What Does Joe Rogan's Move Mean For YouTube? | Russell Brand

May 21, 2020
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#JoeRogan is leaving #USkeys completely and is moving to #Spotify after striking a $100m deal wit them! What do you think this means for podcasting and content creators moving forward?
Thanks for @Valuetainment for the math and numbers!
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  • I think it would be really cool for you to have joe rogan on under the skin! You were on his podcast and it would cool to see him on yours!

    André SchneiderAndré Schneider19 hours ago
  • WOKE culture is going to kill youtube. Its a matter of time before this giant organization bites the dust.

    Samrat Babu KoiralaSamrat Babu Koirala2 days ago
  • Hahaha for USkeys nothing,but for Rogan 100 millions,and people are listen the Joe Rogan podcast because USkeys advertising it that and l don't think not to much people for filing Rogan to Spotify

    Ergul SakibiErgul Sakibi5 days ago
  • Does it count as selling out? Isnt he rich and popular enough already? Has he had to promise to not be too controversial or conspiratorial? His opinions always change. Or can he be free and talk about stuff he use to anyway before he got afraid of being deplatformed by youtube so he pretends to switch his beliefs? Someone please explain.

    Keiran JKeiran J7 days ago
  • What a bro

    thatswhatnicksaidthatswhatnicksaid9 days ago
  • joe: i'mma head out you blocking conspiracy theory vlogs. you tube: soooooo! joe: welcome spotify

    master pogimaster pogi10 days ago
  • Another scammer and fraud

    hassan erhanhassan erhan10 days ago
  • Joe made $100 mill from Spotify. I guess Jamie is a millionaire now.

    Ty LTy L10 days ago
  • Joe is uneducated - in the most neutral sense of the word! He wants interesting people to explain things to him in ways that he, and by extension, his viewers/listeners, will understand. That's why he keeps asking questions. He asks them until he understands thinking that's when his viewers will also understand. And I love his self control - his composure.

    Cato GCato G11 days ago
  • Didn’t expect it to be a positive video coming from someone that is so left that you have two left arms. 🤣😂😂😂🤣 good to see Russell

    Kumara LockwoodKumara Lockwood14 days ago
  • If he switches from you tube to spotify does that mean there won't be video of the podcast anymore? Audio only?

    Jalal MeralJalal Meral14 days ago
  • I like Joe Id get baked with him and we would disagree on a ton of shit. I would try to influence him a lot politically because what he says does matter when 8 million people listen.

    Jason MortimerJason Mortimer16 days ago
  • Who cares about Joe rogan...the best content in USkeys is from the guys of 3Dbotmaker. uskeys.net/channel/UCjN5K3IYZgz-vCWhI_DD01A.html

    kalillita dubkalillita dub16 days ago
  • I'm not quite sure how Russell's spirituality and his love of Rogan and his signal boosting of multiple forms hate mesh together. One would think the hate would send someone's spirituality off kilter.

    Lee MorrisLee Morris16 days ago
  • USkeys, is it really about selling ads? Most people I know hate the ads and took up USkeyss ad free subscriptions. I'm amazed facebook hasn't got such a scam too considering the endless attack of crap you don't want to see on their platform.

    wrb3301 Brookswrb3301 Brooks17 days ago
  • To me this seems more analogous to Stern leaving terrestrial radio. There was a lot of hype that him leaving would kill talk radio forever, but people still have local talk radio. USkeys is more accessible, gating it through a subscription will, sure, increase the number of spotify users, but likely limit Joe's reach. I used to listen to stern every morning then he went to satellite, haven't watched him since, it wasn't practical to get a subscription when all i wanted was content from one person. I do think this will open google's eyes to ease the demonotintization model in order to keep talent, but i have a feeling Spotify will have similar concerns if that platform starts increasing in popularity, people dont like advertising over questionable content. But it will be nice to have youtube, twitch, and now spotify as possible platforms for content.

    Jason MJason M17 days ago
  • Bring Eddie Bravo..joe

    MeMyself&I MeMyself&IMeMyself&I MeMyself&I18 days ago
  • If your watching Rogan for spiritual wellness, well , keep searching.

    J2KJ2K18 days ago
  • Joe "Spotify" Rogan

    Daniel BonasseDaniel Bonasse19 days ago
  • If you take a normal dose of psychedelics you become spiritual, If you take too much, you become an atheist.

    Carbon ConnectionCarbon Connection20 days ago
  • Rogan is the man

    frawldogfrawldog20 days ago
  • I don't know you tell me.

