Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Apr 7, 2020
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The Samsung S20 Ultra is one of the most feature-rich smartphones on the market - just compare it to the iPhone 11 Pro or Google Pixel 4XL. But do I think it’s the best?
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  • I like my s9..... I'll have an 20ish ultra in 3 years for 150 bucks

    Ben SmithBen Smith11 hours ago
  • Really 1300 US Dollars phone cant afford to buy an HDR TV screen.

    Abdullah Bader.Abdullah Bader.12 hours ago
  • 1:01 Lol what's with the random Thanos reference. But fr tho if the next Samsung flagship focused more on the existing hardware & made big improvements on the software side, they are gonna win the mobile world.

    Ambi DextroseAmbi Dextrose16 hours ago
  • mr random? did anyone see that?

    Josh MesserJosh Messer17 hours ago
  • Bottom line there's not enough problems to justify it as a bad phone Don't worry buy it you'll like it

    Herrscher of AnimeHerrscher of Anime20 hours ago
  • Title: Don't buy Description: Here's the link to get Samsung S20 Ultra 😂😂

    Cerberus 91Cerberus 9121 hour ago
  • Phone is beast, and I love it.

    Gus GrimeGus Grime21 hour ago
  • yes you could of said phones are the same back int 2018. But now, its a well known fact.

    Kaiyogi SamaKaiyogi Sama21 hour ago
  • Let's see how long will it take this time before he apologise again.

  • its nuts ppl spend that much on phones. 1300$ fuck thats a solid pc right there.

    Luke AHsaurLuke AHsaurDay ago
  • Linus the left of the media

    EverydaySaucer2EverydaySaucer2Day ago
  • I love it so far

    triggateammilitiatriggateammilitiaDay ago
  • Click bait TITLE. How the guys gets veiws

    Jake from StatefarmJake from StatefarmDay ago
  • Love the LG V60 will always stay with LG

    KoalothKoalothDay ago
  • When I found out about Samsung putting ads in the weather widget, samsung music, and samsung pay I'm glad I didn't get the s20 ultra.

    hundio88hundio88Day ago
  • This guy must work for APPLE

    WAY954 FLAWAY954 FLA2 days ago
  • if you don't have the budget for a good TV to watch a movie on then you definitely wont have the budget to watch a movie on this phone

    Stirling StewartStirling Stewart2 days ago
  • bro i used this for 3 months and its exellent and the software fixed in the focus and its 100 times better than iphone

    Fox broFox bro2 days ago
  • Thank you! I watch 80% of my series on my phone. Don’t have a tv nor the time to sit in front of a huge screen to watch shows / movies

    Steve BermeoSteve Bermeo2 days ago
  • I can take 108 MP photos of my pens.

    Nick GiammarinoNick Giammarino2 days ago
  • Confirmed, Linus takes baths and plays on his phone.

    Douglas SeagravesDouglas Seagraves2 days ago
  • 8k is used for concerts😂🤪

    elliellieelliellie2 days ago
  • If you have time to watch a movie on your phone, you have time to watch it on TV.

    JL NYCJL NYC2 days ago
  • Too expensive

    ChiraisuChiraisu2 days ago
  • Why don't you refer to Huawei when talking of cameras?

    Tiago FernandesTiago Fernandes2 days ago
  • I watch movies on my phone all the time

    Senne MaebeSenne Maebe2 days ago
  • AMEN Linus, parents don't have a heck of a lot of Movie watching time lol

    Andrew DavisAndrew Davis2 days ago
  • Every galaxy S phone I have ever owned including the ultra has timestamps.. haven't gotten bored of the S20 Ultra yet and the picture and video quality is way better than the iPhone 11 pro max

    Wayne WhiteWayne White2 days ago
  • It has an early adopter space age technology @linustechtips !!!!!

    Krewbacca_xRKrewbacca_xR3 days ago
  • What people don't talk about is the added integrated Bitcoin wallet and decentralized applications that sync to those apps seamlessly. That is groundbreaking on a whole different level on its own.

