Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette

May 20, 2020
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HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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  • It's called the cremeated palette because your career is DEAD 💀⚰

    m o c h am o c h a2 minutes ago
  • I love how you addressed the situation ❤️

    Angelina ColeAngelina Cole7 hours ago
  • this isn’t the stuff we want you to address bish

    lemon geelemon gee8 hours ago
  • What about Shane dawson ?? What do you have to say about this ???

    Aura Dawn PearsonAura Dawn Pearson9 hours ago
  • This is a terrible human being.

    DanniihellDanniihell11 hours ago
  • I don’t know this fella. But he bought Stradman’s Supra, so he’s alright with me.

    The Real Cigar JefeThe Real Cigar Jefe13 hours ago
  • You treated Nate like garbage and are holding his family's home like ransom. RESPOND!!

    cazfarricazfarri16 hours ago
  • I love it!!

    Minette LouiseMinette Louise16 hours ago
  • So are you going to respond now or ........

    Monika HossainMonika Hossain17 hours ago
  • Super Ganda

    Pedrito CalinaoPedrito Calinao17 hours ago
  • When Jeffrey first got his foundation on he Blended in with the background

    Kylie EstepKylie Estep17 hours ago
  • I miss Jeffree so so much. That pretty asmr voice soothes me.

    peta alpeta al19 hours ago
  • Nicole you do such beautiful , detailed work. You are one of such whose mastered the craft of the beauty industry ~

    Chanel’s ChannelChanel’s Channel21 hour ago
  • Great choice. Ben Nye is one of my favorite brands!

    Chanel’s ChannelChanel’s Channel21 hour ago
  • Great job Nicole. Congrats to your new pallette

    Chanel’s ChannelChanel’s Channel21 hour ago
  • Enabled is quite the freudian slip

    Bethany ChristensenBethany Christensen21 hour ago

    Maddy HughesMaddy Hughes23 hours ago
  • I cannot fucking believe he went into the pool like that lmao, queen

    TefTefDay ago
  • can someone please tell me what song they used in this video?

    TefTefDay ago
  • Why would there be any kind of backlash?! This palette and the jawbreaker palette are my 2 favorite ones

    Each Day We Crawl Closer To The RainbowEach Day We Crawl Closer To The RainbowDay ago
  • Love you Jeffree

    Louis PanLouis PanDay ago
  • Damm Jeffrey you actually ugly without makeup

    John CJohn CDay ago
  • Ok so, arrest the cops who killed Breannor Taylor

    Shoop _Shoop _Day ago
  • I do not know the spills of teas from other trying hard beauty gurus but I know JeffreeStar has a good and innocent heart *so ya'll are trying to make a tycoon bow down to a little chihuahua.*

    Cj GarciaCj GarciaDay ago
  • Hyper as in high lmaoo

    Lesley AnnLesley AnnDay ago
  • I'm not a big make up person..but even I know its called "cremated" because its dark colors...greys and such... come on. 🤣🤣

    grassisnevergreenergrassisnevergreenerDay ago
  • Cosmic WildflowerCosmic WildflowerDay ago
  • Do you Jeffery? Why TF do you care so much? People will be mad regardless 🙄. Haters will continue to hate. Also.🤔🤨🧐 CHANGE YOUR DOGS WATER BOWLS TO A SELF CLEANSING FILTERED SYSTEM SYSTEM.

    IndiaIndia2 days ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you Jeffree

    Nico di AngeloNico di Angelo2 days ago
  • #unfollowjeffreestar PERIODT

    Eduardo CologneEduardo Cologne2 days ago
  • Who doesn't give a shit about the drama and is watching this video anyway?!?! I absolutely LOVE how jeffree still has 17.7MILLION subscribers but all those ppl saying they were unsubscribing are literally ALL STILL HERE 🙄

    Sharon PowersSharon Powers2 days ago
    • Sub count went down 600% View count is down 50% and he lost over 500k subs so far, trust me, it's hurting him, but I agree, definitely not enough.

