May 27, 2019
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Wanna make some bread? Watch me do it instead! Some wholesome whole wheat for ya! I give this recipe a very biased 10/10. Thanks for watching me go bananas, babies. Stalk my other social medias below:
Get yourself moist........ banana bread here. Free plug:
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Thank you, lil patient Pattys! I know I don't upload as often as I used to, but I hope it's a fun lil' surprise when I do! Thank you for your kindness always.
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    Shahid MahmoodShahid Mahmood15 hours ago
  • I just love the shirt my family rides motorcycles

    Rhylie ToyRhylie Toy16 hours ago
  • when u told ur alexa to set a timer mine went off

    Davy LandDavy Land4 days ago
  • not the holes reference

    4lex 14lex 19 days ago
  • no fires this time, liza?! 😂😂

    AishaAisha11 days ago
  • 3:12 why is that everything I say lol

    Carly BrakeCarly Brake12 days ago
  • 3:03 why is her singing better than any sound that’s every come out of my mouth

    Carly BrakeCarly Brake12 days ago
  • I love how she was talking about Madame Zeroni and in school we just did an assignment on the book and watched the movie

    Claire CharltonClaire Charlton13 days ago
  • Glad I know the reference 😅

    Mona FlatleyMona Flatley13 days ago
  • She is off the damn CHAIN 🤣👏🏾👏🏾

    Nae HNae H13 days ago
  • I could literally worship her I love her so much shes one of the best people on this planet hands down

    UlkavynUlkavyn14 days ago
  • Hey from November,17 2020

    Rachel TellezRachel Tellez15 days ago
  • it's from holes

    Alex RodriguezAlex Rodriguez16 days ago
  • I love the holes reference.

    Hello fellow PeoplezHello fellow Peoplez24 days ago
  • No one Liza:shut up that loallrtrefc

    Maddy FalterMaddy Falter26 days ago
  • Dude Liza is the only USkeys that I showed my dad that he actually thought was funny, rip dad u had good taste in youtubers 👨🏻‍🦳

    Sharita RepulsaSharita RepulsaMonth ago
  • I lost count how many times I am watching this video (or most of her videos)

    Sukla Das ArtSukla Das ArtMonth ago
  • Hey what time is your Birthday

    Elizabeth FaustoElizabeth FaustoMonth ago
  • HOLES!!

    Nadja CarverNadja CarverMonth ago

    Loren BowenLoren BowenMonth ago
  • I literally laugh at every of your videos. Your so talented+Plus a very good editor =awesome.

  • when she made a handshake with herself i was like omg twins

    Quincy JohnsonQuincy JohnsonMonth ago
  • Banana 🍌🍌

    Sophia HubertSophia HubertMonth ago
  • This is my all time favorite Liza Koshy video. This and the holiday baking one are always my go to pick-me-up and it hasn't failed me yet

    Makda AbrahamMakda AbrahamMonth ago
    • @LizaKoshy make more baking videos please!!

      Makda AbrahamMakda AbrahamMonth ago
  • 0:11 o

    No Name 7MNo Name 7MMonth ago
  • What happen to posting on your main channel?

    Victoria RosadoVictoria RosadoMonth ago
  • Raven symone and liza should be friends like kinda the same

    Victory AbibangVictory AbibangMonth ago
  • I’m reading home rn in school I’ll carry u up the mountain!!

    Mr. PeanutMr. PeanutMonth ago
  • The thumbnail doe lol

    ᴋɪᴋɪ's ᴀᴅᴠᴇɴᴛᴜʀᴇsᴋɪᴋɪ's ᴀᴅᴠᴇɴᴛᴜʀᴇsMonth ago
  • Anyone noticed she changed the title

    Lexi S.Lexi S.Month ago
  • This is my 5th time watching this this week I love this video

    Carlene Your favorite YouTuberCarlene Your favorite YouTuberMonth ago
  • 4:51

    Elise MElise MMonth ago
  • you really make me happy

    Kesia KartodikromoKesia KartodikromoMonth ago
  • I dont even like bananas but that looked good!

