The Most Underrated Game Ever

Feb 9, 2020
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dino time gets weird

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  • What part of taking over the planet required a planet eating dinosaur?

    Troll-SamaTroll-Sama4 hours ago
  • I see you've adopted (oh wait PLAGIARIZED) James' technique of misspelling words Jaiden

    SamuelSamuel5 hours ago
  • I thought I was the only one in my friend group who played Fossil Fighters. I absolutely loved that game

    Darth VaderDarth Vader5 hours ago
  • Search Dubbtubb latino Jaiden Animations

  • I’ve played this game to completion like 5 times and not a single word of this is an exaggeration, this game is a flippin masterpiece. Its two sequels aren’t the greatest but not the worst games ever. Also Duna is the absolute best.

    Leaf StardragonLeaf Stardragon5 hours ago
  • Well guess I found a new game to play

    DTL 2.0DTL 2.05 hours ago
    • DTL 2.0 Do you also like other animators?

      Jackson AnimationJackson Animation5 hours ago
  • 4:27 Actually made me Haha

    Aidan RolfeAidan Rolfe5 hours ago
    • Aidan Rolfe Are there other animators that you like?

      Jackson AnimationJackson Animation5 hours ago
  • 𝘿𝙤𝙪𝙜 𝙙𝙞𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙙𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙤𝙬𝙣𝙚𝙧 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙙𝙞𝙢𝙙𝙖𝙡𝙚 𝙙𝙞𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙙𝙤𝙢𝙚

    i have a tinyi have a tiny5 hours ago
    • i have a tiny Are there other animation channels that you like?

      Jackson AnimationJackson Animation5 hours ago
  • Headphone warning at 2:14

    AusTkillerAusTkiller5 hours ago
    • AusTkiller Yeah, I got hit with that. What other animators do you like?

      Jackson AnimationJackson Animation5 hours ago
  • I have a different version, I have fossil fighter champions and I thought I defeated Zongazonga, until I found out I had to defeat him again (I think I have a completely different version, but the idea is the same)

    Sushi BeastSushi Beast5 hours ago
    • Sushi Beast Do you also like other animation channels?

      Jackson AnimationJackson Animation5 hours ago
  • *The hip shaking makes Jump in the Line have a completely different meaning*

    Cool Crab Save The GoatsCool Crab Save The Goats5 hours ago
  • 2:34 rip my eardrums TwT

    SenpaiTunezSenpaiTunez5 hours ago
  • 2:34 rip my eardrums TwT

    SenpaiTunezSenpaiTunez5 hours ago
  • Do you know hosuh

    What the ButtWhat the Butt5 hours ago

    wonhaewonhae5 hours ago
  • 7:09at least you can get Pokémon 😅 Wait wrong game

    Ghost CobraGhost Cobra5 hours ago
  • Hey I’m 11 and I love your videos i’m the kid on the right

    Prince KingPrince King5 hours ago
  • Me : sitting in a busy restaurant, plugs in my earphones and puts on max volume. Jaiden : 2:35 My ears : *bleeds*

    Marshmallow fluffMarshmallow fluff5 hours ago
  • she picked tarbosaurus

    You will remember me, or don't, I don't care.You will remember me, or don't, I don't care.6 hours ago
  • Air, earth, fire and ground. *water has left the group chat*

    Jays 2006Jays 20066 hours ago
  • Wait you know Chuggaaconroy

    Patricia MPatricia M6 hours ago
  • Never thought I would get my ears destroyed by Jaiden

  • This is like the most blatant Pokemon ripoff I've ever seen, right down to the fonts and scenery assets. It seriously looks like a romhack that people somehow managed to sell without getting sued. Though I'll give it credit for going hilariously batshit insane by the end.

    WaypointWaypoint6 hours ago
  • Can you play Yo-Kai Watch?

    AustinPlayzAustinPlayz6 hours ago
  • DO a part 2! Also I luv ur vids so much and your art is so buetiful. I laugh so hard very time I watch ur vids, u make my days so much better! Keep doing what ur doing!