      RetroDeathRetroDeath2 days ago
  • Can ppl just unsub from this person ? #unsubscribe Jeffree Star !!! He doesn’t deserve this attention!!!!

    Ratnakaram SravantiRatnakaram Sravanti2 days ago
    • Thank you for this #jeffreestarisoverparty

      Drawing With IzzyDrawing With IzzyDay ago
  • You mean Blacklash?

    Fashion AddictFashion Addict2 days ago
  • This is so cool... great makeup artist...

    Tesia BaltimoreTesia Baltimore2 days ago
  • Thank you for not apologizing. I subscribed because I'm sick of everyone apologizing all the time. It is refreshing.

    dreamflite7dreamflite72 days ago
  • Freakshow

    joeExoticjoeExotic2 days ago
  • “i never come from a negative place”

    slugluvrrslugluvrr2 days ago
  • I am so glad that you responded to this, but don't feel it necessary to speak up and defend your best friend Shane while he is drowning! I am done with you!

    marjie remolemarjie remole3 days ago
  • I don't get why people still like such a narcissist, manipulative, hypocrite and overall a horrible human being who feeds from the failure of others and perpetuates lies, not to mention the accounts of his sexual assaults. Jeffrey is a creep and disgusting as hell. A danger to society.

    johnjohn3 days ago
  • Your channel is ✨cremated✨

    Möth ŁämpMöth Łämp3 days ago
  • Shane defended you and you didn’t even defend him in return. You are a lying piece of trash. #SNAKE

    The Mad HatterThe Mad Hatter3 days ago

    Swinger LifeSwinger Life3 days ago
  • Who else had no idea he was a stoner?

    Bex CushmenBex Cushmen3 days ago
  • Y'all are so selfish!! Nobody thing in how offensive was Aliens Palette to Aliens.. I mean c'mon!

    valito1001valito10013 days ago
  • Omg! That whole look is hot! I love the straight hair and white blazer! Sexy yet posh!❤

    Cheshire JessiCatCheshire JessiCat3 days ago
  • i need a wig like that

    Sophie SonSophie Son3 days ago
  • seriously are ppl offended cos ur pallet is called cremated and ppl are dying and may be getting cremated??? what the fuck!! thats a bit of a stretch to find fault in that. So does that make blood sugar offensive cos uve got ur period!!! keep being you jeffree and never mind the haters x

    Coco GlaCoco Gla3 days ago

    ManBearPigManBearPig3 days ago
  • You are a creep and should lose everything for the pain and grief you cause people idk how you’re even tolerated anymore smh karma will come for you tho 😍💗

    Victoria CorserVictoria Corser3 days ago
  • "Nothing I do comes from a bad place" This aged badly >.>

    Mistress HorrorMistress Horror3 days ago
  • Real life voldermort and I mean his actions

    Tara LTara L3 days ago
  • Manipulator

    VCRVCR3 days ago
  • The goth dream

    Lana LeorninLana Leornin3 days ago
  • Jeffree you’ll probably never see this but how much did you tattoos cost

    Neon Galactic78Neon Galactic783 days ago
    • A lot

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
  • I’m surprised Jeffree hasn’t had lasik.

    Samantha ClarkSamantha Clark3 days ago
  • Alonzo Lerone predicted that the new trend would be a cremated pallet 😂 it was on one of his reactions to yearbook quotes super funny. Love the pallet Jeffery

    charlirbear xoxocharlirbear xoxo3 days ago
  • I would buy it but being navajo I am not allow to associate myself to death because of our traditional values in the navajo culture. I love it.

