Why The New Bronco Works And The New Blazer Doesn't

Sep 14, 2020
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Bronco hype is in full swing after Ford revealed the long-awaited sequel to the OG SUV back in July. But the Bronco isn't alone! Ford's longtime rival Chevrolet had their own SUV rehash in the Blazer over a year ago! But why didn't the Blazer create as big a splash? And why might that not matter? We're gonna find out.
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  • The new blazer looks like every other chevy 4 door station wagon on the road. It has NOTHING that set's itself apart from all the other 4 door chevy's that my grandma owns, Other than the name plate Blazer.

    Scott flemingScott fleming39 minutes ago
  • I don't know why people need an almost 20 min video to show why people don't want a soccer mom Blazer that is nothing like past Blazers and want a Bronco that is a capable 4x4 that is an updated version of previous generations. (Fyi I didn't even watch the video)

    Hugh JanusHugh JanusHour ago
  • Please do a high low series with the Jeep.

    Spencer BradySpencer Brady2 hours ago
  • When you watch a show about vehicles for specs and info but then they tell you to do it yourself

    Alex BartonAlex Barton3 hours ago
  • The Blazer is just a rebadged Traverse. 🤮

    drone1028drone10283 hours ago
  • Did anybody else get a blazer add in the middle of the video??? 😂

    nathan walkernathan walker4 hours ago
  • The Blazer is a failure, it is selling in ok numbers because Chevy is putting thousands on the hood of each one, whereas Tellurides are selling above MSRP. Bronco vs. Blazer, Aviator vs. XT-6, Ford took longer but developed a better cars. It’s reversed in Trailblazer is better than Ecosport.

    K CK C4 hours ago
  • Also why no mention of ramchargers/traildusters?

    YuhBoy DTOYYuhBoy DTOY5 hours ago
  • Just look at them. Was this video even necessary. I was raised bowtie but the general lost this battle

    YuhBoy DTOYYuhBoy DTOY5 hours ago
  • Bronco: Hey there Blazer its good to be back! Blazer: Screw you , I came back as a car, grrrrr

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu6 hours ago
  • Watch Chevrolet release a new K5 Blazer to compete with the Bronco. I own a 1977 K5 Blazer, and I was heartbroken when Chevrolet released the new Blazer. I, and many other Blazer enthusiasts, feel the new Blazer is an insult to the legendary name

    For Odin4823For Odin48236 hours ago
    • they are getting lazy now though because they haven't copied the raptor yet and it seems the new blazer is pathetic

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu6 hours ago
  • No worries GM will build a new Jimmy and a new Hummer and all will be right with the world...

    Cedric JacobCedric Jacob6 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who really likes the new Blazer?

    Isaac FoxIsaac Fox6 hours ago
  • Bronco: Throwback to a legend, with reminiscent styling cues and the off-road performance to match. Blazer: Just some run-of-the-mill SUV with the Blazer name. Nothing special about it.

    RtDKRtDK6 hours ago
  • Always love the bronco

    francis coombsfrancis coombs6 hours ago
  • I'm waiting for 4 years. They will iron out the big bugs that come with wear and tear. That and maybe a higher towing capacity. I've got a 03 Jeep Liberty. The V6 can tow 5000 lbs if the new V6 can do that then I'm interested.

    CannonRawCannonRaw7 hours ago
  • well done.

    Stephen BradfordStephen Bradford8 hours ago
  • This is what happens when china owns and controls GM engineering

    Richard MorrisRichard Morris8 hours ago
  • It looks ugly af

    Aayush ShresthaAayush Shrestha8 hours ago
  • Interesting that Nolan mentioned the Chevy's not are staying on dealer lots. I have not once seen the new Trailblazer and at least one or two of the new Blazers. Where are the Blazers and Trailblazers going to?

    Matt GamcsikMatt Gamcsik8 hours ago
  • GM has gone massively downhill since 2005-ish, or around the time that they bankrupted. Ever since, they have sold vehicles that don't even use their engines anymore, and their quality on their cars/trucks have been horrible. Chevy van is basically an NV now, etc. I think that the new blazer has like a BMW engine in it? The only exception is the vette, but even the it has a flat plane crank now, and is basically some other car. All they had going for them was their lineage. THey're not one of those companies that continue to iterate and innovate. But I still like their older cars.

    Gregory HanGregory Han10 hours ago
  • Your version of jeep history is all wrong. Well, it's right but you skipped the part about American Bantam in the early 40s. Shame.

    mica davismica davis10 hours ago
  • Im looking at the badlands model for when I move up to Alaska. Hoping i can look at it and mabe test drive it first.

