than just an athlete.

      Jason's WackJason's Wack3 months ago
    • @CAV Go play some 2k you loser😂 hope you got a stable job like me and ain't a broke boiii. Cry me a river😂

      Dave UnknownDave Unknown6 months ago
    • Dave Unknown just an athlete? Lol mans done so many good things I can’t even count plus inspired millions of kids stop being jealous you 45 year old manchild

      CAVCAV6 months ago
    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik he’s an athlete not fucking hitler

      CAVCAV6 months ago
    • Honestly😂 the higher ups think we care about shit like this. He's good at sports, that's it and how he'll be known point blank lol no one gives a fuck what else unless they're those weird fucks that try to relate to famous people or learn their personal lives... Just fucking eww lol.

      Dave UnknownDave Unknown8 months ago
  • I love this game

    Saliou SokhnaSaliou Sokhna8 months ago
  • I really don’t understand the dislikes????🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

    Bilguunsugar TugsbilegBilguunsugar Tugsbileg8 months ago
    • LeBron shills for China. A country that has killed 100 MILLION PEOPLE in peacetime and has 2 million in CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Nike uses chinese SLAVE LABOR. Hope that clears things up.

      Dr. Ivo RobotnikDr. Ivo Robotnik8 months ago
  • Lebron Iver

    Frédéric DelouvroyFrédéric Delouvroy8 months ago
  • Brons hair is not normal in this ad did he wear a wig?!

    Aidan LiuAidan Liu8 months ago
  • ****0:29** analogue t.v from THE late 90s getting SOLAR POWER AT NIGHT TO RUN IT** **nikes new slogan - impossible is nothing**

    SwooshswishSwooshswish8 months ago
  • When Jordan was in his prime, he didn’t allow allow HOFers like the mail man, Stockton, Bird, Magic, Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Gary Payton get a chip... Nobody got a chip except when he went to play baseball & when he finally retired... Even with joining Super teams as a sell sword, other players got chips in bron’s era... Jordan is & will always be the GOAT!!!

    pete_rock2310pete_rock23108 months ago
  • Utopia perhaps.

    EshoemakerEshoemaker8 months ago
  • The goat🐐🐐🐐

    Theophilus BoatengTheophilus Boateng8 months ago
  • Space Jam 2? 🚀🏀

    LuisGijonLuisGijon8 months ago
  • patrocínio da Nike

    Cineide SantosCineide Santos8 months ago
  • Here's an idea. How about all professional athletes become entertainers of the State, with a modest salary, a state provided two bedroom home, and an eco-friendly family vehicle? Then the State could take the billions in revenue generated by these athletes in order for the State to take care of the poor, sick and disabled. No humble beginnings and no filthy rich athletes. Win, win?!

    haquttahaqutta8 months ago