"Zambia loves escalators, just don't be gay" - TREVOR NOAH (It's My Culture)

Nov 5, 2018
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(***This video is a re-release on youtube with a few enhancements made to the previous upload***)
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    Trevor NoahTrevor NoahYear ago
    • Trevor Noah you are a blessing in my life 😊

      Heather ThelmaHeather Thelma8 days ago

      May I halik you?May I halik you?12 days ago
    • Hah escalator aiy! I grew up with the same craze when I saw escalator for the first time. Old people panic in India as well, especially cuz of the saree...n chances of tripping. And when I moved to Mumbai, it's everyday life being stuck in Mumbai local train escalators...So jam packed you can't move an inch.

      DoveranalystDoveranalyst14 days ago
    • I sure did subscribe and now i'm waiting for my free prize...............MORE OF YOUR VIDEOS!!! YAAAAY! ESCALATORS!!!!!

      Allington MarakanAllington Marakan15 days ago
    • Trevor Noah Exactly 🤣

      HappychicxHappychicx17 days ago
  • Wow this is ridiculously not funny.

    Chris GroffChris Groff40 minutes ago
  • thank you for the laughter❣️👏🤣

    Lisa OldwithsomanywhysLisa Oldwithsomanywhys2 hours ago
  • I love you when are you coming to Virginia? During covid you are my source of laughter,love you.

    samantha kerrsamantha kerr5 hours ago
  • Is there any accent he can't do ?

    Where's Your MamaWhere's Your Mama5 hours ago
  • I love this Trevor! I would support you if you liked guys babe❤ You are so funny!

    Michelle HarrisonMichelle Harrison9 hours ago
  • Zambia is 97% Christian and your guide's name is Ali ?

    Wont_Learn_French مانقراش_فرنسيةWont_Learn_French مانقراش_فرنسية9 hours ago
  • In most of the Muslim countries too is illegal to be gay, or is illegal to change religion

    fiamma vallifiamma valli10 hours ago
  • Way to funny

    Stefano LStefano L12 hours ago
  • "Can you Please blow into this"

    BlackPesBlackPes14 hours ago
  • "stop it brake"😂😂

    Christina KerenChristina Keren16 hours ago
  • as a gay person. this is homophobic. not sorry.

    AmeliaAmeliaDay ago
  • Goddamn my innocence I understand why Trevor laughed at himself when he said blow into this

    Rowan VDHRowan VDH2 days ago
  • "i was not gay while i was in zambia", does this mean noah are gay while he's not in zambia?

    Gerald DalizGerald Daliz3 days ago
  • Don't be gay

    FangfangFangfang3 days ago
    • Why?

      trill trollstrill trolls13 hours ago
  • THIS is genuinely funny

    ChimmichurriChimmichurri3 days ago
  • I'm married to a Zambian man and his accent is so spot on! Love Trevor Noah!

    J. L.J. L.3 days ago
  • ok, it is not true that they name kids any name, they like naming their kids traditional names, like chimwemwe in english it is joy and rejoice.

    Gama Daniel StephenGama Daniel Stephen3 days ago
  • zambia is a great place, it is just that some people are just funny.. am telling you zambia will be the first to go to heaven, cursing is a crime in zambia. zambian like church like crazy..

    Gama Daniel StephenGama Daniel Stephen3 days ago
  • I'm offensive and this is gay

    ToSamus Aran 2.0ToSamus Aran 2.04 days ago
  • Talking about the name thing my dads friend is called bucket

    jk-47jk-474 days ago
  • Bro I met a Zambian named “Crowbar”

    Uchiha ShisuiUchiha Shisui4 days ago
  • Fine USkeys ! I watched it !!