    Desiree WatersDesiree WatersMonth ago
  • So i used the line "if it's biodegradable, I'll suck it" on my tinder when i had one and i can't tell you how much guys/girls (because proud bisexual) i got just from that 😂

    Marissa PorterMarissa PorterMonth ago
  • Today I felt like bacon

    Luke ViaLuke ViaMonth ago
  • Idk why I can kinda relate to Liza's videos now

    Aritra DeyAritra DeyMonth ago
  • When she took the frozen bananas out of the freezer IN THE PEEL That sent me

    CassidyCassidyMonth ago
  • Liza: Whoever eats this bread will just build immunity 2020: COVID-19 Outbreak (*cough* thank you Liza’s Banana Bread)

    Hannah MelvilleHannah MelvilleMonth ago
  • Ariana's New kitchen sorta look similar to liza kitchen

    joshua lepretrejoshua lepretreMonth ago
  • I just ate banana bread

    itzloraina pitzloraina pMonth ago
  • 1:39 in 2020...hahahahahah

    alexhusseyalexhusseyMonth ago
  • I'm here because I'm lonely

    D BagD BagMonth ago
  • 0:55 wrong video liza

    Trisha EvansTrisha EvansMonth ago
  • For the Liza haters✨ FUDGE YOU ✨

    Tropical MangoTropical MangoMonth ago
  • Liza:Beam me up god Me:rip headphone users

    Addie45Addie45Month ago
  • Holes reference I like it

    Joss SparksJoss SparksMonth ago
  • And kids that’s my mother

    Bread 13Bread 13Month ago
  • מה? מה יש על החולצה שלה

    zohar Forman Schwartzzohar Forman SchwartzMonth ago
  • 0:47 camila cabello vibe 😍just me?😂

    Julia GurgulJulia GurgulMonth ago
  • I finally got the reference from the holes movie

    KillerBoy_ 509KillerBoy_ 509Month ago
  • Lock in her ears ?to protect her virtue?😂😂

    19. Fia Mary Abraham19. Fia Mary AbrahamMonth ago
  • There's a charactor in haikyuu who's name is nishinoya and... IM TURNING HIS AGE IN A MONTH AND IM SHORTER THAN HIM

    {{•p0ison0us fruitl00p•}}{{•p0ison0us fruitl00p•}}Month ago
  • this video was ahead of its time

    AasiyaAasiyaMonth ago

    All about Ranger The LabredoodleAll about Ranger The LabredoodleMonth ago
  • Giiiirrl negativity is the most negative thing in this negative universe so don't be negative love you❤ literally 1 year late lmao also. Keep on and liza on

    Sophia HinojosaSophia HinojosaMonth ago
  • 2:58 Me at all times

    Queen of MemesQueen of Memes2 months ago
  • Liza: I wanna eat this! *and get salmonella* And be happy! *and die*

    Queen of MemesQueen of Memes2 months ago
  • Yo that was a gag when she was like you can gaze into the future 😊

    joshua lepretrejoshua lepretre2 months ago
  • Now that's what you call some banana bread it's bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S

    joshua lepretrejoshua lepretre2 months ago
  • Now way she said 4:20 that's what I'm doing right now but the time is 7:28 tho

    joshua lepretrejoshua lepretre2 months ago
  • Banana bread do sound good right now

    joshua lepretrejoshua lepretre2 months ago
  • lol Liza looked genuinely proud of making that bread

    GaluxistarGaluxistar2 months ago
  • she acts high without alcohol and im here for it

    jinii ahajinii aha2 months ago
  • Dude I’m crying - I can’t stop laughing

    Alexis PerezAlexis Perez2 months ago
  • I dunno if it's just me but the more I watch this video the more I feel Liza was sad for some reason while filming this video. This is one of my favourite video on the internet though.