    Teresa PeshlakaiTeresa Peshlakai3 days ago
  • Cremated like your career??? 👀

    Please Use SoapPlease Use Soap3 days ago
    • His career is not dying he is queen

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
    • oof

      B H O YB H O Y3 days ago
  • Kinda living for that look

    Usera NaemUsera Naem3 days ago
  • Wow I never even thought of this being offensive until I just watched this video....yeah what a dumb time to come out with a pallet based on the theme of death and dying...during a global pandemic. Real smart..

    aurora clearwateraurora clearwater4 days ago
    • people die all the time tho? and he probably started planning this pallet way before Covid-19 became serious

      naked and afraidnaked and afraid3 hours ago
  • Who's here after his career got CREMATED💀

    jaykae.xjaykae.x4 days ago
    • his reputation is dying, not his career, i mean, he's still getting money, sad but true

      tiny poptiny pop3 days ago
    • Makeup By M it will be soon

      Hunter KarnsHunter Karns3 days ago
    • Not true

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
  • Catering to their Prejudice audience I believe. Star jeffree Cancel this fool/ unsubscribe please!! Take them down now......

    CyberThug1080iCyberThug1080i4 days ago
    • We wont

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
  • It’ll be interesting to see what a giant asshole jeffree acts like exposing people and tying victim

    AngelaAngela4 days ago
  • the fact that he had a brand called lipsticknazi gives the cremated pallete a whole new meaning!

    Die FloDie Flo4 days ago
    • No humor for you

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
    • Kate R he’s actually a great Business Owner. He owns 100% of his company so really he can’t be fired by anyone so he definitely has power. It’s just up to the people to buy his stuff or not. But he has a strong core base that like his makeup and don’t care what he does.

      Jonathan WhitleyJonathan Whitley3 days ago
    • oh my god-

      Usera NaemUsera Naem3 days ago
    • How is it that he has career worse than Shane and people tolerate because he has good makeup. 🙄🤷‍♀️

      Kate RKate R3 days ago
  • La llorona feeling her self yes

    Calista HendricksCalista Hendricks4 days ago
  • I like how u address this but go to see your 103 (twice) “grandma” as if she wasn’t cremated already lmao

    lauren caskielauren caskie4 days ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Lauren you're a savage

      Zairner MullerZairner Muller3 hours ago
    • Omg

      Black AliceBlack Alice9 hours ago
  • the llorona could never.

    xFabian1xxFabian1x4 days ago
  • Jeffree why are you SILENT?

    Freya BFreya B4 days ago
    • Jeffree is queen

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
  • He looks like himself. DEAD 🙃

    Althea GeorgeAlthea George4 days ago
  • I love nicole's tshirt! Yeeeee outcast

    Althea GeorgeAlthea George4 days ago
  • Get off USkeys.

    Erin SahmErin Sahm4 days ago
    • Never

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
  • I love his into. It’s so unique and magical. 🖤🤍

    Olive-Ray The CatOlive-Ray The Cat4 days ago
  • 🤮

    Life’s A BeachLife’s A Beach4 days ago

    Life’s A BeachLife’s A Beach4 days ago
    • @Makeup By M you don't even know Jeffrey, why are you defending him this much

      tiny poptiny pop3 days ago
    • Boo to yooo

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
  • Its a gorgeous palette! In my opinion, people are overreacting about the name. Like it’s not like it was named Covid 19

    MadDogRandiesMadDogRandies4 days ago
    • @Angela and...

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
    • He has a brand called lipsticknazi previously...

      AngelaAngela4 days ago
  • Anyone who's a fan of the USkeysrs are retarded

    Intuitive InquisitionIntuitive Inquisition4 days ago
  • Isn’t that jame Charles blackflash Mary look

    Noelia PilarNoelia Pilar4 days ago
    • 😂😂😂

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
  • Well said. ❤️

    Lauren KellerLauren Keller4 days ago
  • I'm new to being a fan omg going on my 5 the pallete n I'm in love

    michelle Gonzalesmichelle Gonzales4 days ago
    • Yes gurl all the palletes are amazing

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago
    • @Ariola Gandhi hes been real silent but will talk when someone talks about him and his brand.

      Mercy MainMercy Main4 days ago
    • ...didn't u hear about his disgusting drama?

      Ariola GandhiAriola Gandhi4 days ago
  • His face on the thumbnail will haunt my dreams

    Crunchy WaterCrunchy Water4 days ago
    • 😭😭

      Makeup By MMakeup By M3 days ago