Diablo 2 Baal Runz 101

Jun 29, 2020
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!!!!!HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY DIABLO 2!!!!!
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  • This so much. The game was fucking blast but people claiming it was great because of the party system are just fucking clueless.

    Mikael JalamoMikael Jalamo5 hours ago
  • Прикольно

    Aleksandr BelovAleksandr Belov9 hours ago
  • Baal's Balls. I'll take my 50,000 likes now please.

    Pleasant WhalePleasant Whale10 hours ago
  • This is so accurate the only thing missing is them making the character a bot.

    Mark BlackburnMark Blackburn15 hours ago
  • lmao when he knocked over the loading screen guy

    Zugzug ZugzugsonZugzug Zugzugson16 hours ago
  • Best Game...

    Andri GunadiAndri Gunadi17 hours ago
  • Baal runs 24/7 beste bruder

    pr1xpr1x20 hours ago
  • I am Impressed Mortal. Love the video! :D

    illmatexillmatex22 hours ago
  • I died when Tyrael showed up at the toilet

    doliio volaydoliio volayDay ago
  • Here's a simple fix. Singleplayer.

    ArturoPladeadoArturoPladeadoDay ago
  • Holy shit this is so spot on. If you didn't have a pickit or a weren't running a bot, were you even playing? Lmfao

    Jesus ChristJesus ChristDay ago
    • man i know that feeling of joining a run only for it to be empty haha

      doliio volaydoliio volayDay ago
  • When you just joined the game and... "Open tp plz" "Go go ng"

    Rafael Waghetti SantosRafael Waghetti SantosDay ago
  • Too good, just too good. So many memories this brought back to my mind.

    SaladforkSaladforkDay ago
  • Oh the memories. I played this game online before bots. What glorious times it was.

    Shadow IVShadow IVDay ago
  • Thank you

    DarkVit GDarkVit GDay ago
  • hahahah sooo fucking good

    DeadLand GamingDeadLand GamingDay ago

    2 Piep Kicks 1 Leg Kick2 Piep Kicks 1 Leg KickDay ago
  • How the hell did he not get a realm down after all those quick join/exit

    asd asdasd asdDay ago
  • I died when Tyrael showed up at the toilet

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovDay ago
  • "Do you guys not have an animation team?"

    EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge2 days ago
  • so true

    MultiAdventuretimeMultiAdventuretime2 days ago
  • This is legendary 😂😂

    peacemakerpeacemaker2 days ago
    • I play Diablo 2 for 13 years then found this video make my day. Awesome and I subscribed you.

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovDay ago
  • Damn, this actually made me laugh and put a smile on my face. Makes me want to go level up a barb and sorc right now!

    TalaskaTalaska2 days ago
  • This is the sort of stuff the internet was made for. Excellent.

    Gregory WhitehurstGregory Whitehurst2 days ago
  • BAALS BALLS!! lmao

    hiotsobohiotsobo2 days ago
  • This is soooooo epic, i am still playing it and have laughed about 15 times while watching 😂 Dont we all know the sacred armors we DIDNT grab! Must have been done by a big fan of the game ❤

    Phil S.Phil S.2 days ago
  • It was exactly like that!

    HailHail2 days ago
  • man i know that feeling of joining a run only for it to be empty haha

    WebCamCartmellWebCamCartmell2 days ago
  • Even in 2020, I prefer Diablo 2 waaaaaaay over Diablo 3 #ChangeMyMind

    Pups BertPups Bert2 days ago
  • Pure gold!

    Maximilian WinterMaximilian Winter2 days ago
  • yay, this is awesome!!! :D

    Martin ParmasMartin Parmas2 days ago
  • Diablo 2 in nutshell ahahahahahahah .....Way too accurate..... *start to depress*

    FYBFYB3 days ago
  • Now I want to rewind time and go play this all over again.

    Elder Millenial MattElder Millenial Matt3 days ago
  • It's not all bad. You didn't miss Tyreal saying how good you are, lol

    bigchunk1bigchunk13 days ago
  • the story of my life

    Emmanuel HernándezEmmanuel Hernández3 days ago
  • I love Diablo 2 especially Median XL.

    William RWilliam R3 days ago
  • hahahahahahaha

    JanKa GamingJanKa Gaming3 days ago
  • I play Diablo 2 for 13 years then found this video make my day. Awesome and I subscribed you.

    SuperMusicForeverSuperMusicForever3 days ago
  • Sponsored by blizzard?! Hot damn, this series has gained a lot of visibility!

    vitorfrayvitorfray3 days ago
  • This was almost flawless. Was missing the 30 min ban for joining games too often though xD

    DreamVikingsDreamVikings3 days ago
  • Makes me laugh for the entire day... anyway the best run is the nr.104!

