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May 15, 2020
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Life dishes out some sticky situations.
Whether you handle them with grace or stumble your way through
we’ve got hacks for ‘em all! 😎
We'll show you new awesome DIYs, hacks and ideas how to organize and customize your stuff.
Just Watch and Learn. 🤗

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  • 123: CAN'T DRINK WATER POUR IT OVER A CHOPSTICK me: or just drink from the cup

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    • It was for the video don’t you know 🙄

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  • 8:19 who runs five miles with makeup on and didn't even sweat and after coming home tired she's warming up with more exercise like i don't even know whats going on in here

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  • Poor folder gets its top cuts of for a useless hack like she could've done it without cutting the top off

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  • Girl: drops her toothbrush by knocking it over with her hands Also girl : makes a useless stand and tests it out by blowing on it Me: its still gonna fall if you knock it iver with yours hands ya know

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  • The start of the video 123 Go : life gives you some sticky situations whether you handle them with grace Also 123 Go: shows a girl eating her drawstrings Me: ohh wow how graceful

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