    Hooks GamingHooks Gaming10 hours ago
  • Best non biased car channel in existence

    Austin DykstraAustin Dykstra10 hours ago
  • This is cool and all... but we all know we wanted the ranchero and the el camino back

    Andrew cAndrew c11 hours ago
  • The Chevy Blazer...the answer to a question no one asked

    duplessis2006duplessis200611 hours ago
  • When I hear Jeep I think of a poorly constructed, badly designed, unreliable piece of s@$t. What happened? They started out on the right foot,

    Jimmy McTavishJimmy McTavish12 hours ago
  • without ford, chevy never knows what to do next. ranchero was first, mustang was first, bronco was first, now chevy are putting some aluminum panels on their trucks....guess they are getting lazy now though because they haven't copied the raptor yet and it seems the new blazer is pathetic

    thatsAstachewearinAmanthatsAstachewearinAman12 hours ago
  • One's selling an actual SUV. The other one's selling a car that's a little too tall.

    Ryan BrennanRyan Brennan13 hours ago
  • And I'm sitting over here with the weird kids wanting Nissan to bring back the Xterra.

    Justin OgreJustin Ogre13 hours ago
  • Sat what you will but the Chevy Blazer it killing it in sales. Thats what really matters.

    Mike KMike K13 hours ago
  • I like Ford's horse names. I think they ought to do more. Pinto, mustang, bronco. I like car names that follow a theme.

    John AllenJohn Allen13 hours ago
  • The current Blazer is clearly designed to compete with Edge and Grand Cherokee, not the Bronco or Wrangler. It's not a bad vehicle per se, it just needs to be called something else.

    SweetSweet14 hours ago
  • You guys need to do the ford excursion

    Robert RamseyRobert Ramsey14 hours ago
  • built over 1000,000? That's a million dude.

    jamierodg1jamierodg115 hours ago
  • The lighting makes his right ear look like plastic

    2pounce2pounce15 hours ago
  • What about the range rover evoque convertible

    vlieg Tuigvlieg Tuig15 hours ago
  • 3:34 over 1000,000 built... one thousand???? emmmmmm okaaaay

    HipokondriakHipokondriak15 hours ago
  • 4:45 The mustang was named after the P-51 Mustang, not the horse

    Patrick C (Arpak)Patrick C (Arpak)15 hours ago
  • 3:13 the car is a force of nature.

    N’STUFFN’STUFF17 hours ago
  • There is a reason that GM had to be bailed out and Ford did not....just saying.

    jordan kingjordan king17 hours ago
  • 100,000? More like 1000,000

    Ravi SharanRavi Sharan17 hours ago
  • Range Rover do a soft top

    Darren BowenDarren Bowen18 hours ago
  • Don't forget the Range Rover Evoque convertible

    Jack ElliotJack Elliot18 hours ago
  • What did u search to get that image at 3:44 lol

    Spicy ColaSpicy Cola19 hours ago
  • raycon are trash. No way any of the people who endorse them actually use them

    matia92matia9219 hours ago
  • the mistake Chevy made was using the Blazer name, and the prestige, for a vehicle that does not fit the bill. they should have given that vehicle a different name. I'm sort of at a loss where the blazer fits in anyway when you have the equinox and traverse that do well in the crossover SUV market.

    Gizmo GuruGizmo Guru19 hours ago
  • VW just released a T roc Cabrio...

    Agent SoshiAgent Soshi20 hours ago
  • The Blazer is to Mitsubishi Eclipse

    Alias HSWAlias HSW20 hours ago
  • I had an OG scout was all aluminum body. Sad I sold it. I used to jump dunes by day in California when you could still drive on the beach and cruise the strip at night. I paid for it cash on my carpet installer job. Good luck kids with the 50K bronco.

    TheTDTDTTheTDTDT20 hours ago
  • I just watched a “blazer” commercial from Chevy in the middle of this video.

    Abba KoshaAbba Kosha21 hour ago
  • Wait. What? This guy has a girlfriend? GTFOH!

    Walter K BauerWalter K Bauer21 hour ago
  • 1000,000

    XV4 TrinirjustXV4 Trinirjust21 hour ago
  • 99/100 people don’t actually go off-road. That’s why Chevy did it

    Mr998KingMr998King22 hours ago
  • I'm fed up with the aerodynamic looking crap like the new "Blazer", I want a design with personality like the new Bronco

    Minuteman ProductionsMinuteman Productions22 hours ago
  • i would rather something old.

    Bogan BlokesBogan Blokes22 hours ago
  • "Very sneaky nii-san" I've seen a hentai with the same dialogue

    M A R EM A R E23 hours ago
  • bro the evoke convertible exists

    Adhirath ChoudharyAdhirath ChoudharyDay ago
  • The original bronco and international scout share nearly everything. Ford didn't start from scratch. Come ON, Nolan. I've always been a fan of Donut for their accurate and excellently "condensed" videos. But dude. LOOK at the two next to each other. They are the SAME vehicle. Just for some reason international thought it'd be a good idea to start with half a pontiac block for the base engine. Learn your stuff.

    Ekaj EsorEkaj EsorDay ago
  • Even as a second hand buy, the FJ Cruiser is a better car

    craig barbercraig barberDay ago
  • Babies are made in blazers guys

  • I immediately thought damn the bronco looks like it could go offroad and handle it well the blazer looks like another family car

    bot. koalaybot. koalayDay ago
    • Could have saved you the effort...... just look at the blazer.