    Dario Di NunzioDario Di Nunzio3 days ago
  • I love the idle animations :D

    AngryPotatoAngryPotato3 days ago
  • 100% accurate

    1Lomi1Lomi3 days ago
  • Oh my god, this soundtrack....! Brought me right back, i truely miss Blizzard North...

    bilias hourbilias hour3 days ago

    Arnaud DenigerArnaud Deniger3 days ago
  • Favorite game of all time

    JustaliltlebittJustaliltlebitt3 days ago
  • I've never felt more personally understood in my life.

    Scott BusterScott Buster3 days ago
    • Make one on UBERS!

      bilias hourbilias hour3 days ago
  • peprage farm remembers

    hibbidyjibbidyyhibbidyjibbidyy3 days ago
  • True & Funny

    ZoDZoD3 days ago
  • Nice idea

    Кирилл МихаилКирилл Михаил3 days ago
  • My history in D2 😭😭😭

    Willian BrandãoWillian Brandão3 days ago
  • Lol, that is perfect!!!!

    Jan KožnarJan Kožnar3 days ago
  • Still playing D2 Lod , shouts out on MrLlama

    kina lindtkina lindt3 days ago
  • omg it's so accurate !!!!

    Alexy ShmaevitchAlexy Shmaevitch3 days ago
  • Oh my god, this soundtrack....! Brought me right back, i truely miss Blizzard North...

    neejoy solaneejoy sola4 days ago
  • This is hilarious.

    Alexander BrittainAlexander Brittain4 days ago
  • lmao

    Colon RamonColon Ramon4 days ago
  • Hello random person scrolling through the comments. Hope you have a great day! ;)

    BeardManBeardMan4 days ago
    • Hahahaha! It was JUST LIKE THAT :D Made my day :D

      neejoy solaneejoy sola4 days ago
  • Funnly!😆

    陳冠升陳冠升4 days ago
  • Eventually Baal meets with the only person that could help him, pleading with him. The next day, the heroes show up at the Throne of Destruction as usual. To their surprise, it's Duriel: "LOOKIN FOR BAAL???"

    olden creekolden creek4 days ago
  • In my case were: option 1: pala tele when joining the game with pally option 2: safe tp! > oneshotted by souls when joining with other builds option 3: deutsche zufällige Rede... I don't speak germaaaaaan!

    Majestic TrustMajestic Trust4 days ago
  • Make one on UBERS!

    Eric BuchananEric Buchanan4 days ago
  • very accurate

    Sebastian RicciSebastian Ricci4 days ago
  • so true.

    Little Pony~Little Pony~4 days ago
  • Ah memories of playing online with a 1Mbps cable Internet connection with a Pentium 3 @ 633 MHz and 256MB RAM and onboard video with Windows XP. The trick was to stay ahead of whoever started the run by making a new game and waiting for them to join you. But yeah the throne room always lagged every wave of enemies being summoned in, usually resulting in my death.

    Daniel ParentDaniel Parent4 days ago
  • Tyrael giving his speech, but meanwhile the player has proceeded to kiil baal again 4 times causing parallel rifts where tyrael gives the speech to the same hero 4 times over while in reality the hero has already beat d3, uninstalled it for lack of replayability, came back to d2, and started rushing ubers.

    Zyden DiabolicZyden Diabolic4 days ago
  • Brilliant. Especially when they all hit the time to die key. What a classic. Wasn't it number 6?

    Ninja SushiNinja Sushi4 days ago
  • You could play with friends and share the loot...

    Schwarzer RitterSchwarzer Ritter4 days ago
  • Diablo II remastered is going out soon. It is not a coincidence that you started creating DII content.

    D1s1ntegratorD1s1ntegrator4 days ago
  • Masterpiece.

    Louis-Lee HoffmannLouis-Lee Hoffmann4 days ago
  • Sooo good 🥂 I miss that times 😇

    Marcos Vinicius AmadoMarcos Vinicius Amado4 days ago
  • Baalruns... Damn

    Riften GuardRiften Guard4 days ago
  • Hahahaha! It was JUST LIKE THAT :D Made my day :D

    Pontus ValhallaPontus Valhalla4 days ago
  • Amazing!

    Dominik PolewkaDominik Polewka4 days ago
  • I remember as a kid, I used to think it should be "room", misspelled, but repeated so many times that could have been turn in the 'unofficial' name. Needed to see this video 20 years later to understand the complete meaning of "runs"...

    Viking IIViking II4 days ago
  • Hey, how can you animate in that last part of video where those character can fully turn around like 3D without it feel like 2D there ?

    royaldarknessroyaldarkness4 days ago
  • Excellent nostalgia 😁

    GetGoodGetGood4 days ago
  • Its missing the swarm of bots but other than that, pretty spot on!

    John MarcusJohn Marcus5 days ago
  • Can't really appreciate, as I always played singleplayer. Especially when some dumb skill-nerfing patch came out, I never even applied it.

    Shauka HodanShauka Hodan5 days ago
  • I like how he spell DiabLOL. LOL.

    5mwa5mwa5 days ago