Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Apr 7, 2020
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The Samsung S20 Ultra is one of the most feature-rich smartphones on the market - just compare it to the iPhone 11 Pro or Google Pixel 4XL. But do I think it’s the best?
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  • Given the whole S21 lineup is cheaper, and the S21 Ultra is getting all the good features, I predict Linus saying the opposite for this generation.

    MadCabbitMadCabbit4 hours ago
  • Maybe its just me but the only thing i realistically care about when buying a phone is how awesome the display is, on big lcds its not as important, but when the device is centimeters from your face it matters so much.

    Lunchbox13Lunchbox1323 hours ago
  • Do a trick to get 120hz with power saving mode and boom, problem solved

    Nurul AfiqahNurul AfiqahDay ago
    • @Lunchbox13 not really. It's not as good as 60hz but it's okay. I'm using this trick right now and it's pretty good

      Nurul AfiqahNurul Afiqah23 hours ago
    • What? 120hz will consume a lot of power regardless if its in power saving mode or not

      Lunchbox13Lunchbox1323 hours ago
  • Something about Amazon letting me do payments on this phone? Sorry Linus, not buying this phone.

    KyosukeKyosukeDay ago
  • Linus... You shouldn't watch movies in Bath.... Wouldn't want to end up shampoo-ing your asshair...

    Rishabh RawatRishabh Rawat2 days ago
  • Sums up to, way better than sheep brand Apple.

    Secret_ArmorSecret_Armor3 days ago
  • I must sell all shoes and clothes to buy that note 21 ultra

    Eze NonsoEze Nonso4 days ago
  • Watching this on the s20

    Dylan BoydDylan Boyd5 days ago
  • Lol... please don't watch this video

    J en VogueJ en Vogue5 days ago
  • S20+ for the win

    lobbyrobbylobbyrobby5 days ago
  • I am not a rich kid but I did just get on half off I feel okay after watching this.

  • Samsung is going down a bad road. They have yet to master a proper FHD video recording or photo yet they push for 8k video and 108MP pictures. And then they have the nerve to charge us 1300 for what can only be called a good effort. I won't even buy this phone towards the end of this year, when it's price drops by half or more.

    Nagy LevyNagy Levy5 days ago
  • Samsung always sell bad phone with high price!

    落地成盒的狐狸精落地成盒的狐狸精5 days ago
    • Yeah, just same as Apple. Buy an iPhone and always update your iPhone can slow down! Think before you comment!

      ExtreamEarth90X - RobloxExtreamEarth90X - Roblox4 days ago
  • And thatswhy i bought it

    faustinoWfaustinoW6 days ago
  • Just got this today

    Diamond EverythingDiamond Everything6 days ago
  • Welp, yeah... it was mostly just a clickbait title.

    AndiVxAndiVx7 days ago
  • I don't get notifications on my apps, so NOBODY should buy it. Linus. Ok sure. I do agree s20 isn't that good but that doesn't mean people should not buy it.

    EvanEvan7 days ago
  • I do find the advantage of having a good zoom... at work on the warehouse, people use binoculars to see the model of some items that are really high... i just zoom in on my s20... after all my phone is my best tool of work

    AlgardAlgard9 days ago
  • We just got our Samsung Galaxy S20 (regular version) by paying $0 on a two year contract. I never look at phone prices. If I was rich, then yeah I would just buy the phone outright. However, phone plans are getting much more value for their dollar nowadays that simply getting a contract and walking out without having to pay anything up front just makes more sense. Aside from some quirks (fingerprint reader), I love the Galaxy S20. Its a touch better than my Galaxy 9+ as far as speed and responsiveness but the fingerprint reader on my 9+ is still better.

    ScorehoundScorehound10 days ago
  • I have to say I thought you would have done a bit better job reviewing the camera. Macro shots are TERRIBLE with this thing.

    P GP G10 days ago
  • compared to alternatives the exynos version is worse and the SD865 version on eBay it is better

    Βαγγέλης ΧουστουλάκηςΒαγγέλης Χουστουλάκης10 days ago
  • The biggest problem I have with One UI is 3 different accounts for same task. Samsung account... Google account... Now, Onedrive account... Like what is Samsung doing. If you read comments, please mention this problem in your future videos.