    Krewbacca_xRKrewbacca_xR3 days ago
  • What Linus really means is buy the phone if you really really want it. 😆 And I really wanted it immediately when it hit shelves its amazing.

    Krewbacca_xRKrewbacca_xR3 days ago
  • You take photos buy Huawei.

    hatE85hatE853 days ago
  • Can this be rooted?

    tacomanetacomane3 days ago
  • at the moment I'm torn between this, the pro max, or pre-ordering the 1ii

    Jacob PowersJacob Powers3 days ago
  • I have an iPhone 6s Plus and been wanting a new phone so I am going to buy the s20 ultra

    Frankyy HernandezFrankyy Hernandez3 days ago
  • Hello all how mush apple is paying you .I gat a iPhone 11 and I change it for android 20s ultra and I love it

    Celso A Caceres JrCelso A Caceres Jr3 days ago
  • The next phone in a year: welcome everybody I would like to intruduce the samsung galaxy s100 ultra plus mega super amazing + x ÷ - % lite night dark bright 50 (Can’t promise it won’t explode) (Also the cameras still ass)

    This is Every Andriod and Samsung phone on godThis is Every Andriod and Samsung phone on god3 days ago
    • What in the world are you trying to say? You while like an isheep

      Doug ButlerDoug ButlerDay ago

    Ugandan KnucklesUgandan Knuckles3 days ago
  • I'll stick with my ZenPhone. It's great, 3 days of battery, takes great pics and vids, plenty of storage for $250. Then when I break it ...yet again, it doesn't hurt my feelings.

    ColnandoColnando3 days ago
  • @Linus Can you confirm that Europe gets the exynos chipset (slower) and USA is getting the Qualcomm (faster) chipset

    eherstadeherstad4 days ago
  • Is android still a hot steaming mess regarding privacy and security? I'm pretty sick of Apple's BS, but it still seems to me to have the closest thing to actual privacy and user-control over apps stealing data. I wish there were a pure Unix pocket computer that we could enable ONLY features we want, and lock down tight, but only 5 people would buy it. sigh

    ckeilahckeilah4 days ago
  • Dis is the first video I saw on your channel

    rahul the indian gamer.rahul the indian gamer.4 days ago
  • 3:26 I sent him my dick pic

    TomputerTomputer4 days ago
    • 🤣😂🤣🖕🏾🤣😂🤣

      Mack NationMack Nation3 days ago
  • I'm unsubscribing Linus Tech Tips today......This video was horrible.. Please don't use the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you don't deserve it...

    FlashComboFlashCombo4 days ago
  • I can't tell whether the people saying they can't afford them, work minimum wage or they are kids.

    Cerise_LadCerise_Lad5 days ago
  • I can't buy it lol don't worry 😂😂😂

    Yusuf BasoinarYusuf Basoinar5 days ago
  • Yea the pricing of this phone is just disgusting, especially compared to other devices with basically the same specs !

    Lorre WatkinsLorre Watkins5 days ago
  • Yea the over-hype't camera features and so on from Samsung is mostly a selling point !

    Lorre WatkinsLorre Watkins5 days ago
    • Over hyped? This thing out performs my Panasonic GH5.

      Dylan SlaterDylan SlaterDay ago
  • Sorry Linus, I bought one

    gSeanygSeany5 days ago
  • Your I phone is sucks

    Lee ThaoLee Thao5 days ago
  • Samsung actually listens to users . So that's a plus

    AkshayAkshay5 days ago
  • Sad that a so called tech guru uses apple airpods pro.. What a waste when Sonys are more superior for SQ and way better NC.

    Bankhead 1Bankhead 16 days ago
  • How much the apple company pay you for this fake information

    Cagayan de Oro AssassinCagayan de Oro Assassin6 days ago
  • I have an A20 always gets me though the day even will a lot of use and is nearly three years old I'm still happy with it

    Matthew AustinMatthew Austin6 days ago
  • Lol yeah 120hz...... At 1080p!

