Casino Royale - Poker Scene 2

Jul 27, 2011
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  • The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD

    Constance HarrisonConstance Harrison4 hours ago
  • what is hangin off the huge dude's back at 1:30?!

    derDooFiderDooFi4 hours ago
  • mon amie, ce'ba haahahha

    Peter GuyerPeter Guyer8 hours ago
  • That last hand nearly killed me

    JayThrilla XxJayThrilla Xx9 hours ago
  • Iya ya Allah

    Eoqkebabab SbandbsjaEoqkebabab Sbandbsja9 hours ago
  • Yang milih allah like 40000 ya

    Belinda GuzmanBelinda Guzman11 hours ago
  • Bond hesitates having Street Flush. LMAO.

    Impersonal66Impersonal6616 hours ago
  • I think all players having such good hands (Flush, 2x Full House AND a Straight Flush ... HOW MUCH of a possibility is it? Could be rarer than havimg a Royal Flush

    SilverlightbirdSilverlightbird19 hours ago
  • Bond secretly pocketed the 2 of hearts and 7 of clubs he was dealt and pulled the 5 & 7 of spades out of his other pocket.

    Larry LutzLarry Lutz20 hours ago
  • this remind me of Jotaro vs D'arby

    Fawwaz AsiriFawwaz Asiri21 hour ago
  • For you this is an external hard drive

    ManelManel21 hour ago
  • "For you" "Sir, it's a sock. Now Dobby is free!! Dobby has no master!"

    Suka-suka GamingSuka-suka Gaming23 hours ago
  • if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray

    Snandbakans EnwsbandjsSnandbakans EnwsbandjsDay ago
  • Is my is my mother goose club out

    Wvxbbcbcb YudhfjfWvxbbcbcb YudhfjfDay ago
  • String-raises and splashing the pot all over the place. What a horrible table to deal at.

    Horse FriendHorse FriendDay ago
  • Wow expert pokers players here.. "everyone goes all in"

    War Against MyselfWar Against MyselfDay ago
  • Casino royale best James bond movie ever Daniel Craig is best James bond😍😍

    punith kumarpunith kumarDay ago
  • Must of been a charity house game

    Matt SivitsMatt SivitsDay ago
  • There’s no way you can consistently get quality hands like that in a real poker game. Those hands happen at best once every poker night.

    G SG SDay ago
  • The framerat tho...

    soruchasorucha2 days ago
  • I really disappointed that as a professional mathematic and chess-player Le Shiffre did not drop his bet, instead of that he bet all in, although Bond’s winning combination had 0.08%

    Gregory StelmashenkoGregory Stelmashenko2 days ago
  • Cheater!

    Hein DaddelHein Daddel2 days ago
  • Besides being Hannibal, he had a part time job as a badass middle man.

    kittseongkittseong2 days ago
  • Are you kidding me honey? This guy called 6 million with a 5-7? Fuckin internet players, and of course he hits the straight flush... I mean it's sick! It's fucking sick!

    MKLMKL2 days ago
  • As someone who has no fucking clue about Poker, the only reason I knew Bond won at the end was because of the dramatic music.

    somanytakennamessomanytakennames2 days ago
  • А потом он его съел

    илон косяковичилон косякович2 days ago
  • I saw bernard.. 😂

    alexander maximillianalexander maximillian2 days ago
  • If you don't know what the hell they were doing, I'm with you

    GELCGELC2 days ago
  • OMG ...Eva Green is so wonderful!!

  • Iya ya Allah

    Gdhxhsgsg HdyshsydyGdhxhsgsg Hdyshsydy3 days ago
  • hi boss ... let's watch more movies with better quality here ... ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ ➼ hopefully entertained and Allah always protects all bosses ...

    mazza ribymazza riby3 days ago
  • actually a very low tip for such a large pot. ugh

    jack donahuejack donahue3 days ago
  • bond: this is for you dealer: thank you!!! reception: sir that money goes to the winner,we can't give it to you

    Vos BossVos Boss3 days ago
  • 888 poker presents

    ivan bašićivan bašić3 days ago
  • Le Chiffre was a good villian in a mediocore movie.

    news busternews buster3 days ago
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  • Dealer slaps pit boss and shows chip “see this, I open my own casino” 😂

    Joe MnkJoe Mnk3 days ago
  • Der dealer macht uns Österreicher natürlich sehr stolz 🙏

    Blueberry pickerBlueberry picker4 days ago
  • Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment

    Tsygsrst HdhsgdyeyTsygsrst Hdhsgdyey4 days ago
  • Omg

    Emery BridgesEmery Bridges4 days ago
  • All these jokes about the 500k a former poker dealer, if I was getting a tip it was usually 10% of the pot. At 115 mil, that should have been 11.5 mil. When you get down to it...Bond was basically stiffing the dealer. Bad poker etiquette...

