Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied...

Nov 14, 2019
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Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random and Multiplied Every Time you break a block or kill a mob... Not x2, not x5, but up to times A MILLION.
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  • whats wrong with dream saying a spyder even dont its a skeleton lol like plz

    wesley norbert Augustawesley norbert Augusta16 minutes ago
  • Things got real

    Dax DuffinDax Duffin37 minutes ago
  • L

    yeet deepyeet deep50 minutes ago
  • Bro he got killed by a skeleton the best Minecraft Player in the world just got demolished by a skeleton

    Ana GAna GHour ago
  • Dream:It dint drop anything I’m killing another one -Dream 2020

    Chynellka and FriendsChynellka and FriendsHour ago
  • They should use the iron to make a GIANT hopper system

    Xx_Moca Bubbles_xXXx_Moca Bubbles_xXHour ago
  • 14:59 4 Dream

    Vaughan SumterVaughan Sumter2 hours ago
  • Dream:sees elightra Dream:h0W D0 U pUt It oN

    kirito7goxokirito7goxo2 hours ago
  • Me creepers are uselesss also me when I seee this mod whoaaaa

    Shyalu VermaShyalu Verma2 hours ago
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    Funny Jacks secret channelFunny Jacks secret channel4 hours ago
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      Cole BCole B4 hours ago
  • Kiiurplufhi

    Funny Jacks secret channelFunny Jacks secret channel4 hours ago
    • Gyvfycfycgyc

      Cole BCole B4 hours ago
  • 4:25 rahbuht

    Bernard chezmond dinglechalkBernard chezmond dinglechalk5 hours ago

    Alice CongAlice Cong6 hours ago
  • here me out, minecraft death swap, with this mod...

    heyo mayoheyo mayo6 hours ago
  • Them after making a slab: Ye see, I’m not just an average Minecraft player... Me: THEY’RE RICH :0 🤑

    Nature Potato :3Nature Potato :36 hours ago
  • A clericgy is a clerics meat effigy

    Irish pug PlayerIrish pug Player6 hours ago
  • El tipo : le sale terracota Mi mente: AY LA TERRACOTA AY LA TERRACOTA

    Hatni HallHatni Hall7 hours ago
    • no entendi

      Diego DangerDiego Danger3 hours ago
  • Cómo sobrevivió la computadora de dream y de los otros?

    Carlos PáezCarlos Páez8 hours ago
  • The laughable leek immunohistochemically delay because bar sequently ask regarding a thoughtful swiss. zany, beneficial lipstick

    John ChibunnaJohn Chibunna8 hours ago
  • George: „how die you catch me up?“ Dream: *„because i‘m fast as f boiiii“*

    Anechka AnjutaAnechka Anjuta11 hours ago
  • How

    respxctrespxct11 hours ago
  • 8:59

    TheKingDudePlayzTheKingDudePlayz11 hours ago
  • Oh 17:04 ostra tak jak czyli

    Aleksander KropiwnickiAleksander Kropiwnicki11 hours ago
  • то чувство, когда английский знаю очень плохо, но его видео смотреть всё равно интересно. так сказать :нихуя не понятно, но очень интересно

    ГрУстНыЙ ЕноТГрУстНыЙ ЕноТ11 hours ago
  • I love dream and Georges relationship (as in friends) all the little thing they do for each other is adorable

    Lola_overfieldLola_overfield12 hours ago
  • My pc could never (handle this)

    Blueberry_TeaBlueberry_Tea13 hours ago
  • Why was this recommended to me in 2021

    Sleepy and MoonSleepy and Moon14 hours ago
  • Imagine having KFC for life

    Gervy CabreraGervy Cabrera16 hours ago
  • i coldnt tell if it was my wifi or there lag that made it freeze lol

    yxlesyxles16 hours ago
  • Лайк кто из россии

    Diana foreverDiana forever16 hours ago
  • 10:33 OOooooOoooOooOooOooooh ELYTRAS!!

    GamersArrowYTGamersArrowYT17 hours ago
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    tyshaun bushtyshaun bush17 hours ago
  • Happy 16 milion Dream

  • 9:58 is what u came for

    Doritoninja GG'S BRODoritoninja GG'S BRO20 hours ago
  • Anyone notice the cross in the ground at 16:21?

    Richard BlairRichard Blair20 hours ago
  • I want to become a good as you in Minecraft

    Jacobi LeeJacobi Lee22 hours ago
  • This is my first dream video and his videos are pretty good

    Blue P0TAT0EBlue P0TAT0E23 hours ago
  • Oooooo

    Cloé DaigleCloé DaigleDay ago
    • King

      Cloé DaigleCloé DaigleDay ago
  • Dream

    Sebastian BlancoSebastian BlancoDay ago
  • The capricious harmony radiographically decide because peace baly amuse into a beneficial mimosa. raspy, paltry loss

    William DoddWilliam DoddDay ago
  • "ITS A CLERGY" -Sapnap 2019

    InvertedInvertedDay ago
  • I'm not sure this is a good idea but do man hunt with random blocks

    Gabriella JimenezGabriella JimenezDay ago
  • I can't it does something

    Aaron MAaron MDay ago
  • Oh my chocolate cake

    Melvin Valentine SrMelvin Valentine SrDay ago
  • “It didn’t drop anything I’m killing another one.”

    JacxiJacxiDay ago
  • Lol dream you survive four hunters and than you killed by skeleton xd

    Belgin TanikBelgin TanikDay ago
  • i love your vids but why do you have to buy the plugin?