    EarthenwhereEarthenwhere6 days ago
  • S20 Ultra - NO WATERPROOF , samsung ultra fell in water and now is completly dead - so guys waterdamage is guaranteed .........this sucks.

    nico abossnico aboss6 days ago
  • I purchased it 2 weeks or so ago

    Anthony SorrentoAnthony Sorrento6 days ago
  • Sometimes knowing about mobile too much makes me sick Not a hater but i just want a phone to work for 30min a day Not much of a phony guy

    Sanim msxSanim msx6 days ago
  • PS: Won't WiFi either...

    Robin AndrewRobin Andrew7 days ago
  • *CAN'T EVEN OPEN THE COVER - PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!* And BTW when the jury came in on the battery vs. the iPhone Pro Max XS that was the deciding factor - not into phone calls, games, social media, etc. but I am a heavy data & mem user. Blind as a bat so I listen to music allot. High end PA's & speakers all over the house!! ~>PLEASE DON'T FORGET ME!!!!

    Robin AndrewRobin Andrew7 days ago
  • sales dropped 18% in the days that followed this video

    Inan IsmailovInan Ismailov7 days ago
  • didn't know linus was an apple fanboy

    Alex JeonAlex Jeon7 days ago
  • How much did apple pay him

    Captain yeetCaptain yeet7 days ago
  • With the latest June 2020 update the camera takes far better pictures. I love this phone though I am loving my iPhone 11 Pro Max with the iOS 14 Beta.

    Keith WhismanKeith Whisman7 days ago
  • The price suuuuuuucks, but I have ZERO issues with my ultra. I f-ing love my S20....... just saying 👍👍

    jon stolpejon stolpe7 days ago
  • Nailed it...they expect to sell us their garbage exynos in Europe; won't be buying Samsung again

    mashfourmashfour7 days ago
  • did I missed "speaking off.. " or it wasn't there ?

    Przemysław ZającPrzemysław Zając7 days ago
  • Oh shit forgot this video

    BLACKAXEL 2BLACKAXEL 27 days ago
  • I have the Note 10+, and I'm happy with it. Though I will never get an apple product ever again; The Ipad Pro last gen bent on me, from internal heat, and read that new out the box don't be surprised if the Ipad Pro is bent. Also I hate the security on Apple products, locked out for life if you forget your own PW. Everything else works fine on Apple though

    HaterZgunnaLuvMeHaterZgunnaLuvMe7 days ago
  • I'll take hole punch over pop up camera, only because of reliability, durability. But I wouldn't mind a replaceable, magnetic snap on blue tooth camera

    HaterZgunnaLuvMeHaterZgunnaLuvMe7 days ago
  • This guy comparing things with a Iphone like a Iphone is better! This phone is a monster and leave iphone 100 miles behind what a crappy review

    MackMack7 days ago

    EmeraldJr678EmeraldJr6788 days ago
  • 8:58 "My daily driver note 9" Hell yeah man.

    TheAmberGryphonTheAmberGryphon8 days ago
  • Linus shut the hell up , you made over a million dollars last year. Dont say u dont have the lifestyle or money to watch TV on a Big Screen TV

    Alfonso SolorzanoAlfonso Solorzano8 days ago
  • naah, Imma buy it 😌

    Hrie EoiHrie Eoi8 days ago
  • Linus tech: no one has the lifestyle to watch movies for 2 hours My fat ass that watches 10 hours of movies daily: observe

    Mr SniperMr Sniper8 days ago
  • *buys galaxy s20 ultra but forgets to upgrade mic and get rid of static* 😂

    lil benjilil benji8 days ago
  • 10:49 - 11:07 That, that my friend.. was the moment I realized he was talking deeper than poetry with surreal truth.

    Weston BryanWeston Bryan8 days ago
  • 5:06 Phone call for Samsung. Thanks Linus.

    mike salomonmike salomon8 days ago
  • Should have named the video "things that the S20 could have improved on." When you say don't buy it it makes it look like a shitty phone. We all know that the iPhone 11 is kinda trash.😂😂😂

    its just a 62its just a 628 days ago