Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

Nov 17, 2020
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Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
Courage: uskeys.net/user-CouRageJD
Minx: uskeys.net/user-JustaMinx
5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
Ze: uskeys.net/user-ZeMachinima
Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive

  • Why does anita keep doing that with her face 😮

    Moose SenpaiMoose Senpai7 minutes ago
  • I love ur voice corpse

    Dark Shadow GamingYTDark Shadow GamingYT9 minutes ago
  • Anyways enjoy me killing my new friends Yeah sounds like something i would say

    Nightcore BloodcoreNightcore Bloodcore20 minutes ago
  • Can we talk about his voice...... it’s so deep.. like a demon If you want to be a demon... you have to STUDY the demon

    Indian Gaming ChampionIndian Gaming Champion22 minutes ago
  • His voice is calming...

    DataData39 minutes ago
  • this group is a bunch of non-thinkers not like offline TV

    Hein HtetHein Htet41 minute ago
  • "Corpse, where are we going big man?" "Straight to hell buddy" i loved that

    Vision_weaponVision_weapon47 minutes ago
  • I hope he plays with markiplier, both of their voices together i-

    Kween SHKween SH59 minutes ago
  • 19:14 WTF Minx left for a minute

    Tina WrightTina WrightHour ago
  • tbh i like this group more

    Lilly HicksLilly HicksHour ago
  • POOR tubbo UwU

    israel hancockisrael hancockHour ago
  • Tubbo “we’re are we heading “ Corpse “straight to hell buddy”

    Darkness NightDarkness NightHour ago
  • Corpse husband voice when he laughs literally melts me

    Mila LiuMila LiuHour ago
  • I love the

    Joselyn RiveraJoselyn RiveraHour ago

    israel hancockisrael hancockHour ago
  • "There's a BODY!!!" Corpse: And soon there will be another.

    Quintilla GallonQuintilla GallonHour ago
  • Courage: “I FOUND A BODY” dies

    Quintilla GallonQuintilla GallonHour ago
  • *Not gonna lie, your voice is like Toretto's voice in the spanish version of Fast & Furious.*

    Santiago Oddó R.Santiago Oddó R.Hour ago
  • First video of yours I've ever watched. Ho-ly *sh¡t* you have the deepest voice I've ever heard in my life.

    Dave CrupelDave CrupelHour ago
  • Botezlive sounding like Jojo Siwa ngl

    Noora SaralehtoNoora Saralehto2 hours ago
  • Watch me murder my new friends

    Daniel BabbDaniel Babb2 hours ago

    cute facecute face2 hours ago
  • I'm not so sure you're Corpse Husband.

    Warmage Two CrowsWarmage Two Crows2 hours ago

    huong linh nguyenhuong linh nguyen2 hours ago
  • Does anyone know what the music at 21:21 is?? I love iiiit XD

    Helena SnowHelena Snow2 hours ago
  • Courage: “THERE’S A BODY! THERE’S A BODY!” Corpse: Proceeds to silence him by slitting his throat.

    Christopher PhamChristopher Pham2 hours ago
  • Sad fact, he can't do a loli voice

    Emanuel ChilaEmanuel Chila2 hours ago
  • I wouldn’t even be mad if Corpse murdered me 👉🏻👈🏻

    Witchy Princess B.I.BWitchy Princess B.I.B2 hours ago
  • what's the music in the background called?

    Dżej KepinskiDżej Kepinski3 hours ago
  • Corpses voice is like if he was really sick

    veverka kapytánveverka kapytán3 hours ago
  • corpse simp

    Magma NoobMagma Noob3 hours ago
  • Anitas whistling goddamn thats talent

    Milena BibićMilena Bibić3 hours ago
  • Tubbo: Where we heading? Corpse: Straight to hell, buddy. Me: nice

    TangMengOriginalTangMengOriginal3 hours ago
  • makes it realistic

    TangMengOriginalTangMengOriginal3 hours ago
  • Is there a way to find VODs of your streams?