    A EliA EliDay ago
  • Dream: Is this him? The cleric: 20:26

    Alex ThaoAlex ThaoDay ago
  • Make a man hunt with this mode

    Lamija KorajlicLamija KorajlicDay ago
  • The whole time they glitched i thought it was my video glitching out XDDDDD

    KkexiraKkexiraDay ago
  • Dream is a rabbit

    Jumper JonahJumper JonahDay ago
  • George:where are the totems of undying dream Dream: I am the totem of undying 😎

    Jamie LloydJamie LloydDay ago
  • Кто тоже ищет русские коммы?

    Booblik GameBooblik GameDay ago
  • Anyone else notice that they passed a ocean munument

    ThE rAnDoMiZeRThE rAnDoMiZeRDay ago
  • Ok so think dream should make merch and it would be one of those zipper ones that goes 0ver the face and its the smile face on it and the hoodie part be green

    Ava FrankAva FrankDay ago
  • 19:15 the only time epic dawn has played on something other than the intro

  • 16:38 Oke but like George's laugh is so fucking cute like omg😍😍💙🥺👌🏻🥰

    Joseph OdaJoseph OdaDay ago
  • The resolute ruth implicitly scribble because women locally moan with a jolly octopus. swanky, ratty alarm

    kayla kartskayla kartsDay ago
  • dream has very dreamy dreams

    Norma ChappellNorma ChappellDay ago
  • 18:47 who else heard “have you mined George”

    I SkiI SkiDay ago
  • Thanks USkeys.

    Rahma ShifaRahma ShifaDay ago
  • Finally 1 year

    Ninja gamingNinja gamingDay ago
  • Dream: Dude! Tell me where you are so i can (Come) i need to (Come) George: you want to (come) xd 8:58

    SteenX_ACIDSteenX_ACIDDay ago
  • Show me your face or else

    Ethan EdenshawEthan EdenshawDay ago
  • I like it

    geng penggeng pengDay ago
  • I love you dream

    Netro Zen TvNetro Zen TvDay ago
  • I’m falling asleep while watching this and badly dropped my phone it’s 2 AM and dreams laugh woke me up 😮

    N3TH3RiteN3TH3RiteDay ago
  • 12:30 “Fly down the ravine bois weeeeeeeee” 😂😂😂

    Gui MellowGui MellowDay ago
  • Dream gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas

    Lil SaasLil SaasDay ago
  • “mine the red stone we need more food.” -sapnap 2020 “kill the baby. the beh-baeh.” -sapnap 2020 *being shot at by a skeleton* “oh my god these spiders!” -dream 2020 *dream breaking a fence* “we’re like scientists.” -sapnap 2020 “this spider’s following me! no! NO!” -george 2020

    성주 sonju - senpai성주 sonju - senpaiDay ago
    • 2019*

      Lucid BricksLucid BricksDay ago
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    GtvGamingOfficialGtvGamingOfficialDay ago

    untreu 56f7fhdruntreu 56f7fhdrDay ago
  • Dream of playing Speed ​​Runner again

  • Thats a very messy gameplay

    RJ DampogRJ DampogDay ago
  • Hey I know your name... Wade.

  • Imagine Getting Diorite Lol

    Brylle GamingBrylle GamingDay ago
  • Everyone: GRASS BLOCKS me synced : GRASS BLOCKS also me: JINX dream team: talking Me later: >:-[

    Charmander PlayzzCharmander PlayzzDay ago
  • mod link please

    TaHsIn AHMMEDTaHsIn AHMMED2 days ago
  • Most people: **watching the video** Me: realising the video is exactly 29:30 My OCD: **happy**

    clxdiiclxdii2 days ago
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    Jayson OngJayson Ong2 days ago
  • Дрим а ты знаешь русский?

    ТОПЧИК Games TVТОПЧИК Games TV2 days ago
  • "Apples!.....wait no thats beetroots." --Dream

    daniel styerdaniel styer2 days ago
  • clergy

    D DruryD Drury2 days ago
  • I like your cut g

    Christopher TindallChristopher Tindall2 days ago
  • Your not dream

    APY Official channelAPY Official channel2 days ago
  • 1:47: 𝐺𝑒𝑜𝑟𝑔𝑒 𝐴𝑏𝑢𝑠𝑒

    I’m SoRrYI’m SoRrY2 days ago
  • 8:59 Dream: "Dude, tell me where it is so I can come, I need to come" George: "You want to *come?* 😏

    Bristle PawsBristle Paws2 days ago
  • YOU IS 999999 IQ

    joao uzumakijoao uzumaki2 days ago
  • Dream please o please do the foor is lava please

    Sandyago12Sandyago122 days ago
  • 1:23 dream:I wanna make a pick n’ axe

    E bot EE bot E2 days ago
  • dream could you pls tell me how to get in a server with friends

    Innit thoInnit tho2 days ago
  • The funnest in the video when snap snap or GeorgeNotfound with you dream snap or George said Oooo this dream said Ooo Idk who the second aswel

    •starbuck_girl cupcake••starbuck_girl cupcake•2 days ago
  • omg. I thought youtube froze even though it was them

  • 13:41 me after breaking a lucky block: YASSSSS

    aisha nooraisha noor2 days ago

    Moon_ GragonMoon_ Gragon2 days ago
  • Dream: Everything is useless! *says dream with an inventory full of Totem Of Undying*

    Adrian GamingAdrian Gaming2 days ago
  • Yay minicraft

    tuğba ceylin çolaktuğba ceylin çolak2 days ago
  • So fast to get all how do get a world that to??

    rurudud7sk sususrurudud7sk susus2 days ago