We Explored an Abandoned Dam Underwater! (You Won't Believe What We Found)

Jul 30, 2020
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We Explored an Abandoned Dam Underwater! (You Won't Believe What We Found) uskeys.net/watch/LLeWrgwAcng-video.html

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  • DALLMYD and Brandon nervously looking at cat fish: oh jeez Random ass turtle: HELLO THERE EDIT: can y'all tell me the location of that dam? I wanna go in that tube and sing the halo theme.

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  • Fun video. Just watch out for delta-p when diving near dams, it is invisible and deadly.

    Name WithheldName Withheld5 hours ago
  • as a commercial diver ive been in and around this many times ..... but this is by far the dumbest unsafe thing to do... one crack or hole and ur gone sharp steel yea its a cool vid but please be safe

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  • Hi bigboy and megalodon tooth hunter (hi jake and Brandon)

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  • Hey Jake! just wondering what you do wit h th soft plastic fishing lures that you find in the river because i could use them i melt them down and make brand new ons just le me know man love the vids keep it up!

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  • He takes the time to pick up the garbage this man a legend

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  • That’s the river that Marty jenetty just said he dropped a body in when he was 14 and is now being investigated by the fbi

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  • hey jake you might not see this but i have been watching your videos for along time now i have ADHD and autism and im also dyslexic but i have also loved water ever since i was little and i was wondering if first of all could you do a video on how you started subdividing and then your road with it because one day i would like to start subdividing but i don't know where to start and i have been snorkeling loads of times and i have just started to train my self to free dive when i do i always love to help by picking up rubbish and and binning it

    THE VlogTHE Vlog2 days ago
  • China first dumped a bunch of garbage into the ocean. Now China caused the COVID-19 virus to start

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  • Turtle was funny lol. I’m thinking of getting into diving and snorkeling around my home in northwest Ohio. Awesome videos guys

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  • tip for no fog goggles mind u lil gross put pick ur nose and get ur snot and put in in ur googles try not to get chunks cuz when u come above water people will see it but anyway the snot woks no more foggy googles try it

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  • In your subtitles at 3:40 it said going inside the Damn. Spelling correction. Dam

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  • that's a Jackson weld helmet, I have had quite a few. and still use one now

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  • Is this your job or why aren't you somewhere contributing to Society with actual skills or labor??? WTF is this supposed to be??? Entertainment for numbskulls with nothing better to do. Don't you know water is a medium for carrying Covid-19??? You guys are dangerously exposing yourselves to death!

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  • 说实话,这个工作需要勇气,各种各样的水环境,各种各样陌生的环境,我看到的是他们背后的辛苦和很多潜在的危险!果然,没有人能够随随便便成功,祝福你们,g勇敢勤劳的伙计。

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