    SeananiganzSeananiganz3 hours ago
    • All of the streams are in here: uskeys.net/playPLzCMeaGr6pDPrxgk3CztbzWS7OWXJ_Zm6

      Kiki LalaKiki Lala3 hours ago
  • "straight to hell buddy"

    Spooder DankerSpooder Danker3 hours ago
  • corpses voice reminds me of Justin Long the actor if his voice was deeper

    Reece RawsonReece Rawson3 hours ago
  • You have a beautiful voice

    MonkeymemermanMonkeymemerman3 hours ago
  • Tubbo: hi corpse Corpse : wassup Tubbo: where we heading Corpse: straight to hell buddy Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    aj comedyaj comedy3 hours ago
  • Tubbo will have trust issues for the rest of his lights

    Techno SniperTechno Sniper4 hours ago
  • Só much simping

    ALoha BoyALoha Boy4 hours ago
  • "Straight to hell buddy." Corpse 2020

    Story’s from a 8 year old!Story’s from a 8 year old!4 hours ago
  • tubbo:where the hell is corpes oh there he is so where we going big man corpes:straight to hell buddy tubbp:screaming intefies

    plasma steve 2.0plasma steve 2.04 hours ago
  • The fact that Tubbo killed in front of Corpse and said “Shhh” right after, lowkey gave me Yandere vibes.

    Scenario _Scenario _4 hours ago
  • How do you get the mods

    __SERX____SERX__4 hours ago
  • 10:18 anita raging

    mia ♡mia ♡4 hours ago
  • Tubbo: " Where are we going buddy? :D " Corpse: " ... " Corpse: " *Straight to hell, buddy* "

    Garbage BinGarbage Bin4 hours ago
  • i feel like tubbo is a combination of corpse and sykkuno oh god

    meffolsmeffols4 hours ago
  • 12:43 Bruh Courage sounds like Jacksepticeye

    Internet LoserInternet Loser4 hours ago
  • Courage and botez were flat out flirty

    Meath BombMeath Bomb4 hours ago

    Gianfranco MicoliGianfranco Micoli4 hours ago
  • Corpse sounds like Darkseid.

    TheUsurperKingTheUsurperKing5 hours ago
  • I'm still just listening to his voice m not even focusing at the gameplay

    Saiantan MitraSaiantan Mitra5 hours ago
  • Anita the whole time: Whee whee middle finger on both hands

    The Best GamerThe Best Gamer5 hours ago
  • Hi corpse husband I'm a old fan i never hated you and i like your vids

    Solito AplaonSolito Aplaon5 hours ago
  • Hearing them scream when killed is just the best

    Ruby RaroRuby Raro5 hours ago
  • "Anyways enjoy me killing my new friends again", we sure will

    Marco NgMarco Ng5 hours ago
  • straight to hell buddy

    EOM LucidEOM Lucid5 hours ago
  • "Straight to Hell buddy." This is officially a trademark for Corpse.

    Emily AnEmily An5 hours ago
  • I was able to pause the game at the right time to see the code for the second game it was Dropship 😂🤣yall need to cover the code better.

    La CucarachaLa Cucaracha5 hours ago
  • "Straight to hell buddy"

    Ruby RaroRuby Raro5 hours ago
  • I’ve never heard of you bro but your voice... damn😂

    Playtay1234 _Playtay1234 _5 hours ago
  • I finally found corpse’s channel

    ZenLord YT TMZenLord YT TM5 hours ago
    • Am I the only one that thinks that he has a crush on Anita

      Emily AnEmily An5 hours ago
  • Got chess on the mind? Learn some tips from one of the best ever, Garry Kasparov, including what his favorite gambits are >> uskeys.net/watch/D3uvvA7dyoI-video.html

    Sopiha GraceSopiha Grace5 hours ago
  • Famous last words Where we heading buddy-

    eGAMER 69eGAMER 696 hours ago
  • 10:26 I thought it was Anita's popping sound but it wasn't xDDDD