    Hayden ZepsHayden Zeps6 hours ago
  • Shakira who?, I only know Jaiden

    Kpop_Infires FF’sKpop_Infires FF’s6 hours ago
  • I will see you at vidcon

    Sam GraysonSam Grayson6 hours ago
  • Hi jaden I am an animated So yeah If you wanna Do something together Just tell me I don't know how to do this Yeah Goodbye I love your vids

    gacha Boogacha Boo6 hours ago
  • Yep, Jurassic park and pokemon have mixed

    ThingsInAmerica __ThingsInAmerica __6 hours ago

    shadowboy 52shadowboy 526 hours ago
  • I will kick you a- * dies and never comes back but in march 21st he will*

    Nooby GamingNooby Gaming6 hours ago
  • Hey Jaiden they made a spinoff of this game called Fossil Fighters Frontier for the 3ds. Please play it!

    Margo BaileyMargo Bailey6 hours ago
  • 3:48 sarcastic level: 1000000000000000

    Underground Chassis worksUnderground Chassis works6 hours ago
  • I meant Sword and shield

    Anastacia RichAnastacia Rich6 hours ago
  • Play Pokémon sun and shield

    Anastacia RichAnastacia Rich6 hours ago
  • Pls don’t tell me about your bad life

    Nooby GamingNooby Gaming6 hours ago
  • I had this game but never played it...I have a fresh new save file! O ya! But im pretty sure I have a remake or something...but maybe I have a completeely different game

    Machine gun KorokMachine gun Korok6 hours ago
  • Yo suck

    Nooby GamingNooby Gaming6 hours ago
  • 10:53 *insert shakira's hips dont lie*

    ReyKillerReyKiller7 hours ago
  • 8:10

    Adyanz 123Adyanz 1237 hours ago
  • Jaiden's microphone quality at the end FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    Markus26GamingMarkus26Gaming7 hours ago
  • you speak spanish

    Yang FilpoYang Filpo7 hours ago
  • They should make a remake for switch. I would buy that in a instant

    Torchfire ProductionsTorchfire Productions7 hours ago
  • That hip shaking part made no sense at all but it was beautiful

    emilyemily7 hours ago
  • 6:59 did Jaiden just say that Duna looks like Zelda and not Link jazz music stops

    Jolie KJolie K7 hours ago
  • 0:11 SAME

    peb bles the frogpeb bles the frog7 hours ago
  • jaiden!!! swearing id bsd!!!! im onli 9!!!!!

    E2B2E2B27 hours ago
  • Hey Jaiden! You don't know me but I've watched your channel since 1k subs! I love your channel so much! You inspired me to animate, I hope you -Never- give up! Your so amazing!! Keep up the good work!!

    I Animate ThingsI Animate Things7 hours ago
  • Peggy the Piggy

    Ron BalmerRon Balmer7 hours ago
  • Me as a child: MOM! I had a nightmare about the giant tadpole coming to eat the planet! Her: What are you even talking about? Me as an adult: MOM! THE GIANT SPERM DREAM HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!! Her: Honey, you're 20 years old. You should be able to summon a T-Rex to fight it off on your own by now.

    DMGamer_DMGamer_7 hours ago
  • Jaden... That's the day/year I was born :p

    crow the catcrow the cat7 hours ago
  • I had that game in never knew how to play it

    Eagle Eye EEagle Eye E7 hours ago
  • Jaiden I've seen your face

    D HamlettD Hamlett7 hours ago
  • The fact that I had this game im-

    MonTeAMonTeA7 hours ago
  • I was looking through tracks on Smash Ultimate and turns out there’s a track from Fossil Fighters in the game lol

    Ryan PurcellRyan Purcell7 hours ago
  • I AM DED

    CosmiccakecatCosmiccakecat7 hours ago
  • 1:23 h Homes-

    ScarytrashcanScarytrashcan7 hours ago
  • Can u do make another Pokémon Nussluck

    Angele RamsudhAngele Ramsudh7 hours ago
  • 4:11 Did she just curse? THIS IS EPIC

    RJ tvRJ tv7 hours ago
  • Can I live with you

    amere the furcornamere the furcorn8 hours ago
    • Pleeeeeesssssss

      amere the furcornamere the furcorn7 hours ago