    dmadd4643dmadd46434 days ago
  • Bond was dealt strait flush even before the turn card! Not skill here.

    tinman652tinman6524 days ago
  • Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m

    Qyquwyuhe ShwueuwehQyquwyuhe Shwueuweh4 days ago
  • ม้นๆๆ

    Max 76Max 764 days ago
  • 3:37 the dealer mucks KQ of the first player who had 1 million more than the 8s, Luckily The 1st player knew this was a movie and knew that he was beaten by the remaining players, otherwise he would have jumped up and slapped the dealer

    load runner3load runner34 days ago
  • Jotaro playing card is more intense than this scene.

    CappaldCappald4 days ago
  • "For you" "Sir this is just a piece of paper."

    RomondotoRomondoto4 days ago
  • The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD

    Auggshag NHahaahAuggshag NHahaah5 days ago
  • 4:44 this thank u wasn't good enough for 500k

    Хари ПотъраХари Потъра5 days ago
  • What's the name of this movie...?

    Zizo AbdiZizo Abdi5 days ago
  • For me zach galfanakis casino scene is best

    Arkadipta SahaArkadipta Saha5 days ago
  • Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja

    Gyxgsgsgf UdushdyyGyxgsgsgf Udushdyy5 days ago
  • Le Chifre has 3rd nuts. A8 and 57 spades win over A6

    llcoolmartinellcoolmartine5 days ago
  • "For you." "Sir this is a........ Cut!!

    Sual GoodmanSual Goodman5 days ago
  • Plot twist: i gasped at the end because i thought he lost but then he won okay you got me idk whats happening but the music says everything

    Alex PintoG.Alex PintoG.5 days ago
  • All in, six mirrion

    sinophiumsinophium6 days ago
  • Biggest slow roll in poker history!!!!

    Yoel BenaroschYoel Benarosch6 days ago

    Tommy Aryadi z pisaTommy Aryadi z pisa6 days ago
  • What was it? Six million with nut flash in early position with three players behind you on a paired board? Yeah...

    Jan BodnarJan Bodnar6 days ago
  • I know it's just a movie, but why is the villain so confident with A6? Everyone on the table went all in. Even if Bond didn't have straight flush, there was a good chance one of them had A8.

    jeehyung leejeehyung lee6 days ago
  • How much was the tip?

    Dominik BačinićDominik Bačinić6 days ago
  • A poker pro would've never called the all in. A poker pro would've seen that two hands would've beaten LeChiffe's holding. Ace/8 would've beaten him which would've been a more likely hand and also the straight flush Bond is holding. You never call an all in unless you're holding the "nuts" or you have a great read on your opponent.

    JerryJerry7 days ago
  • Must be a peach of a hand.....cover your ears darlin.....isnt that a daisy.

    EMDSD40T2EMDSD40T27 days ago
  • 4:35 oh look at little goblin Jr. Gonna cry

    Tyler WedellTyler Wedell7 days ago
  • The ponytail guy was incredibly relaxed about losing 6 million dollars.

    evilchemievilchemi7 days ago
    • Eh. If you think about it, most people don't gamble with all their money. At best if I go to gamble for serious I spend a 1000 euro. So most likely he would have made that 6 mil or 15 mil if the other guy in the comment is right, back through other ways in about 10 minutes or a week.

      BrotherHoodBrotherHood2 days ago
    • Given that he was likely in on a rebuy, its more likely that he was actually out 15 million. 10 mil buy-in, 5 mil re-up.

      dmadd4643dmadd46434 days ago
  • Tolong bantu like share dan subscribe chanel ku guys 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Driyadi gamingDriyadi gaming7 days ago
  • Mads became one of my favorite actors after this movie.

    L AL A7 days ago
  • "For you." "Sir this is a gift card for a sex shop, -50% off on dildos..."

    Otto JärvonnenOtto Järvonnen8 days ago
  • Bond : For you. Me (who knows nothing about gambling) : Very nice of Bond to give that dealer a coffee coaster.

    Jose QuervoJose Quervo8 days ago
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    евгений полиенкоевгений полиенко8 days ago
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  • Sir - That’s one of the best James Bond movie Comment section’s down below

    Yasitha AbeyrathneYasitha Abeyrathne8 days ago
  • Дилер придурок - раздал идиотские карты. Ещё глупее выглядело бы quad vs стрит флэш

    илья в иилья в и8 days ago
  • Mathis: This game is all about finding your opponent's tell. Let's you know if they have a good hand or not. Le Chiffre: *starts crying blood* Vesper: What does that mean.

    ApollomasqueApollomasque8 days ago