    Ayush GuptaAyush Gupta11 days ago
  • you got a dislike her booo

    Udeme UmanahUdeme Umanah11 days ago
  • Love the phone as an owner of both iphone 11/12 and the s20 ultra, the iPhone camera is way better. Carry the iPhone for photos use the s20 for everything else cause its much better.

    Kevin RodriguezKevin Rodriguez12 days ago
  • I don't care, i'm still going to buy it!

    Tydale PerrineauTydale Perrineau12 days ago
  • Yeah kinda glad i got my s20 ultra

    Charlie BakerCharlie Baker12 days ago
  • I think people generally spend too much time in front of their TVs at home. Different regions, different people?

    m0LN4rm0LN4r12 days ago
  • Note 9 is king 😀

    Young OzzyYoung Ozzy12 days ago
  • don't buy an s20, don't buy an iPhone 12, what the hell do I get next

    John VillJohn Vill13 days ago
    • He didn't say not to get an iPhone. He hasn't even properly reviewed it yet.

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • I live in in Norway and i have a snapdragon 865 bought in a Norwegian store

    Philip OliversenPhilip Oliversen13 days ago
  • Dude I have never- ever thumb down a video but, are you serious!! Its like Don't buy a BMW even if you have the $ cuz i don't like it🤓

    Kris_P213Kris_P21313 days ago
  • Was that How To Train Your Dragon 3 The Hidden World?

    SandcastleSandcastle13 days ago
  • Me thinking if I will upgrade my Note 9 to the S20 Ultra: 10:51 Hmmmm maybe not 😅

    steven leeward onofresteven leeward onofre14 days ago
  • Love the Thanos quote

    Henry JHenry J14 days ago
  • Stop crying so much!!!👽 It's a dam great phone!!!💰💰Just buy it.It has the best double 5G sistem like no other phones have.Dont be picky about the cameras & the Exinos either.Just enjoy this phone.

    Rex LuminusRex Luminus14 days ago
    • That's not how a reviewer should approach things. Don't be picky about the cameras? Why not?

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • I don't understand the complaints. I have a Note 20 Ultra and my family and friends that have the S20 Ultra love it. But to each their own.

    Erin McNallyErin McNally15 days ago
  • Do you guys not have financing for phones in America I always see people saying they don’t have 1400 bucks to spend on a phone.. I’m not being a smart ass I’m honestly just curious

    Connor RacicotConnor Racicot16 days ago
  • Not everyone has the life style to watch a HDTV movie ? Cheap HDTV 45 Inches $199 This phone $1400 piss off

    Joe Cronin ShowJoe Cronin Show17 days ago
    • That is not a good comparison. The actually good TVs are at least 500.

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • Title: please don't buy the Galaxy S20 Ultra The description: Buy Samsun Galaxy S20 Ultra here:

    OmAeOmAe17 days ago
  • Dumping a £950 phone because teams isn't able to run nearly at all on it. - Me chuckling watching the link for the video from Discord

    IndiIngleIndiIngle17 days ago
  • *if you take pictures get a p40 pro 🙄👌

    Onn SightOnn Sight17 days ago
    • No google services.

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • Linus = Apple fan boy

    JoelJoel19 days ago
    • Also Linus: Daily drives a note 9.

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • You made me do it

    Gonzo LonzoGonzo Lonzo19 days ago
  • Linus:Don’t buy this Samsung,don’t buy this iPhone.Don’t buy any phone....... Me:What should I buy then? Linus:Buy our shirt in Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The Lost TechieThe Lost Techie19 days ago
  • Watching this on my s20 ultra.. worth it.

    Stefan Alexandru LunganuStefan Alexandru Lunganu20 days ago
  • samsung and apple are shit...

    Mad MikeMad Mike21 day ago
  • This guy is so salty about Samsung it’s hilarious. I find your videos to be trash.

    9 meals away From anarchy9 meals away From anarchy22 days ago
    • Salty? What?

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • 1:02 linus is thanos confirmed

    SchlechteBewertungSchlechteBewertung23 days ago
  • Watching on my s20 lmao

    Neezay's MindNeezay's Mind23 days ago
  • Linus and his smooth Sponsor/Ad drops. Now I want some pizza.