    Cheer Seeds CookingCheer Seeds Cooking6 hours ago
  • Unrelated to the video I love sweet potato pie

    MR TMR T6 hours ago
  • 5:01

    Lenny Naval GuinaboLenny Naval Guinabo6 hours ago
  • "you're not gonna stab me again, are you?" okay then, I will save you for last >:)

    MediamatixMediamatix6 hours ago
  • I've never heard someone who has such a deep voice before @_@

    Starutic GirlStarutic Girl6 hours ago
  • Mariana Trench of YT

    giodeliongiodelion6 hours ago
  • Watching this twice because I love it. His little one liners before he kills someone are amazing

    UsernameUsername6 hours ago
  • The deep dark voice tho

    Goggled DreamsGoggled Dreams6 hours ago
  • 712577500

    UncausedPizzaUncausedPizza6 hours ago
  • Bro this mans voice is deeper than space itself

    Jax No haxJax No hax7 hours ago
  • I love at 4:46 Corpses laugh is the best.😁

    ila Medinaila Medina7 hours ago
  • Am I the only one that thinks that he has a crush on Anita

    DanielaDaniela7 hours ago
  • I like among us because it’s one of the only games you can discriminate people due to their skin color 😁

    Iagan FossIagan Foss7 hours ago
  • 1st time ever watching corpse, already favorite cause of this line alone "Is somebody about to backstab me?" while corpse is menacingly standing behind him, getting ready for a stabbin for future tubbo "....why would i do that?"

    Depressed DiceDepressed Dice7 hours ago
  • All of these rounds were incredible wow, Tubbo and Corpse are amazing together. That last round with the accomplishes and shit? So good.

    Riley T.Riley T.7 hours ago
  • Is this his other channel???

    Shiwa KichuShiwa Kichu7 hours ago
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    Eva WalkerEva Walker7 hours ago
  • Oh my gosh I love corpse voice I just wanna watch more of his videos please make more

    Troublemaker GamerTroublemaker Gamer7 hours ago
  • Me: this is getting good- *sees Anita dab at **15:51* Me: ok time to go-

    ~MoonlightWolf~~MoonlightWolf~7 hours ago
  • Im feel like watching netflix

    Setsu Seriously Chan?Setsu Seriously Chan?7 hours ago
  • 5:22 joker hamburger theme playing in the backround🍔🍔

    Morris AirasMorris Airas7 hours ago
  • Where we going Straight to heck not aloud to Say teh other word Or I feel Like a Ratatui Cooking food In a Empty Resturant

    Coffee •••BeanCoffee •••Bean8 hours ago
  • Hay hope youre actually ok! Happy to see your still posting!!!!

    Antonia CoburnAntonia Coburn8 hours ago
  • Honestly I laughed when Anita just randomly started dabbing lmao

  • Playing with tubbo is basically playing a new game mode.

    idiot lolidiot lol8 hours ago
  • Sub ran that project? Damn, I haven't heard that name in a long ass time.

    The Ultimate YouTuberThe Ultimate YouTuber8 hours ago
  • Ur voice deep as Batman🤣🤣

    Tigon XandyTigon Xandy8 hours ago
  • Good game!

    Sotelo SquadSotelo Squad8 hours ago
  • You’re my fav ;)

    Bunny Gunner101Bunny Gunner1018 hours ago
  • Botez sounds like Jojo Siwa. You will never hear her the same again.

    Accepted AppealAccepted Appeal8 hours ago
  • courage: eats in the round

    Olivia Madison MOlivia Madison M8 hours ago
  • Tubbo and Corpse.....💓💓💓🥺

    jane may6jane may68 hours ago
  • ~ . ° + * 4:56 * + ° . ~ imma just leave this here for anyone who wants it

    Bean ThiefBean Thief8 hours ago
  • I have Tourette's

    AmericanReble357 vlogsAmericanReble357 vlogs8 hours ago
  • “I think its the orange guy and the white guy” “Me too” snaps neck 😂😂😂

    Jay PatelJay Patel8 hours ago