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuDay ago
  • Because chevy is mad dumb and thinks that every old name needs to be rebooted into an equinox based pile mechanical dog sh*t

    Sam StreeterSam StreeterDay ago
  • I still have my first car, a 1980 Scout. International needs to bring back the Scout!!!!!

    KennyKennyDay ago
  • Btw, Raycons suck goat nuts, go get the Klipch ones!

    D NiceD NiceDay ago
  • I gotta be honest I live in a major metropolis nearby where everybody wants to offroad and I've yet to actually see a blazer driving around in real life. I don't know where that sales but its obviously not here. Maybe somewhere in the midwest people buy them?

    dustsmokedustsmokeDay ago
  • Wtf, how have I not heard of this?

    donutdoode69donutdoode69Day ago
  • That was the biggest disappointment but eh maybe chevy knows they're driveway princesses that barely see dirt. The new Land Rover Defender was also a big disappointment as well. Still functional as land rover does Independent suspension with capability really well

  • Because they made the blazer look like a toyota/Lexus. They've ruined some classics by straying away completely from what made them great. The impala looks like a Malibu. Camaro was alright but they basically keep recycling and putting out the same car. No monte Carlo or caprice. The trucks look boring. Smh.

    Global TravelGlobal TravelDay ago

    donutdoode69donutdoode69Day ago
  • I would rather drive that old 65 convertible Bronco than that ugly stupid convertible Marono

    Adam84 BAdam84 BDay ago
  • Man no mention on the trailblazer ss for the 07 to 09 years Ps only 10mins into the vid

    Jose CarmonaJose CarmonaDay ago
  • tyre is named hankook not hancock... is it superhero movie?

    Den AyiiimDen AyiiimDay ago
  • The new bronco is literally going to destroy the market, I could not give two f*cks about any other car rn

    Joe DirtJoe DirtDay ago

    reactor4reactor4Day ago
  • I don’t like Ford . I’m a GM tech . But I have to agree on this video . The new Bronco is an impressive looking vehicle . The only problem is it needs a V8 .

    Stephen MoncrieffStephen MoncrieffDay ago
  • The cool car that only America gets @wit_ny

    Dale BDale BDay ago
  • Could have saved you the effort...... just look at the blazer.

    Ronald TartagliaRonald TartagliaDay ago
  • I don't wouldn't do the raycons.

    Phil upPhil upDay ago
  • Stop with the in-video ads. Dislike. Not watching.

    MattMattDay ago
  • I love how old people were brutally savage with their jeeps. They were like, off road Haan. Let's drive over that tree stump to test it out. 😂👍

    Taimoor ShahTaimoor ShahDay ago
  • Those jeep commercials are full send dangerous lol

    WWYD78WWYD78Day ago
  • The new blazer looks like a sad creation

    Boghman22Boghman22Day ago
  • Where their 100,000 scouts or 1,000,000 Your words and graphics don't add up lol. Just giving yall a hard time, take care.

    WWYD78WWYD78Day ago
  • 22,000 Blazers sold to Hertz, who unloaded them to the public, but a win is a win.

    criznittycriznittyDay ago
  • Chevy has dropped the ball on ALL their retro builds. smh

  • They should bring back a full size Blazer K5 for 2021-2022. I’d like see something similar to big Blazer from the 90s that looked like a two-door Tahoe.

    SlvrStng84SlvrStng84Day ago
  • I think when they said "Replace the horse" they may have meant a vehicle that can take on treacherous terrain like a horse can/did?

    Jared BrownJared BrownDay ago
  • What about the dodge ramcharger or Plymouth trailduster

    Gaming DobermanGaming DobermanDay ago
  • Is it me or does he look like a bronco🚙

    Isai AlvaradoIsai AlvaradoDay ago
  • I'd rather have $1000,000 than $100,000 :). And the Bronco comes with an EFFIN manual! 3 pedals FTW!

    darcygoesfastdarcygoesfastDay ago
  • I’m sure Raycon would’ve popped for a neck shave

    FritzFritzDay ago
  • The new blazers are nice looking and all, but never should have been badged as a blazer...

    Ross HinzeRoss HinzeDay ago
  • They need to let Isuzu back into the US market. The MUX stomps most suvs in it's class

    Cory SmithCory SmithDay ago
  • i love the stab to jeep in the bronco reveal video. "and body mounted mirrors, so you can remove the doors and still look behind you" cough cough wrangler cough cough

    Alex EAlex EDay ago
  • I need one

    Michelle SkyMichelle SkyDay ago
  • Blazer looks like a regular suv and the bronco looks like an off roader like something to compete w the jeep

    Hayden CutroneHayden CutroneDay ago
  • To be fair GM does want to make their vehicles all electric in the next 5-10 years

    Jeff LuciusJeff LuciusDay ago
  • Over 1000,000 built ? lol 😂 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ (A thousand thousand?) #derp #maths #tryagainbilly

    John GallagherJohn GallagherDay ago
  • 12:21 huh???

    Russell Love MuscleRussell Love MuscleDay ago