    Chia LeeChia Lee24 days ago
  • What a crap video, sorry to see this

    Cernisoft GamingCernisoft Gaming24 days ago
  • I have literally never watched a movie on my phone, can't imagine why I would choose that over a much larger TV

    Jacob PennerJacob Penner24 days ago
    • Mainly portability

      Romeo De la GarzaRomeo De la Garza23 days ago
  • 1:35 - the edge of the screen is detecting his palm and therefore won't respond to him tapping on the icons with his thumb... proceeds to use that footage to argue that accidental edge touches are rare 🤦‍♂️

    Jacob PennerJacob Penner24 days ago
  • i got the "cheap" s20 FE...... swapping from an S9.... . i thought they were up to 12..... not 20 but the phone kicks ass so far . i dont need 4 fucking camerias...... i dont need 4k displays (on a phone....1080 already has pixel density so close together.... how the hell can you tell the difference??) . like.... i just wanna play music on my cars stereo with bluetooth, google how to fix my 99 buick shitbox car with 300k miles..... and fap to prons and take pictures of my dog....... and my other dog..... and my other dog..... and my 5 cats...... . damn.... i need a girl friend.... or more dogs.... . more dogs it is

    kain hallkain hall25 days ago
    • like.... i actually have a stay cat in my breeze way right now.... . so in about 48 hours..... unless i find its owner... ill have 6 cats.... . god damn my big heart..... i spend more on dog/cat food than i do human food.....

      kain hallkain hall25 days ago
  • I need help what to get. S20 5g for $650 or S20 Ultra for $1080??

    Lori AnnLori Ann25 days ago
    • S20.

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • Shut up your probably an iphone lover hating oN s20 PIECE OF SHIT IM ON GALAXY S5 AND ITS STIĹL GOOD 5 YEARS LATER SHUT UP

    Sahari SohbiSahari Sohbi26 days ago
    • Everyone thinks that he’s an iPhone user. He’s not

      ORIOLESFan02ORIOLESFan024 days ago
    • Huh? He has a note 9, and he still is using it.

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • I know it's just me but I do not like a thin or no bezel phone. Every time I pick it up the phone opens some app, moves an app or deletes an icon. The real problem is you really can't just grab your phone cause your big fingers may be sending Aunt Martha a dick pix. Bring back the bezel, screens are big enough already!

    just davejust dave27 days ago
  • too bad the Note 9 is still around $700 CAD, or I'd just buy one as a sidegrade from my s9 (better screen, battery, and stylus, still has a headphone jack and front sensor array)

    Matoro 2002Matoro 200228 days ago
    • that's what it costs for a brand new through a carrier (off contract) in Saskatchewan, where I live

      Matoro 2002Matoro 200211 days ago
    • @Matoro 2002 fair. I'm not made of money either, I was just wondering where you got that 700 cad from.

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
    • that's still way too much for a student to spend on phone sidegrade. we're not all made of money

      Matoro 2002Matoro 200211 days ago
    • What? It's 400 on Ebay

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • i think you are an Iphone fan. lol

    Juan CadavidJuan Cadavid28 days ago
    • He daily drives a note 9

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • Linus:if u need it for recording videos buy an iphone me: No

    Terry SmerryTerry Smerry29 days ago
    • What else are you going to buy for video? It's objectively the best.

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • I am using S20 Ultra it's good 📱.

    Fox HouseFox HouseMonth ago
  • Omg I accidentally got one omg 4 hours of call of duty mobile without a charge 😭

    larr Larrlarr LarrMonth ago
  • "Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra." Me watching on a Galaxy S20 Ultra: -.-

    FinnspeedFinnspeedMonth ago
    • I love my S20 Ultra best yet from Samsung !!!!! Apple Who ?

      Ben GordonBen Gordon4 days ago
    • Samee

      kaenyn bazaykaenyn bazay7 days ago
    • @Sean Cassells good enough

      FinnspeedFinnspeed10 days ago
    • @Finnspeed whats the battery life on it like?

      Sean CassellsSean Cassells11 days ago
    • @Finnspeed slight L

      Yt pYt p14 days ago
  • Smartphone are expensive. $1000. For $1000 you can go vacation. Medical check up

    nahgipynonahgipynoMonth ago
  • ...