    Ravi sankarRavi sankar4 days ago
  • I LOVE Trevor!! He is amazing!! 🙏👏👏

    Sarwat RattaniSarwat Rattani4 days ago
  • Even in India many people go to mall to for escalators and lift

    Shailendra SharmaShailendra Sharma4 days ago
  • Reminds me of when my kid was 2 and all he wanted to do was ride the escalators! The joy is real (we have video). No shame in that. Thank you, Trevor! :)

    Suzaynn SchickSuzaynn Schick4 days ago
  • teacher: OK kids you each take a turn on the escalator the kid named escalator:( 👁️ ͜ʖ 👁️ )

    Addan ImranAddan Imran5 days ago
  • I came back for the escalator song xD

    the_cheesecake _ripperthe_cheesecake _ripper5 days ago
  • I subbed thinking I’d get a prize then promptly I unsubbed once I heard the surprise

    K-LK-L5 days ago
  • 😂 😂 😂 ❤️❤️❤️ Zambian 🇿🇲 🇿🇲

    Kafwembe KundaKafwembe Kunda6 days ago
  • Him and Gabriel Iglesias are my all time favourite comedians

    Aram TapacianAram Tapacian6 days ago
  • The escalator thing is true lol🤣 but they are not 5 coz almost at all shopping mall in Zambia 🇿🇲 they are there

    Richard KaukuluRichard Kaukulu6 days ago
  • But he's not joking about being gay. In a lot of eastern cultures, it's illegal.

    FrancesFrances6 days ago
    • No shit Sherlock...

      Skip To My LouSkip To My Lou12 hours ago
  • Many loves his Arabic and russian accent but the best one is african accent

    Just GOT FanJust GOT Fan7 days ago
  • Oh noooo 😂😂😂😂😂

    Gilan MulithioGilan Mulithio7 days ago
  • Trevor should come back to Zambia and see how developed it is now

    Zambian TrendsZambian Trends7 days ago
  • This is comedy. No bad words no insults. I love Trevor Noah.

    The Weekend CoupleThe Weekend Couple7 days ago
  • The Zambian citizens registry has to be a laugh

    Your Internet BuddyYour Internet Buddy7 days ago
  • This is too funny

    MM7 days ago
  • fucking joke stealer.

    FoosaFoosa7 days ago
  • Whoi mi belly 😝

    Lillian Smith WhyteLillian Smith Whyte7 days ago
  • Zambia loved the wheel too, when we showed them it. 🤓🤓🤓angry comments to be left bellow, thanks.

    John BobJohn Bob8 days ago
  • Moral of the comedy: Be grateful and never take every material property for granted, even if it may seem insignificant to you; because there are some people in this world wish would like to have things that you have in the present time.

    Azrine AjienAzrine Ajien8 days ago
  • hes funny

    S ParkerS Parker8 days ago
  • Imagine if we have that kind of police in the USA? 🤣🤣🤣

    Good morningGood morning8 days ago
  • I love you so much! Educated, respectful, refined, intelligent, funny man of the world. So sexy hot!🥰😘😎

    Becky BrynjolfssonBecky Brynjolfsson9 days ago
  • Love Trevor but sorry no one can beat Russell Peters for accents minus his Caribbean one.

    Twilight.Lotus ThoughtsTwilight.Lotus Thoughts9 days ago
  • You sound kinda like Arnold Shwartzenagor

    EggEgg9 days ago
  • God, this guy copies jokes from others and just makes them more dull and less funny.

    Sauce MahoganySauce Mahogany9 days ago
  • I can't believe this guy has his own show, this dude sucks!

    B NizzleB Nizzle9 days ago
  • love the escalator story! I've used them all my life and they're still fun. Can totally picture the mall scene. the prison rape joke likely won't age well though...

    Vin KieVin Kie10 days ago
  • Riding escalators...that's so sweet and innocent!!

    Salwa Nausheen BariahSalwa Nausheen Bariah10 days ago
  • Nothing can top the end of Sarafina

    Tiwaloluwa OGUNLEYETiwaloluwa OGUNLEYE10 days ago
  • I would have been a fan if he didnt steal some jokes .

    Tawing dela RamaTawing dela Rama10 days ago
    • Proof for the accusation *?

      jonty Quinnjonty Quinn10 days ago
  • ya trevor likes big white cnn peee pees .

    Lanny YeomansLanny Yeomans10 days ago
  • Sounds like the villagers from villager news

    Cancer.iousIGCancer.iousIG11 days ago
  • Being gay is illegal in 70 countries, we have 195 😑🤦🏻‍♀️ and then people wonder why trans people don’t come out till later in life

    Angela678Angela67812 days ago
    • None of them are in the west or built by whites.

