I Paid Off My Dad's Car! (Very Emotional)

Aug 13, 2019
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My Dad has been struggling making payments every month for his car so I decided to pay off his car in FULL! Hit the like button for my DAD!
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  • Happy Birthday Dad! ❤️🙏

    Tristan JassTristan JassYear ago
    • Dope stuff bro

      mysimple12 Alex Dixonmysimple12 Alex DixonDay ago
    • 💯 i felt this.

      JM VPJM VP2 days ago
    • What’s the beat called at the ending of the vid

      Jeason XJeason X2 days ago
    • U did a good thing man, a good thing

      Matthew BirkenfeldMatthew Birkenfeld3 days ago
    • That’s what’s up bro !

      Famous SyFamous Sy9 days ago
  • What people don’t understand is this stuff is healing to the soul! Good stuff.

    Jonathan GarciaJonathan Garcia6 hours ago
  • I absolutely Love your Dad.

    William KoeglerWilliam Koegler7 hours ago
  • A real dream man , thank you for this. Just found u the other day. Stuff like this is what keeps me going.

    Andy MeissnerAndy Meissner7 hours ago
  • Wowww , you have a Good heard ❤️

    Ercan OduncuErcan Oduncu14 hours ago
  • Amazing man. Love to see it

    ProhfecyProhfecy17 hours ago
  • I paid off both my cars last year and it's such a relieve, to have someone els do it for you I could only imagine the emotions running through his body

    Lamond JayLamond Jay20 hours ago
  • That's a old school dad cutting the grass on his birthday, just another day

    Lamond JayLamond Jay20 hours ago
  • Lesgo TJass !

    Snipertrey47Snipertrey4721 hour ago
  • this is great!

    SergSergDay ago
  • You should pay everything for him

    Albo BossiAlbo BossiDay ago
  • I'm an old school baller from the Philippines. Came to the US back in the 80's to play ball but injury and excuses, I have to give up my dream. I found your channel to see how kids are playing today. Then eventually I ran into this video. I don't even know you but this made me cry. You are something else. I hope you come and visit the Philippines some day and teach them how to play. The Professor was there couple years ago. Basketball is the favorite past time there. Awesome video.

    Romansapien MRomansapien MDay ago
  • Much respect👍

    Jesus ColonJesus ColonDay ago
  • Wow.. this is a dope channel 🙌... love it bro. This is what money is about.

    mysimple12 Alex Dixonmysimple12 Alex DixonDay ago
  • ❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾FUCKIN AMAZING, EPIC🔥🔥🔥Such a great Son!! Blessings!!

    Dragon Yeet SquadDragon Yeet SquadDay ago
  • Respect I love it 💯

    Zay MacZay MacDay ago
  • Great dude fr Tjass is a dude ppl look up to and want to have the exact mindset of you did the best thing a parent would neva ask for i GIVE MUCH RESPECT to you and your whole entire family and bless you with a even greater future and hope all good comes your way. God Bless Tjass and The Family

  • That’s really cool bro,, i miss my dad so much, he died couple of year ago🙏🙏🙏😍👍

    Mr. Suave GaruteMr. Suave GaruteDay ago
  • Le dió como treinta abrazos Abrazos no balazos😂

    Drabandy BlmrzDrabandy BlmrzDay ago
  • Dad hows your birthday now!

    Jesse WellsJesse Wells2 days ago
  • Oh lord....the tears on my face

    Jesse WellsJesse Wells2 days ago
  • Ohh tears🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hiwi HaileHiwi Haile2 days ago
  • Your dad is blessed to have you as his son and it’s says a lot about you and the way he raised you...keep doing what you doing

    Juju OHPJuju OHP2 days ago
  • Respect bro!!! Literally i hit the bottom follow on this video.

    Eliezer CapoteEliezer Capote2 days ago
  • Enough to make a grown man cry❤️💯

    ANM305ANM3052 days ago
  • The dream brother. Bless ya!!

  • Jealous of this moment !! Good job buddy

    charles shynecharles shyne2 days ago
  • Hit like if you about cried or did! ⬇️⬇️

  • Dam you made me cry to. I felt that bro! 💯

  • Bro you a real dude!!! Stand proud!

  • I've been watching u for a few years that's great bro happy birthday pops u the goat t j my keep up the great work it's every man dream to do something like that for there parents 💯💯💯💯💯👀💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🙌🏿

    Josh CarterJosh Carter2 days ago
  • Easily the best vid I've seen this year...including mine 👌👀🤣

    The Sin BinThe Sin Bin2 days ago
  • BEAUTIFUL!! (And he did cry! LOL!)