    EJĎOEJĎOMonth ago
  • I have a TV and I watch almost everything on my phone or laptop

    Tiberiu NicolaeTiberiu NicolaeMonth ago
  • Oneplus is not user friendly, i bought oneplus 8 pro, used it for 2 weeks and bought note 20 ultra, oneplus 8 pro feels like a samsung galaxy s3 after having the note 20 ultra.

    Rauno RaudjärvRauno RaudjärvMonth ago
    • I had note 10 plus before oneplus

      Rauno RaudjärvRauno RaudjärvMonth ago
  • bet all the samsung haters got excited to check this video out but didnt turn out the way they had hoped lmao

    Taeng KeuTaeng KeuMonth ago
  • This phone is great but not worth the $1400 price tag.

    Samiur RahmanSamiur RahmanMonth ago
  • Was he mad at dbrand? Lol too much shade

    Pedro CarPedro CarMonth ago
  • I have a S20 ultra bought with my own money when I was only making $11.50 I had a iPhone 8 plus prior switching to the S20 ultra was the best decision I ever made I bought it 6+ months ago and I still love it as my daily

    Jake CholetteJake CholetteMonth ago
  • Awesome display. You won't use it at max resolution, as it will drain your battery*. If you shatter it by accident (extremely likely, as it is very fragile), you may end up paying 1/3 of the price for a repair. Or in my case, having an S10+, the screen I need to fix is 1/2 the reduced due to age price of the phone. Other brands didn't age that bad by the way. *Admittedly, I'm an Exynos user.

    pastichkapastichkaMonth ago
  • how much did the iphone pay you to shit about samsung i had both and i liked samsung a lot more iphone has no upgrades every year the same cell phone only higher price and one more camera that serves no purpose

    Ilija MareljaIlija MareljaMonth ago
    • You really have no idea what you are talking about. He daily drives a note 9 to this day.

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • Got mine 4 month ago. It is the top phone on the market! Best of the best. Beast in performance and screen 120hz and true black colour - you can't beat this.

    Romans CascinsRomans CascinsMonth ago
  • As a trucker I got my note 20 ultra for movies and gaming. Well that and my gaming laptop.

    Alex MeringerAlex MeringerMonth ago
  • I'm still running my S10 & love it to this day lol

    TheLessard71TheLessard71Month ago
  • Very honest guy 😉 love it

    Aran KumarAran KumarMonth ago

    George4AllGeorge4AllMonth ago
  • Sounds like he kinda doesn't know how to use this phone

    Bobby SBobby SMonth ago
    • Seems like you don't know linus. He's been reviewing phones for a damn long time.

      Ra awesomeRa awesome11 days ago
  • I bought it, and I am amazed. Linus, you an awsome review, but you failed on som many apsects. its time to review your review... that is if you read these comments. First and formost I had to use a cooling fan that my son chose at wall mart. its a battery powerd folding fan..yeah..I like cooling things. Second I am using a Dongle, this will only work if you use the dongle... it will not work if you do not use the dongle. I wish your review would ahve went someting like this. now granted there have been several updates. I have deep respect for you, and I think it is time for a return review. You have all the expertise, you have the wording, and you can explian why having an adapter increses the abillity to do more. Yes, the adapter got very warm to the touch. I tried this using the wireless mode, and it stops at 5 windows. I tried this using the wired method for windows dex , again it stops at 5 windows. but it is only with the HDMI adapter that the device is beig used at its ful potietial. so question I have is Does the HDMI adapter have its own from of video ram that the phone can use? or is that just the pure power of the device. I am using AT&T model SM G988U.

    • I think I'm the only one who read your essay

      blank_2424blank_2424Month ago
  • Just go buy it already

    N - GamingN - GamingMonth ago
  • I have a Galaxy S-20 Plus which I purchased about 2 months ago and love that phone, but I only use it for making calls and sometimes for accessing internet sites with. That phone is much better than the Motorola phone which I purchased about 8 years ago. The main thing I love about the new phone is it's battery life which is great in my opinion and it will go two days without needing to be recharged, and I have had it off charger for two days and it still had about 80 percent of it's battery life still there.