    Elena ThapaElena Thapa2 months ago
  • you have hebrew on your shirt!!!!!!! im so exiting right now

    אביגיל לירזאביגיל לירז2 months ago
  • I used this recipe and it isssss fan DANG tastic

    DJWEENZ😜DJWEENZ😜2 months ago
  • This was four minutes and fifty five seconds if crack head energy

    A L L I E P O C O C KA L L I E P O C O C K2 months ago
  • Lisa pleaseee make songs Your voice 😍

    Art AngelArt Angel2 months ago
  • Damn girl you can singg 🤩x

    Eva WilliamsonEva Williamson2 months ago
  • 1:30 Awe no! She looks sad🥺

    Jungkook’s Y / NJungkook’s Y / N2 months ago
  • *Pours coconut oil Liza: “I have to pee I have to pee I have to pee” *Felt that*

    Jungkook’s Y / NJungkook’s Y / N2 months ago
  • 3:03 she HIT that first note-

    Jacqueline Ramirez GarciaJacqueline Ramirez Garcia2 months ago
  • I watched this video 10 times i swear 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    mimi Imenemimi Imene2 months ago
  • Bruh you made my Alexa go off lol

    Caroline HendersonCaroline Henderson2 months ago
  • 4:10 I need this type of self love rn! Watching this video for the nth time now, Liza still rocks my world!😍

    Maika Rhex PerezMaika Rhex Perez2 months ago
  • Never have I ever seen a cooking video that's as entertaining as this ..the best..😅😅😅🤟👍✌

    Joshua AlexisJoshua Alexis2 months ago

    Zila Jacoby DominguesZila Jacoby Domingues2 months ago
  • I've rewatched this like 100 times

    Mickey MouseMickey Mouse2 months ago
  • “**poors coconut oil into mixture** I have to pee I have to pee so bad”

    Yolanda DeRizzioYolanda DeRizzio2 months ago
  • Liza stop taking your old videos and editing them again make a new video and edit it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mnoor AlbisherMnoor Albisher2 months ago
  • Dude that fridge is bigger than my whole house

    Marley NicholsMarley Nichols2 months ago
  • Am i the only one who never wants liza videos to end? Like i get so sad when she says bye :c

    Naw KaiNaw Kai2 months ago
  • Liza is literally the cutest human being ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aryaa KarandeAryaa Karande2 months ago
  • Dude..The Veins On Her Arms Are AMAZING..!!

    serinmary shmittserinmary shmitt2 months ago

    Yerusha GillYerusha Gill2 months ago
  • Love u alot😍

    TaraTara2 months ago
  • Bro my Alexa went off

    Carter CappsCarter Capps2 months ago
  • am i trippin or did she just wave goodbye

    Johanna JosephJohanna Joseph2 months ago
  • liza just has her moment

    Lexi BeierLexi Beier2 months ago
  • *she* *is* *the* *chosen* *one*

    The real MoodThe real Mood2 months ago
  • Went to the description but no recipe ):

    Timothy Myles RazTimothy Myles Raz2 months ago
  • “If it’s biodegradable, I suck it” I dies of laughter! 😂😂😂😂

    Aarini MehtaAarini Mehta2 months ago
  • The self confidence is ãŚtrØÑöMįçÅŁ

    Tay TayTay Tay2 months ago
  • Ok but uh my middle name is honey no joke not lying😐 she’s attracted to me🤣🤣

    MoomallowmilkMoomallowmilk2 months ago
  • gauged ear??? kinda love it???

    Tnrjeji Aka thenTnrjeji Aka then2 months ago
  • love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    Stacey DukeStacey Duke3 months ago
  • 1:13 "If it's biodegradable, I'll suck it." Also, I want 3 kids 😂

    Charity LaRocheCharity LaRoche3 months ago
  • I miss herrr

    Potato Gurl vlogsPotato Gurl vlogs3 months ago