  • Fucking awesome.

    Antonio PerezAntonio Perez2 days ago
  • Happy Birthday to your Dad. and thats awesome GIFT paying Dads Monthly car bills thats greattt...with brand new nike by the way luv that color wish i could afford your dad size 13" mine is 10" wowwww...lut that nike training shoes so much...by the way im from Pasig City Phils..

    Jhetvee AyonJhetvee Ayon2 days ago
  • Mad Respect fam ✊🏻

    Back On My Bull*sh_saBack On My Bull*sh_sa2 days ago
  • Good shit TJ love your pops and give him everything while he is still here, trust me he will appreciate it more than you know it 💯. I love seeing that father/son bond cuz I had this and will never forget my father. RiP PA love you ❤️🙏

    supamar8supamar82 days ago
  • Awesome!!

    Zack MeersZack Meers2 days ago
  • I had to open my car window

    Ricky ContrerasRicky Contreras2 days ago
  • Real nigga shit

    Ricky ContrerasRicky Contreras2 days ago
  • I started watching and following your videos cause you're good at basketball and it helps kill my free time at work. But as I continued view your videos I enjoyed them more because you're a very humble person. Stumbled across this video and it solidified my reasoning to follow. Keep up the good work and God bless bro!

    Jeremiah LopezJeremiah Lopez3 days ago
  • I subscribed for this video alone, class act

    James LeystraJames Leystra3 days ago
  • Your dads an angel. Y’all deserve every blessing

    GreenzieGreenzie3 days ago
  • That's literally my dream right there. To eventually help the fam out. keep it up bro.

    Clutchassassin 93Clutchassassin 933 days ago
  • Must be so god to be able,to pay off things for your parents, like cars & a house. Or even the small things.

    Mr WattoMr Watto3 days ago
  • You a good dude bro!

    Christian DaleChristian Dale3 days ago
  • Respect bro. Honoring your parents is major.

    AkintundeAkintunde3 days ago
  • If anybody has subtitles on, every time somebody says “t jass” the subtitles say “teach ass” 👍🏻

    Bombay BeckBombay Beck3 days ago
  • Dope Brah

    G StylesG Styles4 days ago
  • This year for my moms bday I did something similar

    ALEX GalarzaALEX Galarza4 days ago
  • That’s dope good for you and your Dad

    robert mirandarobert miranda4 days ago
  • Tjass is obnoxious but this is awesome

    GarpGarp4 days ago
  • I really enjoyed that one. Tristan is such a great humble guy, son. His dad is a humble cool dad too! I could see the genuine love between a father and son. I teared up for this. Great video! 👍

    George WallenGeorge Wallen4 days ago
  • Wow bro glad u were able to do that for your pops! Glad he’s still around to be there for you, god bless to you and your father, stay up!

    Adrian NegronAdrian Negron5 days ago
  • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    M In J’sM In J’s5 days ago
  • Yo thats was good...that got to me! lol

    MnifacesMnifaces6 days ago
  • Legend has it tjass is still holding that uncapped sharpie while talking ...all dried out 😂

    Norberto Gonzalez ContrerasNorberto Gonzalez Contreras6 days ago
  • Hella dope

    Ronald whiteRonald white6 days ago
  • Your a great son you and your brother brought some tears to my eyes wish my dad was alive he was like your dad hard working and grateful for whatever you gave him for his birthday.

    JJ cool J jJJ cool J j7 days ago
  • Awesome!!!

    606 Open Mic Hip Hop Chicago606 Open Mic Hip Hop Chicago7 days ago
  • Awesome! Great thing to do. Giving is so powerful and one of our biggest purposes on this earth.

    Jason HarleyJason Harley7 days ago
  • Well done mate!!!! You can see your dad is really proud of u....keep it up!!! 💪🏻🙌🏻

    Giovanni 87 SordoniGiovanni 87 Sordoni7 days ago
  • Best things About being Famous and Money....Helping Your Parents...Jass Man Keep On Ballin!!

    Xavier WoodXavier Wood7 days ago
  • Yeah man I did not cry but shooo came close! That's real right there I want to be able to do something like this for my parents! If you happen to see this sub to my channel to help me hit 1k. The support would be greatly appreciated.

    Jalen BlevinsJalen Blevins7 days ago
  • You’re a good kid man!