    Sidney MathiousSidney MathiousMonth ago
  • I considered to get an S20 because I wanted all the new features, but I will keep my 5 year old S6 until the new features are actually working.

    dutchman404dutchman404Month ago
  • I'm happy with my S20. Ultra and Plus seem unnecessary for what I do.

    Mike NasuraMike NasuraMonth ago
  • I myself will NEVER EVER buy any phone that has taken the liberty in removing the head phone jack, like what the fuck are you thinking you stupid idiots we use that port... nothing is more annoying than having to keep track of an extra cable just to plug your head phones and charger in at the same time or having to convert headphones to type C... so long as Samsung and other android phones keep this garbage up i'll stick with my galaxy s9, why would I pay so much more for a downgrade like that...

    cubucubuMonth ago
  • if your getting a super long scrollable list so long you cant find your notifications i think its time you sit down and organize your phone and configure your notifications, out of all the years I've used android not once have I had such a long list, just eliminate the garbage, for example I get a lot of junk email so I just turn this off however I have a second email that does not get junk email at all just important emails come to this one, so I get notifications on this one... just about any app that advertises, i block the notifications, any game that reminds you to collect your item or that an item has completed upgrading or something, Turn notifications off, there are controls to manage your notification built into the settings...

    cubucubuMonth ago
  • Has anyone else noticed the super steady mode in camera settings is fuzzy???

    Rumeiro BenoitRumeiro BenoitMonth ago
  • Great phone, I hate it. For Your uses I can see why. For me, it's the best, but that's what makes the world go 'round. Are you shelving this for the Microsoft problem? If so I get it. For most of us it isn't a huge con, but for you it is, and that's important as we all have our deal breakers. Now I sounded like I didn't like your review. I did. You gave me things to think about and I like that.

    midnight8ngelmidnight8ngelMonth ago
  • Just bought a 20 ultra exynos. Not gonna buy anything from Samsung. It's totally overpriced and bluffed. The camera and performance dont even match a 3 year old phone.

    Yen jiYen jiMonth ago
    • @Tevin25 Exactly. Just forget about what online media says. Despite having a 108mp camera, this phone takes blurry pictures that just can't match a low end camera

      Yen jiYen jiMonth ago
    • Its probably because you purchased the Exynos version rather than the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. I have no clue why Samsung decided to release that version, but they made a huge mistake. Also I agree Samsung devices are becoming way too expensive nowadays, its ridiculous.

      Tevin25Tevin25Month ago
  • I love my Note 20 Ultra 5G

    Charles M.Charles M.Month ago
  • 🤣 there was a galaxy s20 ad on this video 🤣

    Gabriel CullenGabriel CullenMonth ago
  • Love my S20 Note Ultra

    samspace81samspace81Month ago
    • What the hell is a S20 Note Ultra?

      JPXGONJPXGONMonth ago
  • Have you taken a picture of the moon with that sweet sweet 100x "space" zoom with scene optimizer?

    MystMystMonth ago
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12 and 13 Pros. Speaker is insane while watching movies it’s depends who’s using it.

    Charizard28Charizard28Month ago
  • I ordered 4 yesterday with Roger's wrap up for the family plus bonus sonos one speaker per phone (250$ retail) and 80gigs plus 50gigs loyalty data bonus.

    Brian MBrian MMonth ago
  • I watch everything on my phone :)

    toyo244toyo244Month ago
  • 2:35 lol then you wouldn't even consider buying a S20 Ultra

    Thomas the realThomas the realMonth ago
  • Why is there so much static in this vid ?

  • Lol i have a 50 inch 4k tv and still watch movies on my phone

    Eddy MossessianEddy MossessianMonth ago
  • Gslaxy s20 is rubbish . Wont answer calls easy,clunky cut and paste, with no proper clipboard, not automatic. Vefy poor battery life,half a day on standby, 10 minute Max screen time out ,not good for uber courier's. Browser crashes regularly. One plus was the scan function on the camera. You can do away with your printers scan in many circumstances. Its like holding a razor blade compared to an iPhone. Worst speech recognition and predictive txt ,always end up typing something you didn't mean to check what you type ,keyboard interface is too small for those with large fingers Buy an iPhone you will be happier i think

    Tuberworks JonesTuberworks JonesMonth ago