      LukaLuka10 days ago
  • 10:36 People taking pictures of the escalator with their iPhones 🤯

    Berk KarşıBerk Karşı12 days ago
  • Let us all ignore his mamba shirt

    Jay VelasquezJay Velasquez12 days ago
  • I have heard Certificate, Fork, Cabbage and Prudence.

    May I halik you?May I halik you?12 days ago
  • I live in Zambia and I have to tell you that escalators weren’t built in August

    Neelay DesaiNeelay Desai12 days ago
  • While you are here ‘Don’t be gay’ 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂

    Iam EbzIam Ebz12 days ago
  • I cant stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Nontobeko MoyoNontobeko Moyo13 days ago
  • This is something I always hear about foreign countries that they always have faster Internet but it’s something that just now I thought of that that country is too poor to have so many people using it to have slow Internet

    Mark TannisMark Tannis13 days ago
    • It being the internet

      Mark TannisMark Tannis13 days ago
  • Why do I drink water while I watch this guy 😂😂 I always spill it

    Richy NRichy N14 days ago
  • would've hoped you could do gay jokes without being homophobic. guess not oh well.

    Geraf LongnekGeraf Longnek14 days ago
    • The joke was aimed at adults not babies.

      jonty Quinnjonty Quinn10 days ago
  • Actually died at 5:21

    Jay SpadeJay Spade14 days ago
  • the gay force is called 'the g spot' the straights wont be able to find it

    Aimee-li [redacted]Aimee-li [redacted]14 days ago
    • I- I shouldn't be laughing but by hell I am.

      Nadine KT.Nadine KT.9 hours ago
    • Kinda dumb

      Leunam ReyoLeunam Reyo6 days ago
    • ... I get it!

      Kristian BaileyKristian Bailey8 days ago
  • I have been to Zambia and it was nothing like he described.

    faraz mirzafaraz mirza14 days ago
  • Insanely funny from a fellow expat. In tears of laughter! So true and hilariously true. Xx good job

    Failia MystiqueFailia Mystique14 days ago
  • uskeys.net/channel/UC88EUuLS0LmFip7WIjWZ8Dg.html

    justme justmejustme justme15 days ago
    • Why????? I dont understand, whats the problem??? WHY did u report???

      justme justmejustme justme9 days ago
    • Reported for spam

      jonty Quinnjonty Quinn10 days ago
  • I wana date you :( u sooo cute;)

    Saloni Pratap SinghSaloni Pratap Singh15 days ago
  • Yeah, the telephone networks there, are built by Huawei, that's why internet surfing in Africa is much faster than in the usa.

    魯耶!魯耶!15 days ago
    • Its not. Its slow af and super expensive. Premium sh*t is fast. Even 5G will be chopped into bundles.

      jonty Quinnjonty Quinn10 days ago
  • Not weird at all. There are many countries that are against LGBTQ+, especially Muslim countries. In my country, Malaysia, the penalty for being gay is the same as drug trafficking which is death penalty.

    Alexander CheongAlexander Cheong16 days ago
    • ​@Demetria Darkyah...most of the parents including mine here are conservative. So people like us have no chance to come out to our parents let alone to the public. Unless we migrate.

      Alexander CheongAlexander Cheong15 days ago
    • Omg DEATH PENALTY for something they cannot control? That’s just so saddening.

      Demetria DarkDemetria Dark15 days ago
  • Jokes were really funny, but the Zambian accent was hard for him cause we don't sound like that 😂

    professor Diamondprofessor Diamond16 days ago
  • And gay is not in the bible nor the qur'an,,,it is not good for us,,,,

    Sittih_hanina GandilanSittih_hanina Gandilan16 days ago
    • Actually it is its mentioned in the Bible man started laying with other man and the woman started to sleep with one another as well after seeing the behavior of the men.

      Aundre'a JordanAundre'a Jordan15 days ago
  • .....they've got the latest in telecommunications but never seen an escalator....what the hell but hilarious!

    ef01mwef01mw16 days ago
  • oml its so funny

    Aria JanssenAria Janssen16 days ago
  • travor ur another level

    JASON KAMJASON KAM16 days ago
  • And here in Ghana nobody wants to go on the escalater

    Hajia Scare DemHajia Scare Dem16 days ago