    Jacob HeldtJacob Heldt21 day ago
  • Russel are you a covert narcissist or a yo-gurt arsonist? Legit question

    Joseph NakagawaJoseph Nakagawa21 day ago
  • Powerful joe rogan got me here

    Jahzi CariñoJahzi Cariño22 days ago
  • It mean, USkeys should stop treating their content creators like dogshit or they will leave and make money somwhere else

    Yasser EssaYasser Essa22 days ago
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    柳岑焉柳岑焉23 days ago
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    柳岑焉柳岑焉23 days ago
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    柳岑焉柳岑焉23 days ago
  • one thing joe seems to hate (after watching hundreds of episodes of JRE) is the comments section on youtube.

    shaunshaun24 days ago
  • Interesting monologue, I like how Russell makes a diatribe seem conversational.

    cosmic threadercosmic threader25 days ago
  • Wow, good for Joe, i love everything he does so to hear he got that big of a deal just wow. He was already comfortable financially im sure I wonder if he will change with that much money o.o

    mezmirmezmir25 days ago
  • WTF is luminary?

    DeedoCmuk82DeedoCmuk8225 days ago
  • goldman saks gets Spotify to start aquiring companies/properties because there's no money in just streaming music.

    robin2012ismrobin2012ism26 days ago
  • You, sir, are a great steaming turd of a man.

    Ali BabaAli Baba26 days ago
  • That bit about the Pixie dreams made me laugh my arse off. I would love to see old Russ doing stand up again once the shit leaves the fan.

    RamblingRyanRamblingRyan26 days ago
  • This guy is too smart 😂

    m3Rt locom3Rt loco26 days ago
  • You are sick

    Ban ShadowBan Shadow27 days ago
  • This is such a good video. I feel very inspired but you Russell

    Braxton RomriellBraxton Romriell27 days ago
  • The one bloody thing i hate about spotify is the app, i mean i have premium and i still have NO IDEA how to go to the "Podcast" section....jesus fin christ

    lockoshamfacelockoshamface28 days ago
  • I think its great, the more content we get of these leftist censorship overlords the better, they are killing free speech and debate

    lockoshamfacelockoshamface28 days ago
  • Well that was a bunch of dribble. Learned nothing.

    DavidDavid28 days ago
  • you've got moths, mate.

    1diggers11diggers128 days ago
  • Please tell Morrissey I said, ello.

    Frank RomeroFrank Romero28 days ago
  • I will never forget the love i had for Russell few years back.. But then he went to bed with Ed Milliband, and voted for him! And then my heart was broken.. I never came back.

    Zio SlayerZio Slayer28 days ago
  • When i first heard about joe going to spotify i was happy because I use spotify as my platform of choice when it comes to listening to podcasts. But This probably means (it 100% means) that they wont be in video format anymore and that's a shame. Useful on the one hand but for some people i want to see them while they talk, like joey diaz for example. I also wonder if this means all old episodes of the show will be deleted from youtube and put on spotify instead, that would be crazy. And lastly i wonder if there are gonna be copyright problems when people upload clips of the show on youtube now.

    JimmyJimmy29 days ago
    • 100 million is insane though. I mean wtf how is he worth that much money? mind boggling. No offense to joe but even 10 million seems excessive. 1 million i could sorta understand.

      JimmyJimmy29 days ago
  • you can't talk about Joe Rogan and not bring up DMT at least once

    Daniel RKODaniel RKOMonth ago
  • Dude u are like your movies loser

    Brian williamsBrian williamsMonth ago
  • I won't be going to Spotify just for Joe. I value his content but only consume it in bite size pieces as it's incidentally suggested to me by USkeys. I just don't have the time to search through three hour podcasts for the bits I find most interesting,. I think it's a shame less people will stumble across him because his message of open mindedness is so valuable. Good luck to him though.

    Geordie 1974Geordie 1974Month ago
  • There's so few people addressing masculinity from a masculine point of view, rather than trying to 'fix' it with femininity. Those people are so important for the health of our society.

    Geordie 1974Geordie 1974Month ago
  • Russell Brand's inner bum leeches & ousts all to surely through time. All he needs is a new park bench.

    Der GorghastDer GorghastMonth ago
  • Thank you!!! So helpful xo

    Jessica BootheJessica BootheMonth ago
  • I didn't know you could watch videos on spotify.

    Daymare DanDaymare DanMonth ago
  • Like Everything that Was Beautiful.... USkeys was made great by Independent Content creators. Until the Corporate Overlords got a hold of it. Everything they touch turns to shit.

    Kevin MackKevin MackMonth ago
  • Fair do’s to Rogan👏🏼 USkeys is a piss take these days and hope that everyone starts boycotting because they clearly have there bias agenda and are pushing it hard.

    B FryerB FryerMonth ago
  • Well said!

    jason krzosjason krzosMonth ago
  • USkeys is going to end up loosing larger Creative Artist because of stupid policies, etc.

