Unpopular Opinions: Beauty Brands That Fell OFF | Jackie Aina

May 16, 2020
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Hi boos! Today I'm going to be chatting about beauty brands that "fell off" and by fell off I just mean brands that's aren't talked about as much OR have strayed from their original brand identity as a whole. Please don't trash or harass any of the brands in question, this is meant to constructively critique brands that I already use and love!

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  • I’m so sry but if anyone deserves to get the boot it’s Mac.

    ___1901 1999___1901 1999Day ago
  • MAC has everything I need. And I love their packaging. I’m really picky about packaging and I like their website. Plus I don’t like experimenting with many brands. Send me samples but I’m not tremendously going out of my way to try all these different brands. All the brands is too damn much.

    Cheater Stories PodcastCheater Stories Podcast2 days ago
  • editing on point!

    Madison RussellMadison Russell3 days ago
  • I can only speak for myself, everytime I went to mac I got really bad attitude from the artists. Also Mac have thrown NC45 at most caramel colored black girls for yonks.

    monilovesmoniloves4 days ago
  • S/O to Wendy's eating show! ❤

    lelemarie 612lelemarie 6125 days ago
  • I agree MAC fell off within the last decade.

    Tristan BlountTristan Blount8 days ago
  • Nailed it

    Domonique CoetzeeDomonique Coetzee9 days ago
  • 😍😍😍

    Shay MappShay Mapp9 days ago
  • Backstreet boys' intro you got my love forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Katniss EverdeenKatniss Everdeen10 days ago
  • Rewatching this while taking class notes. The intro has me dying again!!

    MarissaMarissa12 days ago
  • Girl there's a lot of highlights and light colors that don't show up on our skin too! Sometimes I be lookin at the highlighter on you or the inner corner of your eyes and I WISH mine popped like that!!

    ElizaLovezElizaLovez13 days ago
  • How have a i never heard of this charismatic beautiful funny you tuber ??? I’m subscribing now !!!

    Savannah Bethea MusicSavannah Bethea Music13 days ago
  • OK I have to know about your brushes and sponges!!! Where do I find them??? Your make up looks so natural and I do not wear make up unless it looks natural as well, I am country, caus and native american, and live in a highly humid state I have the T- oil problem, HELP, Kathryn

    Kathryn DybwadKathryn Dybwad13 days ago
  • Idea: Zendaya palette/collab. That’s all that needs to be said.

    Aubrey GraceAubrey Grace13 days ago
  • I think what you said about celebrities not influencing makeup as much right now isn’t true. With euphoria I see a whole bunch of girls wearing looks from the show and also doing Alexa Demie makeup. Also everyone want to do model makeup rn. I do agree tho that brands are choosing the wrong people to work with and on topp of that not marketing collaborations well. Love the video and you 💕💕

    Khrystaliah HernandezKhrystaliah Hernandez13 days ago
  • lancome is making a comeback, did u see that ZENDAYA post

    fatimafatima14 days ago
  • MAC still has amazing products. they have the best powder foundation, their eyeshadow primer paintpot is perfect, their setting spray is great. they have great products but they just don't promote them well and i agree they have way too many collections. not enough of a social media presence. and not enough customer service.

    Dancing Vocal King HaechanDancing Vocal King Haechan14 days ago
  • Gurl you reading

    P Nathaniel Boe JrP Nathaniel Boe Jr14 days ago
  • She is so right about MAC I went once with $4k in my pocket and left with my $4k and went to Sephora and spent $2k on makeup alone.

    P Nathaniel Boe JrP Nathaniel Boe Jr14 days ago
  • Lmao. Ice would show up on me! 😂😂😂

    GerriGerri15 days ago
  • Can wer talk about morphe?

    Maenlio _Maenlio _15 days ago
  • The fenty spray moment 😭🤣🤣🤣 you are hilarious

    KiraKira17 days ago
  • "you're not supposed to ride that wave until no one cares anymore" @ urban decay's 600 naked palettes also ngl, mac's eyeshadows went way downhill around 2009.

    HatercatHatercat18 days ago
  • Mac fell off on the USkeys scene but our mothers are still repurchasing.

    ZinnyZinny20 days ago
  • Yeah i like collourpop some stuff but i agree its like another pallette all the time .... i got excited when i saw the green pallette but then got slightly un excited because some of those pignents wouldnt work well with my skin tone. So yeah i have mixed feelings with their not nude type pallettes i do like the smokey pallete so id spend money on that lol but some of their palletes other then the bright colored ones look kind of the same to me. Now if they make there matte shades the same texture as lorac theyd kill it

    Nina UllrichNina Ullrich24 days ago
  • I totally agree with everything you say here 😂

    Rosemary RoseRosemary RoseMonth ago
  • Colourpop do have toooo many palettes like where the lipgloss girl 😂

    Chelsea BrumfieldChelsea BrumfieldMonth ago
  • I never go in MAC anymore - never friendly or helpful and (whispers) I don't like their lipsticks

    DerryDerryMonth ago
  • The social media thing is like a conflict of interest clause, worked for a few places, not in beauty, and that shit is HELD UP, like one bar I worked in, nearly fired me for checking in at another bar... this is a couple years ago now, but that’s a mad brand thing now, cause shit is all about ‘the brand’

    Boxed MattBoxed MattMonth ago
  • I think you hit the nail on its head when you say a lot of ppl are looking for brands that stand for something

    Rozanne JonesRozanne JonesMonth ago
  • I missed your videos so muchhh i dont know why i wasnt watching

    Barbara ArnautBarbara ArnautMonth ago
  • Yes Mac employees at the stores used to be so mean to everyone but then I went to a Mac pop up in a small town in south ga and they were extremely kind and helpful !

    Niyira WardNiyira WardMonth ago
  • Those editions of yours, I mean... they keep me alive during quarantine

    Victoria BrunattoVictoria BrunattoMonth ago
  • You look gorgeous... omg I tried to outsmart you but you know your gorgeous

    Del MathewsDel MathewsMonth ago
  • Agreed! Mac used to be a brand to have and now I look at it and keep walking. There’s nothing that draws me in anymore. Becca is totally a brand without much of an identity to me too. Somehow they feel pretty sterile to me. Lancôme has honestly never appealed to me. I don’t know why but they as a brand are the equivalent of what i would think of as my old aunt’s perfume. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    gildedlaceandpapergildedlaceandpaperMonth ago
  • imagine colorpop dry ass liquid lipsticks don’t come off ur lips after you let it set in

    GabsGabsMonth ago
  • Imma gone on head and subscribe because you are funny as hell!

    Kisha Evans BAKisha Evans BAMonth ago
  • Also so many stores get so awkward and even judgemental if a male presenting person goes in to look for makeup/browse which in 2020 is extremely unprofessional

    Callum BerryCallum BerryMonth ago
  • I've just discovered your channel and I'm obsessed! The cultural references! The beauty! The expertise! I have to stan.

    Callum BerryCallum BerryMonth ago
  • Funny because MAC and Becca are owned by Estée Lauder. MAC went wrong when they stopping their good limited edition collections.

    frostingqueenMUAfrostingqueenMUAMonth ago
  • This under-glow color witchcraft Jackie !!! so talented as usual

    Sicily Amaris McRavenSicily Amaris McRavenMonth ago
  • Dang all y’all comments actually matching about MAC. Lmao!!😂😂😳

    Darion WilsonDarion WilsonMonth ago
  • Me reading the title while using my Becca highlighter and bronzer: 👁👄👁

    damaris ortizdamaris ortizMonth ago
  • Mac test on animals. They are garbage people, thats probably why they fall off.

    Tinker SbgTinker SbgMonth ago
  • i think what happened with becca was the whole flop with jaclyns champagne collection(the one with the eyeshadows), and they may have lost a lot of money that they totally avoided working with problematic influencers

    Mas JaisMas JaisMonth ago
  • Kinda irrelevant comment but like love your nails omg

    YugiohRules10001YugiohRules10001Month ago
  • I audibly laughed when she said Lancôme. I have not once in my life checked for that brand. Same with those fashion-makeup brands (YSL, Chanel etc.)

    MilkshakesMilkshakesMonth ago
    • Milkshakes definitely a different clientele. Luxury brands don’t have to be on social media or advertise to teenagers. Lancome mascaras , Dior highlighter and chanel base products are holy grails to many. I buy everything from drugstore to high end. If it’s good it’s good. 😊

      amyn0vaamyn0vaMonth ago
  • I’m living for that green on you!!! 💚💚💚

    anniegirlnerdgodessanniegirlnerdgodessMonth ago
  • this is my second video of yours and i love you

    stella astella aMonth ago
  • Mac is going to be always my favourite brand their bronzers, foundations, lipsticks are just 😍😍😍😍

    Linda KelmendiLinda KelmendiMonth ago
  • Anyone else harmonizing with Jackie in the beginning? Love you girl! 💕

    Nilzaa B.Nilzaa B.Month ago
  • Yea Mac definitely fell off and it was never my fav brand

    Tabia BessonTabia BessonMonth ago
  • This look is different I really think its beautiful and creative! ❤️

    Lauren MontyLauren MontyMonth ago
  • LMFAOOO where do she be getting these funny ass mini clips from?

    Lola LLola LMonth ago
  • I really love that under eye technique! Wow! Thanks! I always learn so much from you! ❤️

    Charles AlwynCharles AlwynMonth ago
  • AUNTIE J I might have to cop that palette... holy hell. Those colors are amazing. The pigment is CRAZY.

    Kaitlynn RoseKaitlynn RoseMonth ago
  • When she said you gotta know when to let it go and tell me why I thought about UD with the whole Naked line?

    Kaitlynn RoseKaitlynn RoseMonth ago
  • great video

    Tesha JieTesha JieMonth ago
  • Loveeee your hair like this boo😍😜 so Fucking cuteee

    Stephanie SpencerStephanie SpencerMonth ago
  • Totally right on the money!

    Carlisle88Carlisle88Month ago
  • That green colour!!!! WOW I want😛

    Ciru ThuoCiru ThuoMonth ago
  • Remember Prescriptive? They had foundation for all shades and even did personalized blends that they made in the store for you. I loved them.

    Cherrish PryorCherrish PryorMonth ago
  • I knnnnnew she was gonna say MAC

    TruTherapy CosmeticsTruTherapy CosmeticsMonth ago
  • Yes, Mac did fall off. I was in Marshalls yes Marshalls they have Some Mac products now. I was looking hard for their black eyeliner.

    rscnailsrscnailsMonth ago
  • I agree with what you said about all of the brands. I don’t buy from them anymore. There are so many other brands out there that have good quality products. That I can be picky as to who I am giving my money to. I am definitely more aware of what brands are putting on their feed and whom they are catering too.

    Jessica MorenoJessica MorenoMonth ago
  • How does one person glow so much?

    tanisha Pethetanisha PetheMonth ago
  • MAC fell off with everything you said annndddd due to internal and external customer service. Their employees treated customers like crap because their managers treated them like crap. The Retail/Store Managers treated their artists like crap because their MRSO's were shady and treated their RM/SM like crap. Artists loyalty to the brand went out the door which caused the artists to suggest products from different brands. The artists stopped being fans of the products because there were companies creating better quality products that were less expensive. For example, why spend $42 dollars for a large powder brush when Morphe has the exact same brushes for $30 dollars less. (Sigma brushes are awesome as well)

    Kyley RingoKyley Ringo2 months ago
  • Yess

    Molly ShaeMolly Shae2 months ago
  • Becca lipstick collection is like my super favorite though

    Sarah FarleySarah Farley2 months ago
  • Thanks For The Wonderful Shades of Emerald Girl. 👌🏽⭐️

    Eddie G. CulverEddie G. Culver2 months ago
  • Recently subscribed to jackies channel and cant believe how much i have been learning, thank you mentor jackie

    Sara IaccheoSara Iaccheo2 months ago
  • this isn’t news but like what even happened to makeup geek they used to be the eyeshadow plug back then

    Lynda DanounLynda Danoun2 months ago
  • mac stores is basically the makeup version of zara

    Lynda DanounLynda Danoun2 months ago

    Casndi SoCasndi So2 months ago
  • Exactly I shouldn't have to make it work JUST WORK ‼️‼️

    Jay ReneaJay Renea2 months ago
  • Omg I said the same thing about MAC it's literally not the Go To like it use to be

    Jay ReneaJay Renea2 months ago
  • Ironically, Too Faced and ABH.

    James KeelingJames Keeling2 months ago
  • i dont even do make up or anything but i love Jackie. she’s the realest & just a baddie. top tier.

    David AlvarezDavid Alvarez2 months ago
  • 29:48 - 29:55 is so true.

    Amanda ThomasAmanda Thomas2 months ago
  • I love M.A.C’s Lipstick and Studio Fix foundation.That’ll always be my staple. But MAC needs to check their customer service! L’est they become the NOKIA of makeup!

    TP MashTP Mash2 months ago
    • LMAOOO... NOKIA!!!

      TeeTee2 months ago
  • I remember buying Colorpop because of your reviews. Those used to be the dayssssss

    Fransisca MeralusFransisca Meralus2 months ago
  • YOOOOOOO when she popped up in the stadium I died 😂😂😂

    Amy JeanAmy Jean2 months ago
  • Makeup revolution and elf are the wave tbh

    Jesus is coming soon please repentJesus is coming soon please repent2 months ago
  • That stadium part 😂

    J. ScottJ. Scott2 months ago
  • Those braids, fire! 😭😭😭😭

    For Fags Sake!For Fags Sake!2 months ago
  • Energyyyyyy! You better drag their edges them brands.

    For Fags Sake!For Fags Sake!2 months ago
  • Becca highlighter is the bomb though

    Jill smithJill smith2 months ago
  • Honestly I loveeee watching your videos!!

    Adedoyin SarahAdedoyin Sarah2 months ago
  • Your base is flawless wow

    Janne WardJanne Ward2 months ago
  • She is so right about Mac cosmetics! lol I still love me some CORK lip liner though

    Advizor EAdvizor E2 months ago
  • You’re skin looks sooo gorgeous. I was too busy admiring it to fully listen ha but I do agree that MAC fell off. I also think Becca is good, but I find a lot of their products in TJ MAXX which means to me that maybe everyone feels the same way.

    Michelle CrisafiMichelle Crisafi2 months ago
  • JAIL! 😂

    Urban Hoodoo NYCUrban Hoodoo NYC2 months ago
  • Wet n Wild upped their prices, kicked their c r u e l t y f r e e label, and they're just going downhill for me. elf is the only exciting, trustworthy drugstore brand.

    Dot VenusDot Venus2 months ago
  • Honestly I agree w every thing said in this video.

    sydnapssydnaps2 months ago
  • Agree about Mac.

    sydnapssydnaps2 months ago
  • At one point Mac was the only lipstick I wore. But i agree the hype definitely died down. Ive heard their products were not as good as they were back then. Mac is a little more creative than sephora in my opinion. But i still like their products.

    Neitra DeraniqueNeitra Deranique2 months ago
  • See even the Nicki Minaj collection the second one, I want impressed at all.

    Pretty GangPretty Gang2 months ago
  • Dooo more videos like this!!!!!!

    Pretty GangPretty Gang2 months ago
  • Jackie you are speaking facts 💯

    Pretty GangPretty Gang2 months ago
  • Another brand that fell off for me is Lorac and Laura gellar

    The Stew VlogsThe Stew Vlogs2 months ago
    • Haven't heard of them at all in a minute.

      Dot VenusDot Venus2 months ago