    VITO GVITO G7 days ago
  • Super cool gift his dad would be proud

    Simon McdonaldSimon Mcdonald8 days ago
  • How did anyone dislike this video fr tho 🤦🏽‍♂️. Good shit sir👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Wanted to get my pops a car when I graduated nursing school. He passed before I got the chance. This is dope as hell.

    C. PennyC. Penny8 days ago
  • That’s a huge flex bro

    Carson LatimerCarson Latimer8 days ago
  • Dam make me wish I had a dad

    James GonzalezJames Gonzalez8 days ago
  • Man, It’s something in my eye😢

    Big Swole’s - ReactionsBig Swole’s - Reactions9 days ago
  • Anyone hittin 👎👎 is a straight HATER...PERIOD.

    P BurnaP Burna9 days ago
  • Atta boy!

    Taco RiosTaco Rios9 days ago
  • Big like

    מתן סמאימתן סמאי9 days ago
  • Imma do this for my pops just hope my boys do it for me too lmao

    Justin RiosJustin Rios9 days ago
  • deff hit the like for DAD

    Eugene GuevaresEugene Guevares9 days ago
  • Thats so cool bro! God bless you!

    The Youngs Life!The Youngs Life!10 days ago
  • Why does TJ look just like a white Faze Jarvis?

    PsYCh0 s0ciALPsYCh0 s0ciAL10 days ago
  • Awesome to help out your family.

    Ryan SeelRyan Seel10 days ago
  • This made me cry....you have s good dad bro!

    Tjad OlsonTjad Olson10 days ago
  • Jeff do be vibin on the John deer tho

    Dr AbsolubaDr Absoluba10 days ago
  • This video honestly just made me happy . Keep doing good bro

    Isaiah SmithIsaiah Smith11 days ago
  • Ay....ur an awesome kid ......i mean that ...Ur a humble talented guy on and off the court. U spread positive vibes. And the fact that u did that for ur pop is so awsome. Ur dad must be a great dad....just like mine was. NE god bless all u guys....Stay up

    Bam Bam82Bam Bam8211 days ago
  • Good old American dad... busting his ass hoping to have a young man like that as a son... now that’s worth everything

    Jojo PellegriniJojo Pellegrini11 days ago
  • "Just another day." 🙏🏼

  • His video had my evil ass smiling the whole video shoutout to you gang for making your dad birthday 💪🏽

    YMB YungWonYMB YungWon11 days ago
  • Crazy how this vide doesnt have as much likes as the ones on him crossing over people when he litters crossing his dad life around

    john valdezjohn valdez11 days ago
  • Respect to you man can’t wait be able to do this for my parents one day 🙏🏼

    Nick GouldNick Gould12 days ago
  • Happy late birthday dad. Your work ethic shows greatly in your son. #1DADPARENT

    Stefan WalkerStefan Walker12 days ago
  • The man goes rite back to cutting the grass hard working man .and your a real good kid brother

    Terry HatfieldTerry Hatfield12 days ago
  • I love it, I'm a father of 4 and this brought me a lot of joy.

    Donald BittnerDonald Bittner12 days ago
  • Dad is emotional because he knows what kind of person he raised, regardless of the gift. Nice job man.

    Brudny NurekBrudny Nurek13 days ago
  • Awesome!

    Doc DahkDoc Dahk13 days ago
  • Thanks for making the rest of us look bad 😄 dam I got me dad a carton of smokes he pays a car off

    dimi gdimi g13 days ago
  • Atta boy Tristan. That's things I like to see. Give back to the people who made you who you are.

    Ryan McAuliffeRyan McAuliffe13 days ago
  • Your old man seems like a good dude. Hes out there cutting grass on his birthday, had to move back home with his mom, out the door at 5am to make a days wage, and i know it doesnt stop there. Its good you gave him a hand up and says a lot about you as a person. Im 47, could give two shits about b-ball, came across your channel today, and stuck around because you are a good dide without any ego or trash mouth, none of that n this and n that, good on you my man. Keep it up!

    Jason SchoolerJason Schooler13 days ago
  • I fw dude !

    walter rushingwalter rushing13 days ago
  • I thought Carrot Top was his dad

    Meduelen LasNalgasMeduelen LasNalgas13 days ago
  • That's what's up that's what your supposed to do for the man who brought you in this world. Way to go .

    C GaspardC Gaspard13 days ago
  • man not gonna front..... my dog is cutting onions in the other room and i started to tear up but this moved me man.... i just bought my mom a car and it was the same feeling as watching this video. such a great feeling to help your parents when theyve helped you through so much.

    musixfreak90musixfreak9014 days ago
  • Real dope

    Dj JonesDj Jones14 days ago