    Mike Hog A NatorMike Hog A NatorMonth ago
  • USkeys shot itself in the foot on this one. They had the greatest talk show in the world for almost a decade, and they showed it no respect

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hideMonth ago
  • why is he leaving youtube

    Michael LongMichael LongMonth ago
  • 4:56 love the way he speaks

    Dad Transformation CoachDad Transformation CoachMonth ago
    • Hi Russell. Yes, indeed. It seems USkeys will be getting a good blow down on traffic on this site. It is only a matter of time that USkeys will either lack popularity or shutdown.

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hideMonth ago
  • Someone pays monthly for a Joe rogan fansite domain name. I have a feeling he could also afford a domain name online and benefit enough to still be somewhere along the lines of "rich as fuck." But maybe I'm wrong, and then again, I'm not offering $100 million to find out.

    Chris EscueChris EscueMonth ago
  • USkeys is GARBAGE. Boycott USkeys.

    SpySpyMonth ago
  • He wants his 911 reimagined by Singer and $100mil was the build cost. It’s gonna be a sweet Porsche.

    Chris McintoshChris McintoshMonth ago
  • Everyone talking about it being a good move for Joe, it is! But it’s also a risk. There is the potential for him to ruin his brand if something goes wrong or Spotify doesn’t get the viewership they are expecting. He could just retire at the end of the 10 years regardless. Maybe that’s what he’s thinking 🤔 Chris Drinks with Chris

    Drinks with ChrisDrinks with ChrisMonth ago
  • It means nothing. Platform familiarity is everything. I only watch Rogan because he is easy to find. It's like people leaving ESPN, no one hears about them again.

    Jay TorrJay TorrMonth ago
  • I Love Joe rogan.. And jre

    Rushikesh WaghRushikesh WaghMonth ago
  • 😅

    The Motorcycle Zero ShowThe Motorcycle Zero ShowMonth ago
  • Accent is horrible horrible accident yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck disgusting you’re disgusting go back to wherever the hell you came from with that voice

    Cathy LatorreCathy LatorreMonth ago
  • Why do you talk so weird you’re disgusting you’re disgusting you look disgusting horrible mannerisms

    Cathy LatorreCathy LatorreMonth ago
  • One Step closer to YT's commit to suicide

    Jack HunterJack HunterMonth ago
  • Love the shout out to valuetainment

    JD EmceeJD EmceeMonth ago
  • 6:30 "if ever there was a time for the world to change and for new paradigms to emerge" how convenient for him (them) to say that in 2020 and no, I am not saying about coronavirus you can think of coronavirus as a seed for much worse things to come and I would consider both joe rogan and russel brand illuminati... this is a smart promotional move for spotify... there is no way joe rogan will produce enough content to pay for $100m anytime soon it would take a few years to zero on this... but they are assuming that a "big star" like joe rogan will make spotify a viable alternative to youtube and so create a wave of change with creators joining spotify under the influence and prestige of rogan

    Pivos PivepicPivos PivepicMonth ago
  • This guy is a joke. Completely disconnected from reality. How can anyone believe this clown. He is not one of us.

    Mike just mikeMike just mikeMonth ago
  • later down the line when others start to make that switch.

    Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiMonth ago
  • Ya, def a big move and a great way for the private platforms to grow. They could never do it with an artist like Rihanna, but grab some good podcasts, delete them from the others. Bam, people start leaving USkeys and the others start to grow. Genius actually. I think it was what they tried to do with Howard Stern. Maybe I was too young, but it seemed that was a little ahead of its time

    Grant Training SystemsGrant Training SystemsMonth ago
  • Hi Russell. Yes, indeed. It seems USkeys will be getting a good blow down on traffic on this site. It is only a matter of time that USkeys will either lack popularity or shutdown.

    Doctor Games101Doctor Games101Month ago
  • Booooo !

    Lane HedgesLane HedgesMonth ago
    • Pioneers should be rewarded for their prowess and forward thinking on making a market shift. Long form videos are shoving it up the ar8se of the advert Mad Men dinosaurs

      Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiMonth ago
  • Worth considering: USkeys is the internet’s second biggest search engine.

    LostWaxProcessLostWaxProcessMonth ago
  • Glad I found this...

  • Look into the Southern Poverty Law Center's relationship with Spotify. When you understand what the SPLC ACTUALLY represents... you can begin to understand better the move of Joe Rogan to Spotify. Hint: it's not good. Does the following Spotify policy sound like a place where Joe Rogan is going to have full unfettered #freespeech ?? The following statement gives Spotify to censor almost anything. "Hate content is content that expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics, including, race, religion, gender identity, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability. We do not permit hate content on Spotify." artists.spotify.com/faq/music#what-content-is-prohibited-on-spotify

    Tashi ChodakTashi ChodakMonth ago
    • Which bit of "Hate content is content that expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics, including, race, religion, gender identity, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability. We do not permit hate content on Spotify." are you contesting?

      Mountain ManMountain ManMonth ago
  • We are moving towards an ad era, first was tv, then its youtube, then its facebook, lets see how far will it go

    dominik